tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLife Sentence Ch. 07

Life Sentence Ch. 07


The disappearance and probable death of a multi-billionaire tends to cause a bit of a stir. It was eight days before I flew back into LA, and reporters were waiting. I gave a prepared statement. Ongoing investigation, upcoming inquest, sub judice, old friend and business partner, great loss, tragic end to celebratory evening, no more questions...

Penny was also on the flight, disembarking later, and taking a different car. We met back at our suite and began packing. The phone rang. My blood chilled when I heard the voice on the the other end.

"Mr Carver. Please hold, the Secretary wishes to speak to you."

The next voice was familiar, and surprisingly friendly "Mr Carver, I hope you have time to talk?"

"Certainly, how can I help you?"

"It is more a question of how I can help you. I am sure that The Boss left instructions. Can we assist you in carrying them out?"

I knew instantly that my plan to keep the properties in my name was blown. Plan B: tell the truth and wing it. "Well, yes you could indeed. As you will appreciate it is my task now to wind up those property interests that The Boss had, which for privacy purposes and to ensure his reputation, are registered in my name. I am instructed to liquidate all of them, discretely, and then to activate a contract we had authorised some time ago, in which I will exchange them for a quantity of shares in a shell company that is one hundred percent owned by his estate. His estate then repurchases the shares, for an agreed sum as my commission. To that end I will be bringing all his portable assets to the next Meeting, and perhaps there are some property interests, such as the house in Jamaica, or the cabin in Aspen which have facilities for collectors which could also be auctioned."

"Do you have a full list of the property to be liquidated?"

"I can give you a copy of the full portfolio if you wish." I said

"Email it to me. Now. My assistant will give you the address." said The Secretary, and I was switched back to the woman who had first spoken.

A few clicks later I had emailed the folder from my secure drive, and the pgp public key.

I told Penny about the call. We kept packing.

Thirty minutes later the phone rang again. It was the same woman. I held on for two seconds until the voice of The Secretary drawled my name. "Mr Carver, you know The Boss left you instructions? He left me instructions as well."

"Oh? I didn't know that. Further instructions for me?" I asked, while my blood ran cold.

"Sort of. He left a register of his interests, the property he held but which was registered in your name. Your list corresponds well with his. Actually, yours is more up to date and includes a few things we do not have recorded. That is good, Mr Carver. Good for you. You see my instructions were to ensure that you were following his instructions. Clearly you are doing so. Therefore, his secondary instructions come into force. I wish to make you an offer Mr Carver. With the Boss's death there is an opening for Membership. Would you like to accept his nomination of you?"

"Membership? I'm sorry, but I don't understand. I haven't the money to pay for Membership."

"Fee would be waived. This is a transfer of his status to you."

"Well, I am, well, astounded. I had hoped that you might help me find another Member who would take me on as a Rep. And, actually, I was considering applying for a licence to become a Player. I never dreamed of Membership. Of course I would accept, although, to be honest I don't see myself having the resources to really mix with the Gentlemen, but if there are no restrictions on my trading, well, it would be an honour."

The Secretary made a thoughtful sound. "I had not considered that. Perhaps it would suit you better to be a Dealer. Yes. I am prepared to offer you a licence, if you would prefer that."

"Thank you Madame Secretary. I think that would be best. I am very grateful for your consideration. Thank you very much. I was wondering though, if I could request a further favour?"


"I made a momentary error of judgement a few months back. I have learned a good deal from it. As it turns out the girl I bought has become a useful asset, she is good at handling the new girls, and is a good trainer, and has become a devoted slave, so I am happy enough to keep her. But we were required to attend the Red Room at the last Meeting, and at future meetings. Madame Rouge took it that we were not there as a Master with a slave, but as punishment for me. She was in vicious mood. I ended up in hospital, and am still recovering from my operation. It is not an experience I wish to repeat. I would like to be released from the obligation, otherwise I will find it difficult to attend future Meetings. It would also be useful if I could travel without the girl. I was obliged to have her with me at all times. I have a tracker on her now, and she is well disciplined. I know now what it means to be an owner, and she will not break the circle. Could some leeway be given?"

The Secretary was silent for a moment. "Reasonable enough. Lesson learned, Eh? I will cancel the previous proscription."

