Like A Virgin


Kyle looked at his bride from across the room. She was beautiful, red hair pulled back in a loose bun, pale skin looking creamy against the green dress. She looked over her shoulder at him with her blue eyes, blew him a kiss, and went back to her group of guests. Kyle's hands ached to get on that slim waist, and he could feel his palms begin to sweat with anticipation. It was their wedding day, and this was the night they'd been saving themselves for. Unless, of course, John was telling the truth.

"I swear, Kyle, she's no virgin," John muttered, taking another drink of champagne. "My brother dated her for three years in high school, and he said she wasn't a virgin then!"

"I just don't know why she would lie to me," said Kyle, softly. He had been honest with her, she knew he wasn't a virgin, but he'd stayed away from her because she had wanted to save herself for marriage.

"I dunno, man, but you've been had. I tried to tell you last week, but I couldn't get time alone with you."

"Well, we're married now, and she'll have to say something tonight, won't she?"

"Yeah, I guess," John said very unconvincingly. John felt awfully guilty, telling his best friend about this on Kyle's wedding day. But what was he supposed to do, just sit back and let him find out the hard way? Well, probably…but a little bit of alcohol and he was ready to spill the beans. This was a secret that he'd been holding in for a long time.

Kyle flexed the muscle in his jaw, trying not to clench his teeth. He stood very straight, all six feet. He was a good-looking man, with a squarish face, full lips, green eyes and short brown hair.

Vickie had lied to him. Why had she lied to him? This was no way to start a new life together.

After the reception the newlyweds rode off in their limo to their hotel, and once inside their room Vickie turned on her husband.

"You've been glaring at me all night, babe, what's up?" She said, crossing her arms. She was always defensive when she thought he was angry with her.

Kyle shot her another glare.

"Do you know John Miller?" he said, not breaking eye contact. "He's Seth Miller's brother."

Vickie blinked twice, rapidly.

"No," she said.

"Either you're lying, or John is lying, and I've known John all my life." He said, quietly. He wanted to believe her.

"Well, you married me, so I think that there's some trust there," Vickie said, eyes tearing up a little bit.

"Then why are you crying when I haven't even told you what he said?"

"Do you love me, Kyle?"

"Of course I love you, I wouldn't have asked you to marry me if I didn't love you. We wouldn't be here right now if I didn't think that you were the most perfect, kind, loving woman in the whole world." Kyle walked over to Vickie and put his arms around her. "I love you," he whispered in to her ear, taking the soft lobe gently in his mouth and sucking on it slowly.

"Then it doesn't matter what John said, does it?"

A flood of anger filled Kyle. She was trying to turn it around! She was manipulating him! The bitch! He took a deep breath and calmed himself. Sucking the lobe further between his lips, he nipped it quickly with his teeth.

"Kyle!" Vickie shrieked, jumping in his arms. He held her tight, pulling her even closer to him.

"You lied to me, didn't you, bitch?" he hissed into her ear, holding her close. "You're no fucking virgin." He bit her ear again, not too hard, just enough to make her tremble a little in his arms.

"You're hurting me!" Vickie hissed. "Leave me alone!"

"Admit it, darling," he said the last dripping with sarcasm, "You've fucked before, haven't you? You just wouldn't fuck me!"

"I'm sorry!" she whimpered, tensing in his arms. The feel of his arms around her body was turning her on, despite the cruel words he was growling into her ear. His lips around her lobe felt very, very good, but the pain he was causing her with his voice made her stomach turn. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you…I thought you'd like me more if I were a virgin…"

"That's a lame excuse, Vickie," Kyle growled. He was so angry. She had never heard this tone in his voice; in fact, he had never heard it either. This was his wedding day; he was supposed to be in the throes of passion with his beloved right now, not talking about the fact that she'd been lying to him for nine months.

"I'm sorry," she whimpered again, gasping as he tightened his arms around her, hugging her so tight she feared he would crush her. Then suddenly he let her go, her weak legs almost collapsing underneath her, Kyle standing over her and glaring down.

"You will be," he said ominously, taking her shoulders and pushing her down to her knees. He was angry, but he held the violence that he feared would come to the surface in check, instead touching her with gentle firmness. Sensing his tension, Vickie obeyed his hands, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

She was a pretty sight, kneeling in a pool of forest green silk. In their brief struggle some of her red hair had come undone from the bun and was curling around her face.

