tagLesbian SexLick Me There

Lick Me There

byPenelope Street©

(c) 2005 by Penelope Street

"I want to be rimmed!"

Though I didn't know what she meant, I recognized the jealous squeal of my friend Renee from beyond the open doorway ahead. No other sounds emerged from the office in the two seconds before I crossed the threshold to find four wide eyes fixed upon me.

Pam, my boss, released an extended breath and settled into her chair. "Whew. It's just you. Close the door."

My brows shrouding my eyes, I spun and did so while Pam continued behind me, "Ren, you really must be more discreet. Anyone could have heard you."

I turned from the door toward Renee, in one of the guest chairs. A pair of narrow-set jade eyes looked back. Her short locks, dyed a crimson too true to be true, framed her freckled face, barely touching the corners of a mouth that curved in an oh-so-innocent grin. She bounced her pencil-thin eyebrows once my way before looking to Pam. "You're the one that got me all excited. You should know better!"

My boss smirked. Her eyes darted to me, and then back to Ren, before she shook her head. "You still can't scream 'I want to be rimmed' at work!"

Renee kept her smile. "Why? The old fuddy-duddies wouldn't have a clue what I meant anyway. And anyone that did know, wouldn't care." She glanced my way. "I bet Nikki doesn't know either."

I caught my eyes wandering, but not before I was certain they had confirmed my friend's wager. My gaze came to rest on my boss. "Ok. I don't know."

Pam shook her head. "Don't let it worry you. Ren wouldn't know either if I hadn't told her."

"Would too!" the redhead retorted.

My boss issued a smug chuckle. "Would not."

"Ok," I began with an exasperated sigh. "What is it she would or would not have known?"

Pam looked to me. "What rimming means."

"And?" I prompted.

"It means having your asshole licked!" Renee squealed, in the same excited tone as before. Pam and I both turned our eyes to the petite redhead. Her shoulders shrank under our collective glare, taking her head with them. She flashed that high-browed, bashful smile again. "Well, it does!"

Pam looked to me and shrugged. "I wouldn't have put it quite that way, but, yeah, that's it."

My nose wrinkled. "Yuck! Who'd wanna do that?"

This time Pam's eyes wandered. I watched her blink twice and exhale before she looked back to me. "Tom does."

"Your husband?" I gasped.

"Yeah, that Tom."

My nose wrinkled again. "And he likes it?"

Pam shrugged, then smiled. "I don't know, but he does it and I like it!"

"Go ahead!" Ren urged. "Tell her how you got him to do it."

Pam cut my co-worker a sideways glance, before bringing her eyes back to me. She chewed her lower lip for just a second. "I told him if my ass was good enough for his dick, it was good enough for his tongue."

My eyes flew wide. Sure, I understood sex was nothing new to a married thirty-something with the kinds of curves I'd always wanted; we'd even chatted about such things on more than one occasion- but I thought butt sex was something only porn stars, prostitutes, and weirdoes did.

I shifted my focus to Renee. She clamped her thighs about her interwoven fingers and shivered. "I'm going to tell Dave the same thing tonight. I can't wait to feel his tongue on my ass! That's the new rule; if he wants to fuck my ass, he has to lick it first."

"So you do it too?"

My friend dropped her brow into a line. "What?"

"You know."

Renee grinned. "No. Tell me."

"You know," I repeated. "You do it in the butt?"

My friend's smirk turned into a snicker.

"Of course she does," Pam interjected. "Just look at her smiling while she thinks about it."

Renee snapped her focus across the desk. "You should talk! You're the one that turned me on to ass-fucking!"

"Quiet!" My boss insisted in a harsh whisper. She turned to me. "Make sure that door is closed and have a seat. That way maybe Ren won't think she has to yell."

I gave the handle a token tug, then settled into the unoccupied chair. Rubbing my nose with a curled finger, I expected one of the other women to speak, but neither did. "Well?" I prompted after a few seconds.

"Well what?" Pam asked.

"What's it like?" I clarified.

"Anal sex?" My boss glanced from me, to Renee, and back to me. "I guess it's like sticking a finger up your ass, only bigger."

"Like that tells her anything," Ren said with a chuckle. "I bet little Miss Goody-two-shoes here hasn't ever stuck her finger up her ass." She turned to me and issued a pointed, "Have you?"

I swallowed, wondering how she could possibly make me feel self-conscious for not having so probed the terminus of my digestive tract. Sometimes Renee seemed like the best of friends. And then there were the times like this when she seemed to enjoy tormenting me.

