tagRomanceLetter From a Stranger

Letter From a Stranger



I had a dream about you last night. You were laying in bed with me, your ass spooned against my groin. You body is so warm I can feel your heat. I can't resist touching you , I reach up and cup your breast your nipples respond right away, I cant help but touch them roll them between my thumb and forefinger. I hear you moan deep in your thoat, that moan alone has got me rock hard.

I have to touch you more, I glide my hand down your flat stomach enjoying the curve of you, I reach the apex of your thighs so soft and creamy.

God Anna I am rock hard right now just recalling this dream.

I spread your legs so that the top one is resting on my upper leg. Now I have full view of you. I glide my index finger over your bud it responds and i get another moan out of you , by now I cant help but grind my cock into your backside.

You start grinding back into me, pleading for me to put my cock in you, I cant take much more. I flip you onto your back and drive my cock into you. You take me all the way in suddering from an instant orgasm. You are moaning and yelling, telling me to fuck you harder and deeper.

I grab your tits and pinch your nipples and I drive my cock in and out of your pussy. I am so close and all of a sudden I feel your muscles contract, my dick can't take anymore with a few final thrusts, I spill my seed into your pussy.

Thats when i wake up Anna all hot and bothered. My cock is still as hard as ever since that dream it just wont go down. I need your help with it Anna. I want to feel you wrapped around my cock. Please write me back.

secretly yours


That was the first letter I got. It excited me to know someone out there wanted me this bad. The only problem is I had no clue who this guy was. The return address was from where I live but it was a p.o box.

I decided to write him back. I wrote him asking the basic questions like who the hell are you. I also told him that his letter excited me, and I wanted to know more about him.

He wrote me back two days later it didnt say much except he gave me an address and told me to meet him at 9pm at the bar around the corner from my house. I was excited I was going to meet this mysterious man.

I dressed in a killer outfit. A black mini skirt and a tight black halter top, along with my high heels I will have to admit I looked hott I left my long blonde hair cascading down my back. I was ready to go now.

I walked into the bar not knowing what to expect. I glanced around several men stared but didnt approach me so I took a seat at the bar and ordered a screw driver. After a few drinks I glanced at my watch it was 10 to 10. I felt like I was being stood up. Just as I was about to get up and leave, a hand touched my shoulder and i felt someone breathing right into my ear.

"You not leaving yet are you?" Nathan said

"umm no I thought that you stood me up." I said wondering what this man looked like I still havent turned around to see.

" Now why would I stand up someone that looks good enough to eat," he didnt say anything for a few minutes after that I was about to turn around, but he grabbed my stool so it wouldnt move.

"Don't ruine my supprise Anna we are going to have a good time tonight, are you game?" Nathan said awaiting my reply.

"I'm game." I said , I didnt even recognise my own voice it sounded so different.

Nathan grabbed my hand and started taking me towards to door, thats when I got a good look at him and gasped. I did know him, he was the man who invaded my dreams so many times. I first met him when my car broke down , he owns the local garage and helped me out. I have seen him a few times since then, we have said hi to eachother and I always wondered what it would be like to be with him, you see Nathan is one on those guys you just cant help but drool over, he is very handsome, he stands at least 6'3 with blonde hair and dark chocolate eyes. and has the body of a greek god. He must have heard me gasp because he stopped walking and just looked at me. Than smiled, I swear my panties got so wet just seeing that smile.

We walked out of the bar and walked to a car that was his. he opened the passanger door and gestured me in. I got in and waited for him to get in. He got in and told me that we were going to a hotel and he was going to do what he wanted to do for so long. I couldn't help myself any longer i leaned over towards him grabed his head and gave him a deep kiss, my tongue mated with his it felt so good so right. I though I was going to cum right there.

He pulled away and smiled. I couldnt wait for the night to begin.

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