The booth operator continued talking into his collar mike, pointing to the demonstration unit to highlight his words. We were all crowded around the brightly lit convention stall, watching his pitch.

"...That's right. Your benefits are several-fold. Flexible material adjusts perfectly to fit, and provides a superior lock. The tip slides easily and seals outward, and the recessed shaft prevents irritation and injury - and even increases stimulation and wellbeing. Our patented, extraordinary gliding capacity allows gentle insertion and removal."

He surveyed the crowd with his salesman's eye.

"But we don't just talk the talk. We walk the walk. Let me show you."

He waved toward me with a flourish, and beckoned with his finger. Before I could react, two pairs of hands had grabbed my arms from either side and lifted me bodily from my place, carrying me into the booth. I shrieked in surprise and protest, and the booth operator took the opportunity to stuff a wet rag in my open mouth, muffling me somewhat. The soaked cotton tasted strangely sweet, not quite alcohol-like. I couldn't prevent rivulets of it running down my throat as I tried to spit it out while struggling mightily in the unyielding grip of two lab-coated men. The operator resumed speaking.

"I'm using a recommended combined preparation 'Redier-6' and 'Ovulex', represented in booths 301 and 412, respectively - you should give them a visit if you haven't already. This quick-acting team takes mere minutes to awaken and strengthen natural instincts while neutralizing..."

The voice faded to a buzz as I continued fighting the two - no three? - people manhandling me. My vision blurred a little also, as the crowd around the booth became warped and indistinct. I was being carried/dragged toward the center of the booth toward a low covered table. Between one blurry blink and the next, the covering cloth was pulled off, revealing underneath something that looked more like a large, tilted hassock. It was to this I was guided and forced down upon. I still fought, pulling, kicking, trying to scratch at my captors, but things were feeling increasingly weird. My head wasn't exactly woozy, more like punchy, like I'd pulled an all-nighter - or two in a row. Everything had that little tinge of unreality to it. And more... this molten feeling started in my belly. At first it was queasiness, but then the sensation moved lower, churning up heat as it went. It went lower still, getting hotter, and then seemed to detonate and radiate outward. My abdomen spasmed, and I moaned into the half-dislodged rag as a wave of pleasure rolled over me.

"...can see, it's been less than five minutes, and we're pretty much ready to go."

The voice of the operator was back, though sounding distant. I looked around in a daze. The too-bright booth lights had little rainbow haloes around them. I turned my dazzled eyes down and saw my wrists attached to the white vinyl of the hassock-sides with wide, similarly colored cuffs. Distressed, but not nearly as much as I thought I should be, I looked up and around at the slightly blurry crowd - some of them were looking at me, some at the operator, the rest at the two big video displays on the wall. I dizzily turned to look that way, too. One of them showed... me! I could see the camera just below the screen on the back wall, capturing my image from the side, with the crowd opposite looking on. I was bent over the hassock, my upper torso just over the front edge, ribcage resting on the padded top. The hassock wasn't flat, rather curving upward slightly as it went back, forcing my back into a slight arch, and raising my rear end a little higher than my head's level. White straps crossed my back below my shoulders and waist at its narrowest, and secured to the hassock sides.

"...We're also using the adjustable 'Sembench II' (Booth 260), for superior comfort, accessibility and visibility..."

My legs were parted, knees fastened, half bent, to more white loops on the side of the hassock. My skirt, tight around my upper thighs, had been lifted to allow my legs to open as much as they were. My feet, still in my heels, dangled a couple inches off the floor below white-cuffed ankles. It was decidedly odd to see myself, bound half straddled like that, still in my business suit. My convention nametag dangled from my neck, alongside the rag hanging from my half-stuffed mouth.

The second screen showed a different view - from right behind me. It showed my rear end, covered by my partly hiked-up knee-length suit-skirt. I knew it was I, because the upturned buttocks quivered when I tried to flex my muscles. My attempt failed to get me anywhere, but succeeded in sending another wave of sensation through me, centered between my legs. I felt hot... and more, or worse: *needful*. It was a strange, new feeling; like hunger, but not for food. I almost ached with it. I moaned - at my lack of ability to do anything about it.

