tagNovels and NovellasLife after the Lottery Ch. 11

Life after the Lottery Ch. 11


Sorry it has been awhile, I have been busy. Read and enjoy some new things, make sure you read all the adventures in this series.

I was cleaning the pool the Monday after the Thanksgiving holidays when I found a crack in the pool wall. It wasn't major but I discovered that the pool was leaking some water. I wanted to get it fixed if possible before the winter freeze and especially before the New Year's Eve party. I called the contractor and he came out to look at the problem on Tuesday, he decided the pool had settled a little after the construction. He suggested that I drain the pool and he would have the pool specialist come tomorrow and see what it would take to fix the crack in the pool. It was coming up on the first few days of December and I told him I really wanted it fixed before Christmas, he said he would see if it was possible.

When the pool people arrived after I had the pool almost drained on Wednesday, they said they could get it fixed in time. The problem wasn't too bad and since it was cool weather now they didn't have anything to do so there would be plenty of help in getting the job done.

They worked late Friday and had the crack dug out and were finishing the removal of debris. They had discovered a few other small cracks from the settling so they went ahead and cleaned them out and prepared them for patching after the weekend. I had also decided to paint the pool a darker color instead of the 'pool blue' it was now painted. I had always hated that color and it didn't go with all the natural rock landscaping.

I had called Sam earlier in the week to ask for help in laying down the sound track for the surprise movie. I had tried but when I did it muffled the background voices. He said he could come on Saturday so I asked him to bring Olivia and stay till Sunday. He agreed so Dawn and I made plans for the two of them that weekend. Unfortunately, Amy was going to be out of town with her family for the weekend so Sam would miss her.

Olivia and Sam arrived around noon on Saturday, Dawn had prepared a lunch for all of us before we started working on the video. After lunch Olivia and Dawn had moved to the sofa in front of the big fireplace with drinks, Dawn had a small fire going. I was thinking to myself that if Dawn had on more clothes, she might not be cold. Even though it was December she was still running around the house in her cut-off blue jean shorts and a t-shirt. Olivia had dressed more appropriately for the weather, long pants and a long sleeve blouse. The two of them seem to have settled in for girl talk.

Sam and I grabbed a beer. Sam looked outside and saw all the construction around the pool and asked what was up, I explained to him what had happened. We went outside and surveyed the damage. Sam looked around a lot and said 'too bad'. I told him it wasn't that bad, it would be ready for the party.

"You know James, I have some ideas for the lights in the pool if you would like to change them."

The pool had large underwater lights about every 6 feet around the pool in the walls. They looked nice at night when they were on.

"What have you got in mind," I asked.

"Well, since it is drained, I have a source for some new lights for pools that are softer than the harsh floodlights that are in the pool now and they have some special effects for them."

"Sam, talk to Dawn about it, she is the one that designed the pool and the landscaping."

"Will do."

We talked some more and then headed inside to the video room where all the editing equipment Sam loaned me was. With Sam's help I had managed to edit about 100 hours of video from the first party and the party with the other three couples down to about 8 hours of short vignettes, each about 30 minutes long per couple. Sam had already seen a lot of the video when he had been out before.

I had broken up the 8 hours of video to two 4 hour segments. All the action that had gone on had turned out pretty hot. I had also edited a separate video for each couple of just them. Dawn and I had decided to show the video to everyone in two different segments and to give everyone a copy plus their personal video as a New Year's Eve present. I just had to get the music laid down over the video before I burned all the DVD's for everyone.

Sam finally figured out what I had done wrong. I told him that I wanted to make sure that all the moaning, groaning and screaming was louder than the music. He showed me how to record the music on one track while not affecting the background sounds. We ran a test and it sounded great. The bad news was the music had to be laid down in real-time so we would have to 'struggle' through watching all 8 hours of the video while we mixed the music.

"Let's get another beer and tell the girls where we will be for a while Sam."

We went to the kitchen to get another beer before we started. I told Dawn and Olivia that we would be back in the video room for a while and they were welcome to come and watch if they wanted.

"We might pop our head in after awhile," Dawn said.

It appeared she and Olivia were engrossed in girl talk and who knew what else. Olivia and Dawn appeared to be on their second round of drinks already. I wondered what Sam had told Olivia about the cameras and the video. He shouldn't have told her anything but I figured he had.

