tagIncest/TabooLights! Cameral! Action! Take 04

Lights! Cameral! Action! Take 04


Take 04 -- Myra's Audition.

"Rita," said Dan on the intercom.

"Yes, Mr. Carter."

"Ask Peter to come in, please."

Peter, a good looking, tall, thin man, who migrated to America from England several years ago hoping to find stardom in Hollywood, discovered an alternative acting career in pornography and in adult films in Boston, instead. Peter opened Dan's door.

"You have quite the crowd, I see, Dan." He looked at Dan and started laughing. "Have you seen some of these women, some of them are just smashing?"

"Yes, they are quite the collection of amateur adult film stars, aren't they? Tell me, though, what's your first impression?"

"What do you mean?"

Peter still had his English accent that endeared him to women, in the way that sometimes a Boston accent makes a person more interesting when they happen upon someone who has never heard the accent.

"I mean, the first time you saw such an eclectic collection of women waiting to audition for a porn movie. What's the first thing that came to mind?"

"Well, to be honest with you, it reminded me some of the women who frequent that Weird Mart store you chaps are so bonkers about."

"You mean, Wal-Mart."

"Yes, yes, quite right, sorry, Wal-Mart. We have Tesco and Morrisons' in England."

"Well, what if there was a movie, much like how they show the American Idol auditions, but, instead, auditions for an adult film."

"Oh, I say, I get it. You are a sly guy, after all, aren't you? Very clever, I say, old chap, very clever." He looked up at the monitor and surveyed the women waiting to be interviewed. "It's human nature to watch average people undressing and having sex in the name of auditioning for a porn film, I would think." Peter stared up at the monitor, again. "Actually, you have a few lovelies out there who I'd like to bugger."

"So what do you think of my idea of making a movie of the auditions?"

"This really could be quite good, Boss, and you'll save thousands of pounds, as well. As they do in England, they love the singing competition, that's where it started, you know. They especially love the auditions. Some of them are really funny."

"Yeah, precisely my point, Peter, and I knew you'd appreciate it, which is one of the reasons why I called you in here." They both laughed again.

"Okay, I'll bite, what's the other reason?"

"Well, my next applicant, Myra, #3, is from Alabama. She fled there when her family forced her to join the KKK. She mentions in her bio that she's never had sex with a black man and doesn't think that she ever could because of all the racist thoughts her family have ingrained in her over the years."

"I'm not black, Boss," said Peter holding up his hands and laughing.

"I know, but she also writes in her bio that she enjoys mild bondage being blindfolded and tied. She said that she'd do well if we were making a movie where a home invader blindfolded her, tied her up, and forced her to have sex."

"Okay, that sounds exciting and I'm with you, so far."

"Well, I need you to meet her, tie her up, and blindfold her. Then, I want you to leave the room and bring in Buff Naked. She'll think that the cock she is sucking is your skinny white cock and not his big, black prick."

"Oh, gees, this ought to be good."

"Rita," said Dan.

"Yes, Mr. Carter."

"Send in the next applicant, please.

"Yes, Mr. Carter."

Myra meekly entered Dan's office. She looked from Peter to Dan and back to Peter. It was obvious that she was smitten with Peter.

"Hello, Myra, I'm Dan Carter, the Executive Producer and Director of Double Dare Adult Films and this is one of my stars, Peter Johncox."

"Hi," she said, "please to meet y'all."

Her southern accent was endearing. She was cute, very cute. About 5'3", she had strawberry blonde hair, blue/green eyes, and freckles. A little heavier than he'd prefer in a women starring in a porn film, especially around the hips, but she looked like she'd film well on camera and her accent was charming.

"Please make yourself comfortable," said Dan motioning her with a wave of his hand to have a seat on the couch.

Her low cut dress barely covered her C cup breasts and her nipples already made a prominent appearance. When she sat in the soft couch, she flashed them her white panties. She sat there like that with her knees enough apart giving both Dan and Peter a nice, continual view between her legs.

"How y'all doin'?"

"Good," said Dan. "We're doing well," he said looking to Peter.

"It's a nice day. It don't git as hot up here as it does in Al'bama. I like it here better, 'specially with the four seasons y'all have." It was cute how she finished her sentences as if she was asking a question.

