Life after the Lottery Ch. 11


We sat down together in the hot tub, my legs were about to collapse. Sam stood back up and pulled Olivia to her feet and the two of them sat down beside us, Olivia's body was touching mine. Dawn leaned over and kissed me deeply again.

"That was incredible," Olivia said to Sam.

Dawn parted from my lips and said, "Yes, it was!"

Dawn and Olivia looked at each other and they began to laugh. Sam and I began to laugh also.

"You two are crazy," Olivia said.

"We try to have a lot of fun around here," Dawn said.

After a minute, "Sam, have you to ever had sex in front of someone before," Dawn asked.

"Not like this," Sam said.

"It was a real fucking turn on," Olivia replied. "We have to do this again!"

We all sat there in the hot tub and chatted for a while, once Olivia ran her hand down my thigh as we talked.

"James, is there a camera out here?" Olivia asked.

"Sure is," I said. Then my mind snapped. 'Oh Shit!' I thought.

I had spoken too soon. As I looked toward Sam he was looking straight at me. I knew what he was thinking. What would Olivia do when she saw Sam fingering Dawn's ass and me fingering hers? I couldn't back up and say 'Opps', the camera wasn't working' because Dawn would know I was lying and would want to know why. 'Oh shit!' was all I could think. I gave Sam a sort of puzzled looked.

"Oh good! Can we get a copy of what just happened?" Olivia asked.

"Sure, and anything else that happens before you leave," I replied.

Olivia looked at me and smiled. All I could think about now was how Dawn would react.

It was getting late in the day and the air was getting a bit colder. Dawn suggested we go inside and she would start dinner. Olivia offered to help as we all got out of the hot tub. Everyone grabbed a towel and wrapped themselves as we headed inside. Once we were inside where it was a bit warmer we all dried off. Dawn asked if anyone needed a robe. Olivia replied that she didn't if it was okay with Sam. Sam shrugged and said fine, I knew he wanted to look at Dawn.

As Dawn and Olivia headed for the kitchen to start cooking, I asked Sam to come and help me get the fire going in the fireplace. Once we got across the room to the fireplace we looked at each other with the same thought.

"What do you think Olivia will say when she sees the video?" I asked Sam.

"I don't know. She was getting off out there but I don't know how she will feel about me letting you finger her ass," Sam replied. "What about Dawn?"

"I'm not sure either. She has done some wild stuff but I am not sure how she will react," I told him.

"We could tell them the computer fucked up and it didn't record," Sam replied back.

"Dawn would never buy it. Maybe they will just think it is hot and enjoy it."

"I don't know, but it is too late now," Sam said.

We tossed some more wood on the fire and got it going so it would heat up the house.

"It was hot wasn't it James," Sam said as we turned to see what the girls were doing.

"Extremely," I said.

"You don't it okay if I look at Dawn?

"Sure, as long as I get to look at Olivia."

"You guys want a beer!" Dawn asked us.

"Sure," we said as we walked toward the kitchen.

Dawn and Olivia were working around the kitchen. It appeared that Olivia was going to teach Dawn how to prepare something Mexican, Dawn was excited to learn.

"It will be a while before dinner is ready," Dawn told us. "You two grab a beer and go watch TV or something."

"We'll go work on the video," I told them.

Sam and I headed for the electronics room. I thought it would be a good idea for us to get away from the girls to talk some more.

We had finished the first 4 hour segment of the surprise, we needed to work on the second part. I pretty much had it mixed so all we had to do was add the audio tracks, but we still had to do it in real time. So we were 'forced' to sit through all the others having sex while it recorded.

"Sam, what do you think about adding what just happened to the end of the second part?" I asked. "You think Olivia would care?"

"No, add it, she is an exhibitionist anyway, I won't tell her, she will see it at the party."

"You may get asked to translate the Spanish," I kidded him.

"When she gets really turned on and loses control she starts with the Spanish," Sam replied with a smile. "She must have really been out of control out there."

"You still worried about how Dawn will react?" Sam asked.

"I'm not going to show her the video unless she asks. I think I want to tell her first," I said. "What are you going to do?"

"I think I will just let her see it first. She will be so hot watching, maybe she will like it," Sam said.

"Maybe," I replied.

"By the way, where is Amy?" Sam asked.

"She went to see her family for the weekend," I told him.

"Not because we were coming over was it?" Sam asked.

"No, she didn't go see them at Thanksgiving so she wanted to go see them and her sister."

