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Letting Go


Jan was a successful, professional woman working for a software company. She had been with them for almost 20 years and worked her way up to lower management. She loved the work that the company did but was uncomfortable with her position. Jan had been raised in a traditional way, dad goes to work and is the head of the house, what he says goes, mother stays home, takes care of the children, keeps the house clean. She had to deviate from that upbringing as she worked her way up on her job. Each new position she obtained involved more authority and put more people under her for her to supervise. She couldn't get comfortable always telling people what to do. But she did it. She continued on this job and kept rising and kept bossing people around. For once she'd like to go back to feeling what is was like to have someone tell her what to do for a change. She couldn't dwell on that thought long, she was to busy trying to get the sales figures ready for the upcoming meeting today.

On a lighter note she had been noticing a new guy walking around who she hadn't met yet. He had been walking around the halls for about 2 weeks and she didn't even know his name. Jan wanted to find out because she thought he was handsome. One Friday afternoon her good friend Melanie came in her office and started catching her up on the latest gossip around the company. One item of particular interest was all the women's opinion of the new guy. He was hot, he was cute, yada, yada, yada. He hasn't gone out with anyone as far as Melanie knew. Jan was intrigued by the fact that he wasn't seeing anyone, or so it seemed. They finished catching up and Melanie left and closed the office door behind her.

About 10 minutes later, there was a knock at the door and who should step in but the new guy. He introduced himself as Gary, the new marketing manager. He was here to go over some figures with her and help their 2 departments work better together. Jan's eyes widened as she continued to take in his rugged looks. She just bet he had a chiseled body under those business clothes. He brought his notebook over and put it on her desk and stood beside her making reference to his latest figures. She could smell the manly fragrance of his cologne and was intoxicated by it. She tried to concentrate but couldn't, she didn't know what he had just said. She looked up at him and found him staring into her eyes and she was transfixed. She had never seen such deep blue eyes, so soft and yet strong. Her knees began to get weak and she thought she felt a little dizzy. She thought she mumbled something about beautiful eyes but she wasn't sure, she had to sit down but ended up losing her balance and leaning into him. Startled, he reached out for her to steady her and inadvertently put his hand on her breast. She again looked up at him and felt his strength holding her up. She was so smitten by his sensuality she didn't even realize his hand was on her breast. He casually removed it and asked if she was alright. Still transfixed by his eyes and sexy voice, she whispered something about him being so strong. Puzzled, he didn't know if he heard her right and said, "excuse me?". She had been so accustomed to ordering people around that she forgot what it was like to feel a real man's authoritative touch and commanding presence. This was certainly a man who had authority and confidence in himself. "Oh, nothing...I mean....I don't know," she stammered. His gaze was now locked on her as his countenance changed from businesslike to sensual. He just stared right into her eyes with his manly power.

Taking a step toward her he put his hands on her waist and pulled her close to him. She wanted to resist but was drawn to him instead. Her own authority and power wilted now and she could do nothing but give in to him. Her hands hung at her sides as he pulled her to him and leaned down to kiss her on the lips. She kissed back and put her hands on his broad strong shoulders. His hands began to rub her back and up to her hair and down again. His passion took over now and he pulled her strongly into him, kissing her deeply and passionately, his tongue parting her lips and meeting hers. His hands moved to her face as he cradled it and concentrated on French kissing her hard and long. She was helpless in his grasp, wilted like a tired flower. Suddenly his hands went to the opening of her silk blouse and nearly tore it open, eliciting a gasp from her mouth. His hands were on her breasts squeezing and pinching softly the hardening nipples. He lifted the bra over her breasts and leaned her back on her desk to begin kissing and sucking them. Her hands could only hold his head close to her chest as the passion grew to uncontrollable levels. Her wetness increased as she could think of nothing else but him entering her. She wanted to beg for it but was afraid to even speak, afraid of interrupting this blissful passion. His hands lifted her skirt and he caressed and squeezed her thighs and buttocks as he sucked her hard nipples. Pulling her panties down, he put his face there and buried it in her mound. Her hands went to the back of his head, encouraging him. She was quite a site, flat on her back on her desk with her knees up in the air and legs spread, a gorgeous man's head between her legs in full control of her. His licking of her sex was quickly bringing her to the brink of orgasm and she tensed and released.

He stood up and quickly unfastened his pants and pulled them down, his manhood fully exposed and hard. With one smooth motion he entered her wetness. She could offer no resistance and wanted none. He leaned forward to kiss her lips and neck and breasts as he thrust in and out of her with a steady smooth rhythm. She could feel his hardness filling her completely with each push, driving her to more ecstasy. She wrapped her legs around him as she near another release, pulling him close, hanging on tight for she could do nothing else. His thrusts got hard and faster as he neared his own release. Together they exploded in passion and could feel each other's wetness flowing. Jan whispered a thank you to Gary for taking her as he did. She needed it. She needed someone to take control of her and lead her like she had been leading others for so long. Someone strong and sure of himself. Gary was just the right person. He gave her one last passionate kiss before dressing and gathering his papers. The discussion of sales and marketing could wait for later. He quietly slipped out of her office leaving her breathless and her head spinning as she leaned up against her desk.

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