Let's Be Twins


"oh..baby..I'm cumming!! ah!"

I pulled out of her nice round ass quickly, so my hot cum would squirt on the pearly white skin of her back and if I shot just right I might get it into her beautiful blond hair.

"You asshole! Now I'm going to have to take a shower!"

Success, my cum was now pooled in nice white blobs from her ass all the way up to her hair. There is just something I love about seeing that wonderful soft skin covered in cum. I especially love to shoot my wade on her face and tits, or watching her scurry to the bathroom with cum running down her legs.

Denise and I have been married for 5 years. She is a 26 year old petite little blond sex pot with milky white skin, 5'1", 102 lbs, 32D-26-24. She is one of those girls that makes every guy, and most girls, stop and take a look at her. Plus she is the only woman I know who loves to wear corsets everyday. I also am a bit on the small side, 5'4", 140 lbs. She loves sex and is always willing to try just about anything sexual. Our sex life is tremendous! We've done spanking, exhibitionism, sex toys of most types, bondage, lesbianism and recently she has wanted to insert butt plugs in my ass. At first I was a little reluctant, but it does feel pretty good. She started with really small ones and now I can take a dildo I like to call "the beast" 10" long and 4" wide. It takes me a while to get it in my ass (and plenty of lube), but once it's in it fills me up, so well. I love to strap the dildo to her thigh and fuck myself while she plays with my cock. I end up shooting my cum all over her tits, face and hair. Sometimes when we go to our favorite sex store we will insert vibs in our asses and her in her pussy, so that by the time we are checking-out we are so hot we need to fuck in the parking lot.

With Halloween around the corner, Denise has been bugging me to pick costumes, so we went to the costume store with our dildos inserted. Every time I would move or walk the dildo would shift in a magnificent way; sending shivers up my back and making my cock stand at attention. Denise would giggle and rub up against my ass pushing the dildo in just a little bit more. We got to the sexy costumes and Denise picked out this slutty little beer maid outfit. It had the white puffy shirt, a leather corset and a tiny plaid miniskirt with a petticoat She said it was a good base, but some additions would really make us look great. Did she say "us"?

"Yes, I thought we talked about it...we are going as twins."

"I don't know honey, I'm not really into dressing like a woman."

For a split second she had a hurt look on her face, but then she got this devious look on her face that I would see several times over the next few weeks. And with that she pulled me to an out of the way corner of the store and dropped to her knees. She pulled my dick out and began to suck it with such vigor I was certain it would only take me seconds to shoot my load. As she brought me close, she looked up at me with those mesmerizing blue eyes and said, "so, will you be my girlfriend, Mandi?" She went right back to my cock and the shoved the dildo a bit deeper in my ass and I couldn't take it anymore..."ahhhhhh, yes, I'll be your girlfriend! Oh yes...take my cum!!! Swallow it all my little slut!" And with that my fate was sealed. Little did I know what I had just agreed to. She stood up and kissed me deeply, when her cum soaked tongue made contact with mine, she pushed in a little of my cum...it didn't taste bad. It actually tasted kind of good.

We went to several stores that day, and at each one Denise would drop to her knees and give me the best blow jobs I have had in my whole life, I was in heaven, I didn't even notice which stores we were in or what we were buying. At every store she would put more and more of my own cum into my mouth. I started to really like the taste of the cum! That scared me a bit...little did I know it was only the beginning.

By the time we got home my dick was a little raw from so much action, but Denise wanted more. She handed me some body lotion and said to take a quick shower. I obeyed and as all of my hair was going down the drain I realized it wasn't lotion; it was hair remover. My legs and arms felt cold as I walked back into the bedroom. I didn't even notice that my dick was getting hard just from the feeling of the air hitting my truly naked legs. Denise however did notice. "Does my Mandi like her hairless legs?"

"Is this really necessary?"

"Honey, every self-respecting girl hates hair on her legs, arms and arm pits. You want people to really think you are a girl, right?"

"Well, I guess."