"No," I affirmed with a sigh. "I haven't."

"Ok," Pam began from across the desk. "So Nikki's not experienced like you and I. That's no crime."

Renee looked to our boss, back to me, and then shrugged. "It's a wonder you aren't still a virgin."

I caught my head nodding in agreement even as I opened my mouth to defend myself. "My culture is different..."

"Yeah," Ren interrupted. "I know. You only spoke Chinese until you were five, didn't pick up a fork until you were six, etcetera, etcetera, well..."

"You don't understand!" I insisted.

Ren's brow bounced upward. Her eyes grew wide. "Oh, I don't? You're twenty-five and you still live at home. You had to sneak around with your last boyfriend because he was white and your family wouldn't approve, not that you could marry him anyway since your older sister has to get married first. Right?

"Well, hello? You're an adult. And this is Canada, not Hong Kong- or wherever it is your parents were born. If they wanted you to be Chinese, why'd they give you an English name anyway? Really, you need to get out and start living before you wake up in a nursing home seventy years old wondering what the hell happened."

By the time my friend had finished her little rant, my lips were pressed into a pucker to rival my ass. I felt my hands trembling, but I was not so mad at my friend as my situation. I'd been promising myself for years to do what I wanted to do, instead of what my family wanted me to do. Renee was right. I wanted to live.

"All right, you two!" My boss scolded before I could even think to speak. "Do I have to separate you with a hose?" The woman shook her head and looked to me. "I assume you came down here to discuss something else anyway, right?"

"Yeah," I muttered with a nod. "Payroll screwed up my check again."

Pam closed her eyes and sighed. "That stupid bitch Cathy. A clerk and an intern and she still can't get it right. If anybody in this company needs a no-lube butt-fucking, it's her!" My boss dropped her forehead to her palm, rubbing her temples with the ends of her finger and thumb. "Bring me your paystub. I'll take care of it."

That was the end of the conversation, so far as sex was concerned, but it wasn't the end of me thinking about it.

First thing I did after dinner was draw myself a nice warm bath. That I had to smuggle my vibrator into the washroom underlined Ren's assertion that it was time I leave the nest. But the toy was just a backup. Even before the water had covered my body I found my thumb rubbing the tips of my fingers.

Closing my eyes, I sent my hand sliding across my tummy, past my muff and into the cleft formed by my ass checks. I took two breaths, as if I might be doing something dangerous, before daring to touch my ass.

The next moment, I caught myself smiling. What were you worried about? I wondered. Not like you haven't washed yourself there before.

But this wasn't washing. I drew my finger across my aperture, trying to imagine it was my last boyfriend's tongue. I soon frowned; the tip of my digit stuck to the folds, rather than sliding across them like I imagined a tongue would. I tried again, still nothing remotely sensuous. After three passes, I sighed and opened my eyes.

My lips pressed against one another, I twisted my hips just a bit and tested my passage with my finger. After a half-minute of prodding, the end of my longest digit gained entry. I slid this tip within my tender rings, but not for long. The motion was hardly smooth, and in no way pleasant.

Shaking my head, I pulled my hand from the water and reached for my vibrator.

* * *


My eyelids fell with the sound of my boss's voice over the phone. She didn't use my full given name unless it was business. With a swallow, I gathered my nerve. "Yes?"

"Hugh won't make Cathy cut you a new check. They'll correct it next pay period. That's the best I could do. I hope it's ok?"

I exhaled a sigh of relief. "That's fine. So long as it's fixed."

"I know you probably already filled out your payroll forms, but if you don't mind, come down to my office and fill out another set. I'm gonna keep a copy this time- for both you and Ren. I don't want that bitch to have any excuse for getting it wrong in the future."

"Ok," I nodded.

Five minutes later I sat at Pam's desk, robotically filling in the blanks and checking the boxes on the forms.

"I can't believe it! Why do I have to put up with this bullshit!"

I stiffened in shock at the unexpected outburst. Turning, I saw Pam jump from her chair with her splayed palm held upright toward Renee. "Close the door and calm down."

The redhead clamped her teeth together before shutting the door and settling into the empty seat next to me.

"Ok," Pam began. "What is it? And keep it down!"

"Dave said he wouldn't do it."

"Wouldn't do what?"

"He told me he'd lick me, but only if I licked him too!"

Pam smiled through a chuckle. "That's it? That's worth screaming 'bullshit' in the workplace?"

"What?" Ren gasped. "You're the one who said how good it was!"