"The first part of the interview is our chatting, as we are doing now, just nice and relaxed talking to get to know one another. Normally, I don't film this part of the audition, but in your case, by what you've written on your bio, I'd like to film this part, if you don't mind."

"Sure, sure, that's why up here for to git me in the movie pictures." The way she talked was reminiscent of when Donna Douglas played Elly Mae Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies.

"You understand, of course, that this is an adult movie and not a Hollywood movie."

"Yeah, I do. That's okay by me. A girl gots to start somewhere, even if it's on her back or on her knees."

"She has a good attitude, Boss," said Peter. "I like her," he said looking back at her and making eye contact with her panties.

"Thank you," she said giving him a 'I want to suck your cock' look.

"I read that you enjoy being tied up and blindfolded."

"Yeah, I do. My brouder and me used to play that game as youngins. Only, it whatent a sexual thing until we got older. In the beginnin' we were just playin' cowboys and Injuns. He played the Injun and I was the pretty pioneer woman alone on the prairie."

"Well, that sounds innocent enough," said Dan straining to listen. She talked very fast, but he was able to get her meaning, even with her accent.

"Yeah, well, it quickly progressed after we both dropped out of high school and didn't have no jobs. So, while my brouder worked the farm, I sold fruit and vegetables at our farm stand off the main road, while our Daddy went to the city everyday for work in the shoe factory. It all started when we got into Daddy's moonshine. He'd have us take care of his still while he was gone. After stirrin' it and bottlin' it, we coodn't help but try it."

"Moonshine, what does that taste like?"

"Well, Sir, did you ever have cognac?"

"Yes," said Dan, "many times."

"Well, imagine something with more of a kick."

"I can't imagine."

"Well, we'd get bored sometimes and decided to play that game just for laughs. Only, that first time he tied me to the chair as a grownup, I was 18-years-old and he was 19-years-old, almost 20-years-old. My brouder is twenty months older than me. Anyway, after not having played the game since we were youngins, it was different. Suddenly, I cood feel the wetness between my legs and I had sexual feelins' for him, you know. It whatten't nothin', it was all normal like." She looked at Dan with questioning eyes. "We live in a small town, only 600 people. There's not much else to do, sometimes and it gets lonely a lot. Ain't no one comes to our farm 'cept my cousin Bubba and his Daddy Donnie to buy shine and fruit and vegetables from the farm stand."

"This sounds like a fun game," said Peter squirming in his seat and subtly adjusting his growing erection with a quick movement of his fingertips. "We've made a few movies with that theme. Besides cross dressing, bondage is one of my favorite things to do, too. I wonder if my sister would play that game with me, sometime."

"Well, as soon as he tied my hands, he started feelin' on me. He was feelin' my breasts and fingering my nipples. I didn't say nothin', between the moonshine and his touchin', I was feelin' pretty good. My nipples were sticking straight out and were as hard as Alabama peanuts and bigger 'round. He was makin' me so hot. He was makin' me want him. Then, he moved my nightshirt way up high on my thighs. I cood feel the warm air heat my pussy. I was still in my nightshirt and whatten't wearing no panties. I knew he could see my bush."

"Are you bushy or trimmed," asked Dan?

"I'm pretty bushy," she said lifting her dress, pulling down her panty, and standing to show both men her light brown bush.

"Yeah, you have a forest of fur there."

"Yes, Sir," she said before pulling up her panty, smoothing down her dress, and sitting down. "Where was I?"

"Your brouder cood, I mean, your brother could see your bush."

"Oh, yeah, well, I was so excited, I thought I'd just die. I pretended to resist him, but he forced open my knees for a better look of my pussy. Then, he unbuttoned my nightshirt and I knew he could see my titties, too. I mean, he's seen my titties plenty of time, but this was diff'rent. He never touched them before. Well, the fact that he could see my titties made me even hotter than a barnyard cat after a mouse. Then, when he reached his hand in my nightshirt and touched my bare breast with his palm and fingered my nipples with his fingertips, I thought I was gonna cum. Yessiree, Bob, I did. Yahoo! Tarnation that felt good when he touched me the first time."

She stopped talking to look at Dan and back to Peter.

"Go ahead, continue, please," said Dan.

"Is this the type of stuff you want me talkin' about? I mean, I don't want to ruin my chance for this job because of what me and my brouder did nearly ever day, a couple times a day, for a few months, until he went in the Army. Then, after that, it was just me and Daddy playin' that game on weekends 'cause he had to go to the city to work durin' the week and didn't come home 'til late."

