tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLexie vs Teacher

Lexie vs Teacher


'This isn't good enough. See me after class, Lexie,' said Mr Cooper, handing back Lexie's Biology test, which she had, once again, failed.

Lexie sighed. She'd never wanted to take Biology in the first place but her father had pushed her. He was convinced that one day she'd be a famous scientist who would cure cancer, or a surgeon who would save the lives of hundreds of people. That was all very well; Lexie was a bright girl, but she just wanted to dance.

Every since she could walk her mother had taken her to dance classes, done her hair before auditions, supported her from the audience at shows. Lexie had learnt every style of dance she could think of; ballet, tap, jazz, Latin, ballroom, disco, salsa, even a little break-dancing, and she adored it. She devoted all her spare time to practising in the school's dance studio and auditioning for shows; she was astounding, but lacked the confidence to believe in herself.

'Are you even listening to me Lexie?' the teacher bellowed at her. The truth was, she hadn't been. She was daydreaming as always, she knew all the biology she needed and she'd even failed the test on purpose... twice. Maybe if her parents thought she wasn't clever enough, they'd let her be a dancer instead and she could be happy doing the thing she enjoyed most in the world.

Lexie wasn't unattractive either; she had wavy, red hair that fell nicely over her perky 34 DD's. She was only about 5ft 4 but her body was wonderfully toned, yet graceful. She barely noticed, but every guy who walked past her couldn't help but stare. The most captivating thing about her was her eyes; they were emerald green and sparkled every time she smiled. They carried the longing of being far away, chasing her dreams.

The bell rang and Lexie stood up, adjusting her skirt and began to pack her things away. 'I'll see you later Lexie, good luck' said her best friend Katie. Katie had got a new boyfriend every week and couldn't understand why Lexie was still alone. Although she was by no means ugly, she envied Lexie's figure; all the guys wanted her, even though she couldn't see it.

As the classroom slowly emptied, Lexie walked over to the desk where her teaching was sitting, preparing herself for another lecture about how she 'could do better than this' and 'wasn't fulfilling her maximum potential'. But as she looked at Mr Cooper, she saw something different in his eyes. She wasn't sure what it was but it made her uneasy and she promised herself she'd get out of this as soon as possible.

Mr Cooper looked up at her, 'Lexie, this just isn't acceptable. I've spoken to you about your poor grades on numerous occasions and you don't seem to be taking me seriously. I think a more severe course of action is called for. I will do whatever it takes to get it into your head that you cannot keep failing my class. I know you're a clever girl. I know you know the answers. I even know that you're failing on purpose. Don't think I'm going to let you get away with it.'

Lexie picked up her bag. 'I'm sorry, Sir. It won't happen again. I've just remembered, I need to be somewhere.'

She walked over to the door, but he got there before her, slammed it shut and locked it. Lexie's heart began to race, she had no idea what was about to happen to her but she didn't fancy sticking around to find out.

'What are you doing, Sir? I need to leave. I'll try harder in future, I promise,' Lexie pleaded, but Mr Cooper was having none of it.

'I don't think you understand just how serious this is Lexie, but you must learn from your mistakes, so that is what I intend to do; make you remember not to do it again.'

He gently touched Lexie's face as he said this, making her feel even more uncomfortable but leaving her with no idea how to get out of it. She flinched slightly, scared he was about to hit her.

'Are you scared, Lexie? Don't worry, I'm not going to hit you. I have much better punishments for naughty students such as yourself. Especially such good looking ones.'

He pushed Lexie, so she was sitting on his desk but she quickly stumbled to her feet and ran for the door. Mr Cooper grabbed her and bound her hands behind her back with her own tie. She fought against him but his 6ft 2 frame was much bigger and stronger than hers and she knew she didn't stand a chance of getting away.

'Oh no, Lexie. You're not going anywhere. Not until you've learnt your lesson,' said Mr Cooper, sliding a hand up her short, black school skirt, ripping off her silk panties and forcing them into her mouth. 'We wouldn't want anyone hear this now, would we?'

Lexie looked at him with wide eyed innocence, the expression in those beautiful eyes pleading with him to let her go. She tried to speak, tried to beg him to stop but the makeshift gag prevented her from doing so.

Mr Cooper grabbed her by the shoulders, sinking his teeth into her neck, leaving a red mark that was already turning into a dark purple bruise. He spun her around and pushed her so she was bent over the desk, before tying her ankles to either side of it with rope that he'd produced from one of the drawers in the desk. She was well and truly stuck now.

