tagRomanceLet It Burn Ch. 01

Let It Burn Ch. 01


Hello, guys. I would like to introduce you to a series I will be starting. This will probably depend on how you like to so far, which will be enforced directly from Reviews. So, any and all feed back is welcome. Tips of any kind about where to head with the story are accepted, maybe even used if I need it. Anyhow, Enjoy the story.

I briskly picked up my pace to distance myself from the bastards at school. They lacked common sense, and sometimes you just needed to knock it into them. It doesn't always work when it's 2 v 4 but, at least my shiner proved I was a nice person, willing to stand up for someone of different color. It's funny, how I was walking and smiling, knowing I was happy with myself, but my mom and sister are going to freak out. Dad will be curious, but he will be damn proud. I deeply inhaled as I broke through our front door.

"Mom, I'm home..."

"Jason, Honey, come here please. I need some help."

I walked into the kitchen to see my mom preparing a big dinner. It smelt wonderful, a big turkey, mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, I was overwhelmed.

"Oh my god, what happened to you!?" Screeched my grief ridden mom.

"It's nothing, Mom. Some kids were picking on this black kid at school, telling him to get back to the fields, and calling him the N word. We both stood up to the guys. I got this from one of the bigger ones." I explained in hopes of calming her down, failing drastically.

"Did you at least win, dipshit?" There's my sister. She could be such a bitch, but she really did care. After she said that she came over and put her hand on my cheek and looked at the swelling red mark. Pulling me into a small, unexpected embrace.

"Just glad you're okay. Did you win, though?"

"We took down three of the guys but the teachers separated us all before we could fight the last guy." I chimed with laughter.

"Well, you're father will be home in a few hours, along with some cousins. You remember Jennie, and Alexandra, right?"

Do I ever, I thought. Jennie was my 'Second-Cousin' although we're more like brothers and sisters. She was very pretty, but I wouldn't classify her hot just for the fact that she's my cousin. Although, I do got to claim she has a nice curvacious figure, and a nice round butt. Dirty blonde hair, that clung to her shoulders, and beautiful green eyes. Alexandra, black hair, okay body, and nice ass. But I love her eyes, for some reason. I will find myself randomly staring deeply into them, those gorgeous, blue eyes that looked like they had streaks of lightning going through them.

"Jennie and Alex is coming over? When was this planned?" I questioned my mom.

"Oh, kind of a last minute thing. They suggested bring you and Erica camping for the weekend. Now, I told them you could drink but not too much. Only 2-3. Promise me." Stated my mom, in an authoritative tone.

"Geez, mom. I promise I won't drink more than that." 'Yeah, right' was the look I obtained from Erica, and exactly what I thought. I decided to clean the counter space my mom asked me to, and go up stairs to watch some T.V., or game some. Which ever came first. Going into my room I quietly turned some music on. Although many people didn't like it, I was into Dubstep rap remixes. Climbing into my computer chair, I watch as my Facebook pops up with a new status from the kid I helped.

| Thank you to Jason Matthews for helping me beat the shit out of those racist kids. I don't know you well, Jason, but I just wanted to thank you. |

A smile crept across my face, I was proud of my self. I quickly responded to him saying that it wasn't a big deal, they deserved it.

"You creepy fucker" Startled I looked up to see Jennie slung sideways in my doorway.

"JENNIE!" I exaggeratedly screamed in joy. I walked over to her smiling face, and hugged her.

"Why'd you call me creepy?" I asked

"Well, you're sitting there in front of you're computer with that smile of yours and I thought you were doing something perverted. And excuse me for asking, but what the hell happened your face?" I explained everything that happened, before walking down stairs with Jennie, crossing to the Living room to see Alex cuddled up, hiding her face. Knowing that's unusual, I slowly walk over.

"Hey, Alex. You okay?"

"Yep, I'm totally fine" She glanced up with glistening eyes, and red marks. I leaned down and hugged her, sitting down on the couch to be able to embrace her more. I let her lean on my, with her head nestled into crevice of my neck. I was getting a bit excited with her on my lap, and her head near my neck, which I soon found out, and was sure she was. Even though sitting down, and having the force of my jeans, and her, I'm sure she felt it on her but. She didn't say anything, just stayed leaned in with her arms draped around my neck. I stayed quiet for a while but the urge of her crying was slowly eating my away, she is always in a good mood, happy, excited, adventurous, so when seeing her like this you can't help it.

