tagIncest/TabooLike Father, Like Son Ch. 02

Like Father, Like Son Ch. 02



Russell lay naked on his bed, stroking his morning wood and replaying, not for the first time, the images of his first suck and fuck session a week ago with his son Liam. It had been a fantastic afternoon of hardcore incestuous man-to-man sex with plenty of sucking, rimming, sixty-nining and fucking and with lots of white hot spunk flying about all over the place, mostly Liam's over his father's face and chest and Russell's in his son's asshole, and Russell was only too proud that he and his ex-wife Sarah had produced such a horny sexy young man who was in love with sex as much as he was with life itself.

There were a few other images working their way through Russell's mind's eye too, ever since Liam had confessed to him he'd been fucking his mother, as well as getting fucked in the ass by Sarah's strap-on. Having taken Sarah's plastic prick up his ass many times in the past when they were still married, Russell knew just how adept she was at giving maximum asshole pleasure and just the thought of Liam being fucked by his mother was enough to tip Russell over the edge and, almost without warning, he spewed out a long hot ribbon of his thick spunky jizz, luxuriating in its warmth as it ran down the shaft of his prick and over his hand before matting his pubes.

"Aaaagh!" Russell cried, as he enjoyed his first wank of the day, "that was a fucking good one."

He lay there for a few moments as he came down from the intensity of his orgasm and then made for the bathroom, stepping into the shower and enjoying the hot jets raining down on him as he carried out his morning ablutions. Russell was and is a true sexaholic, the pleasures of the flesh being what life was all about, as far as he was concerned, and despite having relieved his balls of his spunk only a quarter of an hour or so earlier, he was raring to go again as he stepped out the shower and began to towel himself down.

"If I don't get my rocks off with my lad again soon," Russell mused to himself as he pulled on a vest and shorts, preparatory to going out for his regular early morning run, "I'm gonna go fucking crazy. And I want to hear more about what he gets up to with his mom."

Almost without thinking, Russell reached for the phone and punched in Liam's mobile number. He didn't want to phone the landline in case his ex-wife answered; as yet, he had no idea whether or not Liam had inveigled Sarah with details of what they had got up to on that momentous day when Russell had visited and Sarah had fortuitously gone off shopping, leaving Russell and Liam alone and they had thrown away their doubts and got down to some seriously hardcore father and son sex.

Liam answered after a couple of rings and Russell felt his cock start to harden again inside his shorts at the sound of his son's sexy voice. "Hi, son," he said, "you doing anything this morning?"

"Oh, hi dad," replied Liam, his voice full of surprise and pleasure that the caller was his father, "I was thinking of going for a jog in the woods. Why, you got something else in mind?" he finished, a lascivious tone creeping into his voice.

"Might have," said Russell, "in fact, I'm going for a jog myself. How d'you fancy joining me?"

"Sure would, dad," Liam replied, "where shall I meet you?"

"Meet me by the car park at the start of the woods," replied Russell. "And son," he added, as if he had just thought of what he was about to say.

"Yes, dad?"

"Wear the tightest pair of shorts you've got. I want to see and feel that lovely ass of yours in them again."

"And there's me thinking you just wanted to go for a run," laughed Liam. "OK, dad, I'll sort out a pair now. I think my blue soccer shorts are the tightest pair I've got. They give mom quite a thrill too when she sees me in them."

Russell was stroking the bulge in his shorts which had grown considerably since he started the conversation with his son. He knew from past experience that Sarah was a bit of an ass fetishist herself - in fact, more than a bit - and would no doubt enjoy seeing her son's ass in a tight pair of shorts, too.

"I'd love to see you and your mom in action some time," said Russell, "I want to hear more about what the two of you get up to."

"Gee, dad," replied Liam, "you are one sex-mad son-of-a-bitch. Don't ever change, will you?"

"Sure fucking won't," replied Russell, "not when I've got such a horny sexy son like you. I'm the proudest dad in the world."

"Thanks, dad, I love you too," said Liam. "Now, are we going to sit here all day talking on the phone or are we going to get on with things?"

"See you and that great ass of yours in about half an hour, son."

They terminated the conversation and Russell closed the door of the house and got in the car and accelarated away on the short journey to the woods. Simultaneously, back at the house he shared with his mother, Liam fumbled in his closet and found the shorts in question. They were indeed the tightest skimpiest pair he possessed and as he pulled them on around his ample buns, he checked his ass in the wall mirror to make sure they fitted as snugly as possible. Then he went downstairs to the kitchen where his mother was making a pot of tea ...


