Lightning Strikes Twice Ch. 06


"Ohhhh....that feels nice." She cooed as my hands caressed her back and ass while my tongue teased her nipple.

I let one hand slide under her ass and my fingers explore between her legs until I had a finger gently stroking up and down her exposed wet slit. It didn't take long for my fingers to find her hard clit and tease it while I switched my mouth back to the other nipple.

"Why don't you scoot up here a bit more." I coaxed after letting her wet tit slip from my mouth.

"Where?" She panted as I pulled her ass toward my face.

She lifted herself and walked her knees through the shallow water until her pussy was inches from my face, allowing me to reach out with my tongue and taste her seeping juices.

"Oooooooooooo...mmmmm" she moaned as I pressed my tongue between her lips and slid it up and across her hard clit.

I smiled at the reaction and made the trip again, pushing my tongue deep between her soft wet lips, driving it as far into her tunnel as I could before drawing the juices it collected up the length of her slit and over her clit. With the tip of my tongue, I flicked rapidly back and forth across her hard clit, making her whole body squirm and shake as she cried out loudly.

"OH FUCK YES!" She blurted, almost screaming.

"Oh god yes...Oh yes...Oh my god, YES... I'm going to cum! Oh fuck you're going to make me CUM!!!" She was almost yelling at this point as her orgasm crested.

Then her whole body trembled and shook as I attacked her clit, alternately flicking and sucking it with my mouth and tongue. I let my fingers stroke between her butt cheeks and across her little rose bud. When her whole body suddenly stiffened, she let out one long cry of pleasure as her orgasm washed over her and her juices washed over my chin and face like water being poured from a glass. I continued to attack her clit until she reached down and pushed my face from her pussy, indicating that her sensitive nub was no longer capable of taking the stimulation.

"Like that? Is that what you wanted?" I asked, looking up at her as she started scooting back down my body, her pussy dripping juices onto my chest and stomach.

"Oh my god - YES...Yes, it was, but now I want your cock in me!" She said huskily as she reached behind her began pushing the front of my swim suit down.

Her hands soon had my suit down enough to get my rock hard shaft with her hand. I let her aim my engorged head between her sopping wet lips and then slowly push herself down onto my shaft. Her ass wiggled and she made tiny little thrusts to coax more of me into her tight opening.

"Oh good-god." I groaned when she hit bottom, rubbing her ass against my legs and grinding her clit into the base of my shaft. Her pussy was so tight I couldn't believe it.

She shifted part of her weight to her hands, which were now resting on my chest and began to slowly pull back off my cock. Stopping with only my head still buried in her pussy, she began pushing back down again, arching her back and rocking her hips to force her tight tunnel over the fatness of my head. "Oh my god!" She panted as she worked her way up and down my shaft a second time. "God this feels incredible."

"Oh my God, oh, OH GOOD GOD... that feels incredible." She blurted as she worked her way up and down my shaft a second and third time.

"Yeah, it does feel pretty damn good!" I said through clenched teeth, the incredible tightness of her pussy and the sight of her tits hanging inches from my face making me feel as if I was going to cum any second.

Having worked me fully inside herself again she began bouncing herself against the base of my shaft, short little strokes that rammed her clit into me and my head into the end of her tunnel with each stroke.

"Oh god - oh god - oh god." She muttered over and over as she rode me.

Her strokes got longer each time until she was stroking the whole length of my shaft. I reached up and grasped her bouncing tits, squeezing them and rolling her nipples between my fingers while she pounded herself up and down my shaft, pushing me closer to climax.

"I'm going to cum!" I grunted, trying to hold off.

"Do it, Mike! Cum inside me!" She panted, her eyes closed and her hair flying around her head as she shook it. "Ohhhhhh shit!" I grunted as my first shot of hot cum lanced up into her.

She felt the surge of juices expand inside her and drove her pussy hard onto my cock, grinding her clit into my cock. I felt my body jerk and spurt a second shot of hot cum into her as her pussy began to clench and squeeze me as her whole body began to tremble in her own orgasm. I held her tits like a handle, squeezing them in time with the jerks my body was making as I emptied myself into her tight pussy.

