tagNonHumanLife Ch. 03

Life Ch. 03


Life: Character Backgrounds

To The Readers of this story:

I have read your comments and thought that this brief character background would help explain some of the characters.

Any comments or ideas are happily welcomed.


Rashad: At the beginning of the story, Rashad stood at about 6'4" and weighed in at about 500lbs. When the he was bitten he ended up at 6'5" and weighed in at 220lbs. with only 2% body fat. He is from Washington D.C. but lives in Norfolk, VA. He is Black with Italian and Black foot Indian decent. He starts the story wearing glasses and has short black hair. When he is bitten he loses the glasses but keeps his hair cut short. His parents and his little brother also live in the area. He has known Terrance (Samantha's boyfriend) for 15 years, and though they are friends, they have grown apart. He has only known Samantha for a year, but from the instant they met, they became fast friends. There has always been something between them that neither one of them had played on, till now.

Tracy: Tracy stands about 5'10" and has flowing red hair down her back to her butt. She and Rashad have been married for 8 years and until recently everything had been going fine. But since Rashad had been getting lazier and lazier, their sex life had dwindled and she was finding it hard to even be in the same room with him. She turned to God and has been heavily involved in the local church for the past year.

Samantha: Samantha is about 5'9" with red hair that goes to her shoulders. She is from New Jersey originally and still has family that lives there. She is dating Terrance at the beginning of the story and living with him at Stephen's house. There has been a mutual attraction between Rashad and Samantha since they met, but they never played on it because of Terrance, until Rashad started showing signs of the wolf inside him. Even though she loves Terrance, she wants to be with Rashad.

Terrance: Terrance is about 6'4" and has short dark hair. He is German and Scandinavian mix. He served in the Air force for 4 years before getting out. He and Rashad have been friends for 13 years and have only been dating Samantha for 6 months before the events of the story. He is a Site Developer for a local architectural company so he is gone a month at a time. As the events of the story are unfolding, he is away on a job.

Stephen: Stephen is Terrance's gay roommate.

Herbie: Herbie is about 5'8" tall and skinny. He is an ex-Marine and he and Rashad met while going to college. They hang out and are friends, but not as tight as Terrance. He was there in the woods when Rashad was bitten.


September 29, 2012 (Saturday – Day of the Full Moon)

Rashad didn't dream. He woke up and looked at his cell phone; it read 12:30 pm. He got up and noticed that Samantha was still sleep. 'Well I'm not surprised considering last night. Damn, I didn't know she could bend that way.' He thought to himself remembering the night before. He walked into the bathroom and started the shower. He brushed his teeth and shaved and then hopped into the shower. Cleaning himself thoroughly, he turned the water off and stepped out. He went into the bedroom, where Samantha still slept, and he put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He grabbed his wallet and phone and put them in his pocket.

He went over to the bed next to the hotel phone and wrote a note to Samantha. It read 'You must have been tired from last night, and this morning. I am going to go and get something to eat. I'll bring you something as well. Vegetables right, since you're a vegetarian now because of your gallbladder? Lol, I'm just kidding, or am I? –Rashad' He put the pen down, walked to her side of the bed and kissed her softly on the cheek and walked out the door.


Samantha eyes opened as she thought she heard the door close to the room. She lifts her head and some hair falls over her eyes. She looks around the room but doesn't see Rashad. She looks over and sees the note on the table and she reaches for it. She brushes the hair from her eyes as she chuckles some and rolls her eyes.

"Chicken and veggies, you goofball," She mumbled gently. She rolls over and starts to put her feet on the carpeted floor and then groans softly, feeling her sensitive spots throbbing from the events of the previous night. She manages to muster the strength and walk unsteadily to the bathroom. She fills a paper cup with water and sips it. All the panting, moaning and whimpering and caused her throat to go dry.

She sets the paper cup on the sink and turns on the water in the shower. She made sure the water was warm as she steps under the water. Her fingers slide down over her breasts remembering how he sucked her nipples last night. Her cheeks blushed as her fingers slide between her legs over sensitive lips. She whimpered out softly as her knees tremble some. Her free hand went to the wall as her jaw drops some. She sank down to her knees as the water slips down over her flesh. The juices ran down her legs as her breath huffed some. She whimpers and closes her eyes "Gods." She breathed out as a moan came from her throat.

