tagNovels and NovellasLife after the Lottery Ch. 15 Pt. 1

Life after the Lottery Ch. 15 Pt. 1


A note – I discovered a lot of Chapter 9 was missing. If you have already read it and it wasn't real long, please go back and read it again, if you don't other chapters will not make sense.

Merry Christmas from J & D!

Friday, Christmas Eve morning came and Dawn and I woke up about 7:00.

"Dawn, I think that was one of the biggest orgasm I have seen you have in awhile last night when Samantha went down on you."

"I didn't think Sam would go at it that hard, she is pretty good. She certainly lost some of her inhibitions."

"Yes she did. How did you know she would be okay with you?"

"I have seen her sneaking out of Amy's room in the mornings, when I asked her about it she said that she was just sleeping with Amy."

"Honey, you know the two of them have been doing each other don't you?"

"Yes, I could feel it between them, how did you know?"

"I walked in on them a few nights ago."

"You didn't say anything."

"It wasn't my place. What did you two talk about while Amy and I fucked?"

"Just some things, I am sure you want Sam now don't you?" Dawn questioned.

"Yes I would but she is young, I don't know if her inhibitions are that far gone."

"We'll see," Dawn said. "Now get up and go check on the pool."

"Can I check on Sam first?"


I left the bedroom and went down to Sam's room and slipped in and lay next to her. Sam woke up and looked at me.

"Merry Christmas," I told her.

"Merry Christmas, but that is tomorrow," she replied.

"Did you have a good time last night?"

"Very good."

Sam turned toward me and kissed me.

"Is today going to be better?" Sam asked.

"I think you will find Christmas around here very enjoyable."

"I hope so, I'm looking forward to more fun."

"Good, I have to go check on the pool, I just wanted to check on you."

"You can check on me anytime. James...when are you going to eat me?"

I was a little shocked at Sam, but only a little.

"Maybe that will be one of your Christmas presents. Is that what you want?" I said as I got up.

"Yes it is, Amy says you are very good. Will it be okay with Dawn?"

"It will be okay."

I went out and checked the pool, it was almost full so I turned the heaters on. Amy had left for work earlier, the 12 hour days had gotten to her.

When Sam (my AV guy) showed up about 9:30 to show Dawn what he had installed, he and Dawn went into the study for a few minutes then came back out. Samantha had come down in a very short pair of pajama bottoms and a pajama top that just came down over her breasts and was sitting with me on the sofa. She let me run my hands over her breasts while she sat before Sam arrived.

"Can I see?" I asked.

"No, you need to go away!" Dawn told me.

"I have to go into town anyway, check on the pool and turn the water off when it is full, I already turned the heaters on."

"Can I come?" Samantha asked as she stood and I watched Sam admire her.

"No you can't, I am doing some Christmas shopping."

"I won't tell."

"You better stay here."

Samantha reached above her head and stretched for a minute, pulling up the top revealing the bottom of her breasts teasing me and Sam.

I needed to go into town to pick up Christmas presents for the girls so I left. I was gone several hours; I had to pick up something I had ordered for all the girls. While I was driving back home the thought came to me that maybe I shouldn't have left Dawn and Samantha alone with Sam, he could be doing more than showing the two of them my Christmas present. When I got back to the house about noon I went in to find Dawn and Sam standing at the doors looking outside, he was still showing her something on the remote. Samantha was coming down the stairs dressed more appropriately.

"You're back," Dawn said. "Where did you go?"

"I had to pick some things up."

"Like what?"

"Like none of you business," I told her.

"Did you get my Christmas present?!"

"Maybe, but you will have to wait."

Sam and Dawn were standing at the big glass doors leading out to the pool. Dawn was like a kid when it came to Christmas. She had already been bugging me trying to find out what I got her, I knew she would keep at it and would be trying to find what I had gotten her. I had brought the presents in a big box, not that they were that big, just to throw her off.

"I need to go hide this so you won't get into it!" I told her as Sam laughed and Samantha giggled.

I went down the hall to the computer room, I had a safe in there that Dawn didn't have the combination to, it was the only way I could keep some things like this from her and she let me have it. I had their presents wrapped in different colors when I picked them up so I wouldn't have to put names on them. I put them in the safe, they needed to be there. I made a note to call our insurance agent after Christmas.

