tagMatureLewis Had It All, With More To Come

Lewis Had It All, With More To Come


Dear Reader,

This story is of mature love, incest, and lesbianism, if you don't like these, or me, clear off and read something else, okay?

Lewis Collins was taking stock of how much his life had changed in such a short space of time. Five months ago he had a loving beautiful girlfriend, and he still had. But now he had two other women in his life as well as his girlfriend, and they were all his!

He was 19 years old and the world as they say was his oyster. It had all started on the day he and Cassie, his girlfriend, were stood in his bedroom window, she was behind him, they had been frolicking in his bedroom, and now she was stood at his back, balls in one hand, and cock in the other.

He was looking at the woman who was perusing the back garden of the house next door. Three months ago workmen had moved in, and obviously working to a plan and orders began renovating the place. It had to be an expensive job, what they were doing wasn't for peanuts. And to prove a point, they built a swimming pool alongside the far end of the house and partly round the corner, making it very secluded, it was south and east facing so had the sun all day.

His mother's house, where he lived with her, and the one the new neighbour was checking out were a mirror image of each other, they were large and spacious, there was about 30 yards of garden to their fence, and around the same to her house. At the other side of her house where the pool was, was a space of about 30 feet which accommodated a pool very nicely and was utterly secluded at one end, although the deep end was exposed to next door.

Unknown to anyone the new owner had furnished the patio at the north end lavishly, and the centre point as far as she was concerned was the 7ft square cloth covered waterproof inflated sun bed, with built in pillows, which itself rested on a foot high wood plinth.

Lewis watched as she strolled the garden and patio and was more than knocked out by her, she was from this distance, extremely beautiful, she looked about 40 years old, but it was difficult to tell from this distance. Her height was about 5ft, maybe a little more but that was all. She had long blond hair, and she looked perfect, and his cock twitched. Cassie knew why!

Cassie was a god's gift to a young man such as he, she was two years older than he was, and she loved him. But she also loved women too, and that was why he loved her. She had allowed him to see her with a couple of girlfriends, but only after she felt sure of him. He had got immense hard ons, and had literally fucked her all night after witnessing her and a lover; it was the most erotic thing he had in his young life, ever been privileged to see.

And Cassie, who knew Lewis, better than he knew himself, thought, as she fondled him, to herself, 'If you get that woman Lewis, so will I!' Then she smiled to herself, and thought back to as yet, a very secret moment, and said in her lovely head.

'If you only knew Lewis that I have your very own mother as a lover, you would die!' It had been a forceful seduction, one in which his mother had fought briefly, but had had to give in, Cassie's ministrations proved to be too much for her starved body.

Ellen had been without a man for the last 7 years, her husband had been killed tragically in a hit and run. She had focussed on bringing up her son, nothing else mattered. And yes, she did desire sex, but it was a second place to Lewis's welfare, but that didn't stop her wanting and needing, after her mourning was more or less over.

Cassie, after establishing a solid relationship with him, and getting to know his mother, who was as sexy as hell in her own right, she had taken an interest in her, and after some time had decided that she needed to find out if the shy, quiet, and sometimes timid woman would be susceptible to a bit of hanky pankey with another female.

So she had started calling in when she knew Ellen, his mother, was at home alone. And around two months later she decided that yes, she might be one for some fun. She thought long and hard about trying it, she didn't really want to lose Lewis, but the thought of his mom moaning under her onslaught became too much.

So one day, after many smirks, innuendoes and lewd comments Cassie told herself it was time. Lewis was out, Ellen sensed something was in the air, but was happy with Cassie being here with her. Cassie said she had to go upstairs to Lewis's bedroom for something.

In the bedroom Cassie made herself look better than she did already. She put on a long silk swishy robe she had brought for her purpose, with nothing at all on under it. It was belted and easily removed. Her long auburn hair was brushed, her fit statuesque body was on a high, her extremities were vibrating and tingling, she was ready!

She called down to Lewis's mother.

"Ellen, can you help me please?" Ellen heard and went to Cassie's aid. She entered her son's bedroom and asked what it was she wanted. Cassie manoeuvred her into the place she had in her head, then taking sudden control, took her arm, spun her around, pushed her backwards, and followed her down on to the bed. In the blink of an eye Cassie had Ellen pinned.

