tagMind ControlLet the Programming Begin

Let the Programming Begin


The Beginning.

Standing there next to her at the bookstore, watching her move still turned him on although they had been together for almost ten years now. She is 5'3" tall with long, curly, auburn hair and a body with all of the right curves. Some would look at her and think she was a bit on the heavy side but I knew better. Under the loose fitting clothes was a wonderfully built, trim, athletic body of 125 pounds.

She handed me a book with "hypnosis" in the title and I wasn't particularly interested, but I started reading the back and caught the phrase "hypnotize your friends and family". Now that sounded interesting. I could hypnotize my wife. "I wonder what that would be like" I thought as I put the book back on the shelf.

Ten minutes later, we decided it was time to go. I hadn't thought too much about the book until Cathy asked if I was going to get the book on hypnosis.

"Sure," I replied as I headed back towards the shelf that housed the book.

We paid for our treasures and headed towards home.

Two weeks later, I finally got around to reading the book on hypnosis after a couple of the fiction titles that I picked up at the same time. It was interesting reading, especially the section on sexual disorders (i.e. impotency and frigidity). Reading through those sections made me wonder if I could help improve Cathy's libido a bit.

Cathy was always great when it came to sex, it was just that over the last 4 or 5 years with her career and our children, sex seemed to slip down the list quite a ways. In my opinion, it slipped down to the bottom of the list and was nowhere near as uninhibited as it had been the first couple of years of our marriage.

After having my interest piqued by that book, I decided to do some research online about hypnosis, its uses and if I could really learn how to do it.

After what seemed like hours of searching (most of it at work, under cover hoping that I wouldn't get caught online) I thought that I had read enough about it to maybe give it a try. So, the next question was with whom do I practice? Would Cathy let me practice on her?

Finally, a couple of days later I asked, "Cathy, you know that book I read about hypnosis?"

She responded in a somewhat nonchalant manner.

"Would you be interested in being hypnotized?" I asked.

She again responded nonchalantly, but positively. So, we set a time when the kid's wouldn't be interrupting us and decided that we would just work on relaxation to see if it really would work.

"Close your eyes and relax" I started, "feel yourself sink deeper and deeper into the bed, feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed" I read from the script I had downloaded off of the internet. "Know that you have nowhere else to be, nothing else to do, with no one wanting anything from you right now."

She laughed, how could she laugh?

"I'm sorry," she said apologetically "but I don't feel like no one wants anything from me, you want me to relax don't you?"

Well she had me there, but what a shot to the ego. I thought I had read and rehearsed enough that something like this wouldn't happen.

Back to the drawing board, I schemed.

I dug even deeper, read even more, bought videos of others being hypnotized and eventually found someone I could practice on that expected to go into trance so my confidence grew slowly, it continued to build up.

Then I came across a certification program. It wasn't very expensive and I could do it online and over the phone so I enrolled in it. I continued to learn more and more and my confidence grew even more as I got positive feedback from the instructor.

After about 6 months, I felt confident to try again and this time I wouldn't fail.

"Close your eyes and relax, breathe in relaxing feelings and breathe out all the stress and strain of the day. Now relax your eyes so much that you know they are too relaxed to open and when you know they are that relaxed, test them to make sure they just won't open" I began.

It was such a simple induction and took far less time than some of the progressive relaxation inductions and seemed to work well on the other people I had hypnotized.

"Very good, now take that relaxation to the top of your head and send it down to the tips of your toes, feel the muscles relax all the way down."

She tested her eyes, they hadn't opened and I could see her starting to relax, this was working and I knew it would only be a matter of time before she was deep into trance.

"Relax your eyes even further and again test them, very good, now send that deeper relaxation down your body, feel the sensations of relaxation as the muscles relax even further."

Her body and face looked even more relaxed and her breathing was becoming shallower, almost there, but I am taking no chances.

"I want you to imagine yourself at the top of a beautiful staircase with 10 stairs. I am going to start counting down from 10 to 1 and when I reach one, I want you to imagine yourself sinking into the softest bed you have ever been in with the most comfortable pillow and down comforter, can you do this?"

