tagInterracial LoveLessons in Magic

Lessons in Magic


Eighteenth Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales

Madame Zora's School of Magic was like no place Latina had ever seen. The carpet, walls, chairs, couch, and curtains were all a rich, deep, erotic purple, just the color that Latina loved so much in clothing, cars, and especially in men's aroused equipment. The room reminded Latina of those upstairs rooms in old Western movies, where the barmaids would take cowboys after they finished gambling in the saloon.

Madame Zora gestured for Latina to sit on a large purple pillow on the floor, as Zora herself stood at a portable chalk-board to begin her teachings.

"15 magic words," Madame Zora wrote. Then she said "Forget all those so-called magic words that popular culture has taught you, like Abracadabra, Ali-Kazam, and Hocus-Pocus. Not one of them has any true magic power, like the 15 words I'm going to teach you over the next few weeks. Do you know what the most powerful magic in the world is?"

"Turning people into animals?"

"In a way. The most powerful magic is love, and if you are REALLY lucky in love, it can make both you and your lover act like savage beasts toward each other."

"Ooh, I'd like that!" Latina cooed.

"Good, I was hoping you'd say that. The 15 magic words I'm going to teach you over the next few weeks will unleash that animal magic between you and your lover. All of the words I will teach you will have to be sincerely spoken, deeply felt and meant. And you will have to use your instincts to know exactly when to use these words, because most of the magic in these powerful words depends on the precise timing of when you use them. Do you think you can master the magic I am about to teach you, the most powerful magic in the universe?"

Licking her lips, Latina said, "I'm ready to learn, oh great mistress of magic."

"OK, the first three words, Western culture says can be the most powerful magic on earth. They do contain a lot of power, and have to be used carefully and wisely. But they are not the most powerful magic on earth, only close to it. For the magic to work, though, you have to get HIM to say these three words to you, before you say them to him."

"I'm ready to hear these first three words, Madame Zora."

"OK. Do you know the single most commonly-used word in song titles?"


"Yes, that's right. More song titles contain the word 'Love' than any other word. So this should be a hint to what our first three magic words are."

"I love you?"

"Very good. Our first three magic words are 'I love you.' But never say them hesitantly, in the form of a question, like you just did. They have to be used as a strong and sincere declaration. They can be loud and joyous, a proclamation you want all the world to hear, that you want to shout from the rooftops: 'I LOVE YOU!" Or they can be whispered tenderly in your lover's ear: "I love you." Either way, once you say these three little words, eight little letters, you will have taken the first step toward unleashing the most mysterious and powerful magic in the universe."

"But how do I get him to say these words to me first?"

"Ask him about himself. Listen carefully to his answers. Show sincere interest in getting to know the real person inside. Flirt with him, show him you think he is handsome and sexy. Steer the conversation so he is asking you about yourself, and then let him see your best side. Make your answers short, so he will not think you talk too much. He will come to think of you as smart (for recognizing how sexy he is), charming (for letting him talk about himself), and sexy (for the details about your inner self that you have revealed to him).

"If you do all of this right, by about the fourth date, he WILL say these three words, and if he says them sincerely, you must say them right after he does, and be sincere. Of course, if you don't truly mean it, don't ever say 'I love you,' as those words without sincerity open-up a kind of evil, with fighting, hatred, and resentment, an evil from which it is hard to escape."

Latina couldn't wait to get home and try out this new magic with her one true love, the sexy, sexual, sensuous, and sensual Frank, her husband of three years.

Latina fixed a tasty, nutritious dinner to satisfy the most finicky gourmet's palate, and wore her elegantly sexy black miniskirt.

As Frank entered their house, Latina loosened the Windsor knot in his tie, and rubbed her palms up and down over the front of his shirt. Over a candle-lit dinner, she steered the conversation to what sort of day Frank had at work, while she rubbed her stockinged feet up and down Frank's trouser leg, then she finally let her toes rest against his zipper.

After dinner, as Frank and Latina cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher, Frank leaned in, planting a soft, fleeting kiss on her moist, red lips, and whispered the magic words Latina had longed to hear all night: "I love you."