"I'll find it!" Dawn said when I got back to the den.

"Dawn, you just have to wait a few hours!"

Sam laughed.

"Did you finish Sam?" I asked.

"Yes we did," he told me. "I need to get headed back, Olivia is waiting on me."

"We will see you at the party then?" Dawn asked.

"Can't wait."

"You all have a Merry Christmas," I told him.

After we saw Sam to the door Dawn and I sat down on the sofa with Samantha.

"I was wondering on my way back if maybe I shouldn't have left you two alone with Sam," I told Dawn.


"I just had a thought that maybe you two might do more than just check out the new electronics."

"What? What if we had? We talked about this," Dawn replied.

"It would have been okay, I just want to watch the first time you have sex with another man."

"Do I need to leave?" Samantha asked.

"No, you're okay," Dawn said. "Who said I was going to get fucked?"

"You haven't thought about it?" I asked.

"Yes I have, but I want to make sure you are there too, if it happens," Dawn said.

"I think I will go upstairs," Samantha said as she got up and left.

"Would you like Sam to do you?"

"I don't know, maybe, but it would have to be okay with Olivia first."


"And you don't have a problem with that?" Dawn asked.

"No, we did talk about it. I just want to watch."

"You will get to if I decide to let it happen, and honey I'm sure you will get to fuck Olivia."


Dawn hugged me and laid her head on my shoulder as we sat there. I picked up the remote and was exploring it.

"You want find it," Dawn said.

"Find what?"

"Find what I had added, I have to unlock it and show it to you," Dawn said.

"I wasn't looking for that, I was going to turn on the TV."

"Sure you were."

"What do you have planned for tonight?" I asked.

"If Amy gets home early enough I thought we would eat early and spend the rest of the night having fun and opening presents."

"What kind of fun are you planning on having?"

"I'm sure something will come up," Dawn replied.

"Samantha asked me this morning if I would eat her."

"Why didn't you just do it this morning?"

"I want to wait, have you got everything ready for the party?" I asked

"Just about, I have to make some more phone calls to the women, we are all getting together next week."

"I wish you would tell me what you are planning."

"Just wait and see, it is going to be a fun time at the party. I need to get with you to see when you plan on showing the videos."

"The videos are about 4 hours each so work that into your plans. I thought we could show the first one New Year's Day after brunch and the other that night or afternoon."

"Okay, I will work it in. What about Nancy and the catering?"

"Nancy said she would be here early Friday morning to start getting things ready for the dinner. She may drop some things off Thursday."

"Is she bringing help?"

"She is bringing the twins."

"James, are they old enough to be here during the party?"

"They are 21, I talked to Nancy about it and she said everything would be fine."

"Okay then. I didn't realize they were that old, they don't look it."

We talked about everyone making plans to arrive sometime next Friday afternoon, New Year's Eve. Everyone would be there and staying through Sunday evening and make a weekend out of the party. A big Dinner was planned for New Year's Eve then whatever plans Dawn had afterwards.

"Sam and I are going into town for a little while," Dawn said.

"Are you sure you need to go and get in all that traffic?"

"Yes, Sam wants to get some things that is why she wanted to go with you this morning."

"If she went with me she would know what you all are getting! Don't get stuck in traffic or the stores."

Dawn called Samantha and she came back downstairs dressed.

"Do you want to eat lunch first," I asked.

"We will get something while we are out."

The two of them left, I was afraid they would get stuck in the shopping traffic.

About 1:30 Dawn's dad called, he wanted to let me know that the chair I had ordered for them had arrived. Her mom got on the phone and told me I was a bad boy. I told her I hoped they enjoyed it as much as we did and would experiment on it, she assured me they would. Later my dad, Pete and Brian called to let me know their chairs had arrived, they were all planning on trying it out that night. After they all called I just laughed to myself, just wondering if they would have as good a time with them as Dawn and I did and wondering about Dawn's parents and their friend.

Around 3:30 Dawn and Sam returned, they came in carrying sacks and headed upstairs. It was about 30 minutes before they finally came down.

"You two get lost?"

"No, we had to wrap some items," Dawn said.

"What would you like to drink," I asked as they sat down.

"Can we have some wine please?"

"Sure, I will get it."