"What's wrong, Alex?" I asked carefully, voice clearly a bit uncomfortable with my boner.

"Nothing I feel like talking about now, just..." She started breaking again, not being able to finish her sentence. It was a couple of minutes before she finished.

"Can I just stay like this for a bit, perhaps get out of here so it's a bit more private." Clearly not a question, I carried her to my room upstairs, and snuggled closely with her on my bed, Letting her take her time to talk.

"My boyfriend, you know him, Mark. We had a huge blow out this morning, a screaming match pretty much. She shoved my into a dresser and messed my back up. I left before he could apologize." Outraged I gently threw her off of me, not trying to hurt her more.

"He did what?!" I screamed outraged. Not realizing I would be hurting her more with the screaming and the reminder of her abusive boyfriend.

"I'll fucking kill him, the son of a bitch!"

"PLEASE. Jason, just let it go. It was hardly his fault he was drinking and...and..."

"I Don't care if he had a gun to his head, Alex! Nobody hits a women, they deserve to get fucking killed. I will fuck him up!" I was screaming without even realize my voice attracted attention up to my room. Jennie and my Sister stood in my doorway, pretty much creating a barrier, unknowingly.

"Jason, you and Alex okay, up here?" Asked Erica, with a concerned look on her face.

Jennie looked away with tears welling up, not meeting my gaze. I looked around, veins buldging in my arm as I swung my fingers through my hair. Deciding to try and calm down, I sat back down and held Alex.

"Just...Not right now, if Alex is up for it, we can all talk later."

Supper went by quickly with only briefly having to tell my dad about my eye, and him growing a proud smile across his face. He also picked up my spark plugs before he got home, so we could take my Suburban up to camp. It would be less crowded, since Jennie drives a Mazda. Loading everything into the back, and giving the hugs and goodbyes for the weekend, we all took off. We got a few miles outside of the place were we would be stopping for the weekend, and saw a store.

"Who wants what?" Asked Jennie. Her being the only one legal to buy the Alcohol, we gave her some money and made our requests. Erica with a 6 pack of something I haven't heard of, Alex said she'd drink whatever, and I settled on a 5th of Captains for the weekend, and a 12 pack of Beer. When Jennie walked back out, with some other foods and the alcohol, we finally hit the road. Following the old trail we took all the time, we got a good 20 miles into the woods before we decided to stop.

"Okay, so, I will take as much as I can, and start setting up the tents, if you can do whatever else Erica. Jennie, stay with Alex until I'm done, please? I don't want her alone." I practically ordered. With a nod from them, I started setting up the tents. Around two hours later I had all four tents up, a nice pile of kindling, and a fire ready to start. Looking up I found Alex alone in one of the tents, just staring peacefully, with discomfort on her face.

"Alex, when Mark pushed you, where did you hit on the dresser?" I asked out of curiostity, and she pointed to her lower back.

"Roll onto your stomach, I want to see how bad it is" I demanded, she slowly did so, flinching from rolling over. I lifted her tight shirt up as carefully as possible to see a huge bruise covering over half of her back, and down further into the back of her pants. Tears automatically welled up into my eyes, and I could tell they did for Alex too. I slowly reached out and traced around the bruise, which dipped down onto her sides. I was going to kill Mark when I got back, but for now let's try to make her comfortable I thought.

"Okay, take your shirt off I'll be right over there" I said, point to the SUV. I looked doubtfully at me, and sat up to take her shirt off. I hadn't realized how big her boobs were until I was returning. She was wearing a bra, but her tits were practically already out of them, buldging over the top.

"Jesus, Alex. Nice rack" I said with full truth, trying to lighten the mood. She just dipped her head down, shyly, and laid back down on her stomach. I took her shirt, and wrapped it around the ice in the plastic, which I stole from the beers in the cooler.

"Now, this might hurt a bit, from just the pressure, I am sorry if it does. It will also get pretty cold, but, you can always use my sweatshirt." I took of my sweater, and noticed the tightness in my pants. God, she was hot, but I wasn't going to let that affect this now. She was badly hurt and it was because of her stupid fucking boyfriend.

"Okay. Just...careful. Is it really that bad?" She asked, leaning on her side to glance back at me, seeing the tears that made her beautiful lightning eyes enhance into a baby, Sky blue.