Remembering Madame Zora's teachings, Latina wasted no time in sincerely replying "I love you," kissing Frank back, and opening her mouth slightly, letting her tongue lick around Frank's thick, sensuous lips. Frank responded by opening his mouth slightly, and Latina slowly slithered her tongue past Frank's teeth. She began licking at the inside of his cheek. She wrapped her right arm around his shoulder, and her left around his waist, drawing him in closer.

"I love you," Frank repeated, and Latina promptly echoed, as they stood before the dishwasher, hugging and kissing.

Latina backed away from the warm, welcome kiss, and she began slowly unbuttoning Frank's white-on-white pin-striped shirt. Frank reciprocated by unbuttoning Latina's sheer blue blouse. Latina pulled upward on his shirt-front, to pull his shirt up and out from his trousers. Then she leaned in to kiss him again, while sliding his shirt sleeves halfway down his arms. With his shirt wide open, Latina moved her kisses down to the front of his neck. Placing her palms flat on his chest, she began squeezing, pinching, and twisting his little nipples between her index and middle fingers, as she kissed her way down his chest.

Just as Latina was about to slide down to her knees on the kitchen floor, and unbuckle his belt, Frank reached under Latina's arms, and pulled her up, standing, facing him again. He finished unbuttoning her blouse, and pulled it off of her arms. Then he reached around behind her and unhooked her tiny, sheer, black-lace bra, letting it flutter down to the floor. Sinking to his knees, Frank flicked his tongue out, just catching the very tip of her excited reddish-brown nipple, before he closed his lips around it and sucked. Then his teeth began a gentle nibbling on her nipples, sending Latina into a swooning tail-spin of desire. She bent the rule, and said it first this time: "I love you."

As good as Frank's lips, tongue, and teeth felt on her nipple, Latina simply couldn't wait one moment longer to taste Frank's loving stiffness and sticky seed. Kneeling to her knees, she slipped the end of Frank's black leather belt out of its gold buckle. With both hands, she grabbed the front of the waistband of Frank's trousers, pulling his waistband away from the front of him, and letting her fingertips rest against his growing bulge, as she wiggled the little inside front clasp of his trousers open. She slowly pulled his fly down, listening to the sweet, sexy, seductive music of metal on metal as she opened his zipper.

Grabbing the waistband of his bright-red boxers, she quickly tugged both his trousers and his underwear down to his ankles. Latina eagerly licked her lips at the sight of her loving man's throbbing eight-inch length and swaying two-inch thickness. But before she could lean in to kiss and lick it, Frank walked her backwards up to the kitchen wall, and pressing her up against the wall, he hiked up her miniskirt, letting his fingers skim over her soft, creamy thighs; her dark, hairy bush; and her moist, tender pussy lips. As his fingers played, he leaned in and kissed her mouth again, whispering "I love you."

Breaking the rule again, Latina did not reply "I love you." Instead, she melted into Frank's strong, protective, loving arms, and half- purring, half-moaning, she let out a soft "Mmmmmm!" When Frank slid first one, and then two, fingers inside of her juiciness, Latina greatly increased the volume of her "Mmmmmm!" and punctuated it without a sweetly- whispered and sincerely-spoken "I love you." Madame Zora was right, there was a lot more magic in those three words than in "Abracdabra," "Ali-Kazam," and "Hocus-Pocus" combined. Even if you threw in an "Open Sesame," you still wouldn't match the magical power of "I love you."

Latina slid down to her knees, and planted a brief kiss against the very tip of Frank's pulsating cock. As brief as that kiss was, Frank could feel the tenderness, love, and lust packed into that fleeting act. Feeling him throb and pulse against her lips just in that brief kiss, Latina decided to lean in again, and let her kiss linger longer this time. He must have throbbed against her lips three or four times as she pressed her lips hard up against his cock head, and then against his hard shaft, while clutching both of his bare ass cheeks in her hands. Then her excited tongue began eagerly lapping and licking at (and all over) his magnificent swollen, come-filled balls, before beginning its long, slow lick up the tight, smooth flesh of his 8-inch long, 2-inch thick, hard, throbbingly-beautiful, masculine and muscular, completely-irresistible shaft.

Reaching his cock head, Latina began licking at the very tip, then clutching the very base of his pulsating cock, she slid her lips over his bulbous cock-head, and began leaning in to take more and more of his sexy hardness into her hungry mouth.