Despite the pain she was in and the fear taking over her, Lexie could feel herself getting wet. She'd always fantasized about being taken against her will and Mr Cooper wasn't a bad looking man. He was in his late 30's but he'd taken care of his body; he worked out 3 or 4 times a week and had tattoos down his toned, muscular arms. Lexie willed herself to stop getting wet, but the fear and anticipation was too much for her to handle.

Mr Cooper ran a hand over her now dripping wet pussy, gasping with surprise. 'Look at you, you little slut. You're already wet. You're actually enjoying this, you harlot,' he said, beginning to remove his belt.

Lexie turned a deep shade of red, embarrassed that her body had betrayed her fantasy and embarrassed that she was turned on by this. It was wrong, immoral. He was right, she was just a little slut.

She moaned through the gag and she felt his thick leather belt being brought down across her ass, not hard enough to do any damage but hard enough to leave a pink stripe and a stinging sensation on her left cheek. Before she had time to recover, he brought it down again, harder this time but still with the same intent. He wanted to make her enjoy this; to make her ashamed of her filthy, hidden fantasy.

It wouldn't be rape, not really. She wanted it almost as much as he did. He unbound her hands for a moment, only to place them on the desk in front of her and tie her wrists to the legs of it. Before he continued, he removed the gag.

'You're going to be quiet now, aren't you Lexie?' Mr Cooper demanded.

'No, I won't be...' was all Lexie managed to get out before the belt landed across her ass again, this time leaving a dark red stripe, causing her to squeal. There was no pleasure this time, only pain and her fear began to grow even more.

You see, Lexie had a secret. It was something that nobody knew, not even Katie. Lexie was a virgin. She'd always been so popular with boys that everyone just assumed she wasn't but she had wanted to wait for the right guy. Her plan was about to be ruined and that was what terrified her more than anything. The pain she could cope with, but she couldn't stand the fact that her virginity was about to be taken by her Biology teacher, a man whom she had trusted and who now repaid her with hatred and violence. So why was she still enjoying this?

Mr Cooper forced two fingers into Lexie's soaking wet pussy, taking her by surprise and making her moan in a mixture of excitement, fear, pleasure and pain. He gasped as he suddenly realised her secret.

'Lexie, you're a... virgin!'

'Yes, Sir. Please, don't do this to me. I've never had sex before. Please let me go. I'll try harder, I'll stop failing.'

Lexie knew it was pointless. This wasn't about whether she passed or failed anymore, it wasn't about grades or paying attention in class. This was all about one man's carnal need and knowing that she was untouched spurred him on all the more.

In the beginning, Mr Cooper had just wanted to scare her, but seeing her bent over the desk like that, her tight virgin pussy exposed to him, he just had to have her. He didn't care about her welfare anymore, this was purely about him.

Lexie heard him unzip him jeans behind her and held her breath. She wasn't ready for this, not yet, not with him, yet her body so badly craved it. She heard his trousers drop to the floor and braced herself for possibly the worst experience of her life. Lexie felt the tip of his cock intruding her virgin pussy and tried to wriggle away from him.

Mr Cooper grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him, unwilling to let her escape this so easily. He forced his thick, 8inch cock deep into her tight, wet pussy causing her to yelp in pain and tense her whole body. As she tensed, it made her pussy even smaller around his cock and he gasped at just how tight it was.

'That's right Lexie, my cock is inside your pussy, you whore. And now I'm going to fuck your tight little cunt and you're not going to complain,' snarled her teacher, all sense of compassion disappearing from his voice, instinct taking over as he looked at her, impaled on his cock. 'Who knows, you might even enjoy it, you dirty little slut,' he added.

Being called a slut and a whore awoke something inside Lexie and she realised she wasn't getting out of this so she might as well make the most of it and enjoy it. Her body had already betrayed her by making her wet and he knew as well as she did that she'd craved this, she'd needed the control and dominance to make her feel complete.

He began thrusting his cock in and out of her, grunting with each thrust, still astounded at how tight her pussy was, enjoying every moment of it.

Lexie begged her body not to embarrass her again, but it failed her as she began to enjoy how full her pussy felt and couldn't help but moan as Mr Cooper rammed his cock into her harder and faster than before, digging his nails into her hips as he pulled her deeper onto his cock. She figured it was time to be honest.

