tagInterracial LoveLights, Camera, Romance 01

Lights, Camera, Romance 01


He looked over at the sleeping woman beside him. Another red-head, and it didn't even look natural. He rolled his eyes cant believing that he fell for second best . . . again. Sighing, he got up and searched the floor for his boxers and pants, finally locating them and tugging them on. He threw his shirt on and grabbed his phone and keys. The girl stirred in her sleep.

"Pathetic," he muttered to himself, walking out of her apartment.


Two hours later, he was in one of his favorite apartments in California when his phone rang.

"Hello?" he toweled his jet black hair.

"Daniel, I just got you another movie." His manager, Martial send from the other end of the line.

Daniel groaned loudly. "Again." I just did a billion dollar one two months ago. I'm running out of things to spend my money on."

"C'mon." Martial begged.

"Fine, whats the name of this one?"

"I haven't gotten all the details yet, but in this one you get to play sweet and innocent."

"As if I dont do that enough." He took a deep swig of alcohol straight from the bottle.

"Yeah, well, all the shooting is being done in New York, so make sure you're there for the meeting party tomorrow. If I tell them you're coming, the place is gonna be pretty packed."

"Any other celebs going to be there?"

"Yeah. We got Hannah Poe, but she says she's only gonna do it if you're there."

Daniel rolled his eyes. Hannah Poe, been there done that, he thought to himself. She was just as self conceited as the rest, only different was that she gave great head, but he was bored with her. Her perfectly straight blonde hair with its signature blue eyes and skinny as a twig body one gets from starving themselves, Hannah Poe was one of the biggest country singer and the biggest whore he had ever had the pleasure of fucking. She was dumb as a stick, but smart when it comes to getting what she wants.

Martial's grainy voice brought Daniel out of his thoughts. "You in or out?" he asked.

"I'm in, only if I get to bring Eddie."

Eddie is Danny's oldest and best friend. They knew each other since the preschool days, even back then when Danny was white and Eddie was black. As soon as Danny was introduced to the film business, he got some hook-ups for Eddie who wanted to be and now is a millionaire rapper.

Many people, including Daniel's mother would say that he's done pretty much a lot for himself, at twenty-five, he was one of the world's most eligible bachelors and could afford to retire right now if he wanted to. Yet there was something missing. There always was, but he had never admitted it until now.


The first thing Jen heard was the slam of the door followed by the scream of someone whose voice sounded close to her best friend's. Jen was off the bed in milliseconds, down the stairs in seconds, in front of her friend.

"Whats the matter?!" She asked, alarmed.

"You would never guess what happened!" Ella yelled.

"What?" Now that her fear was gone, Jen was able to think clearly and puzzle over what would get her friend this excited.

"I got tickets to the meeting of the newest Clinton James movie."

"Oh cool. Isn't Clinton James a director or something?" Jen asked nonchalantly, making her way across the small living room and into the kitchen.

"Yes! I mean a lot of people in the world would die for these tickets and-"

"That's kinda stupid." Ella watched as Jen shoved a pickle into her mouth.

"Why is that stupid?" Ella asked.

"Because if you died for the tickets, then you wont be able to go the party."

"JENIFER! SHUT UP! I got tickets to this part and you're coming with me." Ella said, finally getting to her point.

"No. I cant. I got studying to do." Ella watched open mouthed as her friend shrugged, closed the bottle on the jar of pickles and walked calmly up the stairs.

"Jenifer I cant go to this alone. Daniel Pierce Logan is going to be there." Ella tried.

Jenifer laughed at her friend's attempt. "I dont know who he is." Then she headed up stairs.

Ella watched her go. In the three years that she had known Jenifer from when they were now just starting college when they were nineteen, Ella had always known Jen was a weird girl. She preferred romance novels over boys, studying over going to the movies, and doing homework to shopping at the mall. Her friend's entire wardrobe consists of jeans and sneakers, with the occasional knee length sun-dresses whenever she felt pretty.

Jenifer was beautiful and darker in complexion that her friend with honey brown hair with natural gold highlights and chocolate brown eyes. She had beautiful 34C breasts and a flat stomach with wonderful curves that accented her 5'9'' build with tiny hands. Although she was tall, and towered over most girls, Jen wouldn't kill a fly if you held a gun to her head. She was a gentle person, but she could be aggressive if she wanted to, but Ella hardly ever saw that side to her.

She wanted desperately to show Jenifer a good time, beyond the books and the small red vibrator she stored in her top draw under her underwear. She would show her friend a good time if it killed her.


"Daniel daw'ling!" Hannah said in her fake country accent that the world seemed to love. "How are things?"

"Awesome Hannah dear." He leaned in and accepted her kissed and about a million lights went off at once. He could imagine tomorrow's article probably saying how he got back together with her. "How are things with you?"

"Exhausting to tell the absolute truth daw'ling, but that aw'right i'll make it."

"Good to hear honey, good to hear." Danny's eyes scanned the crowd searching for something interesting to look at besides Hannah and got just that.

Sitting in a small booth by herself was a brown haired beauty, reading a book.

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