tagRomanceLife after Death Ch. 05

Life after Death Ch. 05

byExecutive Gent©

I arrived at Miles and Helen's house at around 5.30, to find the kids so full of what they had done all afternoon, the girls had helped out in the stables and even helped exercise some of the less temperamental animals, whilst Tim had spent most of the afternoon with Miles, working on getting his classic Jaguar ready for a show the following week. Helen greeted me with a warm smile and asked if we had had a nice afternoon, I thanked for her interest and assured her we did, tell her of our walk and saying we had come back to the house and relaxed for a while. She gave me wicked grin and told me that a little "relaxation" never hurt anyone, I laughed at this, knowing exactly what she meant but choosing to ignore the innuendo.

When we got back Rachel was dressed and had started to make us beans on toast for tea, it was lovely to have someone there to share moments like this with, the kids exploded into the house telling her everything they had done, even Tim who normally held back at such times was full of his afternoon working on the old car. She, laughed and hugged them, telling them to go wash their hands before eating, smiling at me over their heads showing me what a great afternoon she had had too.

I knew somehow that this weekend meant as much to her as it had to me, and after they were settled at the table, I went to back to the kitchen to fetch ours and she kissed me lightly on the cheek, telling me how much she had enjoyed the last two days, I hugged her close and almost dreading the answer, asked her if this weekend was a one off or did she feel that it was something more. She looked me straight in the eyes and pulling me gently down to her kissed me deeply for what seemed a lifetime, when we parted, she smiled at me asking me if that answered my question. I laughed, telling her if that how she was going to answer my questions, I'd keep asking!!!! Our food had cooled down, and needed re-heating but we didn't care, we just giggled and joined the kids while they laughed and joked with each other. I hadn't been happier for a long time.

We said our goodbyes, a little while later agreeing to call each other to arrange when we could get together as we kissed each other lightly on the lips. The hardest thing was going to be able to see each other without the kids, so I began wondering how we could meet and get to know each other without going everywhere with them. I got everything ready for the next day and the kids went to bed at their allotted times. This is normally a time on Sunday that I sit down and arrange my diary, and plan for the week ahead, looking at this week I was particularly quiet and made a mental note to try and keep it clear.

It was about 10.30 and I was just sitting at my desk looking at my schedule on screen when the phone rang, it was Rachel, my heart just skipped a beat at hearing her voice, she wanted to tell me how great a time she had had, and that if she closed her eyes, she could still feel me inside her. I laughed, telling her how great she made me feel also, and asked her when we could do it again. She laughed again and said now if she had her way, I just groaned down the phone as I remembered the soft contours of her body as we made love. I grinned and said that we better get used to phone sex at times like this, but she laughed coyly and said it was the real thing she needed, I laughed out loud, and she giggled infectiously back at me. Telling me to hold that thought and call her in the morning before she went to work.

I thought long and hard about the weekend, whilst being excited, I was incredibly nervous, it was about eleven thirty when I heard movement on the stairs, it was Tim, he had obviously looked in the lounge, before checking the study.

"Dad, I need to talk to you"

"What about son?" I smiled.

"Do you think Mum saw how happy we were this weekend? Are you and Rachel going out with each other?"

"Would you be happy if I saw more of her?"

"She's nice and Alice is cool!" he smiled; "but I'm worried about what Mum would think, I miss her so much Dad, I felt so guilty tonight, because I even hoped we would see more of them."

"Look Tim, Mum and I loved each other so much, I never would have thought about loving someone else, but we have been so terribly sad since she died, she would want us to be happy, we talked about it before she left us, and believe me I know that she would want us to move on, don't ask me how I know, but I do" I hugged him close, and he sobbed into my chest, something he hadn't done for a while. " Do you want to watch the tape Mum left?.... It might help?"

"Its ok, I want you to be happy Dad, but I don't want to forget Mum, I miss her so much, she used make everything ok!"