"How are things working out with her living her?"

"Pretty good, pretty good," I said whimsically.

"That stunt you all pulled at the Halloween Party was pretty wild...does anything like that go on at home?" Sam asked me with a curious expression.

"Like what?" I replied.

"Does she run around here half naked like Dawn?"

"Well, it's pretty loose here. We told her to make herself feel at home," I said to Sam without looking at him.

" you get any action from Amy when Dawn is not here?" Sam said hesitantly.

"Let me just say that things have changed a lot since she has been living here, but nothing while Dawn is away," I told him. "Would you like to see?"

"Uh...sure," Sam replied.

I switched over to another keyboard and searched for the recording of the first time Dawn, Amy and I got wild. I was real curious how Sam would react when he saw me fucking Amy in the ass. I pulled it up and set it to play on one of the monitors on the desk. There was no harm, it was going to be in the second recording, we just hadn't got to it yet since it was toward the end. Dawn and Amy had already agreed that we couldn't leave it out since everyone else was on the video.

After a few minutes of it went by and Sam saw that we were really going to get it on in the recording he mumble 'damn'. We continued to watch and I continued to monitor the mix.

The video Sam was watching lasted about 45 minutes, I knew the girls must be getting near having dinner ready. The video of Dawn, Amy and I ended.

"Damn James!" Sam said as he turned to look at me.

I noticed he had a huge erection again.

"Pretty hot stuff, huh Sam."

"So Dawn doesn't mind you fucking other women?" He asked.

"Well, at this point it has just been Amy," I told him.

"And Amy let you fuck her in the ass?"

"Yes, I was very surprised."

"How do you feel about Dawn making it with Amy?" Sam asked me.

"What would you think if Olivia wanted to do something like that?" I replied

"I would think it was hot, but I don't think she would do it," Sam said with a look of disappointment on his face.

"I didn't think Dawn would do it either. But, I enjoy it and I know she does. She has only done it with Amy as far as I know," I told Sam.

"Wow," was all Sam said.

"I see you enjoyed it too," I quipped.

"Oh...sorry, I couldn't help it," Sam said as he absent mildly tried to cover his erection.

"Don't worry about, I'm just messing with you," I told him with a laugh.

I could see Sam was lost in deep thought. I knew what he was thinking about.

"It's almost ready you two!" I heard Dawn yell.

"We'll be right there!" I yelled back.

We came to a stopping place on the video and I paused everything. Sam had been deep in thought until Dawn yelled. He snapped out of it and was just staring at the video section I was working on. We got up and went to the kitchen. Dawn and Olivia were finishing up, it smelled great.

"Okay, everybody grab a plate and get what you want," Olivia said.

"It smells great Olivia," I said.

We all grabbed a plate of everything and a beer and headed for the dining room table. After we all sat down, I dug in.

"This is hot!" I said as the first mouthful lit me up.

"You're a pussy James," Olivia said with a laugh.

"James I have some advice for you," Sam said.

"What?" I said as I finished taking a drink of beer.

"You might want to put a napkin in your lap, you don't want to drop any of this on anything important," Sam said smugly.

"Good idea," I said as I covered everything up with a napkin.

Everyone started laughing, we were a good time. We ate and laughed and drank. Dawn and I went through several beers, the food was hotter than we normally ate. We all finished and cleaned off the table.

"Why don't you two go work on the video," Dawn said. "We have some girl talk to discuss."

"Fine, we only need a few more hours and we will be finished and won't have to work on it tomorrow," I said.

"Good, that will give us plenty of time tomorrow to have some more fun," Dawn said with a big smile.

Sam and I grabbed another beer and headed toward the video room. We saw Dawn and Olivia plop down on the big sofa in front of the fireplace as we went down the hall. I mentioned to Sam that I hoped we could finish tonight. It was about 6:30, I felt like we had enough time.

Time passed as we worked. After we got past the last parts, I added the video that Sam had just seen with Dawn and Amy, then we added the video from today. We both watched it again then added what had just happened with all of us.

"Cool! Olivia will definitely get a big surprise when she sees it at the party," Sam said.

"Sam do you think this will be too much for everyone? You think anyone will get pissed?"

"I don't think so, everyone seems pretty cool and open from what I saw at the Halloween party," Sam replied.

"I hope so, Dawn and I have big plans for the party."

"Like what?" He asked enthusiastically.

"You will just have to wait and see," I said with a big smile.