She told me that one of the hardest things I would have to learn over the next few weeks would be how to walk in high heels. She brought over a 6" high white pair of strappy sandals with ankle straps she said would help me balance. She slid pink fishnet stockings up my leg that only made my dick harder. It felt so good having the silky soft stockings sliding up my legs. Then she helped me with the shoes. I wobbled around a little bit not noticing she had taken "the beast" and put it on with a strap-on harness. She came up behind me and spread my ass cheeks and removed the butt plug. I felt empty, but not for long. After inserting some lube in my ass with her fingers, she had me bend over so she could ram that huge dildo into my ass. It felt soooooo good! But then she took it out!! She took 3 steps away from me and said, "come over here and turn around if you want this dick back in your hot ass bitch." I practically ran over and turned around to get that lovely dick back inside of me. Again, after a few strokes, she took the dick out of my ass and walked away, this time about 10 steps away. Again, she said I would have to come to her to get that wonderful dildo in my ass. She kept doing this for over an hour, each time going a little farther.

Eventually, we ended up in the dining room and she had me lay on the table with my feet on the ground and my ass up in the air. My ass had gotten used to the dildo in my ass, but this time she rammed it so hard and so deep I felt like I had been split in two. I could tell she was really getting hot fucking my ass with her huge dick. She rammed me harder and faster, ohhh it felt soooo good. Then when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, she started to cum...to my surprise I started to cum too. Nothing had touched my dick, but yet I loved having a dick fuck me that it made me cum. My load shot all over the floor.

"Lick it up bitch!" I got on my hands and knees and as I lapped up my own wads of cum, she kept smacking my ass saying the fucking she had just given me was only the beginning. It was a little scary how good my own cum tasted. Since it was starting to get late we went up to bed. I removed my my strappy heels and felt a little strange standing flat on the floor...without realizing it I had gotten used to standing in those cute shoes. I rolled the stockings down my legs and that gave my dick a little tingle. Denise said we had enough fun for one night and I was to go to the bathroom and get cleaned up for bed; she would layout my night clothes.

When I returned there was a pink baby doll nighty that was completely sheer and felt sooooo good as I slid it on. The panties were a thong that cover my dick, but barely covered my ass. When Denise came to bed she had on the same outfit. She kissed me deeply and then tucked my dick into the crack of my ass.

"Goodnight, my little slut Mandi. Get some rest, tomorrow is going to be a full day."

The next morning she woke me up at 5 am. 5 am!!!

"Honey, isn't this a bit much. I'm not fat. And didn't I do all of the things you asked of me yesterday?"

She started to sob and said, "I'm just trying to help you be the best woman you can be. And it seemed like you kind of enjoyed yesterday's activities."

She was right, I had really enjoyed all of the wonderful things we had done the day before. So, I agreed to follow all of her instructions, even if they didn't make sense at the time. The workout was pretty straight forward, main emphasis on my butt and stomach, and totally avoiding any arm work. It was a little weird working out in a tank top, mini skirt and a butt plug in my ass.

After the workout Denise had me shower, more hair remover and pretty smelling soap. When I got out of the shower I noticed Denise had laid out my clothes for the day. Normal office attire, button-down shirt and khaki's...but there was more. The corset was white with lace and satin, matching thong and thigh high stockings. Denise helped me get into the corset and said she was only going to tighten a bit so I could get used to the feeling of it. The thong felt so good on my ass and the soft material made my dick tingle, but when she started rolling the stocking up my legs, I quivered with how wonderful it felt. Denise smiled and said that we didn't have time for a good fucking, but a blow job was certainly called for. She dropped to her knees and at the same moment she slid my cock into her hot waiting mouth she shoved a pre-lubed dildo in my ass. I shot my load instantly! It felt so incredible to get fucked and sucked at the same time I lost all control. She licked up all of my cum and with the dildo still sliding in and out of my ass, she slid her tongue into my mouth, depositing all of my cum into my mouth. It tasted so good that before I could think I said, "I would love more of that!"

"Good. Then you'll enjoy the activities I have planned for after work."

With that she told me to get dressed for work. The pants and shirts were just a little different than m normal clothes; they buttoned on the other side and they seemed to hug my body a bit more. As I left for work Denise handed me my lunch, a salad and a bottle of water and the 6" heels I had worn the day before. She said I should wear them for the drive to work to get used to them quicker. I almost got in 2 accidents because of those shoes, but eventually I made it to work. Work was un-eventful so I decided to cut out early. I got into my car, put on my slutty 6" heels and called Denise. She said to meet her and the adult book store we always go to and to make sure I wear the heels an not my flats.