Sarah smiled and licked her lips as Liam entered the kitchen, casting approving looks at her sexy son, her eyes sweeping over him from head to toes and taking in not just his fabulous-looking ass but every bit of him, his perfect calves, his strong muscular legs protruding from his shorts and his broad shoulders enhanced by a matching blue-covered bum-freezer vest.

Sarah loved seeing her son in sports kit just as much as she did nude when they had sex, like the night before when it had felt as if Liam had completely destroyed her cunt with all the pokes it had received from his young but experienced prick. Now, as she feasted her eyes on the spectacular visual delights of her son's tight shorts-clad bum, her pride and love in him once again bubbled to the surface as Liam went over to the fridge to get some ice-cold water, aware that his mother's eyes were digging into his round muscular buttocks.

"Goodness, sweetheart," Sarah said, "how on earth did you manage to get into a pair of shorts that tight?"

"Easy, mom," Liam replied, turning round and enjoying showing Sarah the bulge in his shorts just as much as he did his ass, "I'm gonna go out for a run, now," he continued, taking a swig of the water from a tumbler into which he had poured it.

"What, no suck this morning?" said Sarah, teasingly.

Liam loved being sucked off by his mother - and loved licking her pussy, too - but he was eager to sample his father's cock-sucking and ass-licking skills again. "Mom," he said, "we had a great time last night and we'll have another great time tonight so you'll just have to be patient."

"Who was that on the phone?" said Sarah, changing the subject abruptly, "don't tell me nobody because I have very good hearing."

"In that case, mom," said Liam, "you'll know very well who it was."

"Your dad," Sarah replied. "Are you meeting him now?"

"Sure am, mom," replied Liam, "we're going jogging together."

"You shouldn't wear shorts that tight in front of your dad," said Sarah, "you'll get him turned on and who knows then what might happen?"

Liam smiled at his mother. "Don't tell me you wouldn't like it to happen, mom," he said, "I bet you'd love to see me and dad in action."

"Yes, well maybe I would," Sarah replied. "Now get going, if you are going, otherwise I might just have to pull those shorts of yours down this very minute."

"I'll be all yours this evening, mom," Liam said, "and then I'm gonna fuck you until you scream for mercy."

"Can hardly wait, sweetheart," his mother replied, "I just love your big prick in my cunt. By the way," she added, almost as an afterthought, "I'm going shopping later so I might not be back until late. I'll leave something in the fridge for you to eat."

"Thanks, mom, but don't you ever get tired of going shopping? You spent all day at them just a few days ago."

"Men!" said Sarah, giggling, "there's no point me explaining, you lot will never understand. Now go, otherwise I will have those shorts of yours off before you can blink."

Liam smiled again and headed for the door, letting himself out and walking down the drive to the gate. Sarah moved swiftly over to the window to get another view of Liam's ass as he walked away, licking her lips as she watched the two firm cheeks rubbing together inside his shorts which were, indeed, so tight it looked to Sarah's fancy as if her son's ass was bare and had merely been painted blue.

When Liam got to the gate, he turned, smiled and blew his mother a kiss, and then took up a jogging gait as he made his way to the woods to meet his father, leaving Sarah to her own devices ...


Russell parked the car at the entrance to the woods, pleased to see there were no other cars there and the woods were silent apart from the singing birds high up in the trees, and sat back to await the arrival of his son. He didn't have to wait long; five minutes after arriving, he saw the sturdy figure approaching through the woods and as the young man drew nearer, Russell's cock got hard and his mouth watered with pleasant anticipation. Just the sight of Liam's young masculine body pleased Russell and he started to think of all the wonderful things they would soon be doing to each other.

"Fucking hell," Russell mused to himself, "I know I asked him to wear the tightest pair of shorts he had but these ones are practically non-existant."

Russell climbed out the car, his eyes taking in the obscene but paradoxically beautiful bulge in the front of Liam's shorts. Even without a full hard-on, Liam's shorts were so tight that they tented out at the front considerably and Russell found himself wondering how many women - and men, too - he had turned on as he ran through the town on his way to the woods.