"Oh yeah, this is exactly the kind of stuff that our viewers would love to see and hear your talk about," said Dan giving Peter a quick look and a wink.

"Well, I'll just stick with the first time then, 'cause, I reckon, the first time was the best time. Whenever I'm masturbatin' myself silly," she said looking around the room as if checking to see who else was there and lowering her voice, "don't tell no one, but—"

"Whatever you say here, Myra, is our little secret. It's just you, me, and the camera. No will here what goes on behind this closed door."

"Oh, okay, anyway, we don't get much traffic by the farm stand and sometimes, I get horny and can't control my feelin' for myself. That's when those cucumbers start lookin' pretty good to a girl standin' out in the hot sun after a while. Sorry, maybe, I'm sayin' too much. And I don't want to give you the wrong impression, but I never sell the cucumbers I use to masturbate; I keep those ones separate from the others."

"No, no, no, you're doing beautifully," said Dan reaching down to adjust his erect cock. "And that's mighty considerate of you to separate the cucumbers like that."

"Anyway whenever I want to get myself off, I just have to think of the first time my brouder tied me up and touched me sexually everywhere while I stick that waxy cucumber up my pussy."

"I think you'll do well in this business," said Peter. "Don't you think she's talented, Dan."

"I do. Yes, indeed, I do. She's a natural."

"Well thank yew. That's mighty nice of you to say so. Anyway, so my brouder, after he was feelin' on me and saw my private parts, he must have stripped himself neked because he started rubbin' up on me, too. He was rubbin' his dickie doo up against my hands that were tied behind my back. At first, I was afraid. At first, I closed my hands in a fist, but then I opened them. I had seen his dickie plenty of times. We'd go skinny dippin' by the swamp, but I had never touched it."

"Why'd you stop, Myra?"

"Are you okay, Mr. Carter? You look all red."

"Fine, I'm fine. It's just suddenly got a little hot in here. Aren't you hot, Peter?"

"I'm blooming roasting, blimey. Let me just turn the air conditioner on for some cool air. There. Please continue with your story, Myra."

"I reached out my fingers and he stuck his dickie doo in my hand. It felt good, warm and soft and hard, all at the same time, you know. He was breathin' kind of heavy. I coodn't see nothin' with the blindfold over my eyes, but I felt all my other senses where better, stronger, you know. Then, I heard him come around to the front of me and he straddled me while I was sitting on the chair. His dickie doo was so close to my face that I could smell it. I had never smelled a dickie doo before. It smelled a little fishy like when we leave those catfish we caught in the swamp out in the sun too long. Then, he started rubbin his dickie doo around my neck, on my chin, and along my cheeks. When he put it by my mouth and touched my lips with it, I know you're gonna think me wicked or perverted, but I stuck out my tongue in licked it a little."

"No, not at all. We don't think you're wicked, at all?"

"Peter, do you think Myra is a wicked girl?"

"Bloody Hell, she's a wonderful girl, Boss. You're a wonderful girl, Myra, my darling."

"Thank yew, Peta'."

"See? We both think you are a sweet girl, a very sweet girl. A corn pone would melt in your mouth and the butter would drip so delicately from you full lips, down your chin, and collect on your bare naked breasts. Sorry, for the interruption. Sometimes, I get carried away. I digress. Would you like some water," asked Dan standing to hand her a bottle?

"Yes, thank yew, I am feeling a bit parched doin' all this talkin'. I don't generally talk this much, usually, because y'all talk so different than me and I'm ashamed how I talk, ignorant like."

"We love your accent, don't we, Peter?"

"You're as cute as a bug on a rug," said Peter. "You're so cute that I'd love to give you a hug." Peter stood and hugged her while she was still sitting and his erect cock that tented his pants poked her in the eye.

"Well, thank yew. Y'all are so nice and friendly. Only, you need to be more careful with that dickie doo thing," she said pointing to his erection. "You could poke an eye out," she said while rubbing her eye.

"Oh, I say, I'm terribly sorry," said Peter.

"So, please continue, what happened with your brother?"