"It's pretty bad, Alex. Just, lay down." After her doing so, I lightly placed the ice on her back, even as gently as I did, she still nearly screamed from the ice. After placing it, I leaned down beside her, taking her face in my hands. It was only then, just how fragile she was. Her tears were already streaking down her face. It was breaking my heart. She looked up at me, biting her lower lip. Clearly from pain.

"I'm uh..Going to do this, because I hate seeing you in pain." I gently leaned down, and kissed her ever so softly on the lips. She didn't pull away, didn't jump, but instead got overtaken with what I assumed was shock. I slowly pulled back.

"Sorry, that was wrong. With you being my cousins best friend, and..." I got cut off by her leaning ahead further and kissing me back. Fully taken by surprise, I just embraced the kiss. I don't know how long we were lip locked, but when it finally broke, I couldn't help but smile. Alex was blushing a little, with her head now leaning on my chest.

"Thanks, Jason. I mean, I know it's a bit weird for us to kiss, but you've been amazing to me since I've told you about this. Let's go get some drinks, and maybe you can give me a massage or something" She said playfully. I would love to do more than that, and I knew she knew it. But for now, I would limit it to kissing. I moved the ice off her back, and helped her up to her feet. She put her shirt back on, with a little of my help. Apparently Erica and Jennie came back from their small hike the second Alex was putting on her shirt.

"Jesus, you guy's get busy while we were gone? It was only like 20 minutes, what's wrong, Jason, you cum too soon?" Mused a buzzing Erica. A playful smile darted across her face.

"Very funny, I was helping Alex out" I chanced a look at her, questioning. She nodded, and I knew that they also knew.

"She told you then, eh?" Jennie shot me a questioning glance. Keeping my eyes at the ground I slightly nodded my head. I didn't want to bring up the ass beating Mark was going to get, it might upset Alex.

"Let's get to drinking. Grab the cooler, Erica. I'll start the fire" I don't know what it was, but my night had gotten better already. I wasn't angry, much. I kind of got over Mark, and decided to have fun for the weekend. After a few hours, it finally drop to night, all of us pretty intoxicated, me having about 6 beers, and 3 shots, my speech was slurred considerably, and everything was spinning. It didn't make me lose attention of the beautiful girl in front of me. Gently rubbing her shoulders, applying just the right amount of pressure for her to moan in delight, and pleasure.

"Jason, stop giving Alex and orgasm." All of us bust out laughing. It had to be the alcohol, because if I wasn't drunk, I would have stopped rubbing her shoulders. But Jennie somehow sensed something between us, so when Erica made our beer run this time, she started asking questions.

"Hey, are you two together now? I mean, you've never made contact with her in the past, physically, and I know she probably likes you, you're cute." I laughed a little at her last comment. She thought I was cute, and it was like being in front of a hot girl that was off limits. I liked her, but not in that way. I quickly assessed the situation, before continuing.

"Well. I mean, I like her. I'm just trying to comfort her right now with everything she's going through, I'm sure that's all it is." I glanced down at Alex to see if I was right. She beamed me a happy smile, with a bit of seductiveness.

"Yeah, he's amazing though. Jenni, I think your cousin has magical hands or something, I'm about ready to cream my freaking pants from this massage" She giggled childishly, and I blushed. Jenni just laughed and moved back to her seat with Erica, coming back.

"Let's make a toast. To uh....Family!" Yelled Erica. I had to bring it up.

"Well, what about Alex? She's not family, but. Hell, she might as well be." I stated, Matter-of-factually. I felt a tugging at my neck, so when I looked down, I wasn't expecting our lips to meet. I was in total shock, I hadn't expected it in front of the others, so I almost pulled back, but it was like this force pulled me down to her. Not her pulling, but as if I was being sucked to her somehow. I practically melted away. It wasn't until I felt the harsh breathing on my face that I realized she had pulled away. I looked at Erica and Jenni to see them with smiles on their faces.

"We kind of planned this trip so we could get away from everything, it's been in the works for a while. The whole thing with Mark wasn't planned of course, so you can plot your revenge. She did break up with him though, and when you were loading the car back at the house, Alex told us that she kind of liked you, and was wondering how we felt about it"

Erica said with barely taking a breath.

"So, we figured it would happen. It's okay between us, she's our friend but go ahead and make more of that. You two would make a cute couple" Jenni finished. I was totally flustered. She, when I had kissed her in the tent, that was the reason she kissed me back. She did like me, and I hadn't realized. All I knew was the delicate girl in my arms right now, was all that seemed to matter in the world.

