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Like Mother Like Daughter


The Enos Farm on Hard Scrabble Road in Trenton Falls, New York wasn't a large one, but it was productive enough back in the 60's that Ted Enos had to hire a farmhand when the work proved too much for him, his wife Evelyn and his daughter Becky.

Since the pay wasn't much, there weren't many people that wanted the job, and while Ted didn't think the only person who showed up to talk about it was up to the task, the skinny little black guy had proven that looks were deceiving.

"The colored fellow sure can work," Ted told his wife Evelyn after Nate's first day on the farm. "You should see the muscles on that little fellow."

"This is 1966, Ted," Evelyn replied, having noticed that muscular man not much younger than her husband early in the day, and rolled her eyes when her mate of 25 years was out of sight. "People don't use the word colored any more."

"Well, what do you want me to call him?" Ted asked. "A Negro?"

"Why not call him Nate? That's his name, isn't it?" Evelyn suggested.

"Wonder what the guys in town would call him if they found out I hired him?" Ted asked.

"Who cares about those yahoos? None of them lazy bastards wanted the job."

"You got a point there, Evelyn," Ted admitted, coming up behind his wife and wrapping his arms around her sturdy frame, cupping her massive breasts and grinding his crotch into her backside. "Why don't you save those dishes for later?"

"Becky will see you," Evelyn said, looking around for their daughter.

"She's in her room, filling out those college applications," Ted said as he roughly kneaded the full breasts that were too big for even his massive hands to contain. "Hope the hell she don't get accepted. What the hell would we do then?"

"I don't know," Evelyn sighed, the thought of waving goodbye to her only child hurting, although she would envy her baby for being able to get away from all this.


One month later.

Nate Bowman chuckled at he watched the wife of his boss sneak out the back door, looking behind her nervously as she waddled quickly out toward the barn, her gigantic breasts swaying a beat behind the rhythm of her brisk walking.

"Crazy body that lady got," Nate sighed as her enjoyed the movement of the plump but voluptuous woman and the look in her eyes, a look that Nate had seen when Evelyn first came out to visit him a couple of weeks ago.

"Thought you forgot about me, Evie," Nate said as the woman closed and bolted the door behind her.

That was more of a symbolic move than one that would keep out a raging bull of a husband if he ever suspected his wife was out paying a social call to the help. Nate knew that since Ted Enos, who at 6'4" and 250 pounds, could probably break his 5'5" and 130 pound frame in two if he didn't shoot him instead, this kind of thing was dangerous, it was worth it.

"He's taking a shower," Evelyn said as she rushed up to Nate, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him while his hands grabbed her ass through her dress.

"Shower would feel good about now," Nate mused as he was pressed up against the back wall of the barn, remembering that time last week when he was brought into the house and got bathed when her husband went into town. "I'm awful sweaty. Hope that don't bother you."

"I love you sweaty. Want to drink you up," was Evelyn's response was to pull the shoulder straps off of Nate's bib overalls and drop them down. Nate was naked underneath, and Evelyn grabbed Nate's wrist and pulled it up to the wall behind him. Nate groaned as he watched the plump woman bury her face under her arm, licking the sweaty coarse hairs and snorting like a pig.

"Oh, you are a nasty girl tonight!" Nate chuckled as his jeans dropped to the ground and he felt Evie's hand sliding down. "What you want?"

"You know what I want," the chubby woman said as she went down to her knees. "Don't have much time."

Nate watched as Evie's pudgy hands grabbed the long flaccid snake that hung almost down to his knees, and unlike the first night, when she had been startled at the size of the cock she found herself staring at, now she grabbed it and brought it her lips in one fluid motion.

"Don't get no bigger lady," Nate had told her that night when she looked like she was going to faint at the sight of nearly 10" of shiny black cock, and that was true because he was not a grow-er but a show-er.

Woman sure can suck cock, Nate thought as he watched her face slide up and down a little more than half of his cock, bringing him to erection in no time, and when he was hard he helped her up.

"Where you want to do it?" Nate asked, but Evelyn was already on her way to the sawhorse, pulling up her dress and undoing her bra before bending over the wooden brace and pulling her big baggy panties down.

This was nice. Naughty and nice, Nate thought as her white panties came down her chubby pale thighs, exposing big round buttocks that might not be as firm as they once were, but looked fine to him.

"Gonna get a taste first," Nate said as he knelt behind the wife of his boss. "Spread them cheeks for me woman, so I can get that at that juicy ass of yours."

Evelyn obliged, and as she parted her legs Nate's hands pulled her buttocks apart, exposing the tan ring with the fur around it. Nate's tongue went right to her anus, licking the puckered ring before dipping his tongue into the steamy cavity, the pungent taste and aroma only making him more feral.

It had been nice that time, Nate recalled, when they spent a hour in her bed. In there, they could get naked and do everything. He could see those gigantic titties instead of just feeling them under the dress, and enjoy that hairy snatch better, but Evelyn liked it another way with him, and that was fine by Nate.

The jar of Vaseline was in the pocket of her house-dress, just like always, and Nate pulled it out and opened it up, never missing a lick as he sucked on her anus.

"Give it to me," came Evelyn's voice from the other side of the sawhorse.

"What you want, woman?"

"Hurry. Give it to me," Evelyn pleaded.

"Where you want it?" Nate asked as he stood up and greased up his cock.

"You know where I want it Nate," Evelyn practically sobbed. "Stick that horse cock up my ass."

"Here it comes baby," Nate said as he moved in behind the chunky woman, the fact that he was a couple inches shorter than him making it perfect for both of them.

"OOH!" they both sighed as Nate pushed the tip of his uncut member into Evie's anus, and then the woman stifled a squeal as he leaned into her, forcing about half of his huge manhood into her ass.

Nate never put more than that into her at first, although by the time he was through she would be taking almost all of it. He started slow, his hands digging into Evelyn's fleshy hips after pushing her dress up her back as far as he could, right up to where the deep gouges caused by the bra were.

The dress up to her shoulders, her bra clasps opened and flopping around and her panties down around her ankles. All of it was so nasty, and Nate wondered whether his boss' wife felt that way too?

Nate had to struggle not to cum, because Evie's ass was so tight, the hot cavity clenching his greased weapon like a vice, and he could see