"...and to prove just how clean and efficient our system is," the operator continued, "we're not going to use any more preparation than this. I won't need more than this," he pulled his a silk kerchief from his breast pocket and held it up, "for cleanup. I'll personally pay everyone's dry-cleaning bill today if I'm wrong." That drew laughs as he walked around behind me and slowly worked my skirt up my legs. I tried to squirm away from the touch of his dry, warm hands, but that only made his job easier. My skin tingled at his touch, and at the sliding of my lined skirt up my bare legs. I could see him working in both camera views, until he'd pulled the hem up and over my rear end, exposing my panties.

I turned away from the screen for a moment, feeling my cheeks burning and caught sight of - myself again. Behind the various sales posters and diagrams, the walls of the convention booth were shiny, mirrored silver. I saw reflected in the opposite wall my blushing face and dazed, dilated eyes looking right back at me. I could see the mounds of my panty-covered ass-cheeks rising behind my head, as my upturned skirt had been smoothed out over my back. I could see the booth operator reflected, as well, he was reaching a hand toward me.

"You can see our preparation work has been successful," he was saying, his hand waving to the camera behind me, "self lubrication is already well underway. Mind you, while this is recommended, it is not - and I'll say this again - *not* necessary. Our EasiGlide catheter needs no additional lubrication whatsoever."

I couldn't help myself and turned to see the screen. The camera had zoomed in on the crotch of my panties, where a damp spot darkened the material. Even though I saw them coming on the screen, I jerked at the touch of the operator's hand again as two fingers slipped between the fabric and my skin and pulled the material to the side, exposing me on the 50" flat screen. My lower lips were swollen in obvious arousal, and slightly parted due my position. I could see - everyone could see - my own juices glistening between the folds.

"We're definitely ready! Now, we have an automated system, and we have trained professionals, but I'm so sure of our product that I'll bet any one of you here today can complete the operation, even with no experience." He paused for a moment, surveying the crowd again. "How about you, Ma'am?"

With his free hand, he pointed to the watching crowd. In the side-view screen, a woman with a surprised look on her face pointed to herself, questioningly, then slowly nodded and stepped forward. I turned my head around away from the screens and back to the crowd, and my eyes, struggling for focus, caught hers. She was dressed a lot like myself: conservative dark business suit and low heels. Her dark hair was in a ponytail, while my blond was done up in a bun, but we both fit the standard parameters. My thoughts slid around a big hollow room in my head. But I could read her eyes. She knew our places could easily have been reversed. Her cheeks colored as she looked away from me.

"...just take a hold of this end here. Fell how the ergonomic grip conforms to your hand? There you go. This demonstration model is exactly the same as our standard, but we've added a tiny button camera into the tip for our benefit today. We'll just switch video 2's view, there, and we're ready to begin." He gave my rear end a little pat, and I jerked again. "Just line it up like so... that's it."

I turned my head once again to the screens. The full-length view still showed me on the hassock, my skirt basically inverted, laid over the small of my back and up under my tummy. The booth operator stood with his back to the camera, fingers of his right hand crooked in my panties holding them aside. His other hand was directing the volunteer, who stood next to him, looking down at my upturned rear end. She brought the LifeTube down and level to point right at my exposed sex. It had looked reasonable-sized when the operator had been holding it by himself, but as it lined up with my parted labia, the glistening, textured shaft didn't look small at all. The ridged tip of it glowed with a small light, which pointed right between my legs. My gaze was drawn to the other screen now, where a slightly wavering, but much closer view of my upturned vagina filled the screen.

"Go ahead," the operator said, and the camera view got closer and closer until....

"MMmmuUuUUHHH!" My moan increased in volume as the rag finally fell from my mouth. The merest touch of the subtle, slippery shaft scratched an itch that had been building rapidly in me, but only barely. I jerked and tried to hump back onto it, but it withdrew quickly. I tried to speak my frustration, but only another moan escaped my lips.

"Don't worry. That's a normal reaction, you're not hurting her, I swear. Really. Try again, see how easily it slides in."