"Yes" she replied sleepily.

I am getting so close now, I am starting to get a bit aroused just thinking of the fun soon to follow.

"10 stepping down on the 1st step, going deeper into trance, 9 becoming more and more relaxed, 8 sinking deeper down with every step you take, 7 deeper and deeper into trance, 6 more relaxed, more comfortable, 5 further down into trance with every step down the staircase, 4 deeper and deeper, 3 more and more relaxed, 2 deeper into trance and 1 sinking into that soft comfortable bed, feeling the weight of the comforter on your body."

She sure looked like she was in a trance, shallow breathing, eyes moving behind the eyelids. Maybe I should test her? My confidence was still a bit shaky with her because you just never know. Is she just playing along or is she really in a trance? I know, I'll test by using fractionization.

"Cathy, at the count of 3, not before, you will open your eyes and look at me. When you hear me say the words "Good night Gracie", you will go back into a trance, deeper than before, do you understand me?"

A slight nod accompanied with a quiet "Yes" let me know that she was ready to give it a try.

"1, 2, 3"

She looked at me, and not before the count of 3, this must be working. I gave her the code phrase and down she went. I tried again, but this time I paused after the number 2 waiting to see if she was anticipating the 3, but nope, she just waited and after I said 3 she looked at me again.

This is so cool, I must be doing the right things, but I'll have to test just one more time. This time I paused after the 1 and hurried through the 2 and 3 and she did exactly as told. She sure must be in somnambulism!

I did it, now on to the 1st part of the plan.

I thought I would start out easy and work my way towards the fantasy that I'd had in my head almost from the day I finished that 1st book.

"Cathy, I want you to remember when we were 1st starting to date and how easy it was to get you sexually excited, can you remember that?"

"Uh-huh" was the reply.

"Cathy, I want you to really experience that in your mind, really feel the sensations in your clit, feel the wetness build in your vagina, as if I was touching your clit and sucking on your nipples right now."

She slowly started to squirm and I could se her nipples harden through her blouse.

"Cathy, really feel it, want it and crave it. Really experience these sensations of having your nipples sucked and pinched the way you like and feeling your clit rubbed in the circular motion that you love."

She was really starting to squirm and her breathing was getting deeper and heavier.

"Are you enjoying these sensations? Are you really feeling them?"

She groaned lightly and her hips swiveled and pressed down into the bed. It sure seemed like she was feeling and experiencing them, now it was time to set the post hypnotic suggestion to see if this really works.

"Cathy, from now on, any time you hear me and only me say to you "Nipple Time" you will feel these sensations. Your nipples will harden and you will feel the wetness begin to grow between your legs as these sensations are triggered in your body. If you hear me say "Nipple Time" within 5 minutes of the last time I said it, the sensations will grow more intense, as if the sensations doubled and this will happen. Every time you hear me say "Nipple Time" the sensations will double again and again. If you don't hear me say "Nipple Time" within 5 minutes from the last time I said it, or I say "Back to Normal", the sensations will slowly fade away and your body will return to normal. Do you understand these instructions?"

"Yes" clearly was the reply.

Now I had to bring her out and hopefully get her to think that this was just a relaxation session.

"Cathy, your inner mind will remember these instructions and act upon them any time you hear me say those special words, but your conscious mind will only remember that you were very relaxed and comfortable and that you enjoy having me do hypnosis with you, do you understand these instructions?"

"Yes" again was the reply.

Hopefully that will work, only time will tell, time to bring her up.

"Cathy, when I count to 3, you will be fully alert and awake remembering what a relaxing and comforting session this was. 1 – More and more aware, 2 – coming back into awareness and 3 – fully aware and awake."

Now I had to distract her a bit.

"You sure look relaxed, do you feel relaxed?"

"Definitely" she replied looking dreamily at me.