'Oh fuck, Sir, I never realised it could be like this. Please, don't stop.'

He smiled to himself and sighed a sigh of relief. He wasn't getting in trouble for rape, not now; not now that she was enjoying herself so much. He loved dominating students, he'd done it many a time but she was by far the sexiest, she was the only virgin; the others had all been slags and had done the rounds of just about every guy in the college. They all had one thing in common though, they'd all enjoyed it and they'd all been unable to resist responding to his enthusiastic, if not a little rough, fucking.

Mr Cooper couldn't lie to himself, as much as he loved dominating girls, he enjoyed it much more knowing they took pleasure from it too. He reached down to pick up his belt and brought it down hard across Lexie's ass again, making her moan even louder, calling out his name and begging him to keep fucking her.

He'd never expected her to be like this, there was a little whore inside her that had just been dying to come out and he'd found it, he'd brought it out of her. He knew it wouldn't be long until he came but there was more he wanted to do yet. He untied Lexie, pushed her to her knees and ordered her to suck his cock.

She looked up at him tentatively, her pussy feeling raw and strangely empty, unsure of what to do. He guided his cock into her mouth, placed his hands in her hair and told her to suck on it, like a lollipop.

Lexie needed very little instruction as she expertly sucked on his cock, even though it was her first time, she'd watched enough porn to know how to do it. She ran her tongue up the length of it, her emerald eyes sparkling as she glanced up at her teacher, looking for approval.

He nodded at her to continue as he began thrusting into her mouth, his fingers laced in her hair, pulling it and making her moan but never allowing her to take his cock from her mouth.

'Do you like that you little slut? Do you like being able to taste yourself on my cock? You might have been a virgin but you're still a whore, you still enjoyed every second of that. I can tell just from how wet your nice tight cunt still is,' growled Mr Cooper, eliciting more moans from Lexie as she continued to wrap her mouth around his cock, flicking her tongue over the tip of it.

There was just one more thing he wanted to try, he didn't know if he was pushing it too far but he had to try it. Within seconds he had her tied back to the desk, the same as before only a little more enthusiastic this time. She was pushing herself back towards him, desperate to feel his cock in her tight wet pussy again, but that wasn't what he had planned for her.

Lexie felt cold lubricant being drizzled over her ass and heard Mr Cooper rubbing it over his cock. Her body stiffened as she knew what was coming and wasn't willing to accept it. He'd taken her virginity, wasn't that enough for him?

As she felt his cock pressing against her ass, she realised that he obviously wasn't satisfied, that he needed more.

'Please don't, Sir. I'll do anything, just please don't fuck my ass. I'm scared,' she pleaded with him.

'There's no need to be scared Lexie, it'll only hurt a little,' he mocked. 'But this is what I want and I'm afraid you're under my command, in my classroom and you'll do as I say, now shut up and accept that this is going to happen.'

He roughly forced his cock into her tiny asshole, pausing only for a second to gasp at how tight it was. He didn't think it could have been any tighter than her little pussy, but it was. His cock barely fit inside it, but he continued to force until all 8 inches of his cock were buried deep inside her ass. Lexie was sobbing by this point, it was excruciating and she couldn't handle anymore.

'Please stop, Sir. Please, it hurts,' she cried.

He ignored her and started to thrust in and out of her ass, taking his cock almost all of the way out before ramming it back in with an immense force, pushing Lexie into the desk every time he thrust into her again.

As surprised as she was, Lexie found herself beginning to enjoy this. She loved the thrill of being taken, the pain of having her ass fucked, the pleasure at the same time and she began to moan. For the first time today, she was actually going to come and she pushed back against his thrusts, taking him deeper and deeper into her ass.

'I'm going to come, Lexie. I'm going to come in your dirty little slut ass,' Mr Cooper announced and seconds later, Lexie felt his hot cum shooting deep inside her tight little asshole, filling her. This was too much for her to take and she arched her back, moaning as her orgasm took over her whole body, making her writhe and scream with pleasure.

After what seemed like forever, Mr Cooper pulled his cock out of her ass and untied her from the desk. 'I think you'll be trying much harder in my lessons in future, won't you?' he questioned. Lexie just nodded silently, still wondering quite what had just happened to her.

Biology lessons were going to get a whole lot more interesting, and if she was going to get that treatment every time she failed a test, she might just have to keep failing.

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