tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLexi Leviathan Goes to Jail

Lexi Leviathan Goes to Jail


Lexi Leviathan was the lead singer for a freakishly popular Goth-metal band from Portland. At twenty eight, Lexi had been in bands since her teens. Yet it wasn't really her success as a recording artist that had made Lexi a minor celebrity across the United States. When she was twenty-three Lexi had appeared on a tacky reality TV show about a houseful of 'Rock Divas' vying to become America's next top rock goddess.

Lexi didn't win the competition, but she did become an audience favourite on the show. Her authentic hard living ways, fuck you attitude towards the show judges and frequent bitchy ripostes levelled at her fellow house-mates turned the underground metaller into an overground reality TV sensation. Lexi was deemed to be warts and all 'real' in a world of manufactured reality.

After appearing on the show Lexi's band went from strength to strength. People purchased their albums to listen to Lexi and more people than ever went to shows just to see her. Much to the chagrin of some of her band mates, Lexi was a legitimate star who believed herself to be the sole reason for their success. But as difficult as she was to be around for her old bandmates, Lexi was indeed a big part of the reason why they were all able to quit their day jobs and Lexi was also the reason that they were selling out bigger venues than any of them would've previously dreamed possible. Granted, they were hardly selling out arenas or headlining festivals, but they were certainly well on their way to mainstream success.

Lexi had been about to complete a huge, nationwide sell-out tour with the band when disaster stuck. The final show at the tail end of a long string of dates was in a small town somewhere in Alabama. A place that Lexi was more than eager to escape. In less than twenty-four hours Lexi would be at home in Portland with her dogs and her real friends to help her reacclimatise from the madness of touring life. But a welcome return to normality wasn't the only reason that Lexi was looking forward to escaping the tour-bus.

Towards the end of the tour Lexi had told the rest of the band that she would be moving on when the dates were done. Going solo with a lucrative new major label record contract and a cadre of accomplished session musicians to help take 'her sound' to the next level. Resentment had already been growing within the band and Lexi's had announcement annihilated what friendship still remained.

Yet on one level Lexi's long-time bandmates were relieved. The success they'd enjoyed as a result of Lexi's adventures in TV land had initially been sweet, but a string of soul-sucking compromises had left the rest of the band in unfamiliar and not entirely pleasant territory. Their sound had markedly softened, shorn of its sharp edges by unfamiliar producers with an ear for little more than sales.

The experience had been particularly difficult for lead guitarist and former song-writer Clay. He was the founding member of the band and had recruited Lexi and the others. All of the ideas were initially his. Lexi sang his words and the band played his tunes. Clay and Lexi had even been in a relationship for a few years. This had ended by mutual consent prior to Lexi appearing on the TV show. Despite the break-up the pair initially remained friends and were determined to persevere with the band.

Then slowly but surely things changed following Lexi's TV success. Elation regarding the band's sudden ascension gave way to resentment. Lexi seemed to embrace the chopped-up, edited and warped persona that had been presented on TV. The born again TV Rock Diva began to act as if the others were only her backing band. She got her own agent and manager, who slowly pushed the band's trusted long-time manager aside. Said agent and manager facilitated deals with labels and studio-time with the aforementioned producers. They also pushed Lexi as chief song-writer, despite the fact that she had zero talent in this area. Could she belt them out? Most certainly...Could she write them? Certainly not...

Not to be hindered, Lexi's management set her up with various contracted 'writing partners'. This resulted in a couple of albums more than half full with slickly produced Gothic power ballads credited to Lexi. Clay got to write the other stuff, but these were blunted by pop producers and amounted to nothing more than album filler. Of course the company pushed only Lexi's 'efforts' as singles. And much to Clay's despondence they were more successful than anything he'd ever written for the band.

By the final night of the tour Lexi was barely on speaking terms with her former friends. Clay and Lexi barely even registered the existence of one another. She'd stayed relatively clean for most of the tour, but had been drinking and snorting pretty hard for the final week. The night prior to the show she'd been partying with her manager and various hangers-on. As a consequence Lexi had barely slept. Yet wine, vodka and frequent lines of cocaine kept her buoyant enough to perform and at least enjoy herself.

