tagIncest/TabooLet's Pretend

Let's Pretend


This story is based around our sexual relationship following the discovery of files on my stepson's computer and is the second part in a short series.


I had only had time to actually watch four more media files, they were of similar content to the first but I will admit a little more risqué.

As time progressed with each watched file it was acutely apparent that Mark was getting far more confident in his actions and believed that his dad and I slept soundly through all his sexual administrations.

The focus on arousing me first was taking over his need to excite or stroke himself, two of the videos had shown him leaning in sucking and licking my nipples then gently and working my pussy into a real lather with his fingers before placing his unstimulated cock in my wetness.

Rubbing the head of his cock on my mound before he started jerking off seemed to be the new favorite turn on, in fact that always made his cock spew forth copious amounts of pre cum.

Since the discovery of the conversation, those files and that very first viewing I seemed to be in a constant state of sexual arousal, for instance today which was a week after watching the very first file I was just too aroused to think of anything else.

One thing for sure is I just couldn't concentrate whilst at home knowing that there were more media files that I had not yet watched of erotic happenings with me in a starring role on his computer.

This past week had been frustrating to say the least, Robert my husband had made love to me three times and I had orgasmed strongly, however satisfying they certainly lacked something.

The only way I could explain them was with boring mediocrity of the usual administrations.

Not that I was ungrateful for any closeness with him or an orgasm of any description or the fact that I didn't enjoy the closeness or the orgasms.

My frustration stemmed from the fact that I was lusting after Marks administrations, it was obvious to me that the lust I experienced watching my horny stepson in the media files just was no longer present with Robert and knew I just had to reignite that feeling with him somehow.

Mark my stepson had been away for the week with youth camp activities so I was more than over due a night intrusion and I strongly suspected Mark felt the same.

My reason for that was that he had called last night to ask if his dad was still going on his business trip the night following his return, I had confirmed the fact and was not surprised to hear him say how much he wanted to come home and had missed me.

Mark had returned from camp late Sunday and was obviously exhausted, going straight to bed and sleeping right through until this morning.

Over breakfast with both kids I planned my morning carefully to at least accommodate skimming a few files more to get me in the mood for what I planned tonight.

Having hurried both kids out of the door to school in my usual robust fashion I completed my usual daily household chores in a quarter of the time it usually took me.

Keen to settle down and provide myself with sexual stimulation I found myself in the hallway stepping out of my jeans to expose myself for the delightful time I had planned.

Settling into Marks computer chair with my previously located eight inch vibrator close at hand anticipation caused butterflies kisses in my stomach.

I loosened my shirt to expose my breasts and slipped my hand under my bra to tweak one of my already rock hard nipples, delightful sensations rippled through my body and I felt my pussy release its sweet nectar.

Oblivious to anything else but my own sexual desire I began to circle my erect nipple, I was disturbed by the telephones loud trill, I cursed at whoever the caller was as I speedily headed down the hall way to answer it since despite being more intent on watching the next installment of Mark's night intrusion.

I reminded myself to switch the answer machine on as I ended the call and lock the entrance door to the house.

I picked up the handset in the kitchen the cool tile floor on my bare feet causing a sharp intake of breath.

As I spoke to the caller the previous nights antics with my stepson continued to play out in my head already causing me to visually replay over the sexual acts in my mind, sexual arousal really being the only thing on my mind at that moment, I was too excited knowing full well that fulfillment was imminent and that I would hurry the call.

I recognized my husband's voice, hoping not to alert him to the fact that I was horny as hell I took drink of water from the glass on the kitchen table at the same time as I greeted him.

"Hi Loni babe, it's me," I heard my husband Roberts deep husky voice.

He explained that he'd a few minutes free time so he thought he'd say good morning and enquire if I had slept good, I hated to lie but I said that I had slept like log after taking one of his sleeping tablets.

Hating that I was deceiving him in this manner I felt my face flush red, we ended the call with the usual I miss you and I love you conversation.