Later that evening, Cathy and I went for a walk along the waterfront of where we live. It's a beautiful area with a big beautiful lake on one side of town and mountains on the other. It's the fall, leaves are starting to change and she loves seeing all of the changing colors and feeling the cool fall air. As we were walking, I asked her if she remembered much about the hypnosis session.

"Not much." she replied, "just feeling very relaxed and looking forward to having another session."

Fantastic, she didn't say anything about the post-hypnotic suggestion that I gave her; it's time to try it out.

"Nipple Time."

She turned to look at me with a questioning look and then sheepishly turned away.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"Fine, I'm alright."

But I noticed a bit of breathlessness in her reply.

"What did you say to me?" she asked. "Because I just had the strangest sensations."

"Really, would you like me to say it again?"

She just mumbled and kept on walking although not as quickly as before. We walked for a few more minutes, but I couldn't wait any longer.

"Nipple Time" I said again.

This time she turned towards me and I noticed her face starting to blush and her nipples protruding through her t-shirt. She was breathing heavier and just standing there squirming a bit, but she didn't say anything else.

"Nipple Time" I repeated.

She inhaled deeply and seemed like she was having a hard time standing so I reached out to steady her. She was breathing heavier and her eyes were barely visible under her eyelids.

"Nipple Time" I again repeated.

She leaned heavily into me with panting breath. She was starting to grind into me and I could feel her nipples poking me like two little knobs through my shirt as well.

This is going to be fun I thought as I considered whether to continue or to give her a break. Just then I saw another couple approaching from around a corner.

"Back to Normal" and her eyes blinked a couple of times and she peeled herself off of me with a quizzical look on her face.

"What in the hell did you do to me?" she asked.

"Well, now that you know I can cause this affect, I should probably fill you in on the details."

"Damn right you should, I didn't give you permission to do anything like that to me!" She barked a little too loudly.

She was right, I shouldn't have done it without her permission, although from what I had read, she would have rejected the suggestions had she truly not wanted to do this and as I explained this to her, she started to calm down. After calming down and walking for a while she stopped and looked at me.

"I'm still a little turned on," she whispered with that sexy little look that I hadn't seen in quite a while. "What shall we do now?" she asked.

Going Deeper

On the walk back to the car, I was deep in thought as I pondered what fun yet naughty, wonderful things we could explore and how she would respond to them. Cathy was quiet as well so I assumed she was also deep in thought.

As we reached the car and got inside, Cathy asked, "Could you keep doing that to me on the ride home?"

"Sure" I answered, but decided I wouldn't let her cum until much later after she was begging me to let her finish.

As soon as I turned the ignition switch and put the car in reverse I started, "Nipple Time", "Nipple Time", "Nipple Time".

Immediately she started squirming and her breathing became very heavy as her eyes rolled back into her head. It was tough for me to drive, as I wanted to pay attention to her moans and watch her squirm.

I tried to time the subsequent suggestions to just about 5 minutes when I knew she would start to wind down a bit. Each time I did this her gasps became deeper and her moans became louder. I wanted to take her over the top, to hear her orgasm and watch her thrash about, but fought the urge because I knew that later the orgasm would be the most intense she would ever had have, not to mention use it as leverage for her to give up even more control later.

We were just about home now and I decided to get her all worked up again, to see how high she could go.

"Nipple Time, Nipple Time" and she nearly screamed as we pulled into the garage.

She was still breathing very heavily as the garage door closed behind us and I swore I could smell her musky perfume that I remember emanating from her hungry pussy.

Just then she looked over and with pleading eyes asked, "Finish me now; I want to cum so badly."

With that I said, "Back to normal."

She looked so disappointed and slapped me on the arm.

"How could you do that to me? I was so damn close and then you just shut it off. , I'm going upstairs to finish this myself and you are not invited!"

With that said, she jerked the car door open, jumped out and practically ran into the house.

I chased her into the house and caught her just before she slammed the bedroom door and said "Goodnight Gracie", with that she stopped immediately and just stood there staring ahead.

I was getting so turned on myself with this control that I had to fight not throwing her on the bed and ravishing her right there.