Sam and I returned to the editing, he complimented my work as we went through the mix I had made. He asked more about what we were going to do with it, I explained about the surprise. He said that he felt like everyone would be very surprised.

"You know, you have a lot of cool friends," Sam said. "Olivia and I really felt at home at the Halloween party, I really want to thank you again for the invite. With all my work I don't have much of a social life so Olivia enjoyed getting out with other people."

"We will have to change that. What did Olivia think about the party and everything," I asked.

"She got really turned on by it. She was all over me on the way home that night and she was an animal in bed."

"Glad she enjoyed it then. I noticed the two of you off in a corner that night, Olivia seemed pretty comfortable being around a crowd," I probed.

"To tell you the truth James, Olivia is a bit of an exhibitionist. She always wants to have sex in the parking lot after we go out to dinner or something, she really gets hot if she thinks there are other people around who could see."

"Sounds like she is a lot of fun, you two should fit right in with the rest of the group."

We had been working on the video for several hours. I had retrieved additional beer when needed. As I went to and from the kitchen I noticed that Dawn and Olivia's girl talk had turned into a lot of giggling.

Sam and I couldn't help but get worked up over what we were watching. When we had started the mixing I had added the video demonstrating the sex chair at the beginning so everyone would think that was what the video was about. Sam had said, 'So that is what those weird things are for'. I told him that he and Olivia could try out the one that was in their bedroom that night. He looked at me and smiled. I wondered if he was thinking about the cameras in the house if he and Olivia did try out the chair.

"Can we come in," I heard Dawn say as she and Olivia came into the room.

"Sure," I said as they entered the room.

"How are things going," Dawn asked.

"We are working on the first section. Do you two want to watch?" I asked.

I then punched up what we were working on up on the big TV on the wall. It was the scene with the two couples out by the pool that was starting. Sam and I were sitting in the comfortable office chairs I had in the room for working.

"They are hot, I like this scene," Dawn said to Olivia.

I turned to look at Dawn and especially Olivia as she saw for the first time what we had recorded in the house. She was wide eyed but didn't look like she had any problems with it.

"Do all these people know that they are on camera?" Olivia asked.

"Not yet," Dawn told her. "We are going to show them at the New Year's Eve party. It is going to be a big surprise, so don't say anything about it."

"I am sure they are going to be surprised," Olivia remarked, and we all laughed.

We all watched the action on the big screen for a while. Dawn and Olivia had both walked up behind our chairs and were reaching around rubbing on our chest. I knew my erection was growing and I was sure Sam was having the same problem. As the scene transitioned to when the two couples outside on the patio had changed to where one of the wives was riding her husband and the other guys wife was sitting on the other husband's face, Dawn began to slip her hands down toward my belly. I looked over at Sam and Olivia and she was staring wide eyed at the screen while she had her hands down inside Sam's shirt. I reached up and grasp Dawn's arm and pulled her around to the front of the chair and then into my lap.

As soon as Dawn sat down in my lap the first thing she did was grab my expanding cock through the front of my sweats. I leaned forward and began kissing her on the neck as she started rubbing up and down my shaft. I moved a hand so I could rub the top of Dawn's thigh. She was still watching the action on the screen as I began to rub along the top and inside of her thigh. Dawn had sat in my lap in such a way that her legs were turned toward Sam so I knew they were getting a good look at what Dawn was doing to my cock and my hand rubbing up and down her thighs. I knew that if I spread Dawn's legs they would be able to see her crotch because she had her almost-nothing-there shorts on, but I figured I would take it slow to see what happened with Sam and Olivia.

I kept noticing that Sam was glancing over at Dawn's legs. As the ladies on the screen began to moan and scream Dawn began a more vigorous rub on my now erect cock. I noticed Olivia kept watching Dawn as she continued to rub. To see if I could advance things a little further I slid my hand up inside Dawn's t-shirt. I was surprised to find that she actually had a bra on. It wasn't much of one but I could feel the thin lace with my fingers as I began to massage her breasts. Dawn let out a slightly exaggerated moan as I continued to squeeze each breast. The screaming and moaning from the two ladies on the screen had gotten louder. The two guys had each of their wife's legs pushed up to their head and were pounding away at their pussies.