Kyle untied his tie calmly. He was angry. His whole body vibrated with anger. It almost scared him, these feelings, and the fact that he wanted to act upon them scared him more. To take out his frustrations on his new wife was impossible, said one part of him. She deserved it, the other said. She had lied to him.

He saw Vickie flinch as he moved closer to her. A chill tingled up and down his spine.

"I know you're sorry," he said, "and I'm going to give you a chance to make it up to me."

Her big blue eyes looked up at him, tears drenching the long lashes.

"Stand up," he said.

Vickie struggled to her feet. She loved Kyle so much. The lie she'd told him didn't seem like such a big deal at the time, nine months ago, when they had met. She was on her period, hadn't wanted to have sex with him, even though he was quite a lusty man. They had met in a bar, he'd come over, purchased her a drink. After an hour of the best conversation they'd ever had, he had invited her back to his place. Not wanting to ruin the good impression she'd made, the fib about being a virgin seemed to just slide off her tongue, out her lips, and into the air. Later, after a few more dates, Vickie had wanted to come clean, but Kyle seemed so impressed by it…She didn't know how to say that she'd been lying all this time. Every day for the two months of their engagement she'd wanted to tell, she knew that on their wedding night he'd find out, but every day that passed without admitting it made it that much harder for her to tell him. She knew that he'd be upset, even angry, and maybe angry enough to break off the wedding. And that was too hard for her to comprehend.

He was angry, she'd been right to assume that. He was definitely angry.

She stood trembling in front of him. Kyle's eyes roamed down her body, a body that she'd given to other men but had denied him. Her head was bent, eyes looking up through those dark lashes. Tears were running down her face. Her arms were hugging each other lightly, defensively, trying to comfort herself. Kyle moved quickly before he changed his mind, reaching for her and pulling her around, his other hand gripping her wrists and holding them at the small of her back. Leaning in, he nipped her neck, moving small kisses up the flesh to her ear again. She half moaned half whimpered in a mixture of pleasure and fear as he bit her ear softly.

"Stop it, Kyle, I'm sorry, I can explain!"

"There's nothing to explain," growled Kyle. "You have explained enough already."

His tie was in his right hand, and he quickly wrapped it around her wrists. Even in his angered state he was careful not to damage her skin, tying the knot loosely around her wrists. It would hold, but it wouldn't cut off her circulation.

Vickie panicked, tugging her wrists once he let go of them, more than testing her restraints. Her tears rolled down her cheeks, her breasts heaved as she struggled to get free.

"Calm down, Vickie," Kyle whispered into her ear, moving his hands up her silk-clad body and pinching the small, hard nipples poking through. "I'm not going to hurt you. Much."

Kyle turned Vickie around to face him again, hands in a firm grip on her upper arms.

"I think it's time I got to see the body you've been hiding from me, Vickie, my love," he said, eyes on her heaving bosom.

Out of his pants pocket he pulled his Swiss Army Knife, opening it while his other hand still gripped her arm.

Vickie sucked in her breath, trying to pull back, but his hard grip kept her in place. He placed the knife, blade outwards, in her cleavage, pulling it down and sawing through the expensive green silk and bra underneath.

Her breasts poured out of the shreds of fabric, gorgeous orbs of creamy skin. They were a good handful, perky for their size. The aureoles were dark pink, about the size of a quarter, with rather small wrinkled nipples becoming harder with the cold of the room that they were being exposed to. Vickie turned her face away in shame. She hadn't wanted his first glimpse of his body to be like this.

Kyle ripped the knife down the rest of her dress, sparing the panties, but slitting it all the way to the ground. The next step was to cut away the sleeves, and then he had his bride in front of him, in lacy white panties, a garter belt, and sheer white panty hose.

Vickie stood shivering in her underwear, arms helpless behind her back. Kyle couldn't resist touching, and let go of her arms to caress her body with his palms. He started at her neck and ran his big hand down her throat, through the little valley between her breasts and around her belly button. Circling back up, he felt her breasts, pinching the nipples lightly, relishing in her shudder of delight. His hands went down the sides of her body, tracing her hips, and reached the garters. He unhooked the hose, and slowly pulled them down her silky smooth legs.

