tagIncest/TabooLet the Lust Begin Ch. 04

Let the Lust Begin Ch. 04


Please read earlier chapters if you can. I do like a long tease, but I think it's time for the hot action to begin...


Tahir was in the midst of fucking his wife Seema. Seeing the way his wife and Nisha, his 18 year old daughter, had been walking around in their tight figure hugging pants that evening had made him really horny, and now his was getting his relief.

Seema was on all fours on the bed and he was thrusting his cock into her 51 year old, but still tight, pussy, and slapping into her fleshy wide butt cheeks as he did so. Seema had her forearms, elbows and wrists flat on the bed, her back bent downwards from her ass towards her head, which was on two pillows, and her knees firmly planted into the mattress. All this to support the force of her husband's deep thrusts, as his hard cock went into her from behind. She was loving every second of it. She had known he would be extra hot and horny that evening and had expected a good 'seeing to'. She and Nisha had planned their sexy behaviour that evening and, by the way Tahir was fucking her now, she knew it had achieved its desired effect, on her husband at least, and probably on her son, Mamood too.

"Yes, darling, fuck me – hard and fast" she cried out to him encouragingly.

Tahir responded by gripping the flesh at the sides of her hips more firmly and thrusting deeper and harder, groaning as he did so, feeling the walls of his wife's pussy gripping his dick. After a moment, he leaned forward, cupping and squeezing her large hanging boobs as they swung under her, whilst Seema pushed her ass back into him and wriggled her pussy from side to side as he thrust into her.

Seema buried her head into the pillows and gripped onto the bed sheets with her hands as Tahir went into her even deeper. "Ahhhhhh" she cried out, loving the feeling of him entering her.

Then, imagining it was her son, Mamood, sinking his shaft into her, she felt herself going into orgasm.

"Yes, baby, fuck me, yes, fuck your......mommmmm...." As she said 'mom' she bit into the pillows below her face so that Tahir would not hear her clearly.

At the same time, Tahir was in a world of his own, imagining it was his daughter's tight pussy he was piercing with his dick, and that triggered his own orgasm as he spurted wave after wave of hot cum deep into his wife's fuck hole.

Both started to groan loudly as they reached their climaxes and continued until they were satiated, with Tahir finally collapsing next to Seema on the bed.

After a moment's silence, Tahir said, "Wow, I haven't cum like that in ages."

"Yes, me too," replied Seema. "I had a fabulous orgasm."

Both did not say why it had been so good, but Seema knew why her husband had enjoyed it so much, as he had probably been thinking about Nisha, as well as enjoying her. Tahir definitely didn't have a clue that his wife had been thinking about their son Mamood fucking her, which had made her orgasm so intense.

"I think, I'll be able to manage a second go soon" said Tahir smiling.

Seema grinned. "So soon darling?" she said innocently. "I am a lucky girl tonight!" They both burst out laughing.


In her bedroom Nisha was feeling a bit frustrated and horny. She had been surprised how much she'd enjoyed behaving seductively in front of both her dad and brother that evening, but now was feeling like she needed some sexual relief. She thought about what her mom and dad might be doing in their bedroom across the hallway. Then her mind wandered to her boyfriend. She wished he was here now on top of her with his dick plunging between her legs, in her wet, willing pussy.

She inserting her fingers into her moist snatch and thought more about what her mom had suggested about having sex with her dad and brother. She certainly wouldn't mind fucking either of them, she had such a high sex drive, and the fact that it was family and 'taboo' made it extra exciting.

She had also enjoyed the little lesbian session with her mom and hoped they would have a repeat sometime soon, at least before she went back to boarding school. Her mom had really surprised her, but now she understood where she got her own high sex drive from – it was all in the genes!

She continued playing with herself. Then had a sudden thought. Maybe she should ask her mom to let her watch dad and her fucking. Perhaps mom could arrange to leave their bedroom door open a little whilst her dad was unaware and she could take a chance and look in after everyone had gone to bed. She was sure her mom would agree and be turned on by the idea.

The thought excited her. Then, still feeling frustrated and looking for a way to get relief, she decided to get up and see if she could hear anything from her parents' bedroom. She took her fingers out of stroking her pussy, and licked them, enjoying the taste of herself. Then she slowly got out of bed.

Trying not to make any noise, she crept to her door in her pyjamas and turned the handle.

