tagNonHumanL'hotel Fourrure

L'hotel Fourrure


You walk into the hotel and head toward the reception desk. The lobby is small and dark. The walls are paneled in dark brown walnut. The style looks like a cross between French baroque and a medieval hunting lodge. It's strange looking but, somehow, the decor all seems to fit together. It makes you feel welcome. You take off your heavy winter coat and set your suitcase down near the door. You lay your coat across the top of the case then continue across the lobby.

The limo driver closes the car door and drives away. You can hardly believe he was able to get you here in one piece. There must be two feet of snow on the ground. A sudden storm kicked up yesterday. It's been snowing steadily for almost two days. The airports are all shut down until further notice. You are stranded in a strange town until the authorities can dig out the roads. There's no sign of the weather letting up for at least another day.

The doorman closes the large wooden door behind you with a distinct creaking sound. He shakes the snow out of his cloak and top hat. He takes off his gloves and rubs his hands together. It's freezing cold outside. You don't blame him for wanting to get warm. You only walked from the limousine to the front carriageway. You are just barely shaking off the cold. That poor man must have been standing out there all night. You pause by the large marble fireplace. It looks too large for the room. You hold your hands out to the crackling fire. It is hot. It feels good to warm your bones by the fire.

You turn and continue toward the receptionist. She is waiting for you. You hear the metallic jingling of keys behind you. The doorman locks the front door. He picks up your coat and suitcase. Without a word he carries them to the bellman's station. He puts your coat on a hanger then hangs it up in the closet. He sets your suitcase on the floor underneath. He closes the closet door and locks it. He puts the keys back into his pocket. Without saying a word he slowly nods his head and smiles at you. He walks out of the room.

"Welcome to L'hôtel Fourrure." says the receptionist. She speaks in a strange foreign accent. It sounds like French but it's not like the French they taught in high school. You have never been good at speaking foreign languages, anyway. You decide it doesn't matter. She speaks English well enough.

The woman behind the desk is a tall brunette. She is wearing a full length mink coat. Her long, dark hair flows down over the collar and seems to almost blend in with the fur she's wearing. She notices you staring.

"It is mink." she says. "You like?"

She holds out the sleeve of her coat toward you. "Feel?" She's testing your reaction. You oblige her just to be polite. She can tell by your expression that you are enjoying yourself.

"Oh! It's soft!" you say.

The woman reaches out her other sleeve and rubs the back of your hand. You are surrounded from wrist to finger tip on all sides by rich luxurious fur! The woman smiles at you. She massages your hand with the fur. She knows she's got you hooked like a fish. You are so wrapped up in the sensation you don't realize that you are being reeled in!

"The tariff is one thousand dollars per night." the woman says.

Your chin practically hits the desk! "A thousand?!"

"Yes, but this rate is all-inclusive. We cater to your every pleasure."

You finally notice that she is still massaging your hand in her fur coat. You pull your hand out and, with an embarrassed look, you put it in your pocket. She continues her pitch.

"In the Francaise, L'hôtel Fourrure means 'Hotel Fur'."

You nod in understanding.

"Every room is furnished entirely in fur... Even the beds."

"But, you don't understand. I can't afford..."

"Tutt! Tutt! Tutt!", she interrupts. "You have reservation at another hotel? Yes?"

"No. I'm stranded. The airport is shut down!"

"Well, then! You don't have much choice in this matter, do you? You can sleep at L'hôtel Fourrure or you can sleep in the snow!"

You frown. "But a thousand?! I just don't have it!"

The receptionist looks around as if to make sure nobody is watching.

"I tell you what. I give you special rate. One thousand for two nights! Half price!"

"That's still pretty steep!"

"All-inclusive... Meals. Drinks. Your every pleasure!"

She walks around to the front of the desk and grabs you by the sleeve. She tows you back to the fireplace and urges you to sit in one of the fur upholstered chairs.

"Beaver!" she says.

She places your hand on the arm of the chair. Your fingers sink into the fur. You relax into the chair. The heat from the fire feels good on your face. A bellman arrives. He serves you a snifter of warm cognac from a silver tray. You inhale the hot, spicy vapor as you drink. You close your eyes and feel yourself sink into the cushions. You are tired. You've had a long day traveling. You really need a rest.