"Hi son," Russell said, kissing Liam on the lips to which his son eagerly responded. Since there was nobody about, they felt quite OK snogging out in the open. When they broke free of the kiss, Russell took a step back and gazed admiringly at Liam.

"Boy oh boy, son," he said, "you certainly have worn a lovely tight pair of shorts. You look so sexy."

"So do you, dad," replied Liam. "Now, are we going for a jog or not?"

"You go first, son," said Russell, "I want to watch your ass working."

"My ass really turns you on, don't it, dad?" said Liam, turning and starting to head off into the woods, breaking into a trot.

"There's no better sight in the world than a nice pair of male ass cheeks accentuated by a tight pair of shorts," replied Russell.

Liam smiled over his shoulder and began to increase the pace, running deep into the woods on his strong athletic legs. Father and son jogged together for over half an hour or more, their respective breaths coming in short sharp gasps as they got into the exercise, before Liam slowed down to allow his father to catch him up.

"I gotta have a piss, dad," Liam said, making his way off the path and heading into the bushes, the brambles scraping across his legs. Russell followed and watched fascinated as Liam reached up the right leg of his shorts, took out his prick and immediately let fly with a steady stream of hot steaming piss up against the trunk of a tree. The crystal clear urine splashed against the bark, leaving a long dark stripe as it splashed to the ground, the atmosphere in the copse becoming acrid with the odour of freshly-produced piss.

"Such a lot, son," said Russell as he watched the seemingly never-ending stream as his son continued to pee for what seemed an age but eventually it came to an end and Liam shook the last drops away and smiled at his father.

"Enjoy seeing that, dad?"

"Fucking did, son," replied Russell. "Come round to my place sometime and you can piss over me."

"Will do, dad," said Liam, "or we can go back to mine and mom's place and do it there. Mom's gone shopping, as usual."

"What, again?" said Russell, incredulously.

"That's women for you, dad," replied Liam, "so we'll be quite safe there for hours. I've never pissed over a man before."

"Who have you pissed over, son?"

"Who do you think, dad?"

Russell's excitement reached fever pitch as he realised to whom Liam was referring. Sarah had been into the occasional watersports action during their marriage, she and Russell had pissed over each other a few times, but the thought of his ex-wife being sprayed with pee from their son was overwhelming.

"Never mind me being a sex-mad son-of-a-bitch," said Russell, "I think the same applies to you too, son."

"With parents like you, its not surprising I've inherited the family love of sex."

"Pleased to hear it, son," said Russell, watching Liam stroking his prick which he hadn't bothered returning to his shorts after he'd finished relieving himself.

"I don't wanna go home yet, dad," said Liam, his prick now fully on the horn and poking delightfully out the leg of his shorts, "why don't you give my ass some attention, since you like it so much?"

Russell didn't need to worry about throwing caution to the wind, he'd cruised in these woods and had al fresco sex with lots of strangers over the years - both men and women - but sex out in the open on a glorious summer day with his own son would be a new experience he just couldn't pass up. One of the joys of outdoor sex was the danger of being discovered and that only helped to spur him on.

Russell didn't waste a second accepting his son's invitation and moved round and knelt down behind Liam who pushed his backside into his father's face. "Son, your ass is magnificent," Russell said, "it ought to be a Grade 1 Listed Structure."

"Thanks, dad," said Liam, giggling, "do what you like to it."

Russell buried his face in Liam's ass and began to kiss every inch of his son's tight blue shorts, slurping his tongue over the globe-like arcs of Liam's bottom and licking along the crack into which the seam in the material of the shorts dented erotically.

"I know you like seeing my ass in my shorts, dad," said Liam, "but this'll be more fun. Take a look at this."

Russell rested back on his haunches and watched as Liam inserted his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and quickly slid them down until they languished around his ankles. The shorts had been so tight that a jock strap had not been necessary and Liam's now bare ass stood out firm and round in all its youthful beauty, Liam completely absorbed in the excitement and knowledge that the person ogling his naked ass was his own father ...


Russell's prick was straining the material of his shorts as he watched Liam spread his ass cheeks. He reached up the right leg and released it into the atmosphere, letting his cum-filled balls dangle free as well. Then unable to resist the temptation, not that he had had any intention of resisting, Russell opened his mouth, sent out his hot wet tongue and plunged it deep into his son's tight sweaty fuck hole.