The hallway light was on as usual. All was quiet. Her parent's room was a little way down the hall on the opposite side. Luckily, Mamood's room was on the floor above, as their flat was split level, and she would hear him coming down the stairs if he got up, so she had no fear of being caught by him.

She crept slowly along the corridor, trying not to make a noise.

When she reached her parent's bedroom door, she placed her head next to the door. She could hear some taking, but it was not very clear as the doors in their flat were quite solid. She decided to kneel down and see if placing her ear next to the keyhole would make any difference.

To her delight, she could now just about make out what was being said, although still a little faint.

Tahir had recovered from his first fuck of the evening and felt like he was ready to go again.

He turned to Seema and said "How about round two darling?"

"Yes, please" replied Seema with a naughty smile back at her husband. "What would you like to do? Or shall I choose this time?"

"You can choose," replied Tahir, "As long as I get to lick that beautiful asshole and backside of yours," he continued.

Nisha, still listening at the keyhole, started to get aroused hearing her father talk dirty for the first time. Her fingers wandered down to her pussy, which was still wet, as she continued to listen.

"Ok," said Seema, "I want to suck your cock and balls, and then I want you to cum in my mouth. I haven't had the taste of your cum in my mouth today. Let's do a 69, and that way you can enjoy my backside all you like, at the same time."

Seema climbed on top of her husband, straddling his chest with her slightly chubby, but firm thighs, and hovered her wide ample ass over his face. She knew, after all the years they had been together, just how to position herself right for him, and edged herself back a little, so that her ass would be closer to her husband's face, almost but not quite smothering it. This was one of his favourite positions. Tahir's prick was already standing like a pole, and she started licking up and down it, like she was licking up and down a long sweet lollipop.

Tahir looked up and feasted his eyes on the fine gaping lips of his wife's pussy and brown puckered asshole. He loved to lick both her holes and could spend hours doing so, while she licked on his dick. He reached up with his hands and spread her fleshy ass cheeks further apart, so that he was stretching sides of her asshole open, and then started to lick at it, first around the rim, with fast lapping licks, like he was licking an ice cream, and then darted his tongue inside the hole, deeply and rhythmically, like he was fucking it with his tongue.

Seema, was now writhing her ass on top of his face, loving the feeling of her husbands tongue inside and around her asshole, as she continued to lick up and down his shaft and then around the tip, darting her tongue over the sensitive pisshole. After a moment, she took the entire head in her mouth and sucked on it hard, and then, ever so slowly, took in more and more of the shaft into her mouth, until finally she was deep throating it, a technique she had perfected over the years.

With her mouth full of Tahir's hard prick, she still managed a moan of pleasure from her throat, sounding almost like she was choking, but in reality, not.

Outside their bedroom door, Nisha could only imagine the scene of her parents' inside. Her fingers were moving in and out of her pussy and she desperately wanted to see them having sex. Then a thought struck her. Her father's head would most likely be at the far end of the bed and her mother's towards the door. If the door was unlocked, which it might be, she could safely open it a little and see what was going on. From what she had heard so far, her mother's backside would be covering her dad's face, so he could not see her, and her mom would surely not mind her seeing them after what they had discussed before. She might even congratulate her afterwards for having the courage to try what she'd done!

Nisha decided to take the chance. Still kneeling on the floor, she put one hand on the round brass doorknob, and slowly turned it, so as not to make any sound. Then, the moment of truth, she pushed slowly, with a light pressure, not knowing if it was locked or would open.

Her heart jumped a beat, as the door moved inwards, ever so slightly. It was unlocked!

She continued pushing the door slowly. First, open an inch, and then two, until finally it was ajar about six inches, and she peered her head in a little around the door.

She met an awesome sight. Her mom, naked, was straddling over her dad's face, which was completely buried under her ample backside, and from where he would never have been able to see her at the door.

Her mom was sucking up and down on her dad's hard cock. This was the first time she'd seen her dad's prick and only the second cock she had ever seen, after her secret boyfriend's. It looked slightly longer and thicker than his – about seven to eight inches in length, as far as she could tell from the distance. Her eyes started to bulge as she watched, and her mouth started to water, seeing her dad's large brown erect cock, with her mom sucking intensely on it.