"Your room will be ready in a few minutes, Madame."

The woman returns a moment later with a pen and a clipboard.

"You must read this contract and sign at the bottom."

You pick up the pen and begin to sign.

"Please! Read!"

"I don't need to... "

"It is binding whether you read it or not!"

"I don't care! I'm too tired!"

You sign the contract.

"Suit yourself, Madame!"

She takes the clip board and returns to the reception desk. She shuffles some papers then picks up the telephone. She speaks some words in French that you don't understand. You don't care. You close your eyes for a moment and feel the cognac take its effect on you. It doesn't matter if you get drunk tonight. You aren't going anywhere. You enjoy the tingling sensation that is descending on your face.

You lounge in front of the fireplace and look around. There is a white polar bear skin rug on the floor at your feet. Mounted animal heads adorn the fireplace. Their glass eyes glitter in the firelight. Your imagination runs away with you. It feels like they are looking at you.

The bellman walks up to you and politely attracts your attention.

"Your room is ready, Ms. Jensen."

You set your glass on the table. You stand and follow the man. He leads you across the lobby and down a long hallway.

"You will be kept in room one." he informs you.

The bellman takes his ring of keys out of his pocket and unlocks the door. He ushers you inside but stands out in the hallway, himself.

"Welcome to L'hôtel Fourrure!" he says.

He gestures through the doorway.

"The bathroom is to your left. The bedchamber is to your right."

You look around the room to get your bearings. You see the old fashioned claw foot tub in the bathroom. There is a very ornate carved wooden doorway on the other side of the room. All the furniture in the room is upholstered entirely with fur. Even the floor is covered with fur!

The bellman hands you a folded sheet of paper.

"Your contract, Ms. Jensen."

You are too busy looking at all the luxury around you to notice that the bellman has closed the door. It isn't until you hear the jingling of the keys in the lock that you realize something is amiss. You try the door handle. It is locked! You pound on the door with your fist. The heavy wooden door doesn't yield. You are locked in!

You look around the room. There are no windows. There is no phone or television. You walk around the room, in confusion. You notice that the bellman didn't even bring your suitcase to the room. There is only one other doorway. It is the one that leads to the bedchamber.

You ponder your predicament for a moment. You open the folded contract in your hand and begin to read:

L'hôtel Fourrure


I, the undersigned, agree to be kept at L'hôtel Fourrure.

In return for payment of $1,000.00, L'hôtel Fourrure shall, at its sole discretion, provide me with lodging, meals and physical pleasure for the duration of my captivity.

I shall hold harmless L'hôtel Fourrure for all claims of injury or distress for the duration of my captivity.

I agree to obey all commands and instructions of the staff and management of L'hôtel Fourrure, without complaint, for the duration of my captivity.

I understand that I may not leave L'hôtel Fourrure until the expiration of this contract: January 5, 2006 - 12:00 Noon.

Signature: Amy L. JensenDate: January 3, 2006

You get a sinking feeling in your stomach. You realize that you are a prisoner in this place! You turn the contract over and read the hand written words on the back:

"I warned you! You should have read the contract!"

"Dammitt!!" you spit. You throw yourself against the door and holler for somebody to come and let you out. There is no response. Reality begins to sink in. Panic overcomes you. You scream and yell and run about. After a minute you accept the fact that your fate is sealed. You finally calm down enough to take a seat on the sofa. You feel the fur with your fingers. It's the same kind of fur that was on the chair in the lobby. It feels good. There is another glass of cognac sitting on the table. It is still warm. You inhale deeply and sip. You feel yourself relaxing again. You feel more tranquil in a short time time. Warm cognac takes effect quickly! You look around at your surroundings again. You begin to think back to the events of your day.