As I hastily put on the answer machine and returned down the hallway I realized stepping out of my panties that I had not yet locked the entrance door.

Just in case I had a day visitor whilst in the throes of sexual ecstasy I shot the dead bolt on the door and back tracked to Mark's bedroom.

As I entered his bedroom, I scanned the sight of the untidy room which I had no desire at this point to clean up.

Neither did I want to give away any clues that I had been in his room today or alert him to the possibility that I may be invading his space or his computer privacy.

I turned on the computer which seemed to take an age to start, considering the material in this computer and the fact that his dad and I were aware of his sign in password I found it difficult to believe that Mark had left my files so accessible.

Pushing that thought to the back of my mind I awaited the computer to spring to life as I closed my eyes and replayed lasts nights scene I became increasingly aroused.

Reaching for my vibrator I switched on the gentle control, as it gently pulsed I teasing my outer lips through the gusset of my already soaked panties I was rewarded with the familiar clitoral twitch and the contracting rippling of my slick hole bringing forth a gush of lubrication.

Thinking back to supper last night Mark had been extra attentive to my needs, passing things at first request across the table, getting up to bring me extra iced tea even suggesting that I take one of the sleeping tablets Robert had left me early in order to get a good night's sleep.

His intentions blatantly obvious to me must have had Lizzie wondering if he wanted extra allowance.

I laughed inwardly at the thought, I stifled a smirk knowing full well what allowance he would be getting but not of the monetary kind.

I became increasingly horny at the thought of his reaction if he ever realized I had been fully awake, believing me to be comatose having pretended to take the tablet but actually enjoying his sexual administrations.

My mind swung back to the present and I was back in his room with the computer whirring I realized that the computer was now on.

I leant forward in my seat easily locating the media file and quickly clicked on the next installment.

I noticed that it was a much smaller file than the one I had watched yesterday and knew it would be finished before I was even warmed up.

I slipped back into thoughts of last night as the media file loaded events still very clear in my mind.

I had taken a long leisurely shower, caressed my nipples and tweaked my clit under the warm water jet to entice my orgasm forward, knowing full well the more foreplay I received the pleasurable the orgasms.

If Mark entered our bedroom tonight I would be very ready to receive any administrations that took place.

Once out of the shower I had passed Lizzie's bedroom door where I noticed she was reading in bed, I smiled to myself knowing that her reading would ensure she would be asleep in no time.

As I headed for my temporary privacy of my room I passed Mark in the hall way with a towel around his waist heading for a shower.

I mentioned that I was exhausted and feigned a yawn, "that sleeping tablet sure hit the spot, I'll be asleep in minutes," I added.

As he turned the corner he looked directly down into my loosened bathrobe, smiled and wished me a goodnight.

Moving around the corner and giving me the side profile to make any woman drool, I felt my nipples harden further jutting through my silken cover and sensed for sure he saw them.

I saw him grin and could clearly see his semi erect cock jutting upward, I wondered if he would stroke himself to full arousal as I had done in the shower before entering my room.

I passed his bedroom door glancing in I noticed his camera plugged in and fully charged.

"Naughty boy," I thought to myself as I entered my bedroom.

Stripping off my bathrobe I climbed naked and needy into bed, languishing the feel of the cold sheets on bare skin I slipped fingers between my womanly folds and caressed further.

Presently as I sat in his room the media file had buffered and commenced play I heard the familiar but arousing thwacking noise as Mark jerked in front of the camera.

It took me seconds to realize that in this video Mark was aroused by the sounds of Robert and I making love in the room across the hall.

His door was wide open for optimum audio, this time the camera was capturing the images in his own bedroom from the foot of his bed and with the light on.

I inwardly moaned as I was treated to a great frontal view of him lounged on his bed naked with a pair of my panties tied around the base of his cock and another pair draped across his chest.

His cock in one hand opening and closing his fist around its purple head with each movement, the hole glistening with the wonderful sight of pre cum.

After only a minute he lifted the panties from his chest, sniffed the gusset and started to thrust his pelvis in a fast jerking motion toward his fist going at speed nearer to him shooting his load rather than a leisurely pace.