The scene on the screen showed my wet lips come closer, closer, then a tunnel of moist, pink flesh sliding across the view. I moaned again, louder, wanting to avoid the steady insertion, but instead raising my ass higher towards the sensation. The shaft was so slippery-good in me. Opening, filling me, stretching me....

"...feel that extraordinary gliding capability? Go back and forth a few times. Easy, right? And let me show you, see this number in the lower left, that's internal pressure or "tightness". Average is about a 3.0, but here, wow! We're seeing solid 4's. Doesn't feel like it does it? I thought not.

The shaft moved back and forth inside me, making me groan the deeper it filled, and shudder with each slide out. My inner muscles squeezed it, and the textured shaft set off sparks of sensation all through my insides.

"Now, gently, push it in, watching the screen."

We all watched the screen as the wet, engorged flesh of my insides slid by. I drew my breath in deeply as I got stuffed more and more full, my back trying to curve and arch in response to the stretching open of my insides. Then a pink ring of flesh emerged in the view.

"Stop there, a moment. Ladies and gentlemen, here you can see a cervix at peak ovulation, thanks to our friends at Ovtech. Again, the additional slight dilation their preparation gives you is recommended, but still absolutely not necessary. The surface of the tip generates a slippery film when getting into contact with humidity, therefore no extra lubricant is necessary. Now, a little further, my dear."

The view of the ring drew closer, the tiny black hole in the center expanding until... I felt something press against me, deep inside. A pressure slowly built...


A small popping sensation, and my whole body jerked. My inner muscles clamped down, hard, and my head swam. I felt stuffed unbelievably full, yet somehow still open, still wanting. I squirmed and whimpered.

"There you go! Nothing to it, right? Now, give the base a tiny twist - there - and now a gentle pull."


"Won't slip out will it? That¹s' our flexible "MultiGel" material. It naturally conforms and adjusts to the environment of the cervix, seals outwards to make a tight, leak-proof seal, preventing backflow. No semen backflow, no mess!"

The view in the camera now was pink, glistening walls close on all sides.

"Only a couple more steps now. You can even let go for a moment - see? It¹s not going anywhere. Over here to the delivery system. This is easy as one-two-three! One: check the level here - I want to thank the Heath Ridge Fertility Clinic (Booth 505) for their donation of a Max-Motility batch for this demonstration."

In the broad view camera, the operator was showing his volunteer a small, sleekly designed piece of equipment. It was attached by a length of transparent tubing to the shaft emerging from between my legs. Next to it, resting in a molded holder, was a fluid-filled bag a lot like an IV bag, but the thick liquid inside it was a pearly white instead of saline-clear.

"Two, prime and check the line. Flip this switch here."

She did, and a small humming sounded.


My eyes half closed as the shaft locked inside me began to vibrate gently, and pulse as if alive. It felt so good. So good.

"We want to make sure there's no air anywhere in the system - so this step makes sure the line has no bubbles or anything."

I couldn't stop squirming. I tried to shake my hips, grind down, anything to increase the sensation. I couldn't get what I needed. It was maddening. The thing tickled me deep inside. All the way inside, teasing, promising, tormenting, but still not...

"And Three. Just push the red button."

She did. The gentle vibration and pulsing stopped. A loud "clack" sounded. Then the whole device seemed to throb in me as a small pump sprang audibly to life. With one low click, the white fluid was drawn from the bag, and with another click of a lower tone, it emerged into the tube coming from the machine, about two inches. The shaft lodged in me shuddered with the first click, and throbbed with the second.

"Our latest insemination catheter guarantees easy and safe operation every time."

Click-click, click-click - the fluid half-filled the clear tube.

"You've seen how easy EasiGlide is."


"...Seen what a perfect fit the LifeTube and MultiGel tip make."

Click-click, click-click - I could feel it coming.

"There is no better, safer, more efficient method on the market."

Click-click - the advancing semen reached the shaft.

"There we go, another beautiful mother to be in three..."

Click-click - the device shuddered inside me. I gasped


Click-click - I felt warm, hot, trapped, overfull yet empty, rising.