You were supposed to be returning home from a business conference. Your boss sent you on this trip. He said you needed a working vacation. You didn't want to go. You find those conferences to be tedious and boring. You gave in at his insistence. The conference was just as you predicted, long and boring. You were looking forward to getting home and sleeping in your own bed again but the weather closed in. Your plane was diverted. You were stranded in a strange airport in a strange city. You called every other hotel in the phone book located anywhere near the airport. They were all booked up. You dreaded the prospect of having to spend the night sleeping at the airport. L'hôtel Fourrure was the last place you called. When the receptionist told you there were rooms available you didn't ask questions. She told you that she would send a limousine to the airport to pick you up. You were elated. When the car arrived and the driver opened the door, you got right in. The windows were so dark you couldn't see where he was taking you. None of this mattered to you at the time. You were desperate. Now you realize your mistakes. From the moment the chauffeur closed the car door you were destined to be trapped in this place.

You look at your surroundings. The place is very elegant and, at the same time, macabre. You think to yourself that, normally, you would be overcome by fear and panic but, except for the fact that you are locked in, the entire staff has been very kind and gracious to you, so far. You resign yourself to your situation.

"Two days locked up in a luxury hotel full of fur?" you think to yourself.

"I could get used to this!" you say out loud.

You get up and walk into the bathroom. A hot bath would do you good, right now. You notice that the bathtub is equipped with massage jets. You draw yourself a tub full of hot water and start to get undressed. There is a clothes hamper in the corner of the room. You toss your clothes into the hamper. You toss your shoes and stockings in for good measure. You hear a thumping sound come from inside the hamper. You look inside just in time to see your clothes disappear from sight, down a hidden chute inside the hamper!


The bra and undies that you are wearing are the only pieces of clothing you have left! You feel naked! You take them off and carefully place them on the floor near the tub for safekeeping. You turn on the massage jets and step into the tub. Nice and hot! You sink down into the tub and let your cares bubble away.

"Whatever happens, happens." you think.

You soak for a good half hour. You stand up and get out of the tub. You look at yourself in the full length mirror as you dry off.

"You are one hot bitch!" you say to yourself.

You've always liked the look of your breasts but you really like the look of your tight ass! Guys have always seemed to appreciate your rear view! You would never admit it to anybody but you do enjoy getting the occasional whistle from men as you walk down the street.

When you finish drying off you put your bra and panties back on. You don't feel comfortable without them. There is a fur bath robe hanging on a hanger next to the towel rack. You put it on. Your body tingles with excitement as the short, dense, grey fur wraps around you. You've never felt this much fur around your body before. You are no fur expert but your female instinct tells you that the robe is probably made from chinchilla.

"I should have made my ex-husband buy me a fur coat before I divorced him!" you think to yourself. You tie the sash of your robe around your waist. The long fur robe swishes against your legs as you walk around. You enjoy the sensation.

It's getting late. You are tired and a little bit tipsy from the cognac. You head toward the ornately carved portal to the bedchamber. It's time for you to get some sleep.

You pause to admire the craftsmanship of the woodwork. It is hand carved in exquisite detail. There are carvings of branches and leaves all around the perimeter. Carvings of fur-bearing animals like mink and fox appear to be climbing through the branches. All of their eyes are turned toward you. They appear to be watching you. You fantasize that you are about to walk into a mysterious enchanted jungle. You have a foreboding feeling but you push forward anyway. You feel compelled to go through the door as if you have been hypnotized. You pull the ornamental brass doorknob. The door opens almost effortlessly. You step inside. The door closes behind you. You move into the room. Your feet sink into the deep, padded floor. You almost lose your balance. You look down to find that you are standing, ankle deep, in fur!

The room is dim. It takes you a minute for your vision to adjust. A musky scent surrounds you. It smells like animal lust. The smell arouses you. When your eyes adjust to the dim light you notice that the entire room is completely covered in fur! The floors! The Walls! The Ceiling! The only light in the room comes from a few torch like fixtures on the walls. Everything else is positively dripping with fur!