"I know Tim...... I miss her too. I try so hard you know? To be there for you when you need me..............." There were tears in my eyes I didn't know what to say or do at times like this. It was so rare for him to open up like this, and when he did it took a lot for him to do so. "I love you Dad, I know you do your best"

"Its just not enough sometimes is it?" I grinned He looked worried, then realised that I knew he needed his mum to smooth it out for him, he just hugged me, cried a little more and told me that Mum would want us to be happy. I agreed trying not to show him my tears either, then he said: "If you need to cry Dad, I'm always there, but I think Rachel might know what to say more than me...She seems like she would help" I was stunned, I knew that this was his way of showing his approval too, I thanked him and he smiled before saying;

"Can I play on my Play Station for a while?"

"No go to bed!!" I laughed, "School tomorrow"

He just grinned said good night and went out of my study.

I sat there reflecting on the last two days, wondering if I could find happiness with the first person I met after Jane, I decided that I would just see what transpired. She seemed to really like us, I knew I thought she was fantastic, but she was so much unlike Jane, yet in many ways they were very similar, the kids loved her, my closest friends thought she was great, and I thought she was good for me too.

The next three weeks were great and we began to get closer by the day often having tea together and she twice dropped Alice round on the Thursday when she had to work evenings, I said Alice could stay, but she said she would pop around to check on her anyway, but the first twice she went home. She always said this with a grin, and I always hoped she was really coming to see me too!!!! The third Thursday this happened I had decided to work whilst waiting for her to arrive, there was food in the kitchen waiting for her, so I decided to concentrate on finishing the bones of a large bid my company was working on. Spring was beginning to take hold now, and after an hour or two, I decided to take a short break and decided to step outside to get some fresh air. The night was still slightly cool for this time of year, but the bright star-filled sky was irresistible. Leaning back against the wall I stood there drinking in the freshness of the country air and just enjoying the quietness of the evening, I started to remember the night Jane and I had sat out here enjoying the view wrapped in thick jumpers just thankful that we had such a great view and I sighed softly. "I can still remember when we would sit and hold my hand out here" and I thought to myself, "I wonder if I can ever be so happy again." Shaking my head and moving back inside to finish up, the images of both Jane and Rachel rushed around my head and I decided to call it a night and wait for her to arrive. Picturing her face when she arrived, I couldn't help but smile in anticipation.

I heard her car pulling up the driveway, and smiled softly as I realised that for the first time in a long time, I was excited to hear her arrive, because we were rapidly falling deeply in love. Entering the house and dropping her bags, I smiled at the look of happiness on her face.

"You're back earlier than I thought. Something happen?" I smiled happily.

Pulling me into her arms and kissing me long and hard, she grinned widely and nodded my head. "Yes. I missed you."

Staring at her in amasement for a moment, both surprised and very touched that she would leave early to be with me I finally found my voice, asking;-

"B-b-but what about the practise? Didn't you have to stay late tonight?"

She just smiled, and after asking whether Alice was Ok, she began running her fingers lightly down the front of my trousers, then said with a Wicked grin, "I had a more pressing matter here that required my immediate and thorough attention."

Groaning, my eyes closed, as she pressed closer, giving up any resistance. Teasing me slowly, enjoying my every reaction, she ran her fingers up and down the length of my shaft through my trousers, her fingertips moulding its shape and caressing it until I shuddered against her, my hands digging into her shoulders. Smiling, she took my hand and led me down up to the bedroom, a thrill of excitement coursing through my body as I let her take control.

Turning to face me, she quickly stripped off my clothing, her hands impatient to feel my naked body. Running her fingertips lovingly over me, she stepped back and shook her head as I reached for the buttons on her blouse.

" Not yet my darling. I'm not ready to undress yet."

My eyes glowed with the excitement that my whole body was feeling, and I readily fell in with the game she was playing as she moved my hands behind my back. "What's the penalty for disobeying?" I grinned.

Thinking for a moment, she smiled and held the end of my shaft with her slender fingertips.

"A 30 minute delay of your satisfaction for every infraction."

Swallowing hard, I nodded in acceptance and she laughed. Already knowing me well enough know it wouldn't be long until I tested the limits. Moving behind me and massaging my shoulder, she let her fingers trail down my arms, her fingertips barely touching my skin in a teasing caress. Sliding them over my hands, which were still clasped behind me, I felt myself shudder, my fingers tightening into fists as her hands encircled my wrists. Leaning close to my body, she whispered seductively, "Shall we make a bet on how long these hands stay put?"