Frank leaned forward, and pulled Latina's miniskirt off of her. He then planted the sweetest, tenderest, most loving kiss, right on her navel. Then he grasped her ass and the small of her back, and started bending her over backward, her back arched, her neck and head leaned over as if for a shampoo at a beauty-salon sink. Latina let herself slide down, until she was flat on her back on the cold tiles of the kitchen floor. Frank lovingly tucked his rolled-up shirt and trousers under her neck, as a makeshift pillow. He placed his red silk boxers under her ass, to insulate her from the cold floor, and he lifted her legs and spread her knees, to keep them off the cold floor, too. As she still had her sheer black stockings on, the bottoms of her feet were insulated from the coldness of the floor.

Sensing that his wife now needed warming-up, heating up, Frank leaned down and took a long, slow lick at the outside of her pussy lips. Tasting the first few beads of her gathering internal moisture, Frank pried her pussy lips apart, and slowly sank his long, thin middle finger into the deepest depths of her hungry desire for him. Holding her lips open, he began a slow, hot lick up from her pussy lips, past her G-spot, and ending with circling licks over her growing and hardening clit.

"I LOVE YOU!" Latina cried out in her loudest, shout-it- from-the- rooftops voice, far more sincere than when Zora had modeled that behavior for her. "I WANT YOU!" That last bit may not have been taught in Madame Zora's class, but "I want you" seemed to work its OWN magic, too.

Frank slithered up the floor, and sweetly kissed the side of Latina's neck.

Reaching up with both hands, Latina grabbed Frank's shaft, and guided it against her dripping opening. Frank took the hint, and he slowly pressed his thighs downward, as inch after manly, throbbing inch sank into her fleshy folds. He slowly pulled out, then thrust himself back in, letting his cock rest completely inside her, then pushing even harder, until she felt his huge, come-swollen balls slapping her vaginal opening.

To a carpenter, anything may seem like a hammer. But Frank knew how to use his love-hammer to hammer, drill and yes, even screw her hot, horny pussy through multiple thrashing, screaming, moaning, hip-gyrating orgasms, that crashed in wave after wave, one right after the other, for a solid five to ten minutes. All this time, Latina wrapped her legs around Frank's waist, resting her stocking-clad feet on his firm ass cheeks, kissing his mouth and neck, nibbling his ear, and stroking his muscular, hairy chest.

When she felt Frank's cock start to twitch madly, and then pause inside of her, she knew she was in for a treat. She pressed her feet hard and tight against Frank's cute tush, pulling his manhood deeper and ever deeper into her, until she finally felt his hot blast burst against her inner walls. Feeling his come blasting into her, Latina let loose her fifth and most powerful orgasm of the night, letting her liquid passion thoroughly coat the purpleness of his cock head and shaft. Rolling over onto her side, and keeping Frank buried deep inside of her, Latina locked her arms and legs around Frank, and began hungrily and appreciatively kissing his mouth.

"I love you," they both sang out in unison.

* * * * *

Lesson 2

The next day, Latina thanked Madame Zora profusely for unleashing the power of those three magic words, "I love you."

"Thank you," Madame Zora replied. "But those are the LEAST powerful of the 15 magic words I will be teaching you."

"LEAST powerful? All I know is, their power unleashed the most wonderful and intense feelings in my Frank and me last night."

"Oh? Just HOW intense are we talking about? Is your pussy stretched, sore, and soaked?"

"How did you know?"

"Could I see for myself?"

"Sure, why not?" And with that, Latina unsnapped and unzipped her micro-mini jeans shorts, and slid them off of her legs.

"Mmm! Verrrry nice!" Madame Zora cooed. "With my psychic powers, I can see every spot where he thrust and throbbed and pushed. I can almost smell and taste his hot explosions into you. I FEEL how he made you VERY wet, and how you lubricated him thoroughly.

Yes, you have done well, you've done VERY well for yourself, my student. Are you ready to learn the NEXT three, even more powerful, magic words?"

Latina closed her eyes, and in a dreamy swoon, recalled every sight, sound, touch, and emotion she had experienced the previous night, from the magic power of the three words 'I love you.' She wondered what magic could be more powerful than that, and eager to find out, she lustily replied "Mmmmm-hhhhmmm! I mean, yes, Madame Zora."