"Thank you Madam Secretary"

"No, thank you Mr Carver. I had begun to doubt The Boss's judgement, but it turns out he was right about you. A courier will be delivering you new instructions shortly. Good luck, Mr Carver in your new career."

The phone clicked off. I looked at it, wondering what those last remarks had meant The doorbell rang about two seconds later.

I recognised the man at the door of the suite. He was huge, a Pashtun hit man and enforcer. I thought I was about to die. He smiled. Too much gold. I thought I was about to die. He reached into his jacket and I knew I was about to die. He pulled out a thick envelope and handed it to me, saying "Congratulations." Maybe I wasn't about to die.

He turned on his heel and walked away, I closed the door. I half expected a hail of bullets to come through it. They didn't. Maybe I would live.

In the lounge I tore open the envelope, and started to read. I swore, and Penny came in from the bedroom with a worried expression.

"Michael, is everything alright?"

I handed the top sheet of paper to her, and she began to read it. After a few seconds she said "What does this mean?"

"It means we are free. Just about. The Boss has left instructions, all the assets in my name are mine. The income streams from the shell companies are secured by this document transferring them to stock in his computer firm and the hotel chain. Penny, I'm a millionaire. A multi-millionaire. That old bastard has left me the lot."

"He left it to you? But I thought it was already in your name?"

"Yes, but name only. I was to sell it all and hand it back to his estate, on pain death - I knew The Circle would keep an eye on me. But now I really do own in. The Villa, the cabin, the loft in New York, the Apartment down-town here, the Florida place, the London flat, the lot. And the cars and all the contents, including the Monet. And the girls of course. But the best news of all is that we never have to go to the Red Room again. They have given me a Dealer's licence. They have made me a Player."

Penny was astonished. She burst into tears an threw her arms round me. I hugged her, and couldn't help laughing. "What's wrong girl? This is just what we wanted!"

"Oh Michael, you are safe. I got you in so much trouble, but now you are safe again. I'm just so happy." she sobbed.

"Well if you are happy let's see a smile. Let's celebrate." I said, raising her chin. She smiled a little, and I kissed her, a quick peck, and then looked at her again. I was surprised at myself. That little kiss, and her warm body against me, had lit a spark.

I kissed her again, a little longer, and she melted against me. She whispered "Oh Michael," in tones of longing and wonder and submission, and my half hard cock was suddenly stiff.

Her hands were beneath my shirt in moments, and she hopped up to wrap her legs round me as we stood. I sucked on her lips and tongue, and grabbed her bottom to pull her against me. She leaned back for a moment and peeled off her tee-shirt, and I plunged my face into her cleavage, nuzzling her breasts still in her white lace bra.

It had been a long time since we had last had any physical intimacy. I had thought about her when I was screwing Charley on the yacht, and during the last week when, under suspicion for The Boss's death, I had slept alone in the hotel in Kingston. Now those notions were realised.

I carried her to the bedroom, and dropped her the last foot onto the bed. She squealed as she bounced, and I grabbed her belt to undo her trousers. She simply hooked her thumbs into the waistband and pushed them down. She had a tiny thong beneath.

I pulled the trousers off her legs, taking her shoes as well, and threw her legs wide to dive between them and plant my mouth on the small lace triangle that barely contained her bush. The material was soon pushed aside as I worked at her with my mouth, and loosened my belt and fly at the same time. I had her moaning and her hips rolling by the time I was ready, my trousers round my knees, and moved up her body, kissing her navel and across her bra, sucking her nipple through the lace, to her mouth which I penetrated at the same time as I penetrated her lower lips.

Cock and tongue both slid into her body's warmth, and I felt again the joy of her total involvement, her utter submission and engagement with my body. She was free, at peace, taken by her man, robbed of all responsibility, life was simple, and simply devoted to sensuous fulfilment. And I was free. Free to do anything I wanted with this girl, to plunder her body, to bend her will and flesh to my pleasure. And my pleasure included hers.

As I broke the kiss and lifted myself up to look at her, to look at my cock going into her, and her now fit young body bearing my tattoo rising to meet my thrusts, she breathed "Thank you Michael for taking me again. You'll make me come doing that."

"Yes, come for me Penny."

