tagIncest/TabooLet's Make a Deal

Let's Make a Deal


I knew something wasn't quite right. Mom had been showing off her tight small body poolside in our back yard all summer. Small waist, tight ass, and tits that were often embarrassing to me when we went out in public or the innuendoes or outright rude remarks my buddies would say to me as they eyed her bouncing breasts as she walked around the house. Funny how guys say stuff they shouldn't about a friends mother or sister. Heck, mom couldn't help what she was given in the beautiful face and sexy body department. But for a friend to say, 'man if my mother was that foxy I'd never leave the house'. Or, 'I bet every time you hug your mother you get a boner just feeling her tits press against your chest...if my mom had a rack like yours she'd be slapping my face every time I gave her a hug and a kiss'.

Hell yes I thought about her. Since around twelve or thirteen I began falling in love physically for her. Between her womanly smell, seductive smile, and sexy body, every girl in school that was half way cute was always compared to mom...I just kept falling deeper and deeper in lust with mother and kept hating myself more and more for the dirty thoughts that kept creeping into my mind.

Dad died of a heart attack two years earlier and my older brother Todd had flunked out of college last year due to chasing pussy. Things were not right in our house except for the close warm relationship between mom and me. But why was she showing her body off to me so much? She had to know she was driving me nearly mad with thoughts that I knew were not right...but shit...she was a knockout and only 20 years older than I was and now at eighteen, when you would think I could get her out of my mind...it started getting worse by the day.

Yep...something was definitely not right and the closer I got to going to college the worse she was teasing. Tonight she asked me to stay home and have dinner with her because she wanted to make me some kind of a 'deal' about the college classes I just signed up to take.

Dinner was wonderful. She fixed my favorite chicken Kiev and even served us champagne. However once again she was flaunting her body to extreme excess. At least that's the way I took the way she dressed and moved around the room.

Wearing a tight black dress with a scooped neckline I could see two things were apparent. One, she obviously was not wearing a bra because every time she approached my place setting she bent low giving me a perfect shot of her cleavage displaying her large unencumbered tits. I had a hard-on that wouldn't quit every time she bent down in front of me. My boner was getting dammed uncomfortable just by the way her beautiful boobs were on display.

The second thing that was obvious was she wasn't wearing panties under that tight dress of hers. No panty line showed and once she bent down to pick up a serving fork she had accidentally dropped (I sure as hell didn't buy that little slip up because mom's acting was poor and the setup obviously designed to give me a great peek at her exposed butt cheeks as she bent all the way down from the waist to pick it up. Yes, she bent all they way down, and real slow like, causing her tight skirt to ride clear up to the lower part of her tight fanny right in front of my face. I almost shit when she froze extra long so I could get a perfect glimpse of her panty free ass. Add to that the fact her dress was so thin I could actually see the 'Y' of where her legs joined her pussy in the candle light just begging to be licked for a taste test as if it were part of dinner desert (which I soon found out was to be on the menu for her college age sonny boy).

"Mom, what the hell is going on?"

"Why Roger what ever are you talking about."

"Time to come clean mom...all summer you've been teasing the hell out of me with your beautiful sexy body and tonight you gave me nothing but tits and ass to the point of driving me crazy with thoughts I don't think you possibly could understand!"

Mom smiled a very devilish grin and said, "Well...I told you I had a proposition to make for your first semester at school. State 'U' is only 20 minutes from home and your going to be living here at least for the first semester or two to save money. Your brother screwed up his chances last year because of that little bitch Erica wouldn't leave him alone. All year all he did was screw her to the extent of ignoring his studies. I could have killed her for what she did to him and now he's actually supporting her because he was too stupid to take simple precautions and got her knocked up. Imagine your brother working a stupid dockyard job up in San Francisco just to support her lazy butt. He broke my heart and I just know we're never going to see him again as the person he could have been. I don't want that to happen to you my darling."

Wow...she was as cold as a cucumber. Laid it all out in just one precise statement of fact. I was beginning to get the picture but...man...was she really heading for what I was beginning to think?

"Roger...you are absolutely right. I have been teasing you all summer. I wondered if you could really go for your mother in a sexual way and I think I have my answer. I noticed how you tried to hide your boners from your old mom every time I teased you. Stand up and let me prove my point here and now."