"Oh god!" She groaned as she collapsed on top of me. "What's the matter?" I asked "You made me cum twice. How did you do that?" She whispered.

"I didn't do much. You did all the hard work." I said with a chuckle.

"You did enough of the work." Sue said from the tree-line.

I craned my neck and saw Sue squatted down and leaning against a tree next to the path just behind us. Her bikini top was pushed up over her big tits and her suit bottom was around her ankles. Her knees were spread wide and several fingers from one hand stuffed into her pussy. I could see her juices glistening on her palm and pussy lips as tiny droplets of her cum dripped into the wet spot below her where her cum had wet the sand. "JJ sent me to come get you. It's time to get going." She said as she stood and pulled her bottoms up. She blew me a kiss as she pulled down the cups of her top, covering her hard nipples and round firm tits, before turning and disappearing into the scrubby trees.

Everyone seemed to be loaded and ready to go when Jennifer and I walked out of the trees, leaving us as the last two to get our canoe back into the water. The girls clearly knew what had gone on across the sand bar and were doing a lot of whispering and looking our way. By the time I had the canoe in the water and held it for Jennifer to climb in, she was blushing brightly.

"Thank you!" She said quietly as she stepped into the canoe, her hand resting on mine as I held the canoe. "You're welcome... and thank you too." I whispered back.

The next few miles were filled with lots of play and splashing by all the girls. It seemed that the three adults were suddenly targets, each of us getting splashed with the cold river water.

The hot sun was doing a good job of not only warming us, but turning the skin on my thighs pink. I could see that JJ was also starting to burn a little so I suggested we stop and get some sun-block on. Mine was buried in a pack with the food coolers so we pulled over for a short break. The girls climbed out of their canoes and dug for their own tanning oil or sun-block. The shoreline was suddenly filled with girls spreading oil or cream all over their bodies, some of them making sure to put it EVERYWHERE; giving me little shows and flashes in the process.

It didn't seem to matter to any of them whether they were part of the "club" or not, my familiarity and frequent visits to the house seemed to make me fair game for all of the girls. Thankfully as far as I knew, all of them were over eighteen but I was still concerned so I walked over to JJ and asked to confirm.

JJ nodded and said, "Of course, everyone is! I don't want to get into trouble either."

Then she offered to "help" me put some lotion on my back, as long as I promised to do the same for her, which I readily agreed to. She squeezed a large blob of cream onto her hand and then stepped behind me, working the cream into my back with her soft hands. "You like that?" She asked as she ran her hands lower on my back, her fingers swiping just into the waistband of my swim suit. "Yes I do -- you have a very nice touch." I said quietly over my shoulder. "Oh, good." She replied as her hands traveled around my sides with her fingers still inside the waistband of my suit. I felt one hand stop at my stomach, while the other pulled the string on my suit. It only took her a moment to slip a hand down into my suit and find my already hard cock. "Looks like the little show the girls have been giving you has not been a waste of time."

"Not if the intent was to make me hard." I answered honestly.

"Oh, I'm more than certain it was." She stated. Then continued, "And it seems that you made one girl VERY happy, so we all wanted to make sure that you were recognized for it."

"I don't understand. What did I do that was so special?" I asked a bit confused.

"Well, technically it's a secret, but I suppose you have a right to know." She conceded and then began to explain.

"A few years ago she had a boyfriend that took her to some party got her drunk and slipped her a Micky. That bastard... he let all his friends' gang bang her while she was barely conscious. Apparently she was still virgin at the time. I guess they are all in jail getting theirs just desserts now. Anyway, since she came here, the girls have been fixing her up with some decent guys, but the few times she has consented to sex with one them, she had been too stressed to climax."

"I see, that would explain her comments." I replied

"She can cum with girl on girl play or with toys, but not with a boy. So, she was starting to think there was something wrong with her." JJ said as her hand slowly stroked my cock inside my suit. "I see. Makes more sense now I suppose." I answered as I watched most of the girls head for the chilly river water. The swimming went from the usual splashing and playing in the thigh deep water, to a game of "flip the top" as JJ called it. Apparently the goal is to swim up behind a friend and pull their top up over their tits or bottoms down, without yours getting pulled.