I went and got a bottle of wine and then poured them a glass while they sat and we talked for a while. After we finished I had Dawn check all the food I had ready to make sure we had enough for the night, she said everything looked okay. Dawn and Sam went back upstairs for a while. When they returned they were carrying several wrapped packages and put them under the Christmas tree with the others.

"I bought you something," Dawn said as she walked over to the sofa.


"We decided we are going to have a pajama party tonight so I got you some new pajamas."

"That sounds good."

"I thought we could all just lounge around and have a good time tonight."

"I think we can do that," I told her and Sam.

"Sam, are you going to wear the pajamas you were flashing Sam with this morning?"

Sam blushed.

"Is the pool ready?" Sam asked changing the subject.

"It's filled with water but it is not warm yet."

"Will it be later?" Sam asked.


"I hope it is ready, I have never been skinny dipping on Christmas before," Sam replied.

"That sounds like a good idea," Dawn told her.

I heard Amy pulling up, it was about 4:30, when she came in she was happy to be off the rest of Christmas Eve. She came in and sat down on the sofa, I got her a glass of wine.

"Thanks, I need this," Amy said.

"Glad you got off early," I told her.

"Me too and I don't have to be there until 8:30 in the morning."

"You relax, I will get the food out," I told her.

Dawn and Sam sat by Amy, I could hear them whispering while I was in the kitchen. A few minutes later I walked over and sat with them, they were all smiles.

"We are going upstairs to get ready and change," Dawn said.

"Go ahead, I will get everything out and put it on the table."

They all got up and rushed upstairs. I spent the next 30 minutes setting out all the food and drinks. After I finished they still hadn't returned. I went over to the fireplace and started a fire for the evening. About that time I heard the girls coming down the stairs.

I turned and looked, they all had on long silk pajama bottoms and matching tops. Dawn was in red, Amy in white and Sam in green. They all looked very nice.

"Go upstairs and change," Dawn told me. "Yours is on the bed."

I went up to the bedroom and found a set of pajamas just like theirs; mine was red like Dawn's. When I returned back downstairs they were all sitting at the table picking at the food.

"What can I get everyone to drink," I asked as I got to the table.

"Bring a bottle of wine, that should be good to start," Dawn told me.

I returned and poured the wine then we sat down and snacked. Dawn had turned on the Christmas music in the house and I thought it was going to be an enjoyable evening. We had some more wine and ate and talked and laughed about an hour.

"I have something to show you honey," Dawn said.

"What is it?"

"It's your Christmas present. Everyone outside by the pool!"

We all got up and headed outside to the pool. The sun had gone down and it was getting a little cool outside, but not too bad. Dawn walked out of the house carrying the remote control.

"Watch!" Dawn said.

She tapped on the screen of the controller several times and the lights came on in the pool. They looked much softer than the harsh lights that we had before.

"Hey, new lights," I said.

"Not just new lights," Dawn said as she tapped the screen on the controller pad again.

The lights began changing colors, they went through every color of the rainbow.

"That is great!"

"Sam said they were able to produce over a million different colors."

"That is great, it looks nice with the new color of the pool, thanks!"

"Not finished yet!"

Dawn tapped the remote again and all the accent lighting came on around the pool. All the little lights along the edge came on shinning on the plants and rocks, the same color as the lights in the pool. Then the lights came on behind the waterfall. The waterfall lights were very bright and made it look like colored water was coming from the rocks. Then she tapped the remote again and the lights in the pool all started changing colors to go with the Christmas music that was playing.

"That is fantastic!"

"I hope you like it. Sam says you can come up with an unlimited number of combinations for all the lights."

"Thank you honey!"

We all walked around and looked at the lights for a bit and then went back inside.

"Now I am cold!" Dawn said. "Let's sit in the floor in front of the fireplace."

We all moved over to the fireplace and sat in the floor to get warm. I pulled up the camera that showed the pool outside on the TV so we could watch it change colors to the music.

"I hope you like it," Dawn said.

"This will be great at the party if the weather is good," I told her.

"Would you like to see the present you bought us?" Dawn asked.

"I didn't know I bought you anything."

"Yes you did."

"What is it then," I asked.

Dawn, Amy and Sam stood up and pulled their long pajama bottoms down. Their tops came down to about mid thigh so I didn't see anything. Then they started unbuttoning their tops slowly. Once they all had their tops unbutton they pulled them off. My three beauties were standing there in some very sexy and skimpy lingerie, the colors matched their pajamas. I knew from looking that it came from Dawn's favorite shop and that it was also very expensive.