Ellen looked in surprise at what had happened, she hadn't anticipated such a thing. Cassie wrapped herself around Lewis's mother, and first off, slid a warm hand inside her top. Ellen jumped.

"Cassie, what on earth are you doing?"

"Oh just messing Ellen, looking to see what's what." Was her nonchalant reply. Then she squeezed Ellen's nipple. This caused her to twist away, or try to, but Cassie held her, she was smiling into Ellen's face.

"Cassie!" she railed, "stop this right now! I demand it immediately." Cassie just squeezed it and rolled it again, taking no notice. She knew if this went wrong it would probably mean the end of everything. Her arm around her, wrist held, her other arm trapped underneath Cassie, her leg cocked over hers, Ellen was stuck fast and it took her a while to realise it.

Cassie's demeanour was nonchalance personified, but her mind was otherwise, she needed to subdue Ellen quickly. To engage her, to manipulate her into a place she didn't know of, or probably not, thought Cassie. She concentrated on Ellen's nipples, both were alternated between her fingers, Ellen's face became a little flushed, this gave Cassie a sign that she might be on the right path. She increased her soft gentle attacks on Ellen's nipples, then she leaned down and kissed her quickly. This took Ellen by total surprise, her mouth gaped open at the kiss.

Cassie took the opportunity to smile and kiss her again, it was a bit sloppy because Ellen tried to break from it, but Cassie didn't mind at all, she had been here before, she knew what to do and what to expect. She didn't want to speak yet, she didn't want to engage in conversation, she needed to let Ellen understand that she was held and unable to shake Cassie off. That Cassie was in the ascendancy of which there would be no doubt, Cassie had to have patience with her, let it dawn on her that this was not negotiable.

Cassie was gentle but insistent, kind but firm, soft yet dominant, silently reassuring her 'victim' that she was okay, she was in good hands, and that soon she would find that this really wasn't so bad. Ellen tried to get free but found that no matter where she exerted herself Cassie had an answer for it, and her ongoing rolling, squeezing of her nipples was making her body warm up. She protested loudly, saying things like, "Lewis will not be happy about this," and many other things to try and shake her off, but the more it went on, the more Cassie kept it up.

She resisted as much as she could, she would not give in, but the wrecking movement of Cassie's fingers was lessening her. Cassie's little pecks at her lips and cheeks never ended, then Cassie spoke to her.

"You are the most beautiful desirable woman I have ever seen or met Ellen," she told her.

Ellen mouth gaped at her; Cassie kissed her before she could close it.

"Cassie," she muttered loudly, "I am not of this persuasion, let me go now and we'll say no more about it, okay?"

"Yes Ellen, I know what and who you are, but if you give me a little time I can show you more of this life than you could ever imagine."

As Ellen formulated her reply, Cassie hiked her skirt up, got under the band of her little panties and slid fingers into the folds of skin. This took Ellen's breath away, and before a protest was made, Cassie dug her fingers in and found Ellen's little nub. Ellen's hips left the bed, her back arched and she squealed loudly. Her head was thrown back, Cassie's pad of her middle finger ran riot over the growing little bud.

"Cassie please, don't!" But it was already too late, Ellen's inner self took up the reins immediately.

"Arggggh, stop, please Cassie stop!" Cassie's finger was like a bow on a violin, she began playing Ellen, it became a concerto. Ellen forgot about trying to free herself, her mind focussed on what was going on between her legs in her increasingly heating pussy.

She looked up into Cassie's eyes begging her to stop, not to stop, help, please, don't, do, oh god her mind was saying. She found that she couldn't get her ass back down on to the bed, her hips were pushing up at the invading annoying and oh so invigorating finger as Cassie swirled it around her most inner secret place. No one had touched it but her for over seven years and it just felt so good and irresistible.

Ellen realised in the madness that was consuming her that Cassie had locked her into a kiss. Her eyes popped wide open only to close again under the incessant booming that was going off now within her lower body. Her feet were planted flat and her thighs were pressing toward the ceiling, Cassie's finger was working her up into a frenzy, one she hadn't been in for many years.

