tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLife of a Sex Addict

Life of a Sex Addict


Jenna is a beautiful young girl at the ripe age of twenty-six. She has dark brown hair that goes passed her shoulders and is almost always straightened. She has big brown "doe" eyes that get anyone's attention and she seems to be a rather innocent and sweet girl. Although Jenna is a very sweet girl she is far from innocent. The slender and curved girl is a sex addict and these are her stories..


Impatiently, Jenna waited for Austin to arrive. Her body ached as she craved his masculine touch. Her own fingers probing inside of her throbbing cunt wasn't enough. That was why she had started her own at home business of being an escort. She loved it so far and hadn't come into any troubles. Austin was her most regular customer and he stopped by her home at least one a week. Sometimes more and sometimes he took her out and showed her off to his pals. Jenna didn't mind one bit. She loved being showed off and she also loved sex.

When the doorbell rang, Jenna hoped up. She tugged the tight black skirt down a little but it still revealed the hump of her ass cheeks from behind. Her top was a very low cut button up black vest. Below she wore a lacy black bra that squeezed her perky 38C tits tightly together and up.

Austin looked his prize up and down with a beaming smile. He walked in and let Jenna lock the door behind him. She then walked backwards in her black high heels and used her finger to ask Austin to follow. The handsome thirty three year old man with his well toned body, his black hair and dark brown eyes, followed with the same devilish smirk as before.

Inside the bedroom, Jenna turned on some music on the radio that sat on the dresser. Along with the radio was an assortment of toys, but they didn't interest Austin today. He had a new plan up his sleeve and he knew the slut that was now on her hands and knees, butt in the air and shaking side to side facing him, would do it.

"Get those clothes off, baby." Austin ordered and he was quick to begin undressing himself.

Jenna giggled. Usually, Austin liked to spend some time fooling around and letting her strip tease for him. It seemed today that he was just ready to get down to business and Jenna didn't mind in the slightest. She sat up on her knees and unbuttoned the vest. She tossed it aside while Austin tugged off his shirt and moved to his jeans. Jenna flopped onto her ass, her breasts jumping up and down inside the bra as she kicked the heels into the wall across the room. She then slid from her skirt, next her thong and then the bra. Her breasts came pouring out.

Mark was nude by that point too, his eight inch cock being massaged in his own hand while his free hand grabbed her right breast. He squeezed then pinched her nipple long and hard between his index and thumb. Jenna yelped in pain but in pleasure as well.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you slut?" He said with a sneer as he reached over and pinched the other nipple. Both were erect now as was his cock.

Austin pushed Jenna onto her back and climbed onto the bed as well. He grabbed Jenna by her hip and tossed her around so that her stomach hit the mattress. Jenna looked back with a teasing smirk and a twinkle in her eye that begged for more. Austin leaped off the bed the went to the dresser. No toys met his eye but a rope did. He grabbed it and went back onto the bed where he grabbed Jenna's wrists and flung them behind her back.

"Ow, careful." Jenna said with a glare.

Austin ignored her and tied her wrists behind her back very tight. The rope hurt her soft skin and she wiggled, trying to free her wrists even slightly.

"Austin, they're too tight. Loosen them." She said in an irritated tone.

Still, he ignored the slender naked girl laying on the bed. He did get off the bed again though and this time he grabbed a blindfold. It didn't go over her eyes though but instead into her mouth. Jenna tried to fight it, tried spitting it out and pushing it away with her tongue but it was no use. It was then that Jenna began to make noises, trying to beg Austin to stop what he was doing. One rule she had was that the guy could not do just anything. She didn't want to get hurt and anal was out of the question.

"Shut up, slut!" Austin demanded in an angry growl. Jenna winced as she had never seen this side of him before.

He couldn't help but to admire the panic in Jenna's eyes. She laid, breathing roughly through her nose, the blindfold wrapped around her skull and drool forming in the corners of her mouth. Her arms hurt as they had been forced behind her back, the rope digging into her flesh. Austin's cock was hard and he was ready. He climbed between her legs and lowered his head. Her tight virgin asshole was right in front of his face. He licked his lips right before he stuck his face into her cunt. His tongue ran over her clit, instantly causing an enjoyable sensation. Jenna moaned in pleasure as his tongue worked between her lips, deep inside of her pussy and over her inner thighs as well. His teeth sunk down into her fleshy thigh and he growled while he did. Jenna managed an "oh" from her throat in pleasure as he continued. Slowly, one finger was inserted into her pussy. She was soaking wet from both his saliva and her own juices. Austin worked his finger in and out of her tight pink cunt while his tongue moved up and down her clit. Her legs were tensing and her body shivering in ecstasy.

Austin began to groan against her clit and it sent shivers down her spine. A smile had formed on Jenna's lips despite behind painfully tied up just moments before. She couldn't deny her pussy dripping into his eager mouth. His finger was moving faster now and without any warning a second one was forced inside of her. This man Jenna yelp in discomfort at first but soon her pussy accepted the thicker intrusion. She moaned as his fingers worked inside of her, pulling her juices out onto his hand and the bed.

Suddenly, Austin did something that was new for Jenna. She felt his tongue move around his hand, that still moved in and out of her cunt, and up passed her crack and to her asshole. She felt his tongue sliding up and down that tight back hole and he even forced the tip of his tongue inside. Jenna's eye went wide. This was completely new to her and yet somehow she liked the feeling of his tongue moving around her back door and forcing itself inside. She moaned as she became even more turned on.

As quickly as things had started they stopped. Austin pulled away his tongue as well as his fingers. He licked her juices off his fingers and smiled as she looked back at him, begging him for more. Austin was prepared to give it too. He positioned himself closer, the smooth head of his thick cock just outside of her pussy lips. He rubbed his dick against her lips and even flicked it over her clit, causing her to jump. His eyes watched her perfectly round ass cheeks while one of his hands grabbed her hip. He slowly slid himself inside, one inch at a time. Jenna moaned in pleasure as she felt her soaking wet cunt being stretched open by his thick cock. Austin's jaw dropped as he felt her pussy clenching around his erect tool.

"Oh, yeah baby. Nice and tight for daddy." He groaned as he got all eight inches inside. He held himself there for a moment, then used his other hand to grab her other hip, and with no warning at all began to pound himself inside of her. Jenna screamed in both pain and pleasure as her cunt was stretched open. Her juices cloaked his cock and dripped onto the bed. He thrusted deep and hard, his grunts filling the room along with her moans and screams. Austin wasn't taking it easy today and Jenna's eyes began to water from discomfort. His hands moved from her hips and grabbed her tied together wrists. His other hand grabbed her hair, forcing her head up and he forced her neck to turn so that she had to look back at him the best she could. Jenna was very uncomfortable now and was screaming, trying to get him to stop. This turned Austin on more and he thrusted even harder. His cock slid in and out of that tight pink pussy which slowly became red.

"Mmmm." He was able to say after a grunt. He let go of her wrists but continued to hold her hair while his free hand raised high up in the air. It fell down hard on her ass cheek and it instantly became red. He continued to slap her ass, over and over again until the welt showed. Her pussy clenched around his cock and he groaned, about to let off his load.

"I didn't forget about you." He said with a wink. He stopped slapping the teary eyed girl's ass and reached between her legs. His fingers worked magic on her clit. While his slid in and out of the tight cunt he massaged her clit fast. It wasn't long before her legs began to twitch and an orgasm rocked her body. She screamed into the cloth in her mouth, her eyes closing as her body shook. Her pussy pulsed around his cock. Austin pulled out and grabbed his dick, his cum shooting out onto her back.

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