"Mom, I don't think this is such a good idea. I admit you caused me a great deal of discomfort all summer and right now...well...let's just say I'm ashamed to admit my thoughts about you have been far from what a son should be thinking about his mother."

"Roger...dammit. I meant what I asked of you. Stand up and come over here to your mother this very instant."

Shit, part of me wanted to show her how fucked up I had become and how much I wanted her. The other part said I should be a man and put a stop to this right now. Guess what part of me won that argument?

I stood up with a diamond cutter of a boner. My cock was trying its best to worm out of my slacks. I looked every bit the tortured soul I had become lusting for my mother. To seal my fate, I saw the satisfied look on her face as I walked over to her chair. Mother's wicked grin was even wider and looking all the more satisfied with the results of her evening's teasing of me with her beauty.

"Yes my darling. Mommy was right. You have a wonderful expression of lust in your pants for me. Let me see exactly how hard you really are."

As she reached out to touch my cock...I started to back away but she was too quick. Like a cat reaching for a mouse she grabbed my belt and pulled me close to her face.

"Don't you dare move while I prove my point to you. I want to make my proposition very clear and very up front."

With that, mother slowly unzipped my fly and hooked her fingers in the front of my shorts so she could get a good grasp of my hard boner. It had swollen so hard and fat, she had to fish down into my shorts. Then taking a full handful of my shaft she began extracting it out into the open. Her fingers were like burning embers on my pecker. I was so big and hard she had a difficult time of freeing my erection from out of my pants...but finally it popped out into the glaring open candle light of the dinning room. And what a crude, rude, and erogenous sight it was to her eyes!

It was fucking humungous. I was embarrassed and proud as hell, all at the same time. A gob of pre-cum was beginning to slowly form from my piss hole. She slowly stroked my cock twice milking the obscene liquid as it slowly began a glistening descent onto her black, low-cut, dress. Kerplunk...it landed right between the valley of her tits in a large, slimy gob of a horny boy's gooey semen sauce.

Mother was seemingly mesmerized by my hard fat rod pointing straight at her mouth. She licked her lips and purred..."Oh my, my grown up baby is sporting an erection for his mother. Roger...this is exactly what I was hoping for. Let me show you what I want for you and what I'm prepared to do so you won't be distracted by some young slut at school looking to get laid and impregnated by you. I'm not going to allow what happened to your brother happen to you."

With that she slowly pulled my cock to the front of her lips. It was so fucking erogenous and so fucking evil all at the same time. Dinner, candle light, my hot gorgeous mother making a move on me...oh wow...do I let it happen? Fuck yes I let it happen. I was in love and lust all at the same time. And my gorgeous mother had a fucking plan? Whatever she was planning was definitely ok with me.

I started to say something but she hushed me up. "Shush baby and let mother do what is necessary. If you don't like what I'm about to do for the both of us...then well...well we will just forget any of this ever happened. But if...if...I can please you and be your lover to get you through this first semester or two, just until you get settled into your schooling then that's all I ask.

She looked up into my eyes and said, "Here goes honey...here is what mother is willing to do to make your first year in college a lot easier on both of us."

With that mother pulled me closer and placed her lips on the shiny swollen mushroom head of my circumcised cock and began to lather her love on my sex. Swirling her tongue all around...circling...licking...oh shit mom was sucking my cock like it was a holy shrine.

I was leaking pre-cum like crazy and she was licking it up like a cat lapping a bowl of cream.

"Oh Roger...you taste so wonderful. Mommy loves your creamy sauce. And you're letting it become all mine. Oh honey, thank you, thank you baby! Do you think you can give mother a big flood of your juice for me darling?"

Fuck yes I could...but I was so mesmerized by the unbelievable scene before me, I wisely kept my mouth shut as she opened hers. Licking her lips with her wonderful wet tongue, she opened her glossy lips wide and took my rod far into her hot sexy mouth. Her bright red lips began sliding slowly up and down my prick as her cheeks began sucking on my meat. She really began sucking hard and then came the Coup de Gras...she slid her tongue out and under my shaft as she began her final descent. Soon her nose was buried in my pubic hair...shit she had me all the way to where I could feel the back of her throat.