Then Ellen exploded within, her body was on fire, she felt the long gone rush and gush of her own love juices being expelled from her pussy. It was something she had consigned to the annals of her mind. Cassie had found it and awakened it for her. She heard muffled moaning, mewling, ooohing and arghing, she felt her lungs expand and contract as a long forgotten orgasm reached her mind, it spread from the tips of her curling toes to the top of her lovely head.

Cassie kept on kissing the now hapless woman in her grip, her control was no longer challenged, her tongue swirling in Ellen's mouth, her finger reaching past her clit and digging deep into her hot pussy. She slid it out and dipped it swiftly into Ellen's ass before returning to her pussy and clit. The onslaught continued, she never once let Ellen off the hook she was now firmly on

Ellen was now laid flat on her back breathing deeply through her nose, as Cassie's super glued lips hammered away at her mind. Cassie made sure of Ellen subliminal defeat by scratching lightly over her little hard nub using her tapered finger nail. This brought an absolute climax that almost proved near fatal to Ellen. She would never remember it as the most energising climax she had ever had, it was such a long time ago, but she would be hard pushed to remember a better or bigger one.

Ellen somehow knew she had entered a new situation in her life, a turning point, and to be honest, she had in retrospect quite enjoyed it in the end. She had never before been with another woman, let alone been subjected to such a powerful and overwhelming force like this. She had to admit to herself that this was different certainly, and unusual in the extreme, but she had blown like a volcano!

Thus, Ellen entered into a very secret affair with her son's girlfriend, there was nothing tawdry or salacious about it, they began to make love as and when the opportunity arose, never made plans, it happened when it happened, and now Ellen was sort of in love with Cassie for what she had brought into her life.

So two months on, she was stood behind him fondling his cock and his balls as he looked over at the older beauty beyond and below.

"You think you can get some of that Lewis?" she giggled into his shoulder, his cock jumped at her words, she knew her man alright; there was nothing he could hide from her.

"You want to bet me I can't Cass?" he replied, laughing.

"Go for it baby, but I'm having her too if you do, believe me!"

His prick was raging in her hands, she spun him around, dropped to her knees and gobbled him whole, soon he was shooting off with the woman next door in his mind.

It was five months that he contemplated where he was now. He had made up his mind that he would give it his best shot, he hadn't seen another man around only a young guy of about 15 or 16 who he supposed was her son. So she was either divorced or widowed, his only thought was, 'at least that can give me an opening, possibly.'

He finally managed to introduce himself, and he was awed by how good she looked close up. She actually looked to be about 30 if that, but he knew that women, who look this good, naturally kept their age well. 'If you were my mother,' he thought, 'I would be fucking you day and night!' His smiled as he thought of his long held desires that he hadn't realised for his own mother.

"Hi neighbour, welcome, my name is Lewis, Lewis Collins," he said over the fence.

"Hey there neighbour, pleased to meet you, I'm Laura Sellars, have you lived here long?" she asked breathily.

"Been here all my life, I live here with my mom, my dad is no longer with us I'm afraid."

"Oh, are they divorced?" she asked.

"No, he died seven years ago."

"Oh I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, we are fine with it now, where's Mr Sellars?"

"Long story, but I am divorced now, thank goodness," she added with a coy smile.

"May I call you Laura?" he asked reverently.

"But of course Lewis, yes you may." She was impressed with his manners.

"Thank you, look if you need any help around the house or garden I'm more than willing to help." He told her.

"Why thank you Lewis that is so generous of you, there are lots of things I can't do, and Geoffrey my son, who's only 15, doesn't know how to." She gave him a dazzling smile.

He checked her out as he was speaking, she was a real beauty, she must be between 35 and 40, he thought, 5ft tall maybe 5ft 1" no more. Long honey blond hair that cascaded down ger slim back, a face to die for and a body to match, and when she moved she seemed to float, glide.

'It's a good job I have Cassie feeling okay about this because I could get in trouble here for sure, she is fucking gorgeous,' he told himself. He set his mind to infiltrating hers, getting to know her, feeling her out, finding her ways, and building on them, being there when needed, nowhere to be seen when not.

Soon he was popping over regularly, helping out, fitting things, fixing others, gardening, painting, shifting, humping, 'now there's a thought,' he told himself laughing as he did so, 'humping!' and he looked at her, he noticed her looking at him. 'Now that wasn't a glance,' he said in his head, 'that was a look!'