The performance was average, but Lexi's announcement midway through the set that it would be their last appearance together as a band sent the crowd crazy. Following the show Lexi partied with some casual acquaintances and fans in her own private dressing room. She didn't know or care what the rest of the band were up to. With a little luck she need never see her ex-bandmate losers ever again... A hotel room awaited her and a morning flight back to Portland. With a sizeable amount of coke to finish off before the flight, Lexi knew that she was unlikely to get a quiet night's sleep. Yet it was the fans who seemed more up for partying than her acquaintances. They all quickly said their farewells and drifted off into the night. Lexi's manager had flown out earlier in the evening.

So it was that Lexi found herself giggling and gabbling and smoking in a side alley next to a dive rock-bar at one o'clock on a Friday morning with an assortment of fawning fans and hooting locals.

"A word please ladies!"

The two cops appeared out of nowhere just as Lexi pulled on pipe that was poked between her big black painted lips. The stink of weed was easily detectible in the air. Most of the crowd scattered in panic and it was only Lexi and a couple of her young fans who froze as per the uniformed cop's instructions. Despite the fear and panic rapidly enveloping her very core Lexi couldn't help but level a drug-fuelled sneer of disgust at 'the pigs'.

A young female fan whose name Lexi couldn't even remember matched Lexi's dumbass pipe in mouth posture as the police officers approached...but only for a brief moment.

"I swear she sold me the drugs and showed me how to take them!" Squealed the suddenly teary eyed young fan as she tossed away the pipe and finger jabbed wildly in Lexi's direction.

It took a good few dazed seconds for Lexi to fully comprehend that this devilish bitch - who had brought her own fucking weed and had even been encouraging Lexi to hit the pipe harder all night! -- was actually accusing her of selling drugs.

"Wha..." Lexi was lost for words as the two officers reached the panicked group and took a good gander at the oddball bunch of black-clad tattooed misfits.

Indeed it appeared to the two slightly amused officers that Lexi was the most senior of those that remained before them. At twenty-eight Lexi had almost ten years on the fan-girl sycophants who had insisted that she accompany them to the bar.

The officers shared a patronising smirk. The ghoulish girl who they'd caught red-handed cut quite a figure. Glossy raven hair cascaded down onto her shoulders, while a super-straight fringe cut across her perspiring forehead. Her alabaster skin tone was turning rapidly red, as the morbid perp fluttered her thickly mascaraed fake lashes and pursed her bee-stung black painted lips. Each of her stretched ear lobes were wrapped around twin black discs. Myriad piercings lined her upper ears, while a tusk like bar protruded through her septum and silver studs were visible on each of her cheeks and lower lips. A scraggly, black faux-fur cape was draped over her frilly fronted black Gothic blouse, while tight black jeans stretched down her legs to meet a pair of absurdly high black suede platform boots.

Lexi had only changed her sweaty top following the performance and admittedly did look somewhat outlandish to the attending officers. One of those officers cleared his throat and stepped forward to address the dazed drug-takers.

"Okay ladies. It's clear that you're breaking the law back here, so it goes without saying that we're gonna have to have a few words."

Being super-high, incredibly scared and not at all in her right mind, Lexi dropped the pipe and moved purposefully towards the officers.

"I haven't done anything wrong, okay? So I'm just going to leave you guys to whatever this is..." And with that the petulant Goth superstar actually attempted to push her way between the bemused cops.

If Lexi had have just stopped when her arm was grabbed by one of the cops then things probably wouldn't have escalated like they did. Unfortunately she wrenched her arm away from the cop, shoved them both in a renewed effort to pass and then clawed with black painted nails at one of the officers as he tried to restrain her yet again. This was the final straw. Lexi Leviathan swiftly found herself gasping in pain and kicking her platform booted feet as her face was pressed against piss drenched concrete and her hands agonisingly cuffed behind her back. Unbeknownst to Lexi at that precise moment, she was suddenly facing resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer charges as well as the initial drugs charges. The last night of the last tour was looking like a rough one...

Everything after that seemed to pass by in something of a blur. Lexi was bundled into a Police car and driven straight to what she presumed was a police station. Once at booking her bag and phone were confiscated and all of her pockets thoroughly searched. A sizeable baggie of coke was found by one of the guards. Lexi groaned and shook her head. Why hadn't she dumped it in the alley. The rock goddess felt hot, sick and sweaty as an obese female clerk ran through the myriad offences that she was suspected of perpetrating.

