tagRomanceLike Lovers Do Ch. 02

Like Lovers Do Ch. 02


I wake up and find myself wrapped around Ethan's body. Last night feels like a complete blur. I'm debating whether to stay and enjoy this or hop, take a quick shower and get out of here before Ethan wakes up. I'm sure he will want to avoid me as well. After two years of a tight friendship, no pun intended, I can't imagine facing him as Rachel, the woman.

I consider slowly moving out of bed but I can't help the need to explore Ethan's hot body. I've never been so close to him like I am this morning. His wide and muscled arms are quite the view. The way his chest swells with every breathe he takes makes my pussy tingle. His face has such gentle features, exquisitely manly. He reminds me so much of Henry Cavill.

As I continue to watch him sleep, my left index finger slides from his neck to his oh so happy trail, softly tracing the beautiful freckles on the way. I feel so stupid remembering all those times I bitched at him for taking the gym so seriously. And here I am today, admiring every bit of his hard work. This man is beautiful. He is everything a good woman deserves.

"Hey there, beautiful" my heart stops. I look up and catch Ethan smiling.

"Better not linger down there" he says, cocking his head to the side. I immediately take my hand off him, as my face goes burning red. He laughs and kisses my forehead.

"Good morning, Rachel. Lovely way to start my day" he moves and is now on top of me.

"Good morning" I say shyly, trying so hard to not look at him in the eyes.

"You sure are a fine view, Rachel" he puts his hand under my shirt, caressing my lower back. I close my eyes and smile.

"I love you, so much." He whispers. "I love you too, Ethan." I whisper back, my hands on his neck.

I can feel his cock getting hard, and I'm getting so turned on just knowing I can do that to him. He is now exploring my body with his big sexy hands as he grinds softly on me. A small moan escapes my lips.

"I want you badly, babe." I hear him say as he grabs my butt firmly. "But not now" he slaps it playfully.

"Teeth" he says. He puts on his shirt and walks to the bathroom. I stay in bed taking in what'd just happened.

My phone rings. I go to my room, scared to even look at who it is. Did not want to see Rick's name on my screen.

"Stacey" I say excited, truly relieved it was her.

"Hey girl, where have you been?" She sounds worried. "I've been texting you like crazy!

Though I'd find your body laying on a ditch!"

"STACEY!" I say annoyed at her thought. "Very much alive, no ditch." I say jokingly.

"WHERE. HAVE. YOU. BEEN.?" She raises her voice. "Are you at Rick's? Omigod, are you fucking Rick and told me nothing about it!?"

"I am NOT at Rick's, and NO I'm not sleeping with him either." I roll my eyes. "Sorry I didn't call last night, I got a little ... uhm ... distracted. But I'm fine, stop worrying."

"Ok. Are we still meeting for lunch?" She says. I can tell she isn't buying 'distracted'.

"Sure thing. 1:00 pm at Cher's" I sound excited.

"See ya, then! Bye, beyotch. Love you."

As I'm brushing my teeth, I can hear Ethan's on the phone. Eavesdropping is nothing I imagined myself doing, but I needed to know who was he talking to.

"I got distracted with some books, I'm sorry I didn't pick up ... Yes, I did go to bed early ... I'm not ... I'm not cheating on you, Sophie ... I'm sorry ... yes, sweetheart, I'll see you there ... sure, bye"

I go back into the bathroom holding back tears. "Cheating" I say to myself. But he did cheat. He kissed me, and what's worse, I kissed him back. He touched me, he said he loved me. I can see a devil angel pointing at me, laughing.

I finish brushing, take a quick shower and get dressed. I had class in 40 minutes, the perfect excuse to get the hell out of here. I step out and peak looking for Ethan. No sight of him. I quickly run towards the door, and 3 minutes later I'm on the street feeling free.

On my way to school I check my messages. 20 from Stacy, 3 from Rick. I check on Rick's: (1) Haven't heard from you, I'm starting to worry. Just let me know you're fine ... (2) Honey, I'm worried. Call me when you can ... (3) Rachel please call me.

I can't call him now, too much has happened. I can feel the devil angel poking my ass with his hot trident. Instead I text him: Sorry I didn't call last night. Fell asleep right away! Will call you later, xoxo.