I could hear quite clearly in the background the distinct sound of my moans from our bedroom familiar to that of when Robert orally satisfies my pussy.

I continued to watch the video as the sound from our room increased and gasps of my impending orgasm released from my lips and sensed that I was probably filling my husband's mouth with cum at that very moment.

On screen Mark was filming his own performance of jerks and sheer ecstatic facial expressions as his approaching orgasm reached its peak.

"Loni cum with me baby," I heard him moan.

As I heard myself cry out in orgasmic pleasure in the distance, I saw and heard the gasping from his lips and jerking Mark's pelvis as his buttocks lifted from his bed.

He pursed his lips tight and shuddered violently before pumping three or four jets of creamy cum onto his chest.

What a sight to behold, I imagined licking that cum from his flesh as his dad licked my pussy and shuddered at the thought.

I had always got incredibly turned on watching a guy shoot his load in any manner but in my present state I wanted a cock ramming hard into my aching eager pussy.

I slipped back into my thoughts of the previous night's events where I was laid on the bed trying to watch television listening to the trickling sound of Mark under the shower as I caressed my clit slowly.

Maybe five minutes later I heard the shower stop and I hastily turned off the television.

I heard Marks footsteps pad down the hall way and stop outside our bedroom door and the door eased open; Mark peered inside obviously checking I was asleep.

My pretence was successful because within five minutes I sensed my night intruder step son walk across the room and heard him drop his towel to the floor.

The camera light flashed and the camera was whirring and I was more than ready to roll, It sounds immature of me but as I lay there awaiting the first touch I thought to myself lights, camera and action.

I wondered just how much motion or noise I could safely make without it seeming like I was alert and decided quickly that I would have to be very careful.

I realized as horny as I felt that my decision to feign sleep may be taken out of my own hands, but I was more than willing to take that chance and I was right for the very first time he took hold of his cock and stroked it I sighed some.

I guess he thought it was a sleepy sigh because he continued with open abandon to work himself harder.

The light was so dim that I knew he could not see my eyes slightly open watching.

The sheer sight of this young guy teasing precum from the shiny head of his cock and the sound of the wet tapping noise had my pussy oozing continuously.

The slick soft lapping sound as each hand stroke glided up and over the head of his beautiful meat sent sensations through my body that I had not anticipated.

I was on the edge fit to burst, it certainly took all the will power I could render not to respond to his moans with my touch.

My pussy ached to have some contact, so I feigned slight movement ensuring I parted my legs in sleepy way and placed my fingers near to my shaved mound.

In expectant hope that I willed him to explore my pussy, He responded dipping his middle finger into my folds.

He must have realized I was wetter than I had been on his previous night intrusions because he sighed as he slid his fingers further.

I wanted desperately to ram those fingers of his home but laid there still as I could possibly be whilst I observed his increasing arousal and felt the expert way in which he massaged my clit and caressed my slit until the bed sheet was soaked with my juices.

Gathering up some of the lubrication from my folds he smeared it up and down his stiff flesh and his balls before twisting his grip around his cock and teasing out more pre cum, the sight of my juices mixed with his pre cum looked very sexy.

By his moans of pleasure, pelvis thrusting and dirty talk directed toward me I sensed that I he was very aroused by the sensations too.

As he became increasingly aroused I felt the tip of his cock touch my lips and the mixture of manly odour and mine filled my nostrils, he traced my lips with spongy delight and I nearly opened my mouth to taste.

Realizing my actions I clenched my teeth, the only action that prevented me taking him in my mouth.

I felt him tweak my nipple hard possibly to test my consciousness or have me open my lips I do not know but when I made no reaction I felt his fingers ram harder into my slick and now extremely needy pussy.

A few minutes went by of constant torture as I tried not to move, knowing the sensations were making me scream inside.

I was so carried away I rolled my hips a little to alleviate the tension, sensations overcoming my sense of decency and not completely in control of my actions I continued to move with his fingers.