It only takes a moment for you to notice the gigantic carved wooden bed in the center of the room. It is carved in the same style as the doorway you entered through. It is a tall canopy bed. Each of the four posts is carved to look like a large tree trunk. The branches spread out and mingle to form the canopy over the bed. Just like the doorway, there are carvings of animals climbing through the branches. They appear to be watching and waiting for you to climb into the bed. You approach slowly but you can't see inside. Heavy fur curtains enclose the bed on all four sides. It's hard to find the opening. The anticipation builds as you search for the break between the panels. You know what's on the inside. You can't wait to get inside but, somehow, it seems like the bed isn't letting you in! You push and pull and lift the curtains but you can't find the entrance. You become almost frantic. You must have that fur against your skin!

At that moment, you understand what the problem is: Your robe!

You step back from the bed and untie the sash around your waist. You drop the robe to the floor behind you. You move back toward the canopy bed. A sense of contentment seems to come from the bed. You approach and put your weight against the curtains again. This time, they part like gauze. You body is off-balance, causing you fall through into the bed. You feel like Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole! You land with a "Thud!" in the center of the bed. You find yourself in the middle of a giant pile of the softest, most luxurious furs you have ever imagined! You lay there with your arms outstretched and let yourself sink into the fur. You look at the canopy above you. The carved tree branches are adorned with dozens and dozens of mink tails and fox tails. Fur covered vines wind through the branches and form the remainder of the canopy. The vines hang down like moss hanging from the trees. The carved animals are all looking down at you. You feel like you are in the middle of a jungle.

You need time to get used to your new surroundings but, soon, you feel very comfortable. Somehow, the word, "Welcome!" seems to appear in your mind. It is as if somebody spoke it out loud but you know you never heard anybody say anything. You are the only one in the room.

A sense of warmth fills the bed chamber. You get that "Warm, fuzzy feeling" all around you, only this time, you know it's for real!

You have had a long, hard day. You feel very tired. The drinks have made you drowsy. You grab a big hand full of fur and pull it over your body. You roll over in bed, wrapping yourself in fur. You gather up a pile of fur for your pillow. You close your eyes. Soon you are falling asleep. As you drift into a slumber you hear a faint sound. It's a low, rumbling sound like a big cat purring. You pay it no mind. The smile on your face tells the whole story as you lay there in your fur bed, fast asleep.

You wake up several hours later. You had a restless sleep. You don't know what time it is. There are no clocks to tell you the time. You roll over to adjust the covers around you. You notice something tangled around your knees. You reach down to find your panties have, somehow, been pulled down while you were sleeping.

"What the hell?...", you think to yourself.

You are alone in a sensual jungle of fur. You decide to get naked. Nobody can see you. You kick your panties off. They slide down your legs and off your ankles. You feel them being pulled deep into the furry folds of the bed. You search around with your feet. They are gone.

You sit up in bed and begin to take off your bra. You find it partially unhooked in back. The straps have been pulled down, off your shoulders. You are even more puzzled but you take off your bra anyway. You just want to feel fur against your tits. You lay it down on the bed, next to you. In an instant, it is snatched out of your hand! You are startled but you decide to forget about your undies. You can find them in the morning.

You lay down again and begin rubbing the fur against your nipples. It feels wonderful! You clutch two fists full of fur against your chest, making slow circles around each breast. Lust washes over you. The word, "Masturbate!", flashes into your mind. You debate the issue with yourself. It doesn't take long before a hand full of fur is sliding down your belly, toward your hot spot.

You raise your knees in the air and spread your thighs apart. Suddenly, you hear the sound of an animal purring again! You freeze! It sounds like a big cat. This time you're not dreaming! It's coming from the bed! You sit up in bed like a shot. You crawl toward the edge of the bed but it's hard to make your way through the fur pile. It's like you're caught in quicksand. You finally struggle your way to the edge and look for the break in the curtains. You can't find it! They seem to have magically sealed themselves shut! You are trapped inside!

The purring sound steadily gets louder until it sounds more like a growl. You are thrashing against the curtains, trying to break through. They absorb your blows with a series of dull thumping sounds. You feel the fur beneath you start to move. It is wrapping around your ankles. Pulling you back to the center of the bed. You struggle but more and more of the fur comes to life until there is nothing but a swirling mass of fur groping at you, surrounding you and gripping you. It is too strong for you to resist. An emotion of hunger fills the room... Sexual hunger!

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