tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLights Out For Cherie

Lights Out For Cherie



“Damn, girl”, I heard Phil say to my wife. “You know you want my big black dick in that tight little white pussy again. You know I’m going to fuck you. You know you want me to. Stop acting like you don’t.”

“Phil, you have to stop this”, Alex pleaded into the phone in hushed tones. “If Steve ever finds out he’ll kill us both. The other night was the biggest mistake of my life and I won’t be your slut. I never want to be alone with you again!”

“Shit, baby girl, your little panties are drenched right now just from hearing my voice. Now make up some excuse and meet me at Motel 9 and be here in 15 minutes. Now just DO IT!”

I heard Phil slam down the phone and waited for the click on this end that signified Alex had hung up so I could put the extension down without her hearing me. I had picked the phone up in the garage where I was working on the lawnmower on this fine Saturday afternoon after hearing it ringing in the house. I gave my wife plenty of time to start talking before I held my breath and listened in.

I was excited at the thought of my Alexandria in the arms of my best friend again. Neither knew that I had witnessed the two of them fucking the weekend before after a party at our beach house while I was supposedly passed out. Neither one was aware I had watched as Phil forcibly took Alex on our kitchen table, pounding his giant meat between her pretty outstretched legs while holding her down. I had jacked off looking at the scene and listened as she finally stopped pleading for him to stop and begged Phil to fuck her hard. I watched in awe as his black battering ram-like dick thrust all the way in between her white ass cheeks, and I came again as I watched his thick white cum run down my wife’s pussy lips, off her thigh and onto the table in thick globs. I had run back to the sofa and pretended to be sound asleep as first Phil and then my wife came out of the kitchen. That had been one week ago. Since then I had made up my mind that Phil owed me. Alex also owed me. And I was going to collect all markers today. The opportunity that I had been waiting for had just raised its head.

Phil is married to Cherie, a stunning African-American girl from New Orleans with a soft Southern drawl that always gives me shivers. She’s the color of Café au lait and has a slim build with perky breasts, a fine ass and long, long legs. She’s tall at 5/8 and weighs about 130 pounds. She wears her hair long and in the current straight style the way some of the black singers and movie stars wear theirs. She resembles Janet Jackson except she’s lighter in color. Suffice it to say she’s built for love.

I’ve had fantasies of forcing Cherie to be my love slave since I’ve known her and Phil. Phil tells me that she is everything he wants in the bedroom, that she treats him like her king in every way. I like that in a woman, especially a woman who looks like Cherie. Now, I had the courage and the excuse I needed to make all my fantasies come true. My loving wife and my best friend had cheated on me. Now was the day of reckoning.

“Babe, I’m going to run over to the mall to pick up a few things and I’ll be back in time for dinner, OK?” Alex gave me her best little girl look and blew me a kiss, trying to act innocent and hopefully to get me to buy into her lie.

“Hey, be careful”, I said watching her wriggle away in her thigh high skirt and sandals. “I’m going to the hardware store and I’ll be gone for awhile too”, I said as she opened the door to her SUV.

Watching her drive away I knew that she would soon be clawing at the sheets while Phil shoved his dick into her little tight pussy. My dick gave a jump as I saw the scene in my mind. I smiled as I thought about how my revenge would play out.

“Let’s have some wine while we wait for Alex to get home”, I said as I poured a “special” glass of wine for Cherie. She smiled and said, “OK but just one. You know I can’t hold my liquor.” I laughed with her as I handed her the glass loaded with a powerful but tasteless drug mixed with the wine. I raised my glass in a toast and said, “To friends”, watching closely as she sipped.

I had called Cherie and told her that Alex and I wanted she and Phil to come over for drinks and dinner and that I had already talked it over with Phil, who was heading over as soon as he got off work.

When I answered the door 45 minutes later, Cherie stood there in a bright red sweater and skin-tight jeans. My dick jumped and my heart started thumping with anticipation as I greeted her with a hug. Her hard little titties pressed against my chest as I squeezed her to me. Her sweet perfume drove me wild.

“Come in, Alex went to the market to pick up some chicken and she’ll be back momentarily”, I said, giving her my best innocent smile. “Yeah, come on in baby…I’m going to see what that beautiful body looks like under those clothes”, I thought as I watched her fine ass wriggle by me as I closed the door and locked it.

The drug I had bought from a co-worker was doing its thing. Cherie’s speech had begun to slur and she was having trouble focusing her incredible brown eyes. I moved in for the kill, sitting beside her on the couch.

“Hey, this wine isss goood”, she said in between sips. “But it’s kickin my booty”

“And that’s some booty you’ve got there girl”, I said and laughed as I watched her try to focus on what I was saying. I leaned into her and caught her glass as she was trying to place it on the coffee table. Her head landed on my shoulder and it was lights out for Cherie.

“Damn, what a fine pair of titties you have”, I mumbled to her as I pulled the red sweater off over her head.

“Mmmmphh”, was all she could manage to say as I leaned her forward to unsnap her pink bra. I pushed her back against the cushions as I took both of her 34B titties in either hand and squeezed their softness, watching as the long pink nipples swelled inside the dark brown aureoles. Cherie moaned as I took one into my lips and ran my tongue over it then sucked it in suddenly. I was working myself into a sexual sweat as I sucked and gently bit those long pink nipples.