I get to school and make my way to the classroom.

Time went by faster than usual, or so it felt. I'm at Cher's now, waiting for Stacey to show up... late as usual. My phone buzzes... it's Ethan. My heart pounds, my throat thickens, I absolutely CAN'T answer right now, I just let it forward.

BUZZ - You got 3 new voicemails. I decide I won't hear them now, I feel way too antsy to face him and whatever he has to tell me. "Later" I say to myself decidedly.

I hear the doorbell chime and immediately turn hoping to see Stacey. Much to my surprise it's not her, it's someone else, someone I dread, it's Sophie.

I try to hide my face, looking out the window. The devil angel was now dancing joyously, as if proud of the shame I was feeling.

"Rachel?" I hear her voice. FUCK. I pretend I can't hear her. "Rachel, hi."

"Sophie, hello. I didn't see you!" I flush. As she comes closer I realize her eyes are swollen, her makeup washed-out... she's been crying. "You ok?" I ask sympathetically, but inside I already knew she wasn't.

"Well... I've had better days" she looks down to her coffee cup. "You probably know this, but umm... well ... Ethan just broke up with me."

I feel like the worst shit there is. I didn't like the thought of Sophie and Ethan together, but who am I to toy with this girl's feelings and get Ethan carried away enough to dump

her like that?

"I'm very sorry, Sophie" I continue, "I hope you feel better about this soon."

"I know I wasn't the perfect girl, I had many many flaws, insecurities, trust issues ... whatever but I loved him. I love him, Rachel", tears streaming down her face. "All I ask for is a second chance. Time to show him that I can be the woman he needs. I am willing." The look on her face breaks my heart and it all sinks in, I caused this. Because of me this girl is torn apart.

"Sophie..." I say grabbing her hand. What a fucking hypocrite I am. "If you like, maybe I can talk to him. Maybe he just needs time. Maybe..."

"Maybe he met someone else" she interrupts me. Her eyes wide and challenging.

And then it hit me, SHE KNOWS about me. She knows about Ethan and I. Holy shit, she has been faking it this whole time to see what she could get out of me. No, no way. It's my head, it's guilt, it's the devil angel altogether.

"What?" I ask trying to hide my thoughts. "Why would you say that?" I want to run.

"Rachel..." she chuckles. Why the hell does she chuckle for? "Do you really not know? she asks. "Ummm, no." I say.

"I may be a lot of things, Rachel, but I'm not stupid." She tilts her head. "You." I freeze.

"You are a little whore Rachel Lancaster" she looks at me from head to toe.

People around are now staring. "Sophie, please" I say trying to make her lower her voice. "I can explain, it's not like that... I"

"I was giving you the opportunity to come clean about this. Sure, Ethan is an asshole but he was honest and told me everything. He told me it was you he was leaving for." She pokes my collarbone.

"Sophie, I never meant to ... nothing happened." What the fuck, Ethan?

"You never liked me. I knew it. I hate you, I hate you Rachel. So many men out there, and you had to fucking choose Ethan. My Ethan?" She says disgustedly.

"I didn't choose for this to happen, Sophie. It wasn't planned. I admit it I could've handled things differently but sometimes that's the way things work out."

"Save all your psychological shit for someone who cares." She wipes her tears. "I'm outta here." She turns to the door.

"I'm sorry, Sophie."

"For what? Stealing my man?" she stops and looks my way.

"No, for having hurt you." I turn and walk to my table.

As I sit I can hear the doorbell chime again. People around me chattering. This is hell.

I grab my phone to call Stacy. Where the heck is she? I can feel people's eyes on me. I know they are talking about me. I will forever be that girl who got caught. Ugh.

"Yhellow?" she's so relaxed it infuriates me.

"Stacy, where are you? Cher's 1:00 pm, ring a bell?"

"Rache, I texted you. Don't you check your phone? I'm helping my mom with some crap at the office. Can you meet me at my place in two hours? Or I can drop by your place."

"NO." I say out loud. "I'll go to your place." I don't want to go to my apartment. Ethan is probably at work, but I don't want to risk it.

"Jesus, ok. What is up with you?" She asks impatiently.