All of a sudden, her mom looked up and saw her. Seema, paused momentarily, midway sliding her lips up Tahir's still rock hard pole, as her eyes met Nisha's in surprise. Then, being the woman she was, the lust in her took over, and her brain worked quickly, sizing up the situation. She realised Tahir would never be able see their daughter peering into the room from his position. Her wide ample butt would see to that, as well as his love of it!

She carried on sucking momentarily, and then licked around Tahir's balls. Thinking quickly, she had an idea. She raised herself up a little and said "Yes, Tahir lick me, stick your tongue deep inside my asshole and pussy." As she finished the last word of the sentence, she put her index finger to her lips as if to say to Nisha to be quiet, and then, smiling, beckoned to Nisha with the wave of her hand, to come towards them on the bed.

Nisha stayed where she was, a little shocked, not understanding quite what her mother wanted her to do, and a little scared her dad would hear her.

Her mother continued a reassuring smile, and pointed down at Tahir's erect dick and then went down on it, sucking on the bulbous head again, and then pointed at Nisha, and then at Tahir's dick again.

Suddenly, it struck Nisha what her mother was saying. She wanted her to come over and suck on her dad's prick. He would never know it was her there. Her pussy tingled even more at the thought, and her mouth salivated at the sight of her dad's incredible hard-on, with her naked mom on top of him beckoning her to play with it. She wanted it too.

Driven by her own lust, she crept over to the end of the bed. Her father's legs were apart a fair way and feet sticking out over the edge of the bed a little. Her mom stopped sucking, smiled again, and with her full wide ass still smothering Tahir's face, pointed at his cock. Nisha bent forward, being careful not to touch her dad's feet, and sucked on the head of her father's cock for the first time.

Tahir was blissfully unaware a different mouth to his wife's was now sucking the head of his dick. His mind was still deep in enjoyment of the taste of his wife's pussy and asshole, moving from one to the other in turn, and, as far as he could feel at the other end, his wife's mouth was sucking on his dick.

It was in fact his daughter, Nisha, who continued sucking on it, and, feeling braver, took more of it into her mouth. Then after a moment, Seema tapped her on the shoulder and she stopped. They'd gone as far as they dared for now. Seema waved to her daughter as if to say go, and then went back to licking Tahir shaft so he would not notice anything.

Nisha had got the taste of her father's precum and was satisfied to a degree, and the danger of it all had added to the sexual thrill! She felt a surge of adrenalin run through her and crept quietly back to the door. She knelt down on the outside and peered in again with the door slightly ajar. She wanted to she her dad cum.

Seema looked up momentarily and saw her daughter looking in again. She realised Nisha probably wanted to watch her dad cum. Seema smiled towards Nisha and then said boldly to Tahir, "Are you ready to cum in my mouth now darling? I want to taste your hot juicy spunk."

"Yes," replied Tahir, stopping his licking for a moment, and feeling his dick throb at the thought.

Seema increased the pace of her sucking up and down on her husband's shaft. Knowing that their daughter was watching fired her lust even more. She wanted to show Nisha just how much of a hot cocksucker she was, and put on a good show for her. If all went to plan, she would soon one day watch Nisha suck her dad and fuck him too, and she her son Mamood, whilst they were all naked together.

Tahir felt the spunk rising in his balls, and Seema sensed he was ready to cum too, as she continued deep-throating him. Nisha watched in amazement at her mom's technique and the way she took her dad's prick all the way in to her mouth almost to the base, something she hadn't quite yet learned to do with her boyfriend.

Finally, Tahir gasped and groaned as he spurted his hot cum into Seema's mouth. Seema, normally would have swallowed it all, not wasting a drop. But knowing Nisha was watching, she let some of it dribble back down from her mouth over Tahir's dick, so that Nisha would get a look at her father spunk for the first time, the spunk that had given birth to her originally eighteen years ago. The thought of the incestuous scene they had just gone through aroused her intensely, and just a minute or so after Tahir spurted into her mouth, with her ass still over his face and his tongue still buried in her snatch, Seema also orgasmed intensely, and came over Tahir's face.

Nisha, who had been watching all this intently, quietly closed the door to her parent's bedroom and went back to her room.

She lay in her bed and played with her pussy, fingering it fast and deeply. Repeating in her mind what had just happened and seeing her dad cum, she soon orgasmed and had to bite her lip to stop herself screaming out loud, it was so intense. She wanted her dad. And she would want her brother too. A raging fire of incestuous lust had been lit in her.

To be continued...

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