Her body rose again, thrusting herself onto me, and I pushed harder down into her. Her eyes glazed, and she soon threw her head back, breasts neck and face flushed red, gasping for air as I pounded her hard. When she came the waves of pressure inside her drove me over the edge, and I climaxed just as she was starting to relax. I buried myself in her body, as she held me, hips gently moving, pussy squeezing my cock, words of thanks whispered in my ear.

I lay with her then, her face in my hands, looking in her eyes, and said "What is it about you Penny? A week ago I was with a girl that would give any teenager a wet dream and an old man a heart attack. A little blonde fuckbunny with a voracious appetite and no modesty. Some men would kill to fuck a girl like that, and the Jamaican police suspected I did, but even so, I kept thinking about you."

Penny had tears in her eyes "And I keep thinking of you, Michael. I haven't thought about a man that way in a long time."

"Well I'm glad to hear it. We may be free of The Boss, but The Committee is still out there. I'm not sure what to do now, but you know I can't free you, so you are stuck with me. And the other girls. Speaking of whom, we do now at least have somewhere to move to - the LA apartment, where I believe Amber is currently living."


"Tall girl from Boston. I think you haven't met her. She was in London, but she was brought back over a month ago. The Boss wanted to sell her at the last Meeting but the connecting flights got delayed."

"Michael?" said Penny as I rolled off her "would you like me help you undress fully?"

"Yes, why not." I lay back as she stripped me, enjoying her gentle touches as she gave my calves and feet a mini massage, and then smoothed the tension from my hands and arms. As she was working on my left arm, having just finished my right, she said "Michael?"

"Yes Penny?"

"I know you are worried about the other girls. Do you want to keep them?"

I sucked my teeth. "I'm not sure. If I sell them, even making sure I think their new owners are good guys, well who knows what might happen to them. Ten years time they might all be in Mexico, or Haiti."

Penny shuddered, I caught her hand in mine "Don't worry, I will never sell you. You will never go back there."

"Thank you Michael." Penny gave another little quake.

"You know I wish I could do something about those people that treated you like that. The Haitian in particular deserves to be stopped. Permanently."

"Like you stopped The Boss?" she said quietly.

We had not talked about it. Our plan had been to get him to the Villa, where I had arranged to overdose him with uncut cocaine, and Penny would, if she wished, see him die. Then he fell off the boat while Penny was at the villa. She had stayed there, out of the way, with the girls who had been held there, while I dealt with the cops. I had not even seen her on the flight, she was in cattle class, and we had no chance to talk until now.

"He fell overboard after too much drink. I went to bed early. The Steward saw me. It was a terrible tragedy." I said, looking at her hard. She looked frightened. I softened my look "Although it may be that the last thing anyone said to him was that he was a monster, a corrupt and hideous inhuman thing, not fit to breathe the same air as the innocent girls whose lives he ruined. Maybe that's why he jumped."

"He jumped?"

I looked blankly at her. "Either that or he was spun round with his jacket pulled over his head, kicked several times in the groin and face and heaved over the back rail by an unknown assailant, but I couldn't say for sure - I was in bed, remember? Either way if was all quicker and less painful than he deserved."

"They said on the news that he may have been eaten by sharks," said Penny.

"Yeah. Appropriate. Anyway, whatever happened I'm glad you had nothing to do with it. And neither did I, of course."

She bent to kiss me, and said "Thank you, Michael."

"It was a pleasure, Penny. I just wish I could do more."

"Like what?" she asked, settling beside me, and rubbing my chest muscles.

"The Haitian. The guy who did the piercings on you. Mr Handsome. That guy in Mexico." I said, reeling off some of the men who had abused her so badly.

Her hand stopped moving when I said Mexico. After a second it started again, and she said lightly. "The others are well protected and connected, part of The Circle. The man in Mexico was just a client. I don't know if we could find him, but I'll help, if you really want to."

I looked at her. "Do you want me to?"

"No." she dropped her head "I wanted him to be punished. In terrible ways. I used to day dream about hurting him. Doing things to him that I had done to me I wanted him to live in agony. But now, since I was made to do those things in The Red Room, and since you... since the accident, I, I don't want to do those things. And I don't want you to do them either."