"Had you come here, you would know." I reply irritated.

"See you in a bit, love you!" she hangs up.

Because I have so much time until I meet Stacy I decided to go shopping. Some alone time will come handy. I turn off my phone and head to the nearest mall. I walk into Victoria Secret. Subconsciously, I am still longing for Ethan's touch. The way he makes me lose control over my body's reaction is annoyingly pleasing.

As I go through the racks, I imagine myself wearing all of it for Ethan's amusement. One of the perks of being Ethan's best friend is he has told me all about lingerie and what drives him crazy.

"It's all about the color ... black makes me weak." He said to me once. His favorites, if I recall well, Basques, sheer negligees, and robe babydolls. I pick a few items, one from each and decide to give it a go and try them on. As predicted, the negligee was my favorite. It was black, sheer, laced around the chest, and it paired with a black thong. Lightweight and unbelievably form fitting.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I took the time to explore my own body. I'd never felt so self-conscious before, I assume because I'd never felt so close to sex as I am now.

5'4 tall but not too tall. B cup breasts, small waist and perky ass. My legs are by far my best attribute. THANK YOU, PILATES. Long, toned and strong. I realized I was at peace with my body.

I pay for all three items and head out. I turn on my phone and see 1 new voice message registry. I call in and hear them all:

- "Rachel, where the fuck are you. I'm worried. CALL ME." Stacy, one down.

- "Honey just checking in with you. You never not call so I just don't want to worry. Love you." Rick, two down.

- "Hey ... you left. Rachel, I'm sorry if you heard me talking to Sophie, I didn't know what to say. Anyhow, I just met her for coffee, and well, told her the truth. I did it, Rachel. I told her everything, that I couldn't be with her, that I had unwillingly and ardently fallen for someone else ... for you. Please call me. I love you." Ethan, three down.

- "Rachel, baby please. Talk to me. I'm going crazy here, (exhales), please baby, please. Call me. I need you." Ethan again.

I check the hour and I still have some time before I meet Stacy. I decide to call Rick, he must be very worried.

"Hey honey, you're alive" he sounds relieved.

"Hey ... yes I am" a sense of guilt invades me.

"I was really worried. It's not like you to not check in"

"I know and I'm really sorry about that. It was a rather busy night" what the hell?

"Busy? How do you mean? His tone changes.

"Well, Rick, uhm... we need to talk, but not over the phone."

"Where are you? Can I come get you?"

"Mmm well, I'm meeting Stacy in a bit, but how about dinner tonight? Say 8:00 pm?"

"Sure, honey, whatever you say... Rachel..." he pauses "I love you." He says as a last resource to avoid what's coming.

"I know." I say softly. "I'll see you at 8."

I take a cab to Stacy's and feel happy and thrilled when I see her waiting for me at the building's entrance. I needed to see that smile. She is my sister, my rock, my best friend, my confident and has been for the last 13 years.

"Hey, gurl" she hugs me tight. "Sorry I was an ass this morning, my momma was driving me hella crazy!"

"It's alright" I say putting my arm around her shoulders.

"We gotta talk, don't we?" she knows me so well.

"Yes, Stace, we do."

"Whatever it is, it ain't the end of the world, you got this babe."

She grabs my arm and we walk to her apartment.

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by Anonymous

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by daydreamer2610/11/17

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for stopping by and all your kind words. I realize these are short chapters, however, as the story evolves they will become longer. As for Rachel's attitude towards the situation, her 'avoidance'more...

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by dreamer336610/11/17

What's her major?

I am irate at how Rachel has handed her end...not listening to her VMs or answering her text, plus she should've had 'coffee' with Rick already.

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by Twilightfan10/08/17

Can't Wait

Loved the 2nd chapter, and I can't wait to read what come's next...

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by Anonymous10/07/17

Keep at it

Keep at it sweetheart, i hope this encourages you to keep writing. About all i would suggest ar this point is to post longer parts, try for at least 2 pages worth each time.

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by Anonymous10/07/17

OKish for now

I'm not the biggest fan of lovers fallout but this one did peak my interest, sure Ethan pulled a dick move in dumping his GF so fast and for spilling all the beans but it had to be done sooner or later.more...

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