Lewis was 6ft 2" well built in a manly way rather than a body building way, he was naturally athletic, a mop of unruly but delightful chestnut hair. Cassie had told him many times he ought ot be a facial and hair model, because he was so good looking. He had a natural grace about him, an assuredness that gave out to all around him.

He spent an age getting to know her more and more, Cassie kept herself in the back ground and entertained herself with his mother while he was on his quest, but he would fuck her brains out sometimes when he would come back all hot and bothered and with a raging hard on!

Laura and Lewis were comfortable around each other, and Lewis was starting to make little lewd comments about things that happened, Laura would laugh at and with him, sometimes rejoining in them. She lost some of her inhibitions around him, and was wearing clothes she wouldn't normally wear in front of others. Her son would, every other Friday go to his father's house straight after school on a Friday and not return until the Sunday evening.

It was on such a weekend that Lewis made his move, took a chance, he had noticed her being more than easy with him around, she seemed to be relying on him more and more, his age was of no consequence now. It had worried her at first but that was now long forgotten.

Laura had been watching Lewis a lot, she knew what he was feeling, what he was wanting, it was her. A woman who looks as good and is as sexy as she does knows these things, she had been the subject of other men's desires all her life. But she also knew that despite his tender years Lewis was all man, he acted above his 19 years. The way he conducted himself, his posture, the way he carried his manly boy body, yes he was a boy in years, but he was definitely a man of all ages. And if he wanted her, then he would have to work for it, for her, 'or maybe he might just take me to the cleaners and have me,' she giggled and thought lewdly!

The Friday was a warm one, Laura had told him she was going to sunbathe and swim in the afternoon, and maybe they could have a BBQ later, he of course agreed whole heartedly. He had sussed out the sunbathing bed outside and thought, 'if I get a chance, that's where it's going to happen, hopefully,' he added.

He told her he was going to get his bathing trunks, ones which Cassie had bought him and left nothing at all to the imagination when he was looked at. They held his package admirably, his hardly hidden cock was a beauty, ask Cassie? It was nearly 8" and a good girth, (Cassie's words) and she had taught him how to use it to the maximum effect.

When he got back his jaw crashed to the floor, Laura was in a skimpy, very revealing white bikini, the bottom was no more than a thong, the top hardly covered her ample charms, her nipples were very evident. It showed off her lush body to perfection, the rounded swerves that adorned her were breathtaking. The bottom part of her so revealing bikini had two bows, one on each side, the top had one at the back, and one at the back of her neck.

Laura saw him bug eyed, and whispered softly over her slim smooth shoulder, "Impressed?"

"You'll never know how much Laura, you look absolutely stunning," he told her admiringly, his prick was already entering into attack mode. Her womanly pride swelled with delight, she already knew how good she looked, but the woman in her needed the reassurance of male approval. She sat at the side of the pool splashing her dainty painted toe nailed feet. He sat a couple of feet away wondering how to approach her, see what reaction he would get.

He didn't want to rush and spoil things, so he bided his time, waiting for the right moment. They sunbathed, rubbed oil on each other, walked in the garden; he was at his most attentive best. Then as they strolled back to the pool, need and desire rushed his brain, he grabbed her, lifted her off her feet and ran to the pool, Laura shrieked, Lewis jumped right in with her in his arms.

Lewis let go of her and they came to the surface, he was laughing, Laura was gasping and floundering, he saw it immediately and held her to him, her arms flew around his neck.

"I can't swim Lewis, don't let go," she almost blubbered.

"I'm so sorry Laura, I didn't know, please forgive me?" he was mortified, not only because he had just fucked it all up, but all his plans could be literally blasted out of the water he was in.

He waded to the side of the pool, he was stood on the bottom, her feet didn't reach that far. He had her back to the side and he held her tight, his prick found the little niche between her open legs, his chest pressed close to her. Lewis kissed her neck. Laura sighed.

She still clung to him, slowly becoming aware of a sensation she was feeling between her legs. 'It's just a natural reaction, he is holding me, he has to be somewhere?' She thought reasonably. Laura had for years intended to take swimming lessons, but had never got around to it, this was to be his way in and her acceptance of her position, being held tight by a very good looking sexy young man. Yes she had appraised him many times, and had actually given in to thoughts of him many times over the last two months.

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