I said. "I'm glad you don't want revenge like that. I'm glad our plan for the villa didn't come off, for the same reason. But I still feel that there are men, and women, who hurt you and are hurting so many others, who should be stopped."

Penny looked up at me "In Haiti I was taken round the villages. A dozen men came every night, and put their hands in me. A dozen, or more, in every village. You can't kill them all. There were hundreds in the brothel. Hundreds used me, some pretty badly, in the brothels in Mexico. And everywhere else. And you know if the Haitian and all his men were wiped out tomorrow there would be a brothel in that building with a new owner by tomorrow night. You would have blood on your hands, the law looking out for you and maybe the Circle taking an interest. And for what? It wouldn't change anything."

I thought for a moment. Of course she was right. But I hated it. "Yes. Okay, you're right. I wish I could do something though."

"Be a good master to your girls. Maybe rescue some more like me. Try to work out a way to free them. But don't take risks with your life to get revenge for me. I don't want it, and I'm not worth it."

"You are worth a great deal more than you think, Penny." I said, and I knew I meant it.

"I know what you are trying to say, Michael, but things have changed now. Before you owned me by permission of the Committee. You were responsible for me but they could take me away. You could not sell me or get rid of me. Now you really do own me. You can sell me. You can do anything to me, or have anything done to me. And the Committee will back you up.

"And the same goes for a dozen other girls. You really own them. They are your property, your slaves. The girls in the villa belong to you. And the others. And me. And we can never be free. If one of them runs away now what would you do? If I run away now what would you do? You would have to track me, because if you don't and the Committee hears, they will. And they will take you to task. And the other girls may end up at the next Meeting, because you will be dead.

"That's the reality Mike. And the same happens if you go hunting down men who hurt me, and get caught or killed. Your slaves get passed on to other masters. Those girls all end up in Tijuana whore houses getting fucked by dogs and ponies. I'm not worth that."

"But Penny.."

"No buts. I said 'those girls' because it wont happen to me. If you get caught I'll kill myself rather than go back. I would kill myself now if it is the only way to stop you risking your life for me. Please Master. I beg you."

"You called me Master again." I said gently.

"Yes, Master" she said with eyes downcast, but still defiant.

"I know what you mean when you call me that." I said, gently.

She looked up at me with hope in her eyes, and I kissed her again. Suddenly there was passion in her. For she took the initiative, kissing me fiercely, grabbing at my body, wanking me hard and forcing herself onto my cock, riding me, her breath quickly shortening, orgasm approaching fast. At first I followed her pace, glad to see her like this, not wanting to interfere with her needs, but as she wantonly used my body I realised that this time at least I needed to assert my ownership She needed me to be her Master.

In the last few moment before she was about to come I took charge again. Pulling her down to me and rolling over, I started to take her as fast and hard as she had been riding me. Her eyes flew open and joy was in them as I ravaged her body, my aim was to compete her pleasure but on my terms, her orgasm was mine to give, mine to permit. I wasn't near coming, and could control my pace and my breathing so I spoke to her as a drove her on to uncontrollable frenzy. "I want you to come for me Penny. I want to feel you come around my cock. My girl on my cock, coming for her Master. Come for your Master, come Penny, please me, please my cock. That's it girl, good girl, come on your Master's cock."

She whimpered "oh Master" as she came and clung to me, hips flexing and pumping herself against me. I let her wind down and then withdrew, still hard, and moved to lie beside her, pulling her over to me so her thigh was across my stomach, and her shoulder tucked beneath my armpit, her head on my chest, my arms around her. She lay in content silence, getting her breath, as I thought about things. I made a decision.

I asked her gently "Penny, did many of your previous owners make you call them 'master'? It is standard for all slaves at Meetings, but outside that, did you have to call other men that?"

"Some. Mr R, in Florida. At the Rocket Club we had to call all men 'master' and women 'mistress' so I got used to it then. Some others liked it. The Haitian and his men liked it."

"That's why you called me 'master' when you began speaking again after I bought you. Habit." I said. "But I have noticed a change in you Penny now you say it with feeling. It is different. I was disconcerted for a while about how you were sinking into some submissive retreat from reality, becoming a slave to escape responsibility. I hope I have nipped that in the bud.

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