"I'm glad I bought you that!"

"Do you like it?" Dawn asked.

"Very much, I didn't realize I had such good taste!"

They turned slowly and let me see everything. The panties were very high cut and made from very thin lace, the tops were made from the same material and I could see their nipples through the fabric.

"You all look very lovely."

"Thank you," they all said as they sat back down, each giving me a big kiss.

"Why don't you play Santa Claus and bring all the gifts over honey," Dawn said.


I walked over to the Christmas tree and started picking up their gifts.

"Oh, here is something else I must have bought. It says to the girls from James."

It was a bigger box, I carried it over to the girls.

"Let's see what it is," Dawn said.

Amy and Dawn tore the wrapping from the box and opened it up.

"Oh, gee, thanks honey," Dawn said as her and Amy began pulling out an assortment of sex toys, lubes, body paint and other items.

"We needed some new ones!" Dawn said. "We will have to try these later."

"Yes, I think you have worn out all the others!"

I looked at Sam, she seemed a little embarrassed. With that comment and looking at them in their lingerie my cock was slowly coming to full attention.

"Let me see what else we have," I said as I picked up several boxes.

"Here is one to Amy from Sam, one for Dawn from Sam and one for Sam from Dawn and to Amy from Dawn," I said as I handed them the packages.

I watched as they opened each other's gifts and exchanged 'thank yous'. They were all having a good time, it was different than how Dawn and I usually spent Christmas Eve together but we were having a lot of fun and laughs.

"Hey Dawn, I did get a call from your mom and dad and mine plus Pete and Brian, their chairs arrived today."

"What did they say?"

"They said they looked forward to trying them out tonight. I told your mom I hoped Betty would like it."

"You didn't!"

"Just teasing."

"Don't do that!"

Dawn laughed finally and so did Amy.

I went back to the tree and picked up two boxes, one was from Amy to me and the other was from Sam to me.

"Amy, you and Sam didn't have to get me anything."

"It's not much," Amy said.

I opened the package from Amy and it was a blue polo shirt.

"Look at the front," Amy said.

I turned the shirt around and looked carefully at the front. Just above the pocket it had been embroidered. It said 'World's greatest lover' in letters just big enough someone would have to look close to see.

"That's cool."

I opened another square box from Sam. When I got it unwrapped and opened the box all it had in it was a big red bow. I looked at Sam puzzled.

"That's for something special," Sam said.

"Okay," I told her.

"Where is ours?!" Dawn said.

"You already got yours," I said teasing.

"James!" Dawn said.

"Okay, let me see what I can find."

I went back to the tree and picked up 6 packages that I had not labeled. I walked back and sat in the floor with the girls. I handed one to each of them and kept the other three.

"Here you go."

They each ripped into the packages at the same time.

"Oh my god!" Amy said as she opened the black velvet box.

"James!" Dawn said.

Sam just sat there staring into the box.

"Sam, you okay?" Amy asked.

She shook her head yes.

Dawn looked up at me as she retrieved a large diamond necklace from the jewelry box. The necklace was something she could wear with an evening gown. It had diamonds that would go all the way around her neck and a large collection of diamond pendent clusters in the front.

"James, it's beautiful!" Dawn said as she turned for me to put it on her.

"I hope you like it."

Dawn turned and kissed me after I had the necklace fastened behind her neck.

"What did you get Amy?" Dawn asked.

Amy looked up at Dawn, tears were starting to appear in her eyes as she sat there with her hand to her mouth. Dawn moved over to see.

"Wow!" Dawn said as she pulled a similar necklace from Amy's box.

The necklace was very similar to Dawn's but a little smaller. It was white gold like Dawn's but instead of diamonds it had green emeralds to go with her eyes.

"Let me put it on you Amy," Dawn said as she pulled the necklace around Amy's neck and fastened it.

"James, you shouldn't have," Amy said with tears running down her face.

"That looks great with your hair and skin," Dawn said.

"I think it matches her beautiful eyes," I said.

I also thought the green emeralds and white gold looked good against her skin and red hair.

Amy was just staring at me as she felt the necklace with her fingers.

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