Clearly loving every moment of the freaky Goth girl's discomfort, the porcine clerk then explained to Lexi that she would be placed in a dormitory for the night, potentially charged in the morning and then seen by a judge at some point during the following day. It was all too much.

"But I have a flight in the morning! I need to phone somebody now! I'm entitled to a phone call, aren't I!?"

"You best forget about that flight honey and yes, you are entitled to a phone call, but not at almost three in the morning. I suggest you get some rest, sleep it off and we'll let you have your phone call after breakfast. Nighty-night now."

And with that two female guards took an infuriated and increasingly emotional Lexi by the elbows and led her away from the desk. Lexi stayed silent and fought to hold back the tears as the two lackeys navigated a labyrinth of brightly lit window-less corridors, opening and then securely locking a series of barred gates as they progressed. The oppressive heat seemed to increase as the trio delved deeper into the jail. Lexi could feel her sweat soaked blouse stick to her back, while her sweltering, tired feet literally throbbed inside the impractical stacked platform boots she wore.

"You should be thankful girl. Usually you be getting a strip and cavity search what with you being here on a drugs charge, be we understaffed so you got lucky." Said one of the guards, a beefy black woman with cornrows. The other guard was a young skinny white woman with rat-like features and zero interest in the pierced freak she was escorting. Lexi said nothing in reply, but silently conceded that she was thankful of that at least. The thought of being stripped and...penetrated by some dykey guard was fucking horrific.

Finally the guards guided Lexi from a brightly lit corridor into a huge, shadowy dormitory. Even though the multitude of cramped together bunk beds were inhabited by sleeping figures, a cacophony of heavy breathing, snoring, sleep talking, sobbing, farting and creaking springs rang loud. The idea of actually sleeping during such a din seemed unthinkable to Lexi.

After a moment or two of perusing a clipboard and conversing over their findings, the two guards led Lexi into the maze of occupied bunk beds. It seemed unlikely that an empty bunk was going to reveal itself and for a brief moment Lexi hoped that they'd have to place her in a private cell instead. But yet again luck was not on Lexi's side, as a vacant lower bunk was arrived at in what seemed like the middle of the huge dormitory. The black guard pointed at the empty bunk and looked at Lexi.

"You get some sleep now. Breakfast is at seven, then you'll shower, maybe you'll be formally charged and then you get to make your phone call."

Lexi looked forlornly at the thin mattress. Black tears streaked down her white face. The rat-faced girl seemed to study Lexi for the first time.

"Keep your shit close Lexi Leviathan. Bitches in here will steal the shirt from your back given half the chance...and you're probably the most famous celebrity they ever seen." And with that nugget of jail dorm wisdom, the two guards left without another word.

Lexi stood statue-like for a moment. The reality of the situation really began to hit home as her high started to diminish. Descending down on to the grubby thin bunk was hardly appealing, but Lexi's frazzled mind and weary body just had to rest. The partying was beginning to catch up with Lexi and against all expectation she realised that sleep, even in such disgusting surroundings, was all she wanted short of freedom. She eased herself down gingerly onto the bunk and flinched as the springs screamed. Somebody murmured on the bunk up above and Lexi momentarily froze in fear of attracting the ire of her faceless bunkmate.

Eventually Lexi plucked up the courage to lift her legs and lie down. Regardless of how she'd look in the morning and how uncomfortable she was, Lexi just couldn't bear to remove any of her clothing in such hostile surroundings. The notion of being even more vulnerable was just unthinkable.

But as she sweated ever more and reluctantly tossed and turned on the very edge of slumber, Lexi realised that she'd have to remove some clothing if she was ever going to get any sleep. Lexi was just too sapped of strength and emotionally exhausted to maintain her initial resolve. The prospect of oblivion became just too alluring to stay dressed and sweaty in her bunk.

First up she lifted each of her narrow jean cuffs to reveal her pale white hairless legs emerge from the bulky Gothic boots that reached up to just above her ankles. Lexi eased down the inner zips on each boot, actually sighing in relief as the semi-fresh air crept in. Each of the tottering stage platforms were then wrenched off and placed on the floor at the side of the bed. Lexi baulked as she saw the bright white little socks clinging sopping wet to her hot feet at the end of the bunk.