"So, what do you say, Lover Boy. Want to be more than friends?" Alex asked, before sealing the question with a deep passionate kiss. My mind was going going crazy.

"We'll take that as a Yes." Jenni and Erica chimed in. It didn't matter, the world seemingly dissolved beneath her touch. I finally gathered enough wit to pull out of the kiss. Quickly responding with a quick peck on the lips, I turned to stand up.

"Hold on, I need another beer" I stated, walking the few steps to Erica, whilst tripping and laughing. What I hadn't noticed was that fact that where I fell had been coals of the fire, which my shoulder was right in. They all three jumped up and ripped me out of the fire. By time they finished, I was nearly crying from the pain. Everything became a blur, and the last thing I remember before passing out was Erica and Alex. Alex had run to place my head on her knees, while she sat on them. Kissing me deeply for a minute before pulling away to say,

"Hold on, Baby. Just hold on." And, Erica saying we had a Med-Kit packed in the car, and that she was going to use some of the Captain Morgans. When I woke, it was with with Alex on my right side. I squinted with the brightness. I tried to sit up only to find an excruciating pain in my left shoulder, and arm. I looked to see it all heavily bandaged, and Jenni walking quickly to my side.

"You're okay, bud. You fell in the fire last night, and we had to use the Captains to make sure the burn was clean. We bandaged you up all nice, and shit. Good thing we're doing that in college now, that stupid mandatory First-Aid stuff." She practically said in one word. I could see the nervousness in her face, and bright green eyes.

"Is she okay?" I asked, nudging my right shoulder slightly to indicate I was talking about Alex.

"Yeah, she got really freaked out when it happened, but stayed with you all night. Don't you fuck that up, Jason!" She said, I couldn't tell if she was referring to my relationship with Alex, or the bandage covering me. I just nodded my head in response. Gently setting my right shoulder to the pillow behind my head, I slipped away from Alex. Getting up was a bitch, it felt like I'd been shot or something, but I had the help of Jenni.

"So where's Erica?" I asked, curiously. Figuring she was still sleeping.

"She went to the store to get some A & D Ointment, or Burn Ointment, so we can take care of that while we're out here." I quickly noticed the sentence 'While we're out here'

"You didn't call my mom, did you?" I asked, nervously. She shook her head. She grabbed my arm, and pulled my away from the tents, toward the makeshift benches made of logs by the extinguished fire.

"Listen, we had quiet the scare. Once we got you taken care of we sat around for a bit. We're deciding today if we should go home and call off this weekend, with you already hurt. What do you think, want to go home?" I could tell by the tone in her voice that she didn't really want to, neither did I. I was enjoying it for the most part.

"No, why would I? Because I burned myself? Nah. I'm enjoying this way too much. Plus, we're on break now. Summer, free from school for a few months. It's all good" I said, reassuringly. Relieved she looked around and decided to plant her bum on the ground. I went back to Alex, and cuddled up with her. She looked beautiful when she slept. And I now had all the time of summer to spend with her. I tried something I've never done before. Taking her small chin in my hands, with a gentle touch, I kissed her awake. When she woke up to find me lip locked with her, she broke into a grin and continued to make out with me. We did it until we heard the car pull back up. I smiled back at her, and let me head rest on hers.

"Look at you two love birds!" Called Erica.

"Shut up, and give me my ointment stuff, Erica" I retorted. Kindly, because I didn't know how much my injury had taken from her night, or her mood.

"Do we have any painkillers?" I asked, with the worsening pain from this burn, I needed something.

"No...We've got plenty of beer though, I bought 2 more 12 packs. Here, drink away." Erica said, tossing me a beer. I hastily opened the screw-off cover, and drank. I hadn't realized I'd been thirsty, I was probably a little under nourished for water at this point, since we'd drank beer all night. I got up, after putting down half the beer.

"So, who wants to go with injured boy to get some more wood for the fire?" I asked, noticing Jenni and Erica staring at me, specifically my chest. I looked down, and found out why. A few droplets of blood were rolling down my chest. I wasn't over built, but I was a bit muscular. I had a rough showing six pack, chest and facial hair growing in a little, although I usually kept a more '5'O Clock Shadow' type of do with my beard. I slowly removed the bandage to see how bad it was, and where the blood was coming from. Once I did, I saw the melted skin, blotched in spots, melted into a mangled mess. In one spot, was a tear in the skin, which is where the blood was coming from. I dabbed it with the bandage that was originally on my shoulder and down my arm.

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