I continued to fondle Dawn's breasts under her shirt. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sam pull Olivia around so she was sitting sideways in his lap so she was turned toward us also. I moved the hand that was on Dawn's back, pulled her shirt up to about the middle of her back and rubbed softly. I moved my hand from her breast to her stomach and began to stroke her stomach. This had always tickled Dawn some and I could feel her stomach muscles twitch as I slowly rubbed over the area. Dawn lifted her head and took her hand and wrapped it around my head and pulled it into her breasts. I found Dawn's nipple through her t-shirt and began to nibble and pull on it with my teeth. Dawn let out a few more exaggerated moans. This continued for several minutes and then Dawn released her hold on my head. I looked up and watched as Sam slowly unbuttoned Olivia's blouse from the top down. I watched with interest as each button came open and I could see more of Olivia's skin.

I could now see that Olivia had on a black lace bra under her blouse. Sam had her top completely unbuttoned and pulled open while he massaged her breasts. Olivia had slid a hand down and was rubbing the front of Sam's pants. Dawn and I watched as Sam leaned forward and bent to kiss Olivia's chest and neck, slowly working his way down to the tops of her breasts. Amazingly Olivia took her other hand and pulled one side of her top completely away exposing her dark skin and bra. Dawn, not to be outdone now looked at me and then reached down and grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it off over her head. She really looked good sitting in my lap with her small blue-jean shorts on and nothing else but a thin lace white bra. Then Dawn slid her hands up her sides and grabbed each breast and began massaging them. She did this long enough to make sure that Olivia saw her.

Sam had worked his way down to where he had his mouth on one of Olivia's nipples. Then Olivia sat up and pulled her top off. Sam sat back and looked a little shocked, then he looked toward us and saw Dawn sitting there without her t-shirt. I smiled at him and he smiled back. Dawn returned her grasp on my head and pulled it down to her breasts. I began to kiss and lick the tops of her breasts. I slowly worked my tongue down between the lace of her bra and began to lick her nipple that was nearly exposed anyway. I felt Dawn's nipple becoming erect and hard as I licked it. As her nipple became harder and her areolas began to swell I knew that if Sam looked he would be able to see them through her thin lace bra. Then I realized he wouldn't have to look hard as Dawn reached up and grab the shoulder strap of the bra on the side I was licking and pulled it down her shoulder far enough to expose that breast.

As soon as her tit was free from the lace I sucked as much of her areola into my mouth as I could and I began flicking her nipple with my tongue. When Dawn moaned this time I knew she wasn't doing it for show. I continued to suck and bite on Dawn's nipple to see how hot I could get her.

After several minutes Dawn pulled my head away and turned it so I could see Olivia and Sam. Olivia had reached up and undone the clasp on the front of her bra and pulled it away. Now I could see her perfect full C breasts for the first time. Her dark skin was contrasted by dark areolas and nipples that stuck out like pencil erasers. Olivia looked at Dawn and smiled and winked at me at the same time.

I paused for a minute to admire Olivia's breasts then I reached up and pulled Dawn's head down to mine. I whispered quietly into her ear so I could not be heard over the music and sounds on the video.

"What are you two up to?" I asked softly.

Dawn turned her mouth toward my ear and whispered, "Olivia said she would do anything I did."

I whispered back, "And what are you going to do?"

"We'll see," she whispered back.

I thought this was going to be interesting. I slowly moved my hand up to the back of Dawn's bra and unsnapped it. Dawn pulled the bra free and dropped it to the floor. She began rubbing her now free tits. I saw Olivia turn Sam's head so he could see Dawn's breasts also. Sam gathered in a long look as Dawn squeezed her breasts together. I couldn't help but noticed how similar Dawn and Olivia's bodies were. Except for the fact that Olivia was about 2 inches shorter than Dawn they were almost identical.