After a few minutes she slowly gets to her feet. She washed down her flesh and rinsed off before turning off the water and pulled a towel down. She wiped her face before wrapping the towel around herself. She stepped out and wiped the mirror down. She rubbed at her hair as she stared at her image in the mirror. She could see that she looked different somehow, like she was someone different even though she hadn't been the one changed by the werewolf. "I'm in love with one." She breathed gently as blush showed in her cheeks. She turned and opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the kitchenette.


Rashad was coming back across Military Hwy with bags from Wal-Mart in his hand, when he saw Michelle coming out of the motel office. She was heading toward her car when she saw him. She continued to her car, but instead of getting into it, she leaned against it and waited for him.

"Hey" she said as he was walking past. He hadn't intended to stop, but something inside him wanted to talk to her. He turned to her and smiled.

"Hey yourself" he said to her. She moved closer to him. As she did, Rashad could tell she was getting turned on. 'Samantha's in the room, what are you doing?' he thought to himself. Then he got a response, and he knew it was the beast; 'Fuck Michelle!'

"So what have you got in those bags?" Michelle asked, now she was standing so close Rashad could tell what kind of perfume she was wearing, Chinese cherry blossom, could see her nipples were perky, and just about taste her pussy on his tongue.

"Groceries, I am going to cook lunch for my..." what was Samantha? A girlfriend, a friend, fuck buddy? "...Friend who is in the hotel room waiting for me." Rashad said.

"Well, I have to go, but I will be back at 8 tonight, so if you get lonely or bored, come see me." Michelle said as she leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips. Rashad was going to back up before she touched him, but as soon as she made contact the beast inside took over. He dropped the groceries on the ground and wrapped her in his arms returning the kiss fiercely. She liked what he was doing and wrapped her arms around him. While they kissed she opened the back door to her car and they slid into the back seat.

His pants were unzipped and her skirt was up in a matter of seconds. Rashad was now face to face with the beautiful blonde as she used her hand to guide his cock to her pussy. She reached out and pulled the door closed with a thump, then sat herself down until she buried his cock inside her.

She sat for a moment and looked at Rashad who had a serious, almost primal look of pleasure as he felt the walls of her pussy around his penis. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips, then a longer more passionate one. Then she put her hands on his shoulders and started to lift and fall on to his cock. Slowly at first, then building in speed and the force she pushed herself down on him.

"Yeah fuck me!" she said as she moved.

Rashad couldn't believe how much he was enjoying her. At that moment, with the beast in complete control, Samantha didn't even enter his mind. He took off her shirt and soon revealed her bra and tits. Each time she hit bottom and his cock was up inside her, it sent a shudder through those B-cup tits and they made an amazing view.

He smiled and rubbed his face in her cleavage. She giggled a bit and unhooked her bra, slipping it off to let loose the fantastic contents. He was now free to lick and suck them at his leisure, something that he took full advantage of.

"Mmm, oh god yeah." she panted over and over as she got closer.

"Ah, ohhhh." and she reached orgasm and held him tight.

Rashad wasn't finished however and grabbed around her hips, fucking up into her rapidly, building his excitement and listening to the moans she let out at him fucking her so hard after her own orgasm. It wasn't long until it was too much and he came. He shot his cum into her and laid back in the seat panting at the exertion Michelle laid her head on his shoulder and kissed his neck.

"Enjoy that?" she asked playfully.

"Oh yeah." he said with a laugh.

"Mmm, me too." she said and they stayed like that for a while. Although Rashad felt his cock soften, it was still inside her and it was a feeling he wanted to prolong.

When Rashad's head cleared he looked at Michelle and felt anger for himself. He grabbed her and gently removed her from his cock, pulled up his pants and slid out of the car. He grabbed the bags and turned to his room.

"Come by later?" Michelle asked as she was pulling down her skirt and shirt and sliding out of the car.

"Nah, this was a one time" Rashad said as he walked quickly back to his room. He put the key in the lock and walked into the room.