"This could have been different, you know," he said softly as he pulled off the panty hose and then her panties. "We could be laying in bed right now exploring each others bodies. But, honestly, I'm enjoying this a lot."

All Vickie could respond with was another whimper, as Kyle moved his hands up her thighs to her pubic mound, where he began to toy with her springy pubic hair. He could smell her arousal, she might not like her hands to be tied, but her body was enjoying his touch. He smiled, and stood up from his crouch in front of his wife.

"I think that you owe me a bit for lying to me, don't you think?" he asked her, taking her chin in his hand.

She nodded as best she could with her head pointed up towards his face.

"Then I think first I want you to stand right here, with your legs spread, while I whip you a couple times with my belt." The way he said it, so matter-of-factly, surprised even Kyle himself. He could hardly believe he'd said it out loud. Was he actually going to hit her? Cause her pain? She'd lied to him, over and over and over. She'd sworn in front of a church full of people that she would love and cherish him for the rest of her life, but she'd lied. He was hurt, and he wanted her to hurt too. A strange feeling was bubbling in his belly, and his cock was hard against his slacks. The idea of whipping her, combined with her naked body bound in front of him, was arousing him in a way he'd never felt before. Taking a deep breath he unbuckled his belt, folding it in half and dangling it in front of Vickie's big green eyes.

Vickie looked at him, shock in her eyes. Her chest heaved with each gulp of air she took, her large breasts quivering. Goose bumps had risen over her entire body, but she couldn't help the arousal flowing through her veins. Her husband was preparing to whip her and it was exciting. She spread her legs and braced herself.

Kyle swung his belt a couple of times for practice. The sight of Vickie's bottom clenching with each whoosh of air made him smile. The persistant pulsing in his cock seemed to send throbbing pleasure through his entire body, and he took a deep breath before he hit her on her round, pert behind. Vickie yelped and jumped forward, pulling her legs together and spinning around to face him.

He sighed. This wouldn't work; no matter how scared she was she couldn't just stand there while he hit her. An idea struck him.

Inside his suitcase he had a couple of things that might help him out. He grabbed them now, and crossed back over the room to his wife. Kyle grabbed Vickie's arm and lead her to the large bed. She expected him to throw her down on it and fuck her brains out, but instead he stood her at the foot, facing the mattress, and crouched down beside her. He took one of her ankles and pulled it over to the post. With a spare tie, he bound her right leg to the bed, and then he crossed over to the left leg and pulled it the full length of the mattress over to the other post, where he secured it with a tube sock. The restraints looked comical, but they did their job.

Despite the strain in her thigh muscles, being spread open and so exposed made her tingle with excitement. She shifted her weight back and forth, trying to get comfortable. Juices dripped down her thighs, making her feel more naked than she'd ever felt before. She was so concerned with the humiliation she was experiencing that she didn't notice Kyle moving behind her again, lifting his arm, and letting the belt swat her on the bottom.

The first stroke made her jump, her mouth opening wide in a silent cry of pain and pleasure. The second stroke followed quickly, and this time she was able to make some noise.

SMACK! The leather hit her soft skin again, Kyle growing bolder and hitting harder. The blow seemed to slice her bottom in half.

Gasps came from her as she lost her balance and fell forward onto the mattress. Her bound legs kept her in place, her bottom rising above her in the air, a bright red target for Kyle's next swing. He hit her again, and again, until her hips were grinding in the air, slick fluids coating her thighs as she moaned into the bed. She had never expected herself to feel this way in such circumstances, and Kyle was surprised at his own reaction, as well. Her ass was turning an angry, dark red before he finally stopped striking her. Walking over to her, he heard her moaning into the mattress. His cock felt larger than it had ever been before, full of blood and throbbing with need. Tossing the belt onto the bed beside Vickie's face, Kyle reached out his hand and tentatively touched her bottom. Heat seemed to radiate from her angry red skin, the cool feel of his hands making her moan louder and push her backside into his hands. He slid his hand up her back, and then, taking her shoulders gently in his hands, pulled her into a standing position once again.

