tagInterracial LoveLet Me Know If You Need Anything Ch. 02

Let Me Know If You Need Anything Ch. 02


It is recommended that you read chapter 1 of "Let me know if you need anything". This story begins with Rebecca, an independent married white wife and mother, learning about what working in a different part of the city can bring to her life.

Part 2 begins, exactly where the first part of the story ended.

Then she looked up at Jerome towering over her and said, 'Sir, thank you for being there for me yesterday and today."

"Miss Rebecca, you are welcome," her 'bodyguard' said. "Do you remember what I told you yesterday," he questioned?

"Yes, sir. You said to 'Let you know if I ever need anything," Rebecca answered.

"Good girl," Jerome told her. "You are to do that at any time of the day or night. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir. I understand," she replied meekly, while looking up at him with one hand holding her drink and the other, moving, unwittingly down to her nearly fully exposed dripping, aching, needy, contracting formerly virgin for black cock pussy, that needed his throbbing cock banging inside her again at that very moment.

"Sir," Rebecca slowly said with a whimper. "I need ..."

Part 2: Rebecca's body surrender's her resistance to Jerome.

"What is it that you need Rebecca," Jerome asked, knowing full well what it was that she needed.

Rebecca didn't want to admit what it was that she wanted, needed and was yearning for again, in front Jerome's friends, but she no longer controlled her body or her will. Her body now had a need that she could not and did not want to deny.

Her body wanted. Her body needed. She wanted. She needed, more of Jerome. More of "Big J" as she had learned he called his cock. His black cock. The first black cock she had ever had inside her.

She needed more of "Big J" right then.

"You may take 'Big J' out Rebecca," Jerome said as he looked down over her.

She gazed around the bar and saw all of the black men who were within earshot, were waiting for her response to Jerome's invitation, as they looked at her intently. Her nipples began to ache, as her pussy juices began to ooze out of her pleasantly sore but still needy lily white pussy, that was no longer virgin for black cock.

Those new juices were mixed with the large load of black seed that Jerome had pumped into her just 20 minutes before.

She knew that 36 hours before she would never have even thought of standing in a bar with men all around her, contemplating an invitation to pull out a man's penis from his pants, in public. Hell, she wouldn't have done it for her husband even when they still were in love. Now a black man and a very large one at that, had given her "permission" to take his cock out of his pants.

But she also knew that they knew. Everyone in the bar knew and knew that she had been taken by Jerome in his office and although it scared her and was something that left her somewhat embarrassed, she also knew what her body was telling her.

Now, she stood, on shaking legs in a bar, a black bar, in a part of a city just 25 minutes north of her home, but a world away. In front of a dozen or more black men, whose numbers and "members" were growing and who she could see as she looked in each set of eyes turned towards her, wanted and waited for the blonde haired beauty to comply with their friends invitation.

She turned to look back up to the monster of a man that had befriended her the day before and now, in a matter of an hour or so, had taken something from her, while at the same time giving her something, that she knew she wanted more of. Needed more of. Her abilty to say "no" to this man was gone. This large black man. Her protector, her bodyguard. Who, now had almost an unspoken command and control over her that she didn't understand, but didn't care about.

Her body had betrayed her and the trade off was absolute surrender to feelings she had never had before. With what he had taken, he had given her something she didn't know if she would ever be able to go without again.

Without further hesitation, she reached for his belt and began to undo it, while trying to stay steady on her shaking legs.

The men in the bar started whooping and holloring, high fives flew again, while Rebecca worked obliviously to this as she focused at getting Jerome's pants down and his cock, 'Big J' as seemingly everyone knew his long, throbbing, blood engorged thickly veined snake to be called, out for her to have. To serve. To submit to.

For Rebecca, all that mattered was that she could see it. Touch it. Run her tongue up, down, around and over it. She pulled his pants down after successfully undoing the belt and as she did, his cock popped forward at nearly full attention, and bobbed in what seemed like slow motion in front of Rebecca.

She paused for a moment to take in the sight of it. Finally she looked up to her knew protector, making eye contact. Then she waited, for him to speak.