My god...she was good. Mother kept her lips tightly sealed around my shaft and I could feel her pointy tongue slither out and just under my tightly wrinkled nutsack. Oh man, oh man, her tongue was swiping all around my balls. It wasn't long before I could feel the pressure building to blow a full load of pent up jizz all over the place.

My balls were contracting and my legs beginning to shake like never before. I tried pulling out of her mouth but she wouldn't have any of that. Her hands reached around my ass holding me deep into the hot tunnel of her mouth.

"Mom...I'm gonna cum...if you don't let me go it'll all go down your throat."

She held me tight and moaned loudly onto my cock and balls and started a wet slobbering stroking of my cock with her milking lips. I knew she was telling me to go ahead and give her my full load of hot sperm. This was all so crazy and wonderful all at the same time. No girl had ever given me what mother was giving me tonight.

Tensing up...I yelled..."Watch out mother...here it cums...oh fucking shit...what are you doing to me...oh god...oh yes, yes-yes mother, suck my cock?"

I reached both hands down into the front of mother's dress and grabbed two handfuls of her magnificent tits. Squeezing them roughly for the first time in my adult life...it was fucking wonderful. I knew I was going to get every thing I had ever fanaticized about her tonight and any other time I wanted it. I owed my stupid brother big-time for his fucking up and dropping out of school.

As I fondled her big tits mother began moaning on my cock sending shock waves into the very core of my being. I let go completely into her mouth. A full flooding of a young man's sperm was unleashed into my mother's sweet sucking mouth! So obscene...so evil, and so fucking wonderful all at the same time!

Mother never lost a beat of this crazy scene of incest. She guzzled down my load in several slurppy swallows. Then as my gusher of cum subsided...she continued feeding on my manhood milking me dryer and dryer. Her suckling on my pole felt like my balls would shrivel up into my stomach. I never felt such a complete sexual release in all my life.

Mother looked up to me as she continued sucking. Her eyes were glazed and rolled back as if in a trance...which was absoletly true for the both of us. I shot one last pulsing surge of sperm into her mouth and then heard her swallow my sauce down her throat in one deep gulp in our quiet candle-lit dinning room.

Mother slowly pulled my slimy cock from her mouth. Now, I could see in the candlelight, just what effect her nurturing had taken. My cock-head was red and swollen from her hard sucking. It looked like a love hickey, all purple and red like...it was lipstick stained or maybe near bloody from the firm sucking she had given. The shaft of my cock was creamy white, with veins were swollen and distended all around. I was still hard as a rock and she was squeezing on the base of my rod keeping the blood from leaving my veiny shaft so she could use it to her liking all the more.

Mother let out a sigh. "Oh Roger baby...that was so wonderful. Mommy swallowed all your sperm and my pussy is tingling with the need for something more...something much more.

Oh god...she wasn't through with me and I wanted to take everything else she was ready to give me. The rest of my dream was about to be fulfilled by my cock-crazed mother.

Mother lifted up her dress around her waist. Taking my hand she put it into the crevice of her pussy and I felt the warm sauce of her wet pussy all over her hairy Mons with the tips of my fingers.

Mother began moaning as she pulled her dress down over her shoulders exposing her large breasts and proud pink nipples. Her nipples were swollen in anticipation of receiving her first fuck from her son.

"Take me Roger. Make love to me as your woman and your lover. Do me hard and fast. I need your cock inside my pussy so bad...please baby, make love to me, fuck mommy baby! Fuck me now and show me how much you want me...please baby take me now!"

Oh, fucking shit...this was such a wonderful sight of incest before my eyes. Mother's gorgeous tight ass was there for my taking...for me to actually fuck with my big hard cock!

She turned her back to me and bent over the table. Her exposed ass and pussy were sublime. I took a hold of my cock and pointed it right into her wet and ready pussy. Slowly I parted her pussy lips and leaned into her depths. I began the actually fucking of my own sweet, sexy mother. I was about to become a true Mother Fucker!

She was so ready for this. She was still horny from the culmination her entire summer teasing and the actually slobber bobber on my cock tonight. This was the grand finale indeed of all the pent up sexual tension between us.