It was a fun game to watch and I was soon settled in the sand with my back to a canoe, Mandy and JJ on either side of me. Mandy's hand soon had found its way into my suit and was idly stroking me back to full hardness, as if the show of tits and pussy in front of me wasn't going to do that.

"Why don't you come with me." JJ said, standing up and holding her hand out for me.


"You really don't know? Because I want sit on your hard dick. I just thought maybe doing it over there would be a bit more discrete than right here." She said nodding toward the canoe.

We strolled toward the canoe and then she whispered, "Seeing your hard cock all day has made me really fucking horny!"

"Oh? I'm surprised you didn't just pull my suit down and sit on me right there then." I said with a shake of my head as I walked next to her.

I followed her to the other side of the canoe and sat down so my lower body was blocked from the girls' view. JJ reached down and tugged my suit down to my ankles before turning herself around and sitting down on my lap with my dick sticking up between her legs. She wiggled her suit bottom off her hips while she was sitting on me, and pushed them down her legs, kicking them off to leave her naked below her sexy tits. Sitting on m y lap, in the reverse cowgirl position she reached between her legs, and pressed my hard dick against her wet pussy lips. She leaned back forcing my engorged head into her opening. Once inside, she sat back up, wiggling her bottom until she had worked my cock deep into her pussy.

We sat there watching the girls play. I was leaning back on my elbows but could still see over the canoe and she was on her knees, facing away with every inch of me stuffed inside her honey pot. Every once in a while JJ wiggled and rotated her ass on me making my dick move around inside her.

She seemed to enjoy the feeling but didn't seem to be in a hurry to reach an orgasm. We sat there slowly grinding for nearly a half hour before the girls decided we needed to move on. JJ moaned in disappointment, reluctant to let me slip out of her pussy. I assumed this was partly because she didn't want all the girls to see her with my dick buried in her but most likely it was because she hadn't cum yet. She reached down and slipped her suit bottom over her feet and worked it up her legs as far as she could with me still buried inside her. Finally she rolled off and slipped her suit bottom the rest of the way on just as the last couple girls walked out of the river to dry off.

"I would have liked to finish that." She cooed as she stood up.

"Yeah?" I asked with a grin and a wink.

"Oh, hell yeah." She growled in her sexiest voice.

I stood up, my suit still around my ankles and stepped out of it reaching out for her and pulling her to me. I pushed her suit bottom back down her legs and quickly untied her top, releasing her tits. I scooped her up in my arms and dropped to my knees, laying her down on the sandy beach. It only took me a moment to position myself over the top of her and aim my dick at her sopping wet pussy and start pumping. I leaned forward and bent my head down so I could suck on her now exposed tits.

The girls stood and watched as I pounded into JJ, my body slapping loudly against her ass, her knees lifted almost to my shoulders, letting my cock drive to its full length inside her. Each stroke banged the base of my shaft into her clit, making her squeak and moan in delight. It didn't take long before the two of us came together, me groaning loudly as my body jerked and trembled, and her crying out softly that she was cumming.

We only lay there a few moments before it became obvious to us that we had an audience as the girls began clapping and whooping it up at the show. I pulled out, stood and helped JJ get up, our combined cum dripping from both of us.

"My God - that felt good." She said, blushing, as she pulled her suit on and fixed her top, the girls clapping and giggling at the show. By the time she was put together I had my suit back and the girls were breaking up to get ready to go down stream.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." I stated happily.

"Oh I did." She sighed just before she kissed me, her checks still pink with blush and arousal.

It seemed that the girls really enjoyed seeing JJ getting a good screwing as they all teased her by patting her ass or groping her in some way. After the accolades concluded, the conversation turned to more mundane things like who was going to ride with who the rest of the way down the river. We paddeled for some time before we decided to take one last break only a mile or so from the take out point. The unseasonably hot spring day had taken its toll on us all with the temperatures soaring well into the nineties so it wasn't long before many of the girls were once again swimming or wading. I decided to go off into the bushes to take a leak and finding a small trail, I headed into the woods a short distance. Just as I passed a big tree, I found one of the girls squatted down, half naked, taking a pee. I couldn't quite place either her face or name and excused myself, turning to go back the way I had come.