"Miss Rebecca, show my friends how you can take care of 'Big J' like you know how to do for me."

"Yes, sir," she said meekly, but without hesitation. With that she kneeled down, on the carpeted floor at the end of the bar and began to lick her way up and down the shaft of 'Big J' as her body began to shudder with excitement.

"That's it Miss Rebecca. Take good care of 'Big J' like you did in my office," Jerome said with a sigh completing the exclamation.

Jerome's friends were now going crazy as Rebecca began to work the large black cock in and out of her mouth, while her juices flowed and her wedding ring sparkled on her left hand. As her head bobbed up and down and moved to the each of the sides of his cock, Jerome bellowed out encouragement.

"That's my girl. Suck 'Big J' real fine like. You are one hot fucking bitch," he added and she responded with even more enthusiasm, as she felt another bit of pride in knowing she was making her new bodyguard happy.

As he was doing this, his thoughts returned to the phone call Jerome and his friends had overheard Rebecca have with her daughter, from his office over the hidden tv system that was piped out to the bar, that with the flip of the switch by Jerome, before he changed Rebecca's life, by introducing her to 'Big J".

As Rebecca began to suck more aggressively on 'Big J' Jerome leaned back against the bar and grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth, while thinking of what her daughter might look like?

Rebecca's juices were leaking out of her pussy like a dam had burst. Jerome enjoyed the thoughts of what it would be like showing her daughter the same new experiences that her mother had been introduced to, while he continued to fuck her face.

After several minutes of savoring his new white conquest's efforts he told her to stand up and bend over the table located a few feet away from the end of the bar.

"Hey fellas, a couple of you come on over and help steady miss Rebecca over the table as I introduce that hot blonde pussy to more of what 'Big J' has for her," Jerome instructed.

Rebecca was quickly guided over to the table and nudged face down over it. She grabbed the sides of the table as her body came to rest on the table with her ass now exposed to anyone who looked her way.

Her face was just inches from the opposite end of the table while a black man positioned themselves on each corner on either side of her face to make sure the table wouldn't move, in anticipation of what Jerome was about to do.

Jerome took a long drink of the huge mug of beer that he had been enjoying off and on as he had been able to with the events of the last few minutes.

As he looked at her he knew that he had found quite a prize and he was ready to give her a prize of his own. Her pussy was already his and he wanted more of that, but her ass was also going to "cum" into his possession as well. He made sure his pants were carefully placed over another table to his left and then he began to move towards Rebecca.

When he got to within a couple of feet of her, she looked back over her left shoulder and scanned as much of the bar as she could see. There had to now be 15 or more black men either standing and angling for position to watch, or watching with anticipation from the nearby bar stools.

Then she saw Jerome move up to the table she layed over and she felt him push up the skirt that she had on. He parted her the inside of her thighs and then placed the tip of his cock at the folds of her cunt lips and rubbed up and down, which sent shivers and goose bumps throughout her body.

A moan escaped her lips, just in front of her half gasp, half sigh, "Please Jerome ...," was all she could muster.

"You will have to do better than that Rebecca," he plainly stated.

Other than the sounds coming from Rebecca and Jerome, the bar was completely quiet now.

Wendell, the bartender, had turned down the juke box completely. Rebecca knew that whatever it was she said, everyone would be able to hear it.

"Jerome, please give me 'Big J' now. Give me all of "Big J' sir," Rebecca pleaded quietly as she looked over her shoulder up at the man that now controlled her body more than she did.

Jerome, looked down at her and shook his head.

"I can't quite hear you Rebecca," he said as he continued to run the head of his now fully engorged cock up and through the folds of her cunt lips, while guiding some of those copious amounts of body fluids up and over her brown puckered virgin ass.

These combined movements by Jerome initiated another wave of body shudders from Rebecca's pussy and ass, to and through her arms, legs and tips of her fingers and toes.

"Oh gawwwwwwwwwwwd, please put your big black cock, inside me, Jerome. Please put 'Big J' inside my pussy," Rebecca combined with a scream and a command, that brought a smile to Jerome's face.

His friends all watched and wondered if she had sufficiently provided the answer that Jerome had wanted.