Vickie's body shook from arousal and pain. His hands on her skin felt so good, and the heat in her bottom was only a mild ache compared to the fire between her legs. She pushed her hips up and back, yearning to feel his cock in her body. She wanted him, and whimpered as his hands moved around to her front, teasing her breasts with his fingers. Vickie was not masochistic, had never had any fantasies about control, but something about Kyle taking the upper hand and punishing her for her lies was fitting. Kyle leaned against her, his lips finding her ear once again, his fingers pinching her nipples softly. He pushed his crotch into her hot backside, his stiff erection teasing her even further. Kyle wanted nothing more than to fuck her brains out until she begged him to stop.

One hand slipped off her breast, down her belly, and between her thighs. Vickie gasped as his middle finger stroked her sopping slit, gathering the fluids there and spreading them between the crack of her ass, prodding the tight hole between the cheeks. She moaned in pleasure as he slipped back down, roughly rubbing her swollen clit, pinching it between his fingers as he pinched her nipples in his opposite hand. He'd waited months for her pussy, and it was time for him to claim it.

Kyle's cock wasn't large, an average six inches, but it was thicker than usual. Letting go of her breast to undo his slacks, the throbbing cock burst out, it's hot skin rubbing against Vickie's. Vickie gasped at the contact, pushing her hips back towards it, her legs straining to free themselves so that she could impale herself on the staff. She groaned throatily as Kyle moved his hand away from her hot pussy, moving both hands back to her breasts, and slowly leaned in on her, pushing her front back onto the bed.

With slow, fluid movements, Kyle rubbed his cock against the slick slit between his wife's legs. The juices were warm against his hot skin, driving him crazy. He moved his staff from her hot pussy between her cheeks, pushing it back down. Vickie cried out in pleasure as the head of his cock nudged at her opening, and then louder as he penetrated her private place.

She was tight around him, her spread legs clenching as he thrust into her soft flesh. He moaned contentedly, moving his hands up from her breasts to her hips, holding them still as he pushed fluidly in and out of her. The feeling was the best, taking her, fucking her, using her. Never before had he experienced such pleasure while making love.

Vickie thought that she might as well be a virgin from the new pleasures she was experiencing. The very few experiences she'd had were nothing like this; nothing in the world was like this. This pleasure that spread from her pussy through her legs and back and arms to the very tips of her tongue was the best thing she had ever had. She never wanted it to stop. She felt her body rocking closer and closer to a climax, an orgasm that threatened to be the one to break her in half. Her eyes clenched closed, her fingers wrapped tight together behind her back, her hips in his arms. She opened her mouth and cried out into the mattress as it took her, shaking her, numbing her brain. There was only pleasure, the warmth, the heat, the fire that spread through her blood.

The clenching around his cock, the spasms of the pussy he buried himself in, triggered Kyle's own peak. He cried out, thrusting harder inside her, until spurts of his own fluid filled the tight pussy. This was another first for him. Never before had he spent himself into a woman. But this was his wife, and this was a privilege that would be his from now on. The pleasure of the orgasm fading, a new pleasure spread through his body. His wife, his beloved. Lie or no lie, she was his now, to have and to hold forever. Kyle relaxed against his wife, pushing her into the bed with his weight. Her heavy breaths moved him up and down as he smiled into her neck, kissing her skin gently. After a couple of minutes he pushed himself up, listening to her gasp as he pulled his limp cock out of her pussy, leaving her empty and cold.

Kyle didn't bother wiping up the mess, his fluids and hers mixing on his half-limp cock, but climbed on to the bed in front of Vickie. He reached for her and stroked her cheek, smiling down at her red face. He took a handful of her hair in his fist, tugging her head up gently, placing his legs on either side of her face and resting back against the headboard.

"Lick it off," he said commandingly, pushing his hips up towards her face

Vickie had never put a cock in her mouth after sex. She always insisted that her partner wash off first, and if there was cum on it…well…that wasn't even an option. Now, she balked, turning her head away, eyes squeezed shut, refusing to open her mouth for this humiliation.

Kyle thrust his dick at her face, wiping the cum on her lips and cheeks.

"Come on," he urged, taking his cock in his hand and offering it to her face. "Come on. No teeth, just tongue. Lick it off."

Vickie's insides twisted at the humiliation she was experiencing. But the need that had so recently been satisfied between her legs began to ache once again as she opened her lips, taking her husband into her mouth and lapping obediently at the tangy flesh. She tasted the sour taste of her own juices, the salty taste of his. They were mixed together and it aroused her once more.

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