"Well, he rubbed his dickie along my lips and I kept lickin' it not knowin' if I should take it in my mouth or not. Lickin' his dickie is one thing but suckin' on it would be crossin' the line and we'd be doin' incest stuff like they do in West Vaginah. But, I was hot for him. I ain't never had a dickie in my mouth before, so I opened my mouth and took it. I know you're gonna think me sick but—"

"No, no, don't be foolish. It was hot, you had some moonshine, it was lonely, you were tied and blindfolded with a naked man in the room who happened to be your brouder, I mean, brother. Things happen."

"Yeah, well, I started suckin' on him real good. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to know what it tasted like, his cum, I mean. Then, he really started humpin' my mouth; he put both his hands behind my head and was really humpin' my mouth and fuckin' my face. All of a sudden, he exploded. He nearly gagged me with his dickie, I felt it hit the back of my throat, but then all this warm, gooey, salty tasting stuff, his cum, oozed down my throat. He collapsed right there and fell fast to sleep."

"You're kidding?"

"No, he just past right out. Maybe, it was the moonshine and the excitement of me sucking his dickie doo, but he went right out."

"That's an unbelievable story," said Dan, "isn't it Peter."

"I'm totally enamored with this girl, Dan. We must do something together, a film. Make it happen, Danny boy, make it happen."

"I was mad 'cause I was still blindfolded and tied up. I coodn't reach him with my feet to kick at him. All I could do was to holler at him. I used my special pig callin' hoopin' holler. Well, I was hollerin' so loud that my cousin' Bubba heard me. He stopped by to buy some shine and when he didn't see me at the farm stand he come drivin' up to the house. He thought there was somethin' wrong, no doubt with me hoopin' hollerin' like I was. Even though I was blindfolded, I knew it was him by the way he creaked the floorboards in the house. He's a big man, not so much tall, but wide. You just know some things and I just knowed it was him. I'm embarrassed by this next part."

"No, no, no, please, you mustn't feel bad or embarrassed. It isn't like anything that happened was your fault. You were just taken advantage of, if you are about to tell us what I think you are about to tell us."

"Yeah, well, Bubba saw me blindfolded and tied to the chair and my dumb brouder sleepin'. I'm sure he saw my titties hangin' out and my pussy with my nightshirt pulled all the way up to my waist practically. So he stuck his dickie doo in my mouth, too. Only, he wasn't as gentle as my brouder. He put his hand behind my head, pulled my hair real hard and when I opened my mouth to scream, he filled it with his dickie. I had a mind to bite him, but I feared he'd haul off and hit me one."

"Pardon me, Dan. I'm sorry for interrupting, Myra, but may I have some water please, Dan?"

"Certainly," said Dan handing him a bottle of cold water.

Peter took a long drink and then dumped the rest over his head.

"That's so funny," said Myra. "I do that sometimes at the farm stand, it gets so hot."

"Don't mind him, Myra," said Dan shooting Peter and dirty look. "Please continue."

Well, Sir, after he exploded his stuff in my mouth, I heard him go out to the truck. I could tell it was his truck 'cause he got that creaky door he never fixed and he's got to slam it real hard to close it, so that the light don't stay on and wear down the battery. He goes no where without his Daddy. Next thing I know, I had another dickie doo in my mouth and I'm pretty sure it was my Uncle Donnie's dickie. He was going to town feelin' my titties before he exploded his stuff in my mouth, too. Even though I was hollerin' after them, they left me there like that. I know it's you Bubba! I know it's you Uncle Donnie! At least untie and I'll count to a hundred before I look out after y'all. It didn't matter; I had to wait for my brouder to wake up. Finally, he woke up, but before he untied me, I had to take his Dickie in my mouth, again. I didn't dare tell him that Bubba and Uncle Donnie stuck their dickies in my mouth, too. If I did, he'd haul ass outta there and he'd take a shotgun to them. Yes, Sir, my brouder is a hot head, 'specially after drinking shine."

"Well, I don't think we'll need you to read after hearing that story," said Dan. "I would like to get neked, I mean, naked, and, if you don't mind to have Peter blindfold you and tie your wrists behind you. Would it be okay if you sucked his cock? We'd like to determine your cocksucking skills."

"Sure, I'd be happy to do that," she said looking at Peter and sliding her tongue over her lips.

In the next chapter, Myra sucks Buff Naked's cock in her audition for Double Dare Adult Films.


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To be continued...

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