Click-click - The shaft throbbed. On the pink-filled screen, an eruption of white filled half the view. A warm gush poured into me. Then the lightning struck. My head snapped back and I cried out, staring straight ahead... into my own eyes reflected in the mirror. Every muscle tightened, my insides squeezing the pulsing, pumping shaft as it injected load after load of seed directly into my womb. This was what I had needed, what my body had been craving. Now that last emptiness was finally filling, and filling. I cried out again and again, in ecstasy, relief, and release, my whole body shaking in its restraints as more and more semen pumped into me, staring at my own orgasmic, open-mouthed face as I conceived.

I was still in the throes of climax when a small beep sounded behind me, and with a last shudder, the pumping stopped. I was utterly full. Complete. Euphoric.

"That," the operator said, "was our backpressure auto-shutoff in action. While we do guarantee no leaks, we also don't want to add the discomfort of overfilling, nor use more semen than we need to. The shutoff level is configurable, as well, in case you must conserve. We *were* a little generous today, for purposes of demonstration," The smile was audible in his voice, "But you can see we have plenty left."

In the broad view camera, the IV bag was maybe halfway empty. Maybe a little more. The transparent tube was still full of pearly white. In the close camera, all that could be seen was a field of white.

"OK now, here's the last step. Twist the base in the opposite direction, then gently pull out."


The tip popped from my cervix, making me shudder again, and the screen showed the pink ring, close up. Only a tiny bead of white showed at its center.

"There see? Another feature of our MultiGel. It acts as a temporary sealing compound for up to 48 hours, after which it breaks down naturally. That's long enough for Ovulex or any other preparation on the market to wear off and let the body's natural processes take over. All the way out now."

The view on the camera moved as the shaft withdrew from me, pleasure still radiated through me as the textured shaft slid from my clutching insides. I felt myself close with its departure, emptying, but yet remaining full. No torrent of white followed the receding camera.

"Note there is no excess emission from the LifeTube."

The shaft left me, the ultra-close-up view of my vagina receding as the device was withdrawn. I was blush-red, swollen, wet, but that was it. The camera clicked back to the stationary view of my rear end. The operator fingers still held my panties to the side.

"Now, cleanup!" He brandished the silk kerchief in his free hand. He reached around to my front, wiping the smooth cloth over my brow, and then down to catch the tiny trail of drool escaping my lips. He withdrew the cloth, folded it once, and then gently dabbed it between my legs. I shuddered at the casually intimate touch, my body lurching with echoes of my crashing climax. He uncurled his right hand fingers, letting my panties settle back into place while wiping his fingers on another section of kerchief. I could see him now behind me in the mirror. He brought the kerchief to his nose and inhaled appreciatively before folding it clean side out and replacing it in his breast pocket. His reflection winked at me.

"And done. Can we have a round of applause for our first volunteer?"

The applause was more than polite. The operator was definitely making sales today. Two of the burly, lab coated men quickly unfastened my restraints, and then helped me up on unsteady legs, while a third helped settle my skirt properly into place. One of them pulled a chair away from the wall and I was led to sit in it. I was dazed and panting, but my vision was clearing. I had already read the literature from Readico - the 'desiac effects of their number 6 preparation were supposed to be neutralized by a single orgasm. Number 9, however... My hands stole down to my lower belly, feeling its almost-flatness through my skirt suit as I thought. A hand holding a large class of juice appeared, and I took it gratefully, drinking half of it in one drought. The operator was still talking.

"...Cleanup of the rest is just another one, two, three operation, which I'll show you in just a moment. Can anyone tell me how long our little demonstration took?"

Someone called out, "15 minutes!" another 18, another 14.

"Yes, that's about right. Now, 15 minutes is fine for a demonstration where I want to show you all the bells and whistles of our product line. But I know some of you aren't here for frills. Some of you have unforgiving bottom lines and schedules to consider. Am I right?"

Several heads in the audience nodded. Mine was one of them.

"That's all well and good! Because we here at LifeTube understand those needs, too. That's why we can swap out components quickly and cleanly, like this."

With a practiced ease, the operator twisted the shaft that had been inside me off the end of its holder, and replaced it with another almost identical shaft, this one without a light at the tip.

"Instantly ready to go again! Remember when I said we didn't need preparations? That EasiGlde and MultiGel was all we needed? I can prove that, too. Right now."

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