Truth was Dawn and I still hadn't decided on how far we were going to push things. We had some great ideas but we had decided it would depend on how everyone reacted to the movies.

"Thank god that is finished," I said to Sam as we finished everything up. "All I have to do now is copy a bunch DVD's for everyone and burn a DVD for you and Olivia. You were a big help Sam."

"Enjoyed the hell out of it, anytime," Sam replied.

I finished burning the day's events to a DVD for Sam.

"Let's go see what the girls are doing," I said.

It was about 9:30, I hadn't realized how long we had been at it but the second half was longer than I planned since we added stuff to it. We walked down the hall toward the big room, we heard the girls giggling as we entered.

"Are you finished?!" Dawn turned and asked.

"Yep, it is all done except for the copying part," I told her.

"Great, now you won't be working on it all the time," Dawn said.

We walked around the front of the sofa, Dawn and Olivia scooted together in the middle, Sam and I sat on each side.

"So what have you two girls been talking about for so long," I asked.

"Oh, just girl talk," Dawn said.

"For three hours?" I asked.

"We had a lot to talk about," Olivia said with a big smile.

"We are glad you two are here, Olivia wants to watch the demonstration video for the tantra chair," Dawn said.

"Yes, I can't see how those things would be any fun," Olivia said.

"You don't do you," I replied.

"Okay with you Sam?" Dawn asked.

"Sure," Sam replied.

Dawn poked at the remote. She started the video which was about 30 minutes long, turned down the lights and we all sat back. No matter how many times I watched this it was still a turn on. The video came on, there was no dialogue, it opened with a hot blonde and a guy slowly having sex on the chair. We sat in silence as we watched.

After about 15 minutes I glanced over at Sam and Olivia. I could tell Sam was enjoying the video and from the look on his face and having some great ideas too. Olivia had slipped a hand down and was slowly rubbing Sam's growing erection. I also watched as Dawn looked over. I think Dawn was actually enjoying looking at Sam's cock more than anything. Before the video finished Olivia was doing a pretty good job of rubbing Sam's cock while watching the video, then the video ended.

"I see now," Olivia said as Dawn turned the lights back up.

Olivia turned to face Sam, "I want to try!"

"Every bedroom has one in it now," Dawn said.

"I want to try now!" Olivia said.

"Well, there is one over there if you two would like us to watch." I said to them.

"Not this time, okay!" Olivia replied.

"Well, let's go to bed, it's getting late," Dawn said to Olivia.

I think Dawn wanted to get to bed and wasn't interested in Olivia and Sam doing it now in front of us.

"Okay, let's go," Olivia said as she stood and pulled Sam up.

"You guys want a room upstairs or downstairs," I asked.

"Upstairs!" Olivia said as her and Sam headed toward the stairs.

We all went up the stairs, I let Olivia lead the way. I was watching her ass on the way up, it was tight and perfect. I led them to the bedroom beside ours. As Olivia ran and jumped on the bed I whispered to Sam in low voice.

"You know how to operate the remote and everything."

"Sure," Sam said.

"Good night!" Dawn yelled from the hall.

I walked out of their room and down to our bedroom.

"Do you think Sam will leave the cameras on?" Dawn asked with excitement.

"I don't know. Are you wanting to watch?"

"Yes!" Dawn said as she jumped on the bed.

"Now you are the perv!" I said to her as I picked up the controller and lay beside her on the bed.

"Turn it on," Dawn said.

I turned on the TV and pulled up the camera in their room. For now it was turned on. Olivia and Sam were making out on the bed. After a few minutes Olivia got up and went over and sat on top the high end of the chair and motioned for Sam to come over. Sam went over and stood. Olivia spread her legs apart and began rubbing her pussy. She was wanting, needing Sam to get down between her legs and eat her pussy. Sam did just that.

We watched for a long time as Olivia and Sam went through several of the different positions. We could plainly see Sam sliding his massive cock in and out of Olivia at times, Dawn seemed fascinated with it. While he had Olivia bent over one end of the chair we watched as he worked several fingers in and out of Olivia's ass, she seemed to like it, I knew Sam was thinking about me sticking my cock up Amy's ass.

"You seem very interested in Sam's big cock Dawn."

"Oh...I just find it hot. I have always wanted to see your big cock sliding in and out of me as we fucked. Seeing Sam makes me think of us. I have never seen anyone else as big as you, except in the porn movies."