Pam leaned her head a bit and smiled. "A lot of things are good, but not everyone wants to do them. Besides, he said he'd do it if you did the same, right? What's wrong with that?"

"Do you lick Tom's?"


"Exactly! Tom licks your ass so he can fuck it. That's the deal. So why should I have to lick Dave's?"

"A lick for a lick?" I interjected with a shrug. "Seems like a fair trade to me."

Renee snapped her head my way. "Who asked you? You won't even touch your own ass. Can you imagine licking a guy's? I mean, they're all hairy and gross." She paused to shudder. "No. I could never lick a guy there."

I grinned. "Really? But you could lick a girl?"

"Well," Ren's brow dropped. "Maybe."

"Fine!" Pam snarled. "I'll lick you if that's what it takes not to hear about it anymore. I'm sorry I ever brought it up."

Renee and I snapped our eyes toward our boss. "You will?" we queried in unison.

For a moment, the blonde woman's eyes bounced between Ren and me, her chest heaving with each breath. "No," she uttered, almost as a confession. "I was joking. I'm just tired of hearing about it. Not like being rimmed is a right or anything."

My eyes stayed on my boss, but I heard Renee take a deep breath before she spoke. "Me too," she sighed. "I was just kidding."

Only then did I dare glance toward my friend. Her lips were clamped in a cluster beneath the tip of her nose. Her eyelids beat at a rapid pace over a pair of orbs grayer than they were green. Even her freckles seemed to have faded. Deep inside, I knew she hadn't been kidding.

* * *

Two hours later, I walked a corridor I'd traversed a hundred times before without a second thought. This time, however, I felt like I was a spy sneaking into some top-secret facility. Part of me maintained I was going to Renee's office just to be a friend, but the rest of me knew that part was lying.

I poked my head in the door. "Busy?"

My friend cut her eyes from her computer screen just long enough to answer. "No."

I slid more than walked through the door and closed it behind me. "You want to tell me about Dave?"

Ren's mouth formed a ring through which she exhaled. With her expression unchanged, she leaned back in her chair and nodded. "Sure. But I don't know that there's much to tell."

I eased into her guest chair. "Are you sure?"

She shrugged. "What? He doesn't love me like I thought he did."

"Just because he wouldn't lick your butt?"

"Yes! That's what you do when you love someone, right?"

"What? Make deals?"


"You demanded he lick your butt or he wouldn't get to, uh, well..." I paused, not quite sure how I wanted to finish the sentence.

"Assfuck me?"

"Yeah, that."


"So is that what love's about to you, making deals?"

Renee's brow dropped into a line. "Did you come here to lecture me? I can go to Pam if I want that."

I stiffened, withdrawing a few centimeters. "No. I just want to understand. That's all."

"Understand what?"

"Why you want it so much."


"Yeah, that."

Renee's head kinked toward a shrug. "I don't know. It seemed romantic, you know..."

"Romantic?" I gasped.

"Yes! Romantic. Think about it. If a guy will lick me there, he must really care about me."

"Maybe," I admitted. "But only if he does it because he wants to please you, not because he has to do it to get something he wants."

With a sigh, Ren's focus fell to her desk. "I guess you have a point." Her eyes bounced upward the following instant. "But it worked for Pam!"

"We don't really know what worked for Pam. She might have said it like a joke, just a clever way of letting Tom know what she wanted, not really a demand at all."

Renee looked to her right, in the direction of our boss's office. "Yeah, maybe. Do you suppose she was really joking earlier too?"

"When she offered to do you if you'd just shut up?"


I nodded. "Sure. I think she'd just had enough. You were behaving a bit childish. In her eyes, at least."

Ren's eyes locked on mine. "And in your eyes?"

"Yeah. I thought you were being a bit of a baby too."

With a sigh, the redhead nodded. "Yeah, I suppose I was. But it did seem so romantic. And it just seems wrong Pam getting something I don't, you know?"

"Because she'd older?"

Renee issued a nervous snicker. "Yeah. I guess so. But I'd want it anyway."

"Maybe if you explain it to Dave, he'll understand. He may have just been hurt, you know, that you said it like a demand instead of a request?"

Ren's mouth formed a half-smirk, half-pout. "Too late." She paused to sigh. "I dumped him."

"You did what?"

She shrugged. "I dumped him."

"Just because he wouldn't lick your butt?"

She shrugged again. "Maybe. I don't know. Not like it matters now anyway."

"What do you mean? Maybe you can still make up."

Renee shook her head in a slow, yet adamant, manner. "No. I never go back."