Samantha was bent over the bed rubbing the towel through her hair when she heard the door open. "Hey honey." She said under the towel as her fingers rubbed and tried to get her hair as dry as possible, before flinging back her head tossing back the tangled red locks from her eyes. She turned and smiled to him before using the towel to still rub at her hair. She stood up in a baby tee and a pair of shorty shorts. She went to the bathroom and returned the towel to the shower rod. She began brushing her hair while staring into the mirror.

"Did you get everything you think we need from the store?" She asked from within the bathroom as her fingers smoothed at her hair as she ran the brush through. Her fingers tossed some hair from the brush into the trash before picking up her clip and drawing her hair back from her eyes. "Last night and this morning was wonderful, dear." She breathed to him as a smile still lingered on her lips. She could feel her nipples harden some at the thoughts and memories of their passions. "So damn wonderful" She breathed gently.


'Honesty is the best policy' he had heard. "I fucked another girl." He blurted out before he lost the nerve to say it. He stood at the entrance to the bathroom and watched her reaction in the mirror. First came disbelief, then confusion as if she didn't hear him right. Then he saw anger mixed with hurt as she turned around to face him. He could see tears streaming down her face, and he felt his body being racked with guilt.

"Why? Who? When?" She said through tears.

"I don't know why, it just happened. I was coming back from Wal-Mart and I ran into the girl at the front desk leaving. I couldn't control myself." He said. 'That is about the lamest excuse I have ever said' he thought to himself. He watched her walk toward him, grab the bathroom door and slam it in his face.

"Samantha, I'm sorry, I couldn't control myself." He said through the closed door.

"Leave me the fuck alone Rashad!!" he heard her scream through the door. He sat there in silence listening to her cry. He went to open the door but stopped himself. 'You deserve this; you're nothing but an animal now. Just a pile of instincts and no control' he thought to himself. He turned and left the hotel.


Her head fell into her hands as the tears slipped down between her fingers to the floor at her feet as her body sank down missing the toilet seat and sat on the floor. Her legs drew up against her chest as the flood seemed like it was never going to go away. Her heart clenched hard as her hand clenches at her chest some. Her body trembles as pain courses through her flesh. She suddenly felt sick and lifts the toilet seat in time to throw up. Her eyes clenched tightly shut as the sickness took her until only dry heaves were left. Her trembling hand lifts and flushes the toilet a couple of times. Her eyes didn't look. She felt drained and helpless leaning against the toilet unable to control the shaking of her flesh.

"Why?" She whimpered out softly. She drew her towel down from the shower curtain and wiped at her mouth as she leaned back against the bathtub. Her head leaned on her arm against the tub as her legs were drawn up against her chest. Her eyes close as her free hand still clenches at her chest praying the pain would subside soon.


He picked up his phone and dialed Herbie's number.

"Hey" Herbie said when he picked up the phone.

"I need you to pick me up. I am at the Econo Lodge on Military. There's a lot that has happened over the past week and you need to be brought up to speed." Rashad said.

"Okay, I will be there in 20 minutes."

Rashad looked at his cell phone and saw that it was 3:06 pm. About 25 minutes later Rashad saw Herbie's '02 beige Pontiac Sunfire pull into the lot. He got into the passenger seat and Herbie gave him a look of confusion until he realized it was Rashad, and then he just looked shocked.

"What the hell happened to you?" Herbie asked.

"Just drive out to Pongo and I will tell you all the details." Rashad said. Herbie put the car in gear and headed out to Pongo while Rashad retold the week's events, leaving nothing out.

When they got out to Pongo, Rashad pulled his cell phone from his pocket and saw that there were no messages. He sent a text to Samantha, it read: 'I know what I did was inexcusable, and unforgivable. I am sorry. I am out in Pongo for the night. I will be back tomorrow to get my ID and then I am going to the Greyhound station. If you're there I know we can work this out, if not, then it's a good thing you didn't tell Terrance about us. If you aren't there, then have a blessed life and know that I love ice cream.'


