tagGay MaleLetter To My Lover

Letter To My Lover


It has been so long since I have had your hot body on top of me. The memory of your weight and warmth press me deeper in to lustful passion. I have an aching desire to make love to you.

I want you to kiss me. I want to feel our naked bodies against each other. I want to feel your hairy chest. I want you to put your tongue in my mouth. I want our cocks to touch as we hug. I want to make you hard.

I will get on my knees and suck you as you stand with your hands on your hips. I will look you in the eyes as I suck your beautiful cock. You will look at me and know I love pleasuring you. You know I am your whore.

I will lick your hot hairy balls. I will kiss and suck them because they hold the hot load I want. You stand and watch as I service you. I pull on your balls as I deep throat your hard dick. I want to take all of you inside me. You know I will do anything you desire.

I will stand up and turn around. I will sandwich your cock between my cheeks. You will hug me from behind. You hand teases my cock. Your fingers pinch my sensitive nipples. You hump my body. Your kisses and nibbles on my shoulders will make me so excited and horny. You know I want it. You know I want you.

I will get down on my knees. With my face on the floor I will part my cheeks so you can see my fuckhole. I know you like to see my puckered man cunt. You will get behind me and lick my hole as you stroke my cock. I will moan lick a little slut.

You will lubricate yourself. Then you will work a finger in my tight hole. I will tell you it has been to long. You will pull out your finger and I will feel you press your cock against my forbidden hole. You will sodomize me. I will let you take me. You know I love the feeling of your hard dick in my ass. You fill me up. You make me so hot and horny.

You will grab my hips and work your cock in me nice and slow. I can feel you. You feel wonderful. You slide in and out. You make me feel every inch of you as you invade me. You will ask me if I like having your dick in my ass. I will tell you I love it. You know it is true.

You will ram in to me and tell me that I am a dirty whore. You will make me beg. You will make me plead. I want your load. I want your seed in me. You will tell me how much you like my tight and hot hole.

You tell me that it is your hole. I will tell you it is. I will beg you to fuck me. I will scream for you to take me. I will quake with each one of your thrusts. Your cock will thrust in to me. My hole will surrender to your manhood.

I will close my eyes and let my self drown in the feeling. Your strong hands grip me urgently. Your cock rams in to me violently. Our bodies smack together. I surrender to you. I want you to take me. I want you to take all of me. In return I want your cum. I want you to cum in me. I want you to orgasm by using my body. I want you to feel intense pleasure and know you used my body to get it. I want you to think about putting your hot load in my ass. I want you to think about your seed in my ass as I go through my day.

I want you to think about how I want you. I want you to imagine me jacking off when I cannot be with you and know I am thinking of you fucking me. I imagine sucking your cock. I imagine you cumming on my face. I imagine you dick slapping me. You know I love it. You know I will always come back to you. I need you to fuck me.

You know you are going to cum in me. You know I want it. I am your slutty whore. You know I want to get you off. You are coming close now. You watch your penis invade me. You watch your body slap in to me. Your thrusts ripple through my ass cheeks. You feel powerful. I feel your delicious power.

You start to cum. You pump and pump my ass. You work me and know I love it. I cum with you. I imagine your semen pumping in my ass. You mark me. The thought makes me cum. We moan together. We are lovers in the throws of orgasm. I feel beautiful, dirty, sexy, hot, horny, feminine, slutty, pretty, submissive, and powerful. I tighten my anus around your hard dick. I want to squeeze the cum from you.

I can make you cum baby. I can make you horny and get you off. You know I love the feel of you. You know I love the way you handle me. You know I love to get you off.

You know you can fuck my mouth or ass. You know I will suck and lick you wherever you want it. You know you can spank me and take me. I am your willing lover. Slap me with your dick. Make me your bitch.

You can have me in any position. You can dress me in whatever turns you on. I will pose for you. I will dance for you. I will do what it takes to make you cum.

You can fuck me with a dildo. You can fuck me with your cock. You can fuck me with both if you go slowly. You can watch as your friends fuck me. You can watch me fuck them.

I want to make your fantasies come true. Explore my body as you explore your desire. I am you lover. I am your tool. I want to light your fire. I am going to get you off.

Your Lover

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