"You can never go back," she repeated. "That's the secret of life. Always go forward. Too many people waste their lives lamenting and regretting."

I contemplated my friend's words the remainder of the afternoon. In spite of her advice I caught myself lamenting anyway, wishing I had said more to her before I said goodbye; worrying that I really would end up in a nursing home, regretting many things left unsaid, and undone.

That evening, I went straight to my bed, got out my trusty vibe and applied a bit of lube. Closing my eyes, I moved it to my sex and pretended it was a tongue. And not my ex-boyfriend's tongue.

* * *

For most of the next morning I stared at my computer screen, seeing anything but its display. In spite of promises made to myself the prior evening, I was reluctant to make the journey down the corridor. I started that way a few times during the morning, but turned back on each occasion.

Only as the afternoon waned did a sense of desperation spur me to action. Eyes locked on the hallway before me, I made the trip to Renee's office. This time I marched in and shut the door behind me.

Ren glanced to me and grinned. "Want to talk about guys again?" She looked back to her monitor and continued typing.

I moved to sit across from her. "Not exactly."

My friend's eyes did not stray as her fingers moved over her keyboard. "What then?"

"You know when you said a guy would have to care for you a lot to lick your ass?"


I closed my eyes and counted my breaths. On the third, I spoke. "Does it have to be a guy?" I counted another three breaths before I dared open my eyes.

Ren's face was blank, her eyes little olive beacons locked on mine. I watched her swallow once. "Are you joking too?"

"Not me," I declared with a shake of my head. "Were you?"


"When you said you might could do a girl?"

Renee blinked twice. "Nikki, this is you, right?"

I smiled. "What, did you imagine aliens had replaced me?"

"Seems like it."

I shook my head. "No. I decided you were right. I want to live a little."

My friend's eyes wandered for a half-second before she steered them back to my face. "Show me."

Tonguing my lips once, I stood. Renee rose a second later. We each took a step. Then another. And another. With our eyes tracing paths to one another, we shuffled about the desk in silence, meeting at a corner, toe-to-toe, eye-to-eye.

I leaned. She leaned. Our lips touched. Just a peck. Then we bounced away to look again at one another.

Again I waited three breaths. Seeing no sign of rebuff in Ren's features, I leaned again. An instant later she did too. We each tilted our head to the right as our mouths approached, knowing this one was for real.

I'd barely begun to suck her lips with my own when I noticed my hands in motion. Hers beat mine, but not by much. Palms joined mouths, bodies joined lips in our caressing of one another.

I felt a pressure half way up my thigh. Without even looking, I knew it was her knee. I spread my legs, first mounting, then grinding, myself upon her thigh. Ragged breaths passed through my nose, when they passed at all. My rutting increased, both on her face and on her leg. She began to bounce me, pushing her thigh into my sliding loins. After half a minute, the vigor of our osculation caused us to lose our balance. We separated lest we tumble.

"Not bad," Ren whispered.

"Yeah," I agreed. "You kiss lots better than boys."

She nodded. "Yeah, lots." Her eyes shifted to my lips and she leaned into another kiss, longer, slower, better than the preceding one.

By the time this third exchange ended, I was squirming plenty on the outside, and more on the inside. "I want to kiss more than your lips," I whispered.

"You mean my other lips?" Ren inquired.

"Yeah. And more."

"I will if you will."

"No." I shook my head. "I will because I want to."

Renee paused to swallow. "Yeah. Me too. Because I want to."

"Do you suppose Pam will believe we're both sick?"

"Do you care?"

"Not just now I don't."

"Then I'm sure she'll believe it."

"I doubt it," I countered with a grin. "But I really don't care."

* * *

I was right. Pam didn't believe it and I didn't care. Fifteen minutes later Renee bounded up the stairs of her apartment with me two steps behind. She unlocked the door and threw it open, disappearing inside.

Following, I closed and locked the door. I found Ren smiling when I turned. Facing me, she took a step backward, loosening the top button her blouse in mid-stride. I emulated her example, smile and all.

Our impromptu striptease proceeded down the apartment's short corridor over the next minute and a half. By the time we reached the door to her washroom, we were down to our panties.

Renee began to remove hers first, leaning as she did so. Again I followed her lead. With her hands at her calves, she leaned forward to kneel. I did the same, leaving my panties about my ankles.

My hands returned to my friend's side, just below her ribs, but this time my fingers caressed her bare flesh. Her palms found my breasts. We leaned, our lips joining in a vigorous confirmation of the cravings we shared.

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