"Fuck me baby...oh yesssss...deeper...deeper...oh god....oh fucking gaaaaawd baby. Yes...yes...give it to me. Oh honey promise to make mother your little school whore...use me, fuck me!"

Yes I had sunk completely all the way deep into mother tight hot gooey hole. It was fantastic. My cock was now buried from where I had been delivered. It was totally wrong and immoral and so fucking sexy all at the same time.

"Oh mom, you feel so fucking fantastic. I've wanted you for so long. Do you like my cock mother...do you like me making love to you like this?

"Uh-huh baby I love it so. Make me your lover darling. Use me any way you want, just promise to keep away from those horny, stupid college girls. I'll be your girl friend any time you need sex...Oh...oh, god baby...I had no idea this would be so special between us!"

Now it was time for her to quiver. Her ass and thighs were beginning to shake from my cock stroking her pussy and being buried to the hilt down into the depths of her womanhood.

I began grunting like a pig as we both started to cum. It was an animalistic urge taking me over that I never knew existed before. I began pumping and slamming into her pussy as if she were a common whore. I was simply fucking mommy's hole so I could dump a load of cum in her pussy. That was what she was that moment. No longer my mother but a fucking slut begging for a hot fuck from her son. We were just two needy lovers filling each other's sexual urges.

The last thought I had as I fuck my mother was how wonderful to be living at home with such a sexy hot slut-mother waiting to be taken anytime I needed to fuck her. No more lying in bed at night dreaming about her as I masturbated my cock to a cum out of shear frustration. I was going to be allowed to take her any time I wanted...what a fucking sweet thought to have as I plowed her pussy this very first time.

I began to let go as I never had before as I unleashed all my pent up tortured feelings from her teasings all summer long. "Is this what you wanted mother? Bitch...is this really what you wanted from you son tonight. Oh yeah...I'll fuck you alright! Like you said, anytime I want and I'll take you anyway I want or not at all. Take this you little slut! Fuck your fucking teasing me all summer...you were such a bitch, and so wonderful too! Take it, take it, yeah!"

I was pounding mother into the table. I knew I was hurting her but I couldn't help it. With each cry or sigh from her (I couldn't tell which and didn't give a damn...whatever) I just kept up slamming my hard cock deep into her hairy hole. Fuck it was wonderful and sinful all at the same time. Just before cumming I looked at her beautiful tight ass hole winking at me each time I thrust into her pussy. For the first time in my life I wondered what it would be like to take a woman's ass. I bet my mother-lover could be coaxed into giving it a try...what a great thought to bury my fat cock up mommy's ass!

"Is this what you plan for me this year in college mother dear? Fucking me to keep me away from those horny assed college girls? You want to be my fuck toy this year and keep my mind in school. Yessss...mother...you got it...take your son's cock. Take it all!"

She began screaming out loud. "Yeeeesss Roger baby. Fuck mommy. Give me your seed and make me your woman. Oh...god...oh god, oh fuck! Yes. I'm cumming baby...harder...deeper...give it to me. Give me all your warm seed."

With that I exploded deep into her womb. Shit it was nearly as big a load as before but this time I was deep down the bottom wall of her cunt. I could feel the tremendous pressure of my spurting seed pulsing deep inside her hot pussy.

After my sperm was spent, I pulled her upright, spun her around and put my hands on her breasts for the second time. Her tits were fantastic. I looked into her sated eyes. Mother really was all the woman I needed. Her breasts were supple. Her nipples felt so good in the palms of my hands. My cock was dripping wet with her pussy juices and I could see my semen leaking from the pouty lips of her hairy slit. I kissed her mouth sweetly, tasting a bit of the salty remnant of my earlier cum as I pushed my tongue into mother's face for the first time.

Mothers began sucking on my tongue as we kissed. What a fantastic night this had become. Our kiss lasted for the longest time and as I massaged her wonderful breasts she reached out and slowly stroked her new lover's cock and balls.

I finished by sucking on her neck hard leaving a mark of tonight's first fucking on her skin. She could awake to see my mark in the mirror and remember all we did the night before.

Nuzzling her ear I said, "Mother...you have a deal. Yet me sleep in you bed and I'll take you whenever I want you or need you and promise in return to fuck only you and leave the other girls all alone."

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