Jerome then brought his right hand up a couple of feet above Rebecca's right ass cheek and then spanked it with moderate force that sent a charge through her body, in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"That's what I am talking about woman," said Jerome as he plunged several inches of 'Big J' inside the soaking wet pussy that he had targeted the day before and officially claimed for the first time 90 minutes earlier.

Rebecca's body was shoved forward a few inches to the point her face was almost over the end of the table as she screamed out, "Yessssssss, Yesssssssssss," several times.

Each thrust of his cock, brought the same response from her.

"Yes, yes, yes, oh yesssssssssssssssssssss," she whimpered in shame to her total submission inf front of everyone.

As she did this Jerome matched her verbal responses with more pounding. Within a matter of a minute or so Rebecca's orgasm began to explode sending a wave after wave of pleasure throughout her body.

She couldn't control the waves nor did she want to control them. It was as if she was downhill skiing at speeds that scared her to death but which she was overcome with the sense of freedom of fear and she let herself go with it.

Jerome continued to pound at her hot cunt but knowing that his ultimate prize was located a short distance from this momentary focus point. Rebecca's juices were coating 'Big J' in such a way that would provide plenty of lubricant for her ass, with his plans for violating her last possession of purity.

As her orgasm continued to weave its way throughout her body in waves, Rebecca began to realize that she was just along for the ride. This onslaught of physical pounding and releasing of energy from Jerome was just the beginning.

As she tried to rock with Jerome's thrusts she noticed that each of the two men on either side of her face had huge bulges in their pants.

Jerome by now had noticed this too and he reacted immediately.

"Miss Rebecca, give the fellas some relief. They been taking good care of you on this table as you been getting what you need. Do you understand," he instructed inquisitively but in a way that left her no choice but to comply.

With that one of the men immediately dropped his pants and stepped to his right, placing his cock right in front of Rebecca. The very next thrust from Jerome, put her face and lips right at the tip of this cock. She dutifully opened her mouth and found herself filled with black cock to the back of her throat. The three of them began working in unison as another wave of excitement and addrenaline washed through Rebecca.

Another man came up to take the corner position vacated by the man whose cock was enjoying the work of Rebecca's mouth and entry way of her throat.

It didn't take but a minute or maybe two, before the man in Rebecca's mouth began to grab her by the hair more aggressively.

"That's it bitch, keep sucking. I got something for bitch," he spit out, just as his cock began pumping his load down her throat. After several spurts of cum were expertly swallowed by Rebecca, he pulled out of her mouth and said "Next".

The man who had been on the other side of Rebecca stepped to his left and dropped his pants and just as had happened earlier, a thrust by Jerome placed Rebecca's head and mouth right at the end of his cock and within seconds his nearly rock hard cock was pumping away in her mouth.

Jerome, began to slow his pace back down a bit to give his friend a chance to feed Rebecca his cock and Jerome began to instruct someone else to take the corner position that was open.

Being a successful businessman was all about organization and breaking in a new white slut with his friends was all about having a plan too and this faze of his plan for Rebecca was falling into place quite nicely.

After the second load of hot black seed was deposited in her mouth and a bit on her face, Jerome slowly pulled all the way out causing her to turn back.

"Jerome, could you please cum inside me? Please cum inside my pussy sir," she begged.

"Not right now Rebecca, I have other plans for this load. You just keep taking care of my fellas," he said, and with that he dipped his fingers into her soaking wet lily white pussy and then rubbed her bung hole before slipping one of his fingers slowly into her ass.

"Oh NOOOOOO, Please, NOOOOOOOO, you are way to big Jerome, you will tear me up," she said as she began to plead with him.

"Baby, I will be gentle with you, don't you worry," Jerome said.

He then began to work his finger in a little deeper causing her to scream in pain, while her body began to betray her again, as it shook with the inklings of an orgasm bubbling deep inside her.

She couldn't believe what was happening to her, but before she could attempt to contemplate the events any further, a cock was shoved into her mouth and as she looked up to see who had fed her his cock, Jerome began pumping her with his finger, inch after inch until he had his middle finger a full four to five inches inside her soon to be no longer virgin ass.