I unbuttoned and unzipped her tight jeans and ran my hand down her hard flat stomach under her panties. I could feel a little curly hair but the pants were too tight for me to get far. Getting up, I grabbed her sandals and threw them across the floor and pulled the bottoms of her pant legs as hard as I could to get the jeans off. Her tiny see-through white panties came into view as I tugged at the jeans. Finally I worked them past her tight ass and off they came, leaving me bug-eyed at what I was seeing.

God, what a view! There was this gorgeous, long-legged black girl sprawled out on my sofa with nothing on except a pair of thin see-through French-cut panties. I could see wisps of pussy hair between her legs. Her pussy lips were almost visible through the white panel and had puffed the panty material out in the crotch. Cherie was beautiful all over and she was also completely passed out, mine to do with as I liked.

My co-worker said the drug would last about an hour. I had at least 45 minutes left.

I sat down next to Cherie and tilted her head back and kissed those luscious lips while feeling her body all over. I gently forced my tongue between her lips and softly fucked her mouth with it as I pinched her nipples. I bit her throat while rubbing the silky material between her legs, feeling her oh-so-soft pussy getting moist. I feasted on her pretty brown titties while pulling her tiny panties down her long shapely legs. There was my prize! A fat hooded clit surrounded by medium full pussy lips. Cherie had shaved most of the curly black hair away from her pussy and just had a small trimmed patch directly above her lips. I put one of her legs over my own and pushed the other leg away so I could have full access to her. Cherie moaned softly and began responding to my fingers gently opening her pussy. I pulled back on the hood and rubbed my thumb across her now-naked clitty. Cherie jumped as my fingers made contact with the juicy nerve endings. I was mad with desire and I felt my temperature leap as I continued to finger fuck this beautiful woman.

Cherie was ready to fuck, even though she was completely out of it. Her soft wet pussy sucked greedily at my fingers as I went deep into her heat. Moving around to get between her out-splayed legs, I took my pants off and released my throbbing dick, wet with pre-cum. But I wasn’t ready to fuck her just yet. I wanted to see that fine little ass of hers that I’d been watching for years. I tugged her over on her stomach and made her comfortable, laying her head on a cushion.

“Oh shit!”, I muttered as I stared at that terrific ass. It was almost perfect and rivaled my wife’s heart shaped ass, which I figured would be pumping up and down on Phil’s hard dick right about now in a motel room. Cherie’s ass was rock solid and gently curved to accent plump cheeks that stood out away from her thighs. My friends all said that she could balance a basketball on her ass while standing upright. They were right, this was an incredible ass and it was about to be all mine.

I turned Cherie back over and stood with my aching dick pointed at her sweet mouth.

“Hmmm, I wonder”, I said aloud.

I gently opened her mouth with my trembling fingers and eased myself forward and laid the head of my dick on her lips. Cherie instinctively opened her mouth and began an incredible sucking at just the tip, running her tongue across the glans. I moaned softly and worked about three inches into her. I reached over and fingered her pussy, pushing two fingers deep inside. Cherie responded by sucking more of me in until half my dick was being sucked. I started my in and out movements and almost came from the intensity. But I had plans to invade her hot, wet pussy and cum deep in her belly.

I pulled out of her mouth just in time and sat down next to her. I tugged her onto my lap and with great effort, got her astride me. She fell forward with her head just to the side of mine, breathing in my ear. As I worked my hard aching dick in between her warm wet pussy lips, I shifted her weight on me and was rewarded with a position that offered me full access to her long, pointed titties right in front of my face. As I thrust hard to get my dick all the way into her, I captured one hard nipple in my mouth and grabbed two handfuls of her big ass.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, all the way in”, I said as I started a conformable thrusting into her tight pussy. Squeezing her ass, I tried to fuck her hard but the dead weight would only allow me to fuck at a slow but sure pace. My dick was about to explode as I continued to grind it into her.

“Mhhhhh…Ohhhhh”, moaned Cherie as I spread her asscheeks wide and pushed my dick into her to the balls. I worked my head into position to cover her mouth with mine and kissed her hotly, sucking her tongue into my mouth and biting it. I could feel her cunt muscles tighten as she reached for her orgasm. Fucking her as hard as I could, I reached under her and wetting a finger with her pussy juice, I thrust it deep inside her ass. Cherie came down hard on me as she hit her orgasm, holding herself down on my hard cock, blubbering incoherently.

“Ohhhhhh nuhhhhhhhhhh…ohhh ohhhh”, Cherie sobbed as I picked her up and turned her over, still deep inside her. I pulled both her legs over my shoulders and proceeded to slam into her hot, dripping pussy. Her head was against the back of the couch and she was like a rag doll as I fucked into her unmercifully. My cum was boiling up like a volcano about to spew as I thrust harder and harder into her willing, wet cunt, the girl juice making it easier for my rock-hard dick to slide all the way into her, battering her cervix with each forward thrust. I slapped her ass cheeks with both hands hard as I felt the cum boiling over. Holding myself back no longer, I spewed my thick, white jism deep into her belly as I threw my head back and held my spurting dick all the way in, grinding around and around. Finally I popped my dick from her gaping hole and watched as the cum poured out of her like lava. I let her legs down and was just backing away when Alex walked in the door, followed closely by my best friend Phil.

The look on their faces was priceless. I grinned as Phil rushed in yelling about how he was going to kill me. Alex stood there speechless. Taking my still oozing dick into my hand, I said, “Phil, you prick! I just almost got even. Your little lovely wife owes me one more fuck and I aim to collect it just as soon as I recover and can get hard again. Now you and my lovely cheating wife can leave or you can stay and watch and we can really make this a party. Your choice pal. What’ll it be?”

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