"Is that all you are thinking about? You get to watch my cock slide in and out of Amy." I asked.

"What do you mean?" Dawn looked at me and asked.

"Are you thinking about it sliding in and out of you?"

There was a pause, too long of a pause.

"No honey. I just think it is hot seeing another woman getting speared like I get it. Most of the other guys we know only have an average size cock, that's all," she said looking at me.

I looked back at the TV. Sam had Olivia bent over and was slowly sawing in and out of her pussy. We could hear all the moans and groans coming from the TV. Olivia had already been rocked with several orgasms and now it looked like Sam was going to get his.

"He is about to fill her up," Dawn said as she sat up to watch.

Sam had begun pounding away at Olivia. After a few more minutes we watched as the two of them convulsed in huge orgasms. After Sam pulled out of Olivia she turned and got down on her knees and sucked Sam into her mouth and sucked the last drops of cum from him. I turned off the TV. Dawn fell back on the bed beside me.

"We are lucky to have such good friends," Dawn said as she reached over and grabbed my erect cock.

"It has been an interesting day for sure," I said.

Dawn rolled over and began sucking my cock. In a few minutes she was demonstrating her new abilities at deep throating me. She had really gotten much better at it since the first time. I pulled her ass around and she straddled my face. We continued in a 69 for a long time. Dawn enjoyed me going down on her so much sometimes we just finished off this way, this was going to be one of them.

While I had a mouth full of pussy I slipped a hand up and slid first one finger in her ass and then two. Amy had advised me to keep pushing Dawn's limits if I ever wanted to fuck her in the ass. Dawn had been getting more and more turned on by it as I had pushed for more. Dawn came in a huge orgasm eventually, squirting her juices all over me. After a minute I came and filled her mouth full. She sucked every last drop out of me and rolled over on her back.

"That was good!" Dawn said.

"Yes it was. You seem pretty hot and horny," I replied to her.

"Well, that helped relieve it!"

"You know Sam and Olivia could have been watching. Sam knows how to run the remote," I told her.

Dawn rolled over and looked at me smiling and said, "I forgot, but I don't care."

"Too bad they didn't get to see you squirt cum everywhere," I teased.

"Well maybe they will get the chance tomorrow," she said with a big smile.

"Let's get some sleep," I said as Dawn turned around on the bed and pulled up the sheet.


"Get up sleepy head and help me fix breakfast!" I heard as Dawn was pulling on my arm the next morning.

"Can I take a shower?" I asked.

"Yes, just hurry up, I already showered."

As I got my eyes opened and focused I could see Dawn's long black hair was still wet from her shower. She had slipped on a red silk robe this morning, not fastened, but she had a robe on at least. I got up and headed for the shower. When I returned, Dawn had already gone downstairs. I grabbed one of my silk robes from the closet and went down after her. As I walked out of the bedroom I could hear the shower running in the other bedroom.

Dawn had already started cooking.

"Help me get the table set please," she asked.

I grabbed the plates and everything and set the table. When I returned she had everything cooking. I heard Sam and Olivia walk up behind us.

"Good morning," Olivia said.

"Good morning," I replied, even though it was about 9:00.

"Did you all sleep well," Dawn asked over her shoulder.

"Very much," Olivia answered with a smile.

I looked at Olivia as she had left the front of her robe untied also. I was fascinated by her dark lips on her pussy and her dark areolas.

"Did you two figure out how to use the chair," Dawn said as she turned to look.

"Oh, yes," Olivia replied. "We want to get one."

I told Sam how to find them on the internet and how much they cost and everything. Olivia seemed very happy at the prospects of getting one.

Dawn and Olivia carried all the food to the table while I got the coffee and juice. We all sat down and began breakfast.

"Did you enjoy the show last night," Olivia chimed in.

"What show?" I asked.

"Sam said you were probably watching us," Olivia said with a smile.

"Oh, you didn't mind did you?" I asked hesitantly.

"No, Sam said he could turn off the cameras if I wanted, but I said no," Olivia replied.

"Did you two enjoy the show?" Dawn asked with a smile.

"Oh...I...yes," Sam stuttered.

"Not much of a show," Olivia said with a laugh.

"We'll try better today!" Dawn said to Olivia as she laughed.

We finished eating while we chatted and laughed. We all cleared the table and sat down to have coffee.

"Oh Dawn. I need to talk to you about the ideas for the pool." Sam said.

"Okay, let's grab a coat and go outside," Dawn replied.

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