As her eyes made contact with the owner of the cock in her mouth, she could see it one of the older men in the bar. He had to be in his mid-to-late 60's maybe older, and his cock was hard as a rock. He had to be 7-8 inches long and was smiling from ear to ear.

"I haven't had white pussy like this in years and you sure are fine missy," he said complentingly, while thrusting in and then nearly pulling out, as he held on to a bottle of beer.

Just then Jerome pulled his finger completely out and left Rebecca gasping and mumbling.

"Oh my gawwd. Oh Jerome, Jerome. Please, I don't know if I can take you up there," she said questioningly.

Jerome rubbed his cock over the juices of her pussy and when his cockhead was coated with the remnants of her orgasms, he placed the head of his cock at the entryway of her virgin anal vault and began to penetrate the rim of her ass.

Rebecca began to thrash violently in fear of what was about to happen. The old man who had been in her mouth for about 90 seconds started his fireworks in her mouth and as she tossed her head back and forth he sprayed her face and front of her shirt that was still on.

As he spewed his load all over her, several other men came over and helped hold her down, as Jerome began to make more "headway" on the entry and filling of her ass.

"Oh god," she screamed as Jerome moved two and then three inches into her ass.

"Oh Jerome, please no, it hurts, your killing me," she cried out.

He then stopped and let her body and in particular her ass begin to get used to the feeling, while Rebecca whimpered and cried.

As he sensed her crying was slowing her began to ease more of his cock in and out a bit, while gauging what she could take and not take. Then he moved another inch or two inside her lovely ass that he had enjoyed looking at while she was bent over working the past two days.

Then he began to pick up his pace while her could feel her begin to meet his modest thrusts into her no longer virgin for black cock ass. She could sense the betrayal that her body had begun to exhibit.

"How could all of this be happening to me," Rebecca wondered momentarily, until giving way to what Jerome was doing to her, as he violated her last innocence that she had as a woman. She was now completely his for him to do whatever he wanted to do, or wanted his friends to do.

As she looked around while her body worked together with Jerome, as he began to thrust more and more of 'Big J' into and then nearly out of her ass, she could see maybe 20-25 people were now in the bar, including another white woman, a red head, who was dressed like Rebecca was. Or at least had been dressed when she had first come out of Jerome's office.

Now her shirt was soaking with sweat and cum from three or four men, her black skirt was pushed up around her waist, while her ass was being violated by Jerome.

All of the people in the bar, including the pretty red head watched as Jerome began to pump his cock in her ass over and over. His time was close and Rebecca was now exhausted from

everything Jerome and his friends had been doing.

Jerome's energy was picking up now and as he drove his cock in. It felt like "'Big J' was being shoved up through the inside of her body into he throat. She was close to losing consciousness now.

Finally, Jerome began to drive in with what seemed like all his force and with one final thrust his cock sent an explosion of cum deep into the bowels of Rebecca's body and she began to cum herself.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssssssssssss," Rebecca and Jerome echoed as their orgasms merged.

His cock pumped and released several more times as it emptied the load that officially finished the de-virginizing of Rebecca's ass.

She was now completely the possession of Jerome. He pulled his cock out of her ass and she collapsed totally limp over the table.

As she lay there for what seemed like forever, she drifted in and out of a fully conscious state, until she heard Jerome speaking to someone.

"Hey Amy, come over here help get Rebecca up," Jerome said. A couple of the fellas will help you take her back to my office. When you get her there, make sure she gets a shower.

With that the red head and two of Jerome's friends helped Rebecca back to the office that she had been in earlier.

After the men guided her to the sofa, Amy took charge.

"Thanks guys, I will help her from here," Amy said. "Go back and make sure Wendell gets you a freebie on the house," she added.

As Rebecca lay on the sofa Amy looked her over and liked what she saw. She also knew, that the woman that had just been ravagaed by Jerome and his friends, was probably a bit in shock. Amy knew, she had been in this same position a few weeks before.

Amy also knew that she found Rebecca very attractive even covered in cum.

"Would you like something to drink Rebecca," she asked?

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