Lights Out!


I open the front door with my key and reach to turn on the light. Damn! The power must be out! What a happy ending to an otherwise shitty day. Nobody even remembered that it was my birthday and now this! I throw my purse onto the couch which I can barely see by the glow of the streetlamp and feel my way down the hallway to my bedroom.

As I step into the room, I hear a rustling noise. I try to squint into the darkness to see what it is, but before I can even make out anything, a hand clamps over my mouth and rough hands push me down onto the bed. "Just shut up and do what I say, bitch, or you'll be sorry!" the gruff voice growls.

Too afraid too make any noise, I just nod. "Stupid", I think to myself. "He can't see you nodding." Just as I was thinking that thought, I feel those rough hands pulling at my blouse. When he can't get it over my head, he rips it off, sending buttons rattling off into the corners. I feel the fabric straining as it stretches across my breasts and it hurts as the buttons tear into my nipples. "Ow!" I say softly. "I said shut up, bitch!" says the voice just before a hand slaps me across the right cheek, sending me sprawling onto the bed.

I try to sit up, but the man pushes on my chest holding me to the bed. I can feel another pair of hands pulling at my pants, sliding them easily off my legs, leaving me only in a skimpy pair of white bikini panties. I start to struggle, but the hand holding me down is too strong and I feel another rough hand start to pinch my nipples. "Mmmmm, nice and hard!" growls the voice. "I think maybe she likes it rough." I hear a low chuckle coming from my lower half, presumably the second man. I do like it a little rough, but I wasn't about to tell them that.

I hear a zipper and I can feel a body kneeling on the bed above my head. I feel a hard cock pressed to my lips and I clamp my lips shut. "Open your mouth you little slut, or I'll make you open it!" says the voice above my head. I do not open my mouth and I shriek as my hair is pulled back, hard. As my mouth opens, the cock is shoved into my mouth and the hand holding my hair pulls harder, causing my head to tilt backward. The man fucking my face presses harder and I can feel his cock entering my throat. I start to gag and he just fucks harder.

The man pinching my nipples has now moved down to kneel between my legs. I can feel his rough hands spreading my legs, pressing them back and up. I can feel him grab onto my panties and roughly tear them from my body. I can feel the fabric biting into my thigh and start to squirm. He holds my legs firmly, my knees bent and laying against my chest, so that my pussy is wide open to him. I can feel him stick his nose into my pussy and inhale deeply. "Oh, yeah, so sweet. I'm going to enjoy eating this snatch before I fuck the shit out of it!" he growls menacingly. I try to kick him, but my legs are held fast.

The man fucking my face has started to speed up. I can hear him grunting deeply. All at once I feel a torrent of hot cum pouring down my throat. When I turn my head to try to get away, it spews across my cheek, leaving a slimy trail from my mouth to my ear.

The man kneeling at my feet has now stuck his tongue deeply in my pussy, reaming it out. I try to fight back, but the man above me has pinned my arms to the bed. I can feel my attacker's tongue deeply imbedded in my pussy and licking from top to bottom, wetting me from clit to asshole. As he passes my brown rosebud, he sticks the tip of his tongue in, making me gasp. "Ha, ha, ha, I knew you would like that!" he says between licks. "Just wait for the next course." He motions to the man above me and that man grabs my panties from the floor where they have been thrown. He then grabs my right wrist and right ankle and binds them tightly with the panties. I can then feel him get off the bed and rummage through my dresser drawers. He comes back to the bed and ties my left wrist and left ankle together with a pair of pantyhose he had found. I am now essentially hogtied, helpless to do anything.

The man eating my pussy has now sped up, and I find myself becoming very wet, to my shock and horror. I can feel his finger pressing into my asshole as he nips and sucks at my clit. My pussy juices are running down the crack of my ass, so his finger enters me with no difficulty. "You want some of this?" he says to his buddy. "Oh yeah, gimme some of that slut pussy!" says the face fucker.

I can then feel the first man release my legs as he stands up to get out of the way. The second man then kneels in front of my wide open pussy and shoves 3 fingers deeply into me. "Owwwww!" I say, screaming. "Shut up and take it, bitch, or you'll get more than you bargained for!" says the second man, slamming his fingers in and out of my cunt, stretching it farther than it's ever been stretched before.

As the second man is raping my pussy with his hand, the first man comes around to my head and says, "You better just open up, or I can't promise what will happen to you." I clamp my mouth shut and he slaps me, hard, across both cheeks. "I told you to open up you cum slut, now DO IT!" he growls, while pressing my cheeks together, forcing my mouth open.