"OK, these next three words, you have to know EXACTLY when to say them. They only work at very precise moments. You have to go on instinct, I can't teach you exactly when is the right time to say them. You have to go with what feels right to you, and use them only when you feel that your lover might be receptive to their magic. While I can't teach you WHEN to say these words, I CAN tell you, however, HOW to say them. They must be spoken very slowly, in a drawn-out whine, begging and pleading. When you feel the moment is right to use these next three words, you will instinctively know how to say them. But I will go over how to say these words anyway, just so I leave nothing to chance in ensuring that you get the maximum power out of their magic."

"What ARE these three words, oh great and wise sorceress?"

Once Latina learned this second set of three magic words, and practiced them repeatedly with Madame Zora in class, she couldn't wait to get home and create just the right moment to use them with Frank. Although SHE was to be the primary beneficiary of the power of these three magical words this time, she already knew what she would do in return, to let Frank enjoy some magic, too.

Latina would get to test the power of her second new set of magic words the very next morning. For she became sort-of half-awake about an hour before it was time to get up for work. She found herself facing Frank's back, both of them lying spoon-fashion on their queen-size bed, with his fine, firm, chiseled, tightly-sculpted ass cheeks resting comfortably against her smooth, coffee-and-cream tone thighs. Her open palm was clutching the smooth skin of his hairy chest, and her fiery-red lips rested against his broad shoulders. His arm stretched behind him, Frank's palm cupped her ass cheeks, and his fingertip rested teasingly against the beautifully-defined crease, where her curvaceous derriere met the tops of her dark, shapely legs.

Thinking Frank asleep, Latina began softly kissing his shoulders and massaging his thighs. If he was asleep, this must have at least partially awakened him, as he began circling his fingertip around her ass crease, while repeatedly squeezing and then releasing her soft ass cheeks.

After about ten minutes of this love play, Frank moved his hand around to massaging Latina's thigh. Then he began a series of long, slow strokes from her toes up one leg, to her thigh, across to the other thigh, and then back down her other leg, down to her other foot. For her part, Latina slowly inched her palm down from his chest, until it was resting directly over the tiger-print G-string that she had bought him, and which he had made such a show of stripping down to the previous night.

Frank turned to face Latina now, and began gently kissing her about 5 or 6 times. Then he kissed just her lower lip, and lovingly sucked her lip between his own lips. He then pulled her skimpy, wispy black bra down to reveal her 38-C breasts, her dark-red half-inch nipples, and her 3-inch- wide reddish-brown areolas.

He began kissing and sucking on her neck, while rolling and pinching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. His kisses slowly trailed down her neck, and into her cleavage, and finally across to her breasts. He kissed and licked all the way around first one breast, and then the other, before landing his hot kisses directly on her hardening nipples. He next alternated between sucking and nibbling on first her left nipple, and then her right, cupping her breast in one hand while his free hand caressed and stroked her thighs.

Frank rolled over again, once more presenting his backside to her. She again cupped his chest in her palm, then with a "Why the hell not?" attitude, she slid her hand down to cup his G-string's fake-tiger-skin pouch. Feeling him start to stiffen, she let her fingertips push aside the pouch, as her fingertips made direct contact with her man's long, thick love muscle now. Frank reached around behind him, and resumed squeezing Latina's soft, round ass.

Frank's fingers now moved to rubbing her thighs, but this time, instead of moving down her dark, shapely legs, his fingers began luxuriously brushing her thick, dark bush. Latina was still half-asleep, and was determined not to let Frank's actions rouse her an hour before getting up for work. So she squeezed her thighs tightly together, keeping her legs tightly locked-up. Even as Frank's fingertips brushed lower and lower down along her thick, dark pussy fur, she remained determined not to let his slender, skilled fingers probe her into wetness this morning, as they had done on so many previous mornings over the past three years.

But after about five minutes of brushing her like this, his finger somehow extended enough to catch the very edge of her hooded clit. He slowly, ever-so-teasingly-slowly, began rubbing circles over the hood, trying to fold it back and get at her orgasmic on-switch, hidden just beneath. Latina took a deep breath, and strengthened her resolve not to let Frank get to her on this morning. She was simply too tired. But she did not count on Frank's determination. His cock was pulsating like mad in her palm, and she knew from experience that he would not be happy until he could feel he getting just as excited as he was. He was such a generous and considerate lover, when it came to satisfying HER needs and desires, only please, just not this morning, OK?

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