It was the end of the tour and Lexi had been spending so much time partying instead of taking care of basic house-keeping, therefore laundering her underwear had not been a priority. So when the hard working rock chick realised that she was totally out of clean panties and socks with about three days left on tour, she'd opted to just grab some cheap stuff from a truck stop. All they had were some slutty shiny nylon thongs in various colours and packs of tacky thin white trainer socks of the type Lexi Leviathan would never normally wear beneath her stylish platform boots.

Embarrassed to even be exposing such skanky little socks in a darkened dorm, Lexi fought the urge to pull her boots back on and instead tucked them under the bunk. Next she removed her jacket and placed it with her boots on the floor.

Lexi then reclined and once again tried to get some sleep, but after half an hour of tossing and turning, the distraught Diva realised that sleep in her still heavily covered up state was unlikely. Not only was she still sweating buckets, but she was also perversely horny. Some last surge of narcotic euphoria seemed to have kicked in. Somehow Lexi's vulnerable fear had become strangely eroticised. Her mind raced back to what she'd taken during the evening. She had a dim recollection of a pill procured and swallowed in the bar. Was that responsible for the tingling between her legs?

What had initially seemed unthinkable when arriving in the dorm suddenly began to strangely appeal. To be stripped of all her Lexi Leviathan 'things'. A dragged down ex-Diva passed out in a prison dorm without her stacked platform boots, belly tightening corsets and Gothy threads. A druggy failure at rock bottom.

Of course Lexi knew that getting undressed in such potentially unfriendly environs was foolhardy to say the least, but fatigue and her dissident erotic urges served to drag Lexi in precisely that direction. Submissive fantasies were nothing new to Lexi. As her success as a strong female public figure had grown, so had Lexi's hunger to be dominated. It was something she spent little time pondering, but Lexi knew that such urges were merely the illicit flipside to the powerful straight talking female persona that she'd cultivated since her star had risen.

Lexi Leviathan felt her sex throb as she unfastened her jeans and eased them down her sweaty white legs. Next off was her blouse, which she bundled up along with her jeans and placed under the bunk. This left her clad in only the little white socks, her black corset and the damp, cheap nylon...thong! It was only as she glimpsed the panties in the dark that she remembered. A silly joke. A thing so tacky that she just had to bite. Bought ironically at the truck stop and worn precisely because she was so secure in her outwardly progressively values. The front panel of the sleazy blue thong was emblazoned with a Confederate flag!

Lexi baulked at the exposure of such a thing, but still her hand drifted down and nestled into her tiny racist underwear. Her sex slick, the disgraced Diva knew that she wouldn't be able to stop there...Moments later both her corset and bright purple nylon boob tube that had been nestled beneath were placed under the bed with her other stuff.

Lexi Leviathan lay exposed and vulnerable atop the thin, filthy covers. With her pale white Goth girl skin almost glowing in the dim light, one or two light slumberers took a long look at the fucked-up girl giving up her shit. And Lexi herself felt as if at least one pair of eyes were on her bare body.

The reliable corset had covered a multitude of sins. A discernible paunch and muffin tops a sad testament to zero exercise, copious booze consumption and an on-the-road diet. Of course Lexi Leviathan never claimed to be a stick-thin super-model or anything, but many would be surprised to see quite how out of shape her middle appeared sans support wear.

Lexi's un-hoisted large titties also told tales as they hung down further than expected. Another less the favourable aspect of the stripped down Lexi were her legs. A moderately sized booty sat atop a quite dumpy pair of thickish legs. Her ankles being not particularly well defined, especially with the cheap, white socks barely reaching them. It would be clear to most that Lexi's ever-present platform and high-heeled boots did much to lend a statuesque aspect to her dumpy legs.

Of course Lexi Leviathan was in no way unaware of her minor flaws. It was precisely the act of stripping away all artifice that served to perversely thrill her. Ironically Lexi found herself much more relaxed with her constricting outfit removed, but far too horny to sleep! It took no small measure of will power to refrain from poking her fingers into her panties and flicking herself off for all to see.

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