When I got to the store I noticed Denise's car was already there. I walked into the store and found her looking at a strap-on harness that had a place for a dildo to fuck someone with, one for her pussy and another for her ass. "I have to get this she said, but later, first we have to get your dinner." She led me to the booths in the back. We had come here a few times and had sex while watching a movie. We went into the middle booth and she had me take off my shirt and pants. She told me to raise my hands over my head and take a deep breath in. She tightened the corset so much I thought I wouldn't be able to breathe and then slammed a big butt plug into my ass!

She said my dinner tonight was going to be cum. I would suck the dicks that came through a hole in the wall until I was full. She said I needed to be sure I was full because there wasn't anyway I would be able to eat later. Just then we heard the door next to us open. My first customer...or should I call it an appetizer? Denise put her fingers in the hole and when she pulled them out a dick replaced them. "Go ahead Mandi. Your dinner awaits."

I took that cock in my mouth and started to suck it like I liked my dick sucked. It must have been ok, because they guy shot his load into my mouth in about 2 minutes. "Not too bad Mandi." his cum tasted a little saltier than mine, but it was really good. We did this for about an hour and I got better at sucking dick which each one I put in my mouth. My belly was getting full, so I said "honey, I want to suck more dicks and eat more cum, but I don't think my belly can take it."

"That's ok Mandi, we can share."

So for about half on hour I would suck the dicks and feed the cum to Denise. It was so erotic, feeding my wife another man's cum that I had milked from his dick. After "dinner" Denise had me put my clothes back on with ballerina flats. We drove to a place that did piercings. She said guys would love it if I gave them a blow job with a piercing in on my tongue. The barbell rubs against their dick and it makes them so hot. I really wanted to give great blow jobs, so I got a tongue piercing. Denise got a matching one and told me that our tongues would be sensitive for a while, so no dick sucking, that made me a little sad. I was really liking the taste of cum. We also got our nipples pierced with a barbell that had a little hanging chain; our right tits say "cum" and the left says "slut." I had to get my belly button and ears pierced so I would match Denise.

When we got to the car Denise said she was so horny I had to fuck her right there. I slammed my dick into her pussy and started to pump away like some teenager on prom night. I was so excited from everything that was going on I didn't know if I could control myself until she came. She must have been really excited too, because not very long after I started ramming her pussy she started moaning really loud, digging her nails into my back and her legs tightened around me. With a shudder she exploded. Her pussy exploding with her juices. I shot my wad not too longer after deep inside of your. "Now what do we do." We had to clean ourselves up, so Denise said that if I licked really gently my new piercing should be ok. I slowly and gently licked the folds of her pussy. Her juices mixed with my cum tasted so good. I moved up to her mouth to share this wonderful combination.

Things were a little un-eventful for the next few days. Denise would get me up early for work-outs, practice at walking in high heels, or taking strap-ons in my ass, afterwards she would help me get dressed for work. Usually I would wear a corset and thong or a body stocking. I was given salad for lunch and carrot sticks for snack. At night she would have me put a strap-on on my thigh so she could ride me until she was satisfied. She told me that girls don't always get to cum, so I better get used to getting all worked up and being left hanging.

When Denise felt our tongues had healed enough she said we would meet at the adult book store. I could hardly work thinking of getting a dick in my mouth and more cum in my belly. Denise dressed me that morning in a pvc corset, which she laced-up a little tighter than usual, pvc thong panties, and fishnet stockings. When I got to the store, Denise wasn't there yet, so I went into our usual booth and started watching a gay movie. The guys were dressed in leather and started sucking each other in a 69. It got me so hot I almost didn't notice the dick that had come through the hole. I immediately dropped to my knees and started sucking with all I had. I felt so good when it only took 30 seconds to get the guy to shoot his wad into my mouth. The guy told me it was the best blow job he had ever had. Another dick came through the hole not long after and I started sucking just as Denise came in. "You little cock sucker, you couldn't even wait until I got here, could you?? Don't worry, I have plans for you, my little slut."