"You don't have to go." She said loudly, stopping me before I could walk off.

"Actually I do." I said with a chuckle.

"So go here with me." She said as she finished. I had waited for my hardon to go down enough that I could pee and wasn't at all sure that condition would last with the view she was giving me.

"Come on. "You're turn." she said as she stood up.

'What the hell' I thought as I pushed my suit down.

I started to go, still concerned I would get a hard-on and interrupt the relief my bladder needed.

As she stood, she stepped the rest of the way out of her bottoms, which were now around her ankles. She pulled her top off too and in a flash, she was standing there naked. I was still partly soft so I closed my eyes and concentrated on peeing. I was just getting a good stream going when I felt a hand slide around me and cover mine. I could feel her warm tits press against my back as she wrapped her other arm around me and cupped my balls. I had never had a girl hold me while peed and my stream nearly stopped when I felt her hands begin to squeeze and massage me but I was able to concentrate and somehow avoided get hard.

After I finished, she gave my semi-stiff cock a little shake. Then she began to kiss my back and played with my dick and balls, making me grow harder by the second. After my dick had swelled and was pointing north, she let go of both my balls and cock, but kept her arm wrapped around me as she stepped around me. Grabbing my cock again, she started stroking it while she lifted one leg and half wrapped it around my waist. Using her heel to hook my ass and pull me toward her, she aimed my dick at her pussy as she pulled me even closer to her now spread pussy. She rotated her hips slightly to help me get me aligned then she rubbed my head between her damp pussy lips. Feeling my head slip into the entrance of her tunnel, she pulled herself over me, sinking my dick deep into her pussy.

She groaned softly as I slid deeper into her, her hands left my cock and were now wrapped around my neck. I wrapped my arms around her torso and started pumping my hips, driving my dick in and out of her incredibly tight pussy. She held onto me around the back of my neck while I held her ass and hips, driving my dick harder with each stroke. I lost myself, and all track of time, as the incredible feeling of her tight pussy put me into that zone, that wonderful fuck-trance you get when everything is gelling. Then her pussy got even tighter and I could feel her climax beginning deep inside her. Soon she was moaning and her tunnel's muscles gripped and squeezed me as her orgasm crested, rippling up and down the length of her pussy.

With a cry of orgasmic pleasure echoing in the woods, her pussy clamped on my dick so hard it almost wouldn't move inside her. The intense pressure triggered me to climax, spurting my own cum deep into her pussy. My hot gushes caused her to buck her pelvis against me harder with each surge of cum that pulsed into her. After what felt like a never-ending climax we both stood still and tried to catch our breath. Finally she pulled herself off my dick, releasing a flood of our juices down her thigh.

"Fuck that was good." She breathed as she started looking around for her bikini.

"Yes, it was!" I agreed while I found and stepped back into my own trunks.

After she had her bottoms on and was starting to put her top on, I stepped over and leaned my head down to her cute apple sized tits. I sucked one nipple in, enjoying the salty taste of her sweat as I kissed and licked from one hard nipple to the other. She pulled my head tighter as I sucked in her other nipple, letting out a quiet moan.

"Are you trying to start things again?" She whispered

"No. I just wanted to see if you tasted as good as you felt." I said as I switched tits again.

"Too bad. I'd like to go around again." She groaned at me as I worked her nipple against the roof of my mouth with my tongue.

"Turned on again?"

"Again? Try, Still!" she moaned.

I pushed her bottoms down her hips with one hand and then let my hand slide between her legs. She wiggled her legs to get her bottom to slide down around her ankles, and stepped out of it again, spreading her legs to give me better access. I found her clit with my finger and started running circles on it while I sucked her tits working from one to the other and then back again. It only took a few moments before she started humping my finger again. She pulled my head hard against her chest and squeaked as she started to orgasm again. I was amazed that she started coming again so quickly, but I kept my pace on her clit while she humped franticly against it, trying to get more pressure. I kept her orgasm going for as long as I could, stopping only when she pushed my hand away from her over sensitive clit.

"Holy shit!" she breathed as I held her so she wouldn't fall down. "How the fuck did you do that?"

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