Shaking my head, I pressed back against her, my fingers tickling her abdomen and she laughed softly in surprise,

"That's once my darling. Shall we try for twice?"

Slipping around to stand in front of me, she placed soft kisses along my jaw line, down the side of my neck and across my collarbone. Slowly kissing down over my chest, she was not surprised when my fingers slid through her hair, pulling her closer. Looking up at me and grinning, she laughed softly as I immediately let go and put my hands behind me once again. An unmistakable twinkle in her eyes as I stared back at her the picture of innocence.

"That's sixty darling...careful."

Moving across the room to the dresser, she opened her bag and smiled as she heard my low groan. Taking out a silk scarf, she motioned for me to come forward. Crossing the room slowly, I stopped in front of her and turned my back without being asked, my breathing coming a little more rapidly. Sliding the silk over my shoulders, she let it roll over my arms and wrists, then lifted it and placed it over my eyes and tied it securely behind my head.

Shuddering and groaning loudly, I stood quietly as she ran her fingers over my back, her nails scraping over my backside slightly as she slipped a finger between my buttocks and slowly ran it up and down. My hands slid down and grabbed hers to pull them away and she laughed delightedly.

"Ninety minutes darling. You are in a hurry tonight."

Pressing my wrists against my back, she moved me toward the bed and gave me a little shove so that I fell face down across it. Putting my hands out to stop my fall, I groaned as I realised what I'd done and immediately put them behind me once again. "Mmmm let me see now, that would be two hours am I right?" she whispered. "You are feeling playful."

Groaning in protest and wishing I hadn't divulged this fantasy to her during an earlier heated phone conversation, I shifted on the bed.

"That was not fair and sooner or later I will have my revenge." I groaned

Laughing, she knelt beside me on the bed. "You have to survive the two hours first darling. On your back, arms and legs spread wide for me."

Shifting position and getting comfortable, I did as I was ordered, my body trembling anticipating what was to come. Smiling to herself as she moved about the room getting what she needed, I could hear and feel her breathing start to quicken with excitement, a heated flush flowing over her body.

Kneeling beside me on the bed, she took one of the silk scarves and looped it around my left wrist then tied it lightly to the corner of the headboard. Trailing her fingers down my arm, she moved down my body to secure my left ankle to the corner of the footboard and then moved across to finish tying me to the bed. Looking up at her I watched in fascination as she stared down at my helplessly spread body, I could see her body tingle with arousal as she smiled down at me. Although she was acting out a fantasy for me, I loved the way I was able to watch the passion and sensuality of the moment flow through her, it was amazing I was sure that I could actually smell her pussy as it grew wetter as she watched me pull on my bonds and test their security.

Stripping off her clothing slowly, tantalisingly revealing her beautiful body, she knelt between my thighs and ran her fingers up and down them lightly, teasingly brushing her fingertips over my balls and throbbing shaft. Moving up to straddle my hips, she leaned forward to kiss me, softly at first then more deeply as I thrust my hips and hard dick against her. Kissing along the side of my jaw, she laughed as I groaned, my body shaking as her tongue found the sensitive spot along the top of my shoulder.

Flicking her tongue back and forth, she nipped the skin gently and smiled as my body jerked beneath me. Kissing her way down my chest, she slowly swirled her tongue around my nipples and bit them gently, a flush of excitement flowing through me as I groaned low with pleasure. Taking her time and thoroughly teasing my nipples, she lowered the warm wetness of her pussy against me and slowly moved back and forth coating my cock.

Her body shuddered beneath mine as the head of my cock brushed over her clit and she laughed softly at my low tortured groan as it slid just into the warmth of her pussy before she pulled back again, frustrating me again. Kissing and licking down over my stomach, she hesitated just above my cock, her breath flowing over the tip. Smiling as my hips shook, she slowly swirled her tongue around the head, teasing it before taking the length of my cock into her mouth. Tightening her lips around it and starting to stroke up and down, she swirled her tongue around the head and took it a little deeper into her mouth each time.

Moving faster, her body trembled beneath me as low groans of pleasure rose from me as her lips thrust toward me. Pulling back and licking the drops of precum off of my cock, she moved off the bed, my low groan of frustration music to her ears. Leaning over the bed she whispered,

"Don't go away. I'll be right back."