I felt the mattress on the bed depress and could see through the opening in my eyelids Mark expertly shifting between my slightly opened legs his image knelt between inching them apart.

He carried on manipulating my clit with his fingers, his manhood inches from pussy before gently placing his hands below my knees and in a swift sliding motion eased my legs apart until I was spread wide.

I felt my pussy ooze copious amounts of love juice, I watched the camera bobbing backwards and forwards as Mark slowly pumped his cock between my legs.

Expecting at any moment that he would press the head of his cock at my pussy I slightly held my breath hoping he was too far aroused to notice.

I saw him lift the camera from his neck and the light sharpened as he homed the lens nearer to my folds and heard him whisper how hot a wet I was.

My first thought was that the boy was setting the camera up for a real close shot before he fucked his stepmom; however I had not planned for what happened next.

I felt the camera being positioned against my left thigh for a close up shot, feeling the bed depress I closed my eyes and knew resistance was futile from that moment as felt his hot breath on my thighs and the delicious first feelings of a tongue tentatively teasing its way upwards in my slit heading directly to my blood filled clit.

Butterflies in my stomach and fireworks in my head I was no longer able to disguise my reaction I let out whimper and gave a sharp intake of breath before feeling him lap up my nectar and insert his tongue deep inside me.

I gushed as he tongue fucked me three or four times, and when he took my clit and rolled it between is lips I let out a long satisfying groan, the pleasure was almost too much to take, excruciating in fact and I tried desperately stifling groans as I creamed his face.

I came close to orgasm, lifting my pelvis to his face and crying out into the air, Mark lifted his head fully and stopped through shock and I guess he knew I was awake so I cried Roberts name as I rammed the back of his head pushing his face into my quivering cunt and ground my clit on his soaked lips.

To cover the fact that I was alert I kept saying how he knew I liked it and continued moaning my husband's name urging him on and begging him not to stop until he made me orgasm.

I knew instantaneously that my actions worked, maintaining that I knew nothing of my stepson's presence, I was able to experience a wild climax as Mark lashed at my exploding cunt.

I knew I could possibly get away with him fucking me like this if I continued to pretend, so pretend I did, I didn't quite know how but I was sure I was convincing him.

He had brought me to the most exquisite orgasm I had experienced for a long time and I wanted to reward him.

I kept my eyes tight shut as I thought hard and fast as he drank my gushing juices, I laid there his head between my legs and my head spinning.

I verbalized for that I wanted Robert to fuck me from behind.

When he lifted his head my back was still arched so I quickly turned in one swift motion onto my hands and knees and offered pussy for him.

There was no movement for what seemed like a long time. I wiggled my ass and begged Robert to fuck me hard and fast.

I felt Mark's hand grip my thighs and his rock hard cock pause at my entrance and lubricate his cock with my juices before he sliced into me, groaning at the tight feeling as my needy pussy engulfed his flesh.

A few extra inches in girth and length made all the difference, the sliding of flesh into flesh was exquisite and made me cream more covering his cock with my juices.

Grateful that he was bigger than his dad, I started to push hard back on his cock. I knew he was going to ride me good and hard until I was spent.

Without him saying a word only moans, groans and sighs coming from his lip, we fucked like that for a long time.

Mark made me come several times but I knew the ultimate would be clitoral as he penetrated me so I put my fingers between my legs and frigged my blood engorged clit.

The ultimate for me was when I felt him lubricate my ass and finger it, his fucking pace quickened and I was overtaken by sheer ecstasy.

As Fireworks shot through my brain I clamped my pussy down and around his cock as hard as I could almost milking his spunk from him.

I could hear somewhere in my mind Marks deep groaning at the same time I felt him squirt his hot load deep inside me.

Shuddering to still form still on my stomach and my face in the pillow intent pretence and on deceiving Mark into thinking I was with Robert.

I whispered how wonderful his love making had been tonight however explained that I was exhausted from the sleeping tablet and sleepily wished him good night as I pretended to fall asleep into my pillow.

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