I sucked the cock with more vigor which made the guy shoot his load in my mouth. I kissed Denise passionately; our tongue piercings covered in cum sent shivers to my dick every time they touched. The next dick that came through the hole was a huge black dick. About 9" long and 2" around. I was practically drooling as I dropped to my knees. Denise said that I was going to take a break from dick sucking and I was going to have my cherry popped by a huge black dick. I quickly dropped my pants and after Denise lubed up my ass I backed up slowly to that massive cock. I thought my ass was going to split in two!! After I got used to this massive manhood in my tight ass, I started rocking back and forth and squeezing my ass. Not too long after, I could feel his dick twitch inside of me and then he pushed farther into me shooting his cum deep into my ass. I spent the next hour alternating between sucking cocks and taking dicks in my tight ass. By the end of the night, I had cum dripping down my legs. Denise inserted a tampon into my ass, cleaned me up a bit and we went home.

Just a few nights until Halloween and I was getting really good at being a girl; little did I know Denise had MORE plans for my transformation into a slut girl.

Finally the big day was here!!! Halloween!!! I woke before Denise, so I started the work-out I thought she would have me do. I put on my rubber bustier, rubber mini, rubber stockings and 6" high heels. I would do squats over a dildo and walk on the treadmill in heels. Denise came up behind me as I was on the treadmill. She pulled me off and kissed me passionately. She said I didn't need to workout today; she had a full day planned for me. She broke her kiss and went on her knees and started sucking my cock. After working my dick until it was rock hard, she pulled me on top of her, she told me she wanted me to fuck her pussy. She didn't have to tell me twice. I started ramming my pulsating cock deep into her pussy. I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders, so I could ram her even deeper. It was about then that I realized she had not allowed me to fuck her since we went to the adult book store. She said that no matter what happened tonight, she would always love me. With that I shot my load all over her tits and face. "Lick it my little cum slut." So, that was my breakfast...a wad of cum I shared with my wife.

Denise said we had a lot to do before the party, so we got ready to go out. We dressed in matching jean skirts, halter top, pink thong panties and platform sandals. Our first stop was at the hairdresser. The hairdresser painstakingly cut and styled my wig to match Denise's hair. After she was done, Denise said that I should give her a tip, so I dropped to my knees thinking I was going to lick her cunt. Denise said, "not like that honey." She stood me up and the hairdresser dropped to her knees and gave me a wonderful blow job I shot my wad into her throat and she swallowed it almost instantly.

Next we went to the nail salon and get silver nail polish on our fingers and toes. Denise told me again that I needed to give her a tip. So, I dropped my panties and watched as the cute little Asian girl dropped to her knees to suck my cock. Everywhere we went that day, Denise had arranged with the girls to give me blow jobs I got so many blow jobs that my dick started to get sore, and for the first time in my life it took me a long time to get a hard-on and I really didn't want another blow job, but Denise had her reason.

We got home and Denise shoved me through the door way, we dropped our purses and she kissed me passionately. She told me her pussy was so wet from seeing her best girlfriend Mandi getting her dick sucked, she tore her panties off and said, "You will fuck my pussy right now my little slut!" My dick was so sore, I really didn't want to fuck her, but that moment of hesitation was not to Denise's' liking. She threw me on the ground, yanked my dick out of my panties and began to ride me like she has never done before. Her moist pussy was a little soothing to my cock, but the three times she came while riding my dick, added enough lubrication so that I started to cum. She dismounted my dick and put her pussy over my mouth so I could lick her clean. Then she kissed me passionately trying to get some of my cum back. We showered together and then she helped me clean out my ass for tonight. We went back into our bedroom to get dressed. Denise said she took our original outfits and "improved" them.

First she glued fake breasts to my chest. They look pretty real. They felt weird when I moved, but it was really exciting to feel tits on my chest. The shirt was pretty sheer, but still camouflaged the fact that my tits were fake. The corset was not the cheap leather corset from the original pack -- it was a silver latex under the breast corset. She said we needed a strong man to help us with our corsets, but he wouldn't be here until later. Our plaid mini skirt was now a silver latex pleated mini skirt with a petticoat underneath. We had white thigh high fishnet stockings that had silver glitter on them. Denise had crotchless white panties that showed her pretty shaved pussy and my panties exposed my asshole and had a built-in cock ring. Our 6" silver platform heels had ankle straps that Denise said would look great on a guys shoulders as he pounded my tight ass.

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