"Oh yeah, dad," Liam cried, "that feels so good. I love you licking my ass, you're tongue is just as hot as mom's."

Russell, of course, had never seen his wife rimming his son but it wasn't difficult for him to conjure up images of the two of them enjoying some hot taboo mother and son sex and, at that moment in time, he couldn't have felt hornier if he tried. As Russell tugged on his prick, careful not to wank too hard since he didn't want to blow his load just yet, he simultaenously ran his tongue up and down the gash between Liam's buns, his cock in one hand and reaching out with the other through Liam's legs to fondle his son's prick and balls.

"Fuck dad," said Liam, after a good ten minutes of non-stop incestuous rimming, "you almost made me cum then. But I'd like to cum in your ass."

"Let me suck you first, son," said Russell, standing and pulling off his vest and kicking his shorts away from his ankles. Liam did likewise until both father and son were naked apart from their trainers and socks.

Russell knelt down in front of Liam and quickly took him into his mouth. Liam's manflesh was just as delicious as his father remembered it from their first session a week ago, the young man's schlong sliding smoothly over Russell's tongue and awakening tastebuds in the older man that, before last week, had lain dormant for far too long. The feeling of Liam's smooth prick sliding effortlessly over Russell's tongue and taking a deep dive into the darkest recesses of his father's mouth was breathtaking. This was also a great place to have sex, thought Russell, a nice shady glade on a hot sunny day with lots of leisurely rimming and sucking and he giggled as the words of a Gershwin song floated through his mind. Who could ask for anything more?

Russell sucked as if there was no tomorrow while Liam's grunts rose to a crescendo, drowning out the singing of the birds in the sun-drenched trees. The way Russell flicked his tongue over the head of his son's prick made Liam throw back his head and howl like a banshee on heat while both their rocks were getting hotter all the time. Watching his father spit-polishing his proud erection was a real turn-on and both of them knew that they had found the perfect gay sex partner, even if they were blood-related. "You ready for a fuck now, dad?" asked Liam, pulling his prick out of his father's mouth and holding it aloft in his hand, his big balls glistening in the sunshine.

"Sure am," said Russell, standing and bending over, arcing his back so that his ass stood out provocatively as he waited for the incestuous plundering. "Stick that big prick of yous up my ass, son, like you did the other day. I really need a good fucking."

"Let me lick your ass first, dad," said Liam, "get it lubricated a bit."

Russell gasped as his son's red hot tongue worked its way into his asshole. After five minutes' worth of rimming, Liam spat some spit into Russell's hole and worked it further in with his fingers. Then he stood up and plunged his offspring prick into his father's fuck tunnel with firm steady strokes, his balls slapping Russell's ass cheeks with each thrust. Russell sighed happily as he adjusted himself to the penetration and then began to push his ass back and forth as Liam sent his throbbing dick diving deep into the bottomless abyss of his father's beautiful ass.

Russell was in paradise, he loved being fucked by a nice hard prick, even better when the prick in question just happened to be that of his own sex-mad son. His aching nuts had been driving him crazy since he'd woke up that morning but, at long last, he was now on the receiving end of one of the hottest fucks he had ever had. What a glorious way to spend a horny summer's day!

"Yeah, fuck that ass, son, don't stop," said Russell. "Harder!"

Liam upped the tempo as he pressed deeper and harder into Russell's ass, enjoying the sensation as the walls of his dad's butt tightened around his incestuous prick. It was proving to be one-hell-of-a-fuck for both of them as Liam fucked the shit out of his father who, likewise, was revelling in the sheer joy of the mind-numbing attack on his ass from his own much-loved son.

Both men's hot rocks were getting incandescent and they knew that it wouldn't be long now before the lava erupted out of them. Sure enough, seconds later, Liam let out a loud groan and came his load deep in his father's ass. Russell laughed with pride and joy as he luxuriated in the warmth of his son's sticky delicious spunk flooding his innards as Liam withdrew and stood back with his sated cock in his hand. Russell stood up and turned and immediately blew a load over Liam's chest, coating it in a thick hot ream of white spunky jizz.

"Bloody hell, son," said Russell, looking down at Liam's temporarily spunk-disfigured chest and feeling really pleased with himself to have given his son so much of his love juice, "you certainly know how to fuck for one so young. I think I'm gonna have to learn how to walk straight all over again."

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