"I'll have to work on a trigger word to cool myself off." I said to myself, but Cathy didn't say a word. Just then I had an idea that I thought would be educational for both of us and told Cathy to go sit on the bed and wait for me quietly.

As she did, I went into the bathroom to cool down and get a drink of water while I organized my thoughts. After getting my heart rate down and letting my cock relax, I went to my desk and grabbed my tape recorder that I kept there to record thoughts I had for work or the books I was working on. I also grabbed a fresh tape and another set of batteries just in case this went longer than I anticipated. I also glanced at the clock and realized that there wouldn't be any additional fun at least until the kids went to bed since we would need to be picking them up from their friend's house in about an hour or so.

I grabbed a chair from the desk and moved it close to the bed so I could easily make sure the recorder picked up any words being spoken. I wanted to make sure that I had this on tape for 2 reasons, the 1st being that I wanted to not miss anything and the 2nd being in case Cathy didn't believe what was being said, I could just play her the tape with her voice on it.

"Cathy, have you enjoyed this little game we've been playing today?" I asked.

Her reply was surprising.

"No, I haven't liked it a bit because you haven't let me finish and I was so damn close! You asshole!" she added as an afterthought.

She didn't usually talk this way so it surprised me a bit.

"Did you enjoy the sensations and the feelings of submissiveness?" I asked to clarify the question.

"Yes, very much. I didn't think I could feel so excited, especially after having kids."

I smiled thinking back to the gasping and groaning, getting a little hard remembering.

"Are there other things you would like to try?" I asked.

"Sure, I would like you to make me feel like your cock is inside of me as I cum while I'm all alone."

That sounded fun and I started creating ideas for those suggestions.

"Would you like to keep playing this game and doing more new things?"

"Oh Yes!" she replied enthusiastically.

"Is there anything you don't want to try?" I asked trying to set up some boundaries.

"About the only thing I can think of is that I don't want to have sex with anyone else, just us two."

That was kind of a bummer because one of my fantasies was to share her with another man where she was completely the center of attention, but oh well; I had other ideas and was glad that she didn't limit me too much. I was surprised that she didn't rule out anal sex because she had always adamantly opposed it every time I brought it up so I would have to get something in place soon to take advantage of that lapse.

I smiled at the thought of finally sliding my seven inches to the hilt in that sexy ass of hers.

Just then the phone rang.

"Hello," I answered quickly hoping that the ringing wouldn't disturb Cathy's trance. "Oh hi Bill, how are things?"

He responded with a question of his own, "Are you ok, you sound kind of winded?"

"I'm fine, just surprised when the phone rang." I answered.

"Can the kids stay the night tonight? The little ones are having so much fun I don't want to interrupt them."

"Sure, I can bring some stuff over in about an hour for them to sleep in." I grinned as I said this, thinking this could be a heck of a good night.

I hung up after the goodbyes and immediately returned to Cathy.

"So to clarify, you would like to try anything in this submissive state except having sex with someone else?"

She responded with a quick yes and then followed with, "Unless you could find a hot girl to share, I've had this minor fantasy about sharing you with another woman, touching and kissing her while you were ramming her with your hard cock!"

She started to squirm a bit while saying this, it seemed to turn her on more than me, but I'm sure that was because of the shock I was experiencing.

I decided to file that away to the back of my mind to let my subconscious work on that one a bit.

I decided to let our conversation sink in a bit and to get the things ready for the kids to run over to Bill's house. Maybe I could talk him into letting the kids stay all weekend if I helped him to be able to do the same to Tina.

"Okay Cathy, just sit there and relax, remembering what you want to about this conversation, but knowing it would be more fun if you just decided to forget about what was said. As you sort that out, at your own pace, emerge yourself from this wonderfully relaxing session of hypnosis."

With that I got up, put the chair back at the desk and the recorder in the drawer and headed to the kid's rooms to pack enough clothes and pajamas for a couple of nights stay at their friend's house.

After about five minutes, I could hear Cathy walk into our son's room as I finished packing things into his backpack for the next night or two.

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