As he roughly pinches my cheeks, I hear a zipper and feel him forcing his hot, hard cock, into my mouth. Again, my head is pulled back by the hair, bringing tears to my eyes. I can feel his huge cock sliding deep into my throat causing me to gag. He forcefully fucks my face while pulling on my hair, so I feel pain as well as humiliation as he slams harder and harder. I can feel his balls slapping against my forehead as he forces his monster cock down my throat.

Meanwhile, the man between my legs had stopped raping me with his hand and I can feel him nudging the entrance to my pussy with his cock. I can feel the large mushroom head opening the lips to my cunt and I can feel him slide that long dick into my tight pussy. As he hits bottom, he slowly pulls back out, until just the head is inside, then slams back in until he is deeply buried in my now dripping snatch.

The man at my head and the man at my pussy begin to double slam me. A prick in my mouth and one in my pussy, both slamming hard. One in while the other pulls out. Then the other in while the first withdraws.

I feel myself start to build up to an orgasm. "Oh my God," I think to myself. "Can I actually be enjoying this?" The thick, hard cocks buried deep inside my body tell me I can. All of a sudden the man at my face starts to jerk, his cock spurting load after load of hot cum down my throat. Again I try to move my head, but he is holding my hair fast. He pulls out a little and the jizz spews across my face, some landing on my nose, some arcing over my head and landing on my tits.

"OK," he says. "Time for a little double action fun." The man at my pussy pulls out sharply, causing me to release a little unconscious moan. The man at my pussy grabs me under the ass and the man at my head grabs me under the shoulders and they roughly flip me over, so I land face down, still hogtied, my arms and legs pinned under me. The man at my feet, rolls me over to one side and the man at my head lays down on the bed, face up, his head at the same end as mine. The second man then rolls me back over, adjusting my body, so that when I am finally lowered all the way down, my pussy lines up directly over the first man's cock. The second man then roughly presses on my back and I am straddling the first man, my pussy slammed down hard on his long, hard cock, my legs straddling his body.

The man at my feet then takes a finger, spreading my copious pussy juices from my pussy to my ass and rams 2 fingers deep into my asshole. "Ahhhhhhh," I scream. "Fuck that hurts!" He chuckles deeply and continues to rape my asshole. The first man is now bucking up and down under me, slamming his cock deep into my pussy. I realize with horror that my pussy is making an obscene squishing noise as it is now full of my juices and tight enough to only allow his cock enough room to fuck in and out, over and over, the extra juices squeezing out around his cock.

The man at my feet adds a third finger to his stretching of my asshole. I can feel his fingers and the cock of the first man rubbing together through the thin membrane in my ass. When he feels that I am sufficiently stretched, he stands up and kneels on the edge of the bed, between the first man's knees. I can feel the large tip of his cock pressing against my asshole. "Nooooooo!" I cry. "Please don't, I can't take it!" He just grunts deeply and presses the head of his cock past the ring of my ass, pausing just inside to get used to the tight hole. A he feels my asshole opening wider, he slowly starts pushing his cock deeper into my now raw and burning asshole. As he hits bottom he says, "Ready partner?" The man in my pussy says, "You betcha, let's go!" As I feel the cock in my pussy start to pull out, the man in my ass says, "GO!"

I feel like I am being torn in two. First a cock buried deep into my pussy, slamming against my cervix, then that cock leaves, making me feel empty until.... The second cock buries itself deep in my ass, stretching my tight hole farther and farther apart. In and out the go, one then the other, raping my pussy and my ass for all they are worth.

Again I feel an orgasm building deep inside me. I try to fight it, but it is too strong and it washes over me causing me to groan deeply and cum heavily. The man in my pussy grunts loudly as he says, "Here it comes, she just came and she's squeezing the shit out of my cock!" I can feel him speed up and start to buck wildly as his cum starts shooting out of his cock, deep in my pussy.

As I came, my ass also tightened up and the cock in my ass starts to jump also, filling my ass with his hot cum. "Arrrrrgh", says the second man. "Oh, yeah, fuck me baby!"

I unconsciously start to rock back and forth onto both cocks, feeling them soften and slip out of their respective holes. I feel two pairs of hands gently untie the bonds that hold my hands and feet. The first man rolls me over onto my back as the lights come on.

I stare into the faces of my two best friends, my roommates, Bill and Mark, as they shout together, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"

Well, I thought, this didn't turn out to be such a bad birthday after all.

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