tagMatureSexy Trailer Park Teen Ch. 01

Sexy Trailer Park Teen Ch. 01


How a knockout eighteen year old becomes obsessed with older men of wealth and power, but especially a lust for men with enormous cocks.

My name is Kacy. I am eighteen years old and am about to graduate from High School. Growing up I came from a broken home. Well, not a home but actually a run-down trailer park. My father, who I never met, ran off before I was born. I was raised by my mother who got pregnant with me at fifteen.

About me. I am the cheerleading captain on our High School team. I stand 5' 6" tall and weigh 110 pounds. My measurements; which always arouse a lot of attention are 34DD-21-33.

At the tips of my breasts are a pair of extremely big and very sensitive nipples. They are as round as a nickel and pierce through every one of my bras and blouses. What makes them even more pronounced and sensitive is that they are shaped like a cylinder with the tips being a flat surface instead of pointy. At the base of each nipple are my areolas which are narrow rings around each one and are so small they are barely visible. Even though my areolas are small they really highlight the length and width of my nipples.

By the age of thirteen my body had developed to the exact measurements I am now. It was around that time that I knew my body was attracting a lot of male attention. I caught a lot of men, especially older men eyeing me whenever I walked by them. The confident ones would even stop me and tell me I looked very sexy.

I have to admit that instead of being put off by their gazes and comments I loved the attention. It was at that early age that I knew my body was going to help me get what I wanted out of life, which was out of the trailer park and into a lifestyle where I would want for nothing.

While growing up in the trailer park my mother had a perpetual flow of boyfriends. All of them were easily half her age or younger and a lot were my age. She went from one young guy to another to the point that it seemed like every time I came back from school or from going out she'd be on the couch making out with a new guy. All of these guys had one thing in common. They were all real low-life's who never graduated High School, and never had jobs. They sat around all day drinking beer and leeching off women, like my mother for their welfare checks.

I remember a few weeks ago when I walked in after cheerleading practice and she was be on the couch with two young guys who I knew from the trailer park. One was eighteen and the other who was his cousin was nineteen. They were both drop-outs and did nothing all day long.

When I walked in the three of them were on the sofa. My mother was kissing each of them and didn't notice or care that I was home. She was dressed in a really skanky outfit. All she had on was a transparent black lace bra that showed her huge areola and long, fat nipples and a tiny black lace thong. She was wearing a pair of black thigh high stockings that were attached to a black garter belt and to add to her teasing look she wore black pumps.

As I walked by I remember seeing her head thrown back as she was groaning real loud while each of the guys was running their hands all over her stocking covered legs. As one flicked his tongue across hers the other was kissing her exposed neck. The room was filled with groans and they were all obvious to me being there. I didn't say a word and just walked past them and went to my room.

I was so used to my mother fucking so many different young guys that I just went into my room and put on my headphones and tuned out what was going on in the other room while I texted my friends.

Even though my mother and I were always at odds with each other and constantly arguing I have to admit that she was a real looker, and so did all of my friends, especially my boyfriends. She is thirty three years old (had me at fifteen) and is the spitting image of Jessica Simpson. She stands five feet four inches tall and weighs one hundred twenty pounds. Her measurements, like Jessica's are 36D-23-36. She has long blond hair and is always dressed in the tightest clothing or the shortest miniskirts and ultra-frayed short shorts that showed her ass cheeks. My mom was the ultra-trailer park MILF.

A month before I turned eighteen my mother started dating this guy named Wardell. For the life of me I couldn't believe that she was seeing him. He stood about five feet four inches tall and weighed no more than 110 pounds dripping wet. He was really scruffy looking with long strands of really greasy hair that he combed over the side of one side of his face to cover his baldness. He was also really old too.

Wardell was seventy years old (more than twice my mothers age). He was really gross to look at with more than half his teeth missing and the few that he did have were all yellowed. I could not believe what she saw in him and was totally shocked when one day I came home and read a note that her they went to the justice of the peace and got married.

He was the classic picture of a guy you'd imagine from a trailer park, and to go along with his trailer park image he never worked a day in his life. He made it his life's work hoping from one trailer to the next, leaching off single mothers until he was tired of them or had spent every cent of their welfare checks. Along the way he had fathered a bunch of kids, most of which came from his stepdaughters or even granddaughters while the mothers were at work or out of the house. This was something that eventually caught up with him and landed him in prision.

While my mother was off at work and I was at school or at cheerleading practice he was at home drinking beers with his low-life trailer park buddies. Whenever I was home alone with him I always felt totally creeped-out. We never spoke more than a few words but I always felt his eyes glued to my body every time I came out of my room to go to the bathroom or into the kitchen. When I would catch him looking at me he never turned away.

"Pervo," I'd say and walk away in a huff.

On weekends I would compete at county fairs. I would go from fair to fair and win prize-money for the ''Teen Miss' competition.

As a cheerleader, being on stage in in front of a crowd and dancing, dressed in a pair of short shorts and high heel pumps with a tight, sheer blouse and sheer bra was real easy for me and was easy money because I always won. The prize money ranged from $500-$1000 dollars for first place, and like I said, I always won.

One day I was in my room practicing for an upcoming county fair competition. When I practiced I always wore what I would wear for the contest because it made me feel sexy and in turn inspired me move as if there was an audience watching me.

That day I was dressed in a pair of real tight short shorts with a white blouse minus a bra and a pair of white high heel pumps. I thought my stepdad was out and I had the music playing real loud as I danced in front of a full length mirror.

My door was open and when I looked up my creepy stepfather was leaning against the door frame with a wide grin on his face. I watched his penetrating eyes slowly and deliberately go from my pumps, up my long tapered legs to my breasts. Holding a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other he stood there ogling at me with a look on his face that suddenly turned lecherous.

"What the fuck," I shrieked an annoyed voice as I instantly froze, and then went to the door to slam it but he stopped it with his hand.

"Fuckin real sexy," he said in a low-eerie voice.

"Get the fuck out creep," I shouted as I pushed against the door.

Luckily he let go and didn't force himself in, but as he did I heard him laugh in a perverted, disturbing way.

After slamming the door shut I was so mortified that I lit a cigarette then went out to go to a friend that lived in the mobile park. As I walked by the living room Wardell was on the couch watching a Jerry Springer show, sipping his beer and inhaling a drag on his cigarette. As I walked past him I heard him groan in a low voice that I could easily hear.

"Real fuckin sexy," he said as his eyes roamed up and down my body.

I knew he was looking at the sway of my ass as my high heel pumps clicked on the wood floor. I just huffed and said,

"Fuckin creepo," under my breath, then heard him laugh in that twisted pervy voice of his.

A week later I came to find out that my stepdad was at home doing a lot more than drinking with his buddies and I would also come to find out the main reason my mother married him.

I came home early from school one day because it was a half- day for some teachers workshop. As I was walking up the dirt road to the trailer I saw two black girls my age walk out of the side door. Our trailer was set-back the farthest in the mobile park and was really isolated from all the others.

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