Slipping from the room she headed for the kitchen to get what she was looking for, I couldn't help but allow myself a half smile as I thought and dreamt of what she was about to do, so far she had interpreted my fantasy wonderfully. Moving quietly down the landing to the bedroom, Rachel stopped in the doorway and watched me for long moments. The muscles tensed in her arms and thighs as I pulled on the ties around my wrists and ankles but my cock was still beautifully hard. Moving up beside the bed, she ran her fingers very lightly over my cock and smiled as my body arched up my breath hissing out in surprise.

Kneeling beside me, she ran her fingers lightly over my chest and pinched my nipples.

"Mmmm easy darling, you've got a long time to go before I'm done with you."

Opening the container she brought back with her, she lifted one dripping wet, ice cold peach slice and lowered it over my chest. My body trembled with shock as she swirled it around my nipple then leaned forward to flick her tongue back and forth, cleaning up every drop of the sweet juice. Groaning loudly, my body trembling with need, I strained at the ties around my wrists. "Oh God! That's not playing by the rules."

Laughing softly, she took another slice and ran it around my other nipple. "Who said I believed in rules?" she laughed

Swirling her tongue round my nipple again, she took another slice and parting her thighs, slowly ran it up and down the folds of her pussy. Lifting it to my lips, she fed it to me and smiled as my groan of pleasure, her soft scent and delicate taste wafted over me. Swirling my tongue around her fingers, I sucked them deeper into my mouth and licked off every drop.

Picking up the container she tipped it slightly and let a stream of the cold juice run down onto my chest, a wicked grin on her face as it slowly trickled down over my abdomen. Licking down over my chest, she swirled her tongue down over my stomach, a low groan rising from me as she moved steadily toward my cock. Pulling back and reaching for the container once again, she heard my sharp gasp as I anticipated what was coming. Smiling, she lifted another peach slice and held it over my hard cock, a few drops of juice falling onto it.

Gasping with shock, her back arched as a low moan escaped from me. Collapsing back against the bed, my body trembled as I twisted against the ties holding me and tried to pull free. Grinning to herself, she lowered the peach slice and slowly ran it around the head of my cock. Moaning softly, she took me deeper into her mouth and flicked her tongue over the head of my cock occasionally. Looking up at me, she smiled as she could see me tugging frantically on the ties around my wrists. SHE picked up the container and said in a low voice, "I hope you're ready for what comes next."

"Oh God no!" I groaned in protest and she laughed as my whole body tensed in anticipation. Lifting the container, she tipped it and let the cold juice trickle down onto my hard throbbing cock. Arching up off the bed, my whole body shook as she quickly took my cock into her mouth. Stroking the base with her fingertips, she swirled her tongue around the head as my cock started to throb and pulse. Groaning loudly with my release, my hips thrust toward her mouth and pushed my cock deeper into her throat. Pulling back slowly, she swirled her tongue up the length of my cock as it slid from between her lips.

Reaching back, she released the ties around my hands and ankles, and then moved up to straddle my chest. Slipping the blindfold off, she moved farther up my chest and pressed the wet heat of her pussy against my lips. Breathing in the scent of her arousal, I groaned softly and pressed against me. She moaned softly as my tongue slid forward to circle her clit, the tip of my tongue probing it gently. Her hand moved to the headboard and she moaned louder as my tongue probed into her wet opening and pressed against me firmly. Rocking her hips slightly, her thighs parted wider and she pressed her body harder against my mouth, it was then that I found another shock, somehow she had inserted a slice of peach into her pussy, it was still cold and was such an erotic contrast to the heat her body was generating. She wriggled her pussy around on my face as I licked and probed her clit and ate the juice-covered fruit. My tongue moved her inner thighs. Her legs were open as she straddled my face, but I pushed them wider. Her hair was exquisitely trimmed as if for a bikini. I licked around her hair and then went to her outer lips once more. My tongue explored her. Her breath had a sudden intake and then she moaned as my tongue delved into her; first the wet sidewalls, then my tongue penetrated her vagina with quick in and outs. She lifted herself on her hands so that my tongue went beyond her vagina to almost her asshole. I licked and she screamed, "God, I can't help it...finish me...please."

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