She must have fallen to sleep against the cold tile floor. When she awoke sometime into the night her stomach growled in hunger but her body wouldn't move as it still trembled some. Her hand was still clenched at her chest but the pain of her gallbladder had subsided now. Straining and whimpering she slowly pulled herself up from the floor. She wiped her face and cleaned out her mouth that was as dry as cotton. She looked a mess in the mirror. Her reflection was quite pale and her eyes seemed to have lost their glitter. She turned away from the mirror and opened the bathroom door. Her eyes looked out into the bedroom area and she saw that he was not in the room. Her phone had a blinking red light showing that it had a text message on it.

She walks to the bed and sits on the side. She opens the phone and finds the text from Rashad. She felt a few tears slip down her cheeks as she read his text. She drew the phone against her chest. Her head dropped some as the tears dripped and fell onto her bare thighs. She drew back the phone and wiped at the tears some.

'I love you. Come back to me, please. I forgive you always. Don't leave me alone.' She texted to him and sent him the message. She drew her legs up onto the bed and curled into a ball holding the phone close and hoped he would text her back and come back to her. A few stray tears slipped down her cheeks and were absorbed into the blankets under her shivering body. She drew at the blanket some and tried to cover herself up as she held tightly to the phone.


Rashad guessed it was around 9 as he sat deep in the woods. He had left his cell phone with Herbie and told him to meet back where he dropped him off in the morning, with a change of clothes. The moon hadn't risen yet as he sat deep in the woods by himself. He could hear and smell animals walking around him, but they kept their distance. Apparently they could sense that this man was a threat.

He looked at the clothes he was wearing; they were the same ones he had on when he fucked Michelle. 'God, what was I thinking?' He started to feel funny in the pit of his stomach and his muscles started to respond to some unseen queue. He looked up in the sky and saw that the full moon was rising and his body was reacting to it.

At first he didn't really feel anything as he slipped into the near human state. It felt like it did in the warehouse. His muscles stretched and reformed. Muscle began to grow on muscle. He could feel his mass increase and his facial structure change. He could see hair starting to grow on his arms and feel it everywhere else.

He watched his hands and felt his teeth start to elongate. He rubbed his brow and could feel his brow starting to slope. 'This isn't so bad' he thought to himself. Then the pain hit him like a ton of bricks. It ripped through his body and it was so intense that he wished he would black out, but the same thing that was doing this to him prevented him from losing consciousness.

He could feel his legs snap at the knee and invert, his arms became longer almost ape like, claws protruded from his fingernails. He could see his nose stretching out into a wolf's maw and could feel the fangs as they grew. A slight pain, considering, came from above his butt bone and he looked to see a tail wagging in the air. As quickly as the pain came, it left, and all that was left was the rage.


Samantha's tears had dried up as she lay on her back staring through slits towards the ceiling. Her eyes move towards the clock on the VCR near the TV. Night had fallen and she still hadn't heard from Rashad. Her eyes go to the hotel window as a brightened light began to fill the window and brighten the room some. Her body stood and went to the window. Her eyes went wide some. The full moon was on the rise. "His change" She breathed as she felt her heart pick up speed in her chest. She began to pant some as her body trembles. Strange and alluring sensations and even some pain seemed to slip through her body as a soft whimpering moan came from her throat. Her eyes closed to slits as the blinds remained open showing the full moon to her eyes. She steps back from the window as her calves touch the bed.

She falls back upon the bed as momentary flashes of images passed under closed eyelids. Her breathing huffed as her nails grabbed at the blanket under her flesh. She could see Rashad's body change and could feel the pain that he felt course through her own flesh. Her head lifts as her back arches some off the bed. Her pink G-string panties became quite wet and soon soaked her shorty shorts as she moans out. She could smell his scent and thought she heard his howl through the walls into her very soul as her nails dug and tore some at the comforter under her body. Her jaw was slack some as her head shook from one side to another seeing his claws fly and slice into the throat of a large deer. She could smell the blood of the deer fill her senses and hear the soft growls and whimpers from the throats of some coyotes that were quite close to him and his kill. She could almost taste the meat as he tore into the stomach and bowels of the deer. Her chest huffed as her heart climbs into her throat. She could see his glowing eyes as if they could actually see her. A deep throat growl came from his throat as her body trembles hard and another wave of her juices wets her panties and shorts, slipping down her inner thighs. She slips away drawing the ruined blankets harder around her trembling flesh.

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