Sam went back to sucking on Olivia's nipples. Olivia was watching us over Sam's shoulder. I returned to sucking on Dawn's breast and took my hand and began to rub her thighs again. I slowly rubbed up and down the tops of her thighs. Dawn began to pull my head down on her hard as she moaned a little. I slowly moved my hand up so that my fingers were rubbing at the place her thigh met her crotch. I slowly began to slide my fingers up and down between her thigh and her shorts. Dawn began to move her legs around just a little. I probed a little further in her shorts and felt something I didn't expect. I pulled my head away from Dawn's breasts and looked as I pulled her shorts to one side exposing a white lace thong. I hadn't expected Dawn to be wearing anything under her shorts, not that this thong was much. Surprised, I slipped my fingers into the bottom of her shorts and began to rub her mons through the lace.

I looked at Olivia as she smiled at me. Then Olivia reached down with her free hand and grabbed Sam's hand and moved it between her legs. Sam got the idea and began to rub Olivia's pussy through her pants. I could feel Dawn's wetness growing as I continued to rub her through the lace. I slid my fingers down and rubbed the edges of her pussy lips. Slowly I inserted one finger between her wet lips. Dawn moaned loudly. I watched as Sam looked over and watched me finger Dawn's pussy. I had her shorts pulled to the side so I knew he could see clearly. I watched as I saw Sam placed his thumb on Olivia's clit through her pants and began to rub her hard. Olivia now began to moan as she spread her legs to give Sam better access. Olivia then reached over and unzipped Sam's pants. I watched as she reached in and grabbed a handful of Sam's cock and began to rub. Not to be out done, Dawn reached in the top of my sweats and grabbed my cock.

I slipped two fingers inside of Dawn and placed my thumb on her clit and began to rub. Dawn spread her legs so I could get access and she continued to rub my cock harder. I could smell the scent of Dawn's juices as they began to flow, I knew that Sam and Olivia would be able to smell them too. Dawn moaned more and more. I was waiting to see what the next step would be with these two.

Dawn had turned the chair with her foot so that Sam and Olivia could see her pussy clearly. I looked up and saw that Olivia was fixated on my fingers working Dawn over. Then I felt Dawn's hand grab my hand and pull my hand and fingers out of her pussy. I looked to see what she was doing. Dawn lifted my hand to her mouth and sucked the two fingers I had in her pussy deep into her mouth while she looked at Olivia and Sam. They were now looking at my fingers disappearing into Dawn's mouth.

I wondered how Olivia was going to match that. As Dawn sucked my fingers clean I felt her reach down and unsnap the top of her shorts and pull them open. Dawn then slowly pulled my fingers from her mouth and guided my hand down into the top of her shorts. I slid my hand the rest of the way in and began to finger her clit.

I watched as Olivia began to move so she could stand up. Sam looked to see me working Dawn's pussy over. Dawn stirred as she moved to see what Olivia was doing. Olivia got to her feet and was facing Sam with her back to us. I could tell she was unbuttoning her pants and pulling them open. She tried to let them fall from her ass but they were rather tight and she was fumbling to slide them down. Dawn pulled free from me, stood and reached over and grabbed the top of Olivia's pants and pulled them down for her and then helped her step out of them. Dawn then slid her hands up the outside of Olivia's legs slowly on the way back up.

"Thanks," Olivia said.

Olivia reached over and grabbed the top of Dawn's shorts and pulled them down and let them fall to the floor. Sam and I looked on with lust. Olivia was now standing there in just a small black lacey pair of panties and Dawn was standing there in a tiny white lace thong. I was eyeing Olivia's body as badly as Sam was eyeing Dawn's. Olivia had a perfect ass just like Dawn's. With Dawn's tan and Olivia's natural skin tones the two looked like sisters.

"Why don't we move to some place more comfortable," Dawn said.

I broke my gaze when I heard her, it gave me time to look up at the video we had forgotten. It was about finished. The scene of the two couples on the patio had ended and the next part had begun.

"Let me finish this, you all go on," I said.

Sam said, "I'll help."

The two girls walked out of the room and disappeared. Sam and I set the equipment to finish recording the sound track all the way to the end of the first section. Sam said we could come back and fade it out later.

"What are those two up to?" Sam asked.

"I suspect that the two of them have worked out some kind of plan. We shouldn't have left them alone so long."

"I am surprised at Olivia taking her clothes off in front of you two," Sam replied. "But she is a bit of an exhibitionist."

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