tagInterracial LoveLife in the Seoul Ch. 01

Life in the Seoul Ch. 01


Michelle wanted to start fresh to explore. That's why she choose to go to South Korea. Here she was getting off the airport. Michelle got a job as an English teacher. Most of her friends and family had concern of Michelle going to South Korea. Too many odds were against her. She's black, she's women, and she's foreigner. But Michelle has always been headstrong and here she was.

Michelle was in the taxi. Feeling anxious, she would have a roommate while in South Korea. Her roommate was a foreigner, but it didn't make her feel any less anxious. Now she was at the apartment. She opened the door.

"Hello. It's Michelle."

"Hi. Come on in. It's your home too."

Michelle already liked her new roommate Christy. Christy was white, long blonde hair and about 5'8. Which is tall in South Korea. Michelle was only 5'4 and 110lbs.

5 months later

Michelle had been in South Korea for 5 months. She'd grown comfortable with the country, but she started to feel lonely. She had friends in South Korea, but she was missing someone to love. Michelle just tried to get it out of her head. She didn't come to South Korea to find love she came here to find herself .

Michelle was sitting in a café, when she saw the beautiful man. He was about 5'11 , short hair, luscious pink lips, and beautiful brown eyes. While Michelle was looking the man caught her looking at him and smile. Michelle was so embarrassed , she turned her head.

By the time she looked about the man was smiling at her.

"Annyong haseo (hello)"

"Oh you speak Korean?"


"Hi my name is Jae Hwa, I speak English."

"I'm sorry for staring at you it was rude of me. I'm Michelle nice to meet you."

"Michelle is such a cute name for a very cute person."


"Can I sit and join you?"


They has so much in common and she loved talking to him. He was so handsome. Michelle had trouble concentrating on the conversation. Just being with him was making her wet. They decided it would be great to meet again. Jae Hwa had invited her over to his house.

When Michelle appeared his door Jae Hwa smiled with delight. She was so beautiful, her dark brown skin looked so erotic. He wanted to touch her so bad. They had dinner. The conversation was going well until Jae Hwa blurt out:

"Can I tell you something, that might offend you."

"Sure I guess"

" Well, I know this is perverted but I want you to stay the night with me."

Jae Hwa, I really like you a lot but I don't want to be a one night stand."

" I don't want it to be either, but all I think about is you. It's like an addiction. I want to have a relationship with you."

Jae Hwa and Michelle stood up from the floor. He walked towards her, then he bended his head down to kiss her. Michelle opened her mouth. While their tongues and hands explored each other. Jae Hwa broke the kiss taking Michelle's hand , guiding his to the bedroom.

Jae Hwa sat her on the bed. They started kissing. Jae Hwa put his hands under her shirt taking her bra off. Her body was so smooth to Jae Hwa. Seeing her dark brown skin on his milky white skin made him even harder. After undressing Michelle, Jae Hwa quickly undressed. Even though he wanted her badly, he decided to take it slow to savor the moment.

He explored her body. He kissed every part of her skin. Causing Michelle to moan. Then he started to suck on her small chocolate nipples. He loved her body. He stopped sucking her nipples pulling out with a loud pop. He trace her body with his tongue stopping at her navel. Kissing her thigh , she opened her legs wide for his viewing. Her sex smelled so good. He put his finger inside her love hole to collect her juices. He hungrily tasted them.

Before diving in he smelled her sex once more and started licking. She moaned, it felt so good. He used his luscious lips to his advantage while sucking on her little clit, and fingering her. Michelle screamed "I'm gonna cum!" Jae Hwa stopped abruptly causing Michelle to become frustrated. "I'm sorry sweetie, but I want to savor this night."

Jae Hwa lined his thick 8inch dick up to Michelle's pussy. When he started to enter, Michelle let out a moan. It was erotic seeing his white cock in her black pussy. She was so tight. Michelle started to get louder and louder. "You're so big Jae Haw I didn't think you were going to fit", she panted. Jae Haw had to concentrate on the wall if he didn't want to blow his load to fast. He gave up and then he started to thrust deep inside her while moaning. "I'm going to cum"! After three more thrusts he shot his cum deep inside her.

He laid back on the bed still not pulling out of her, he loved her warmth. He was so tired he immediately fell asleep. While Jae Hwa was sleeping, Michelle started regret the great sex she just had. She didn't want Jae Hwa to think she was a slut. She decided she had to go not thinking she could bear to see his face again. She quietly slipped out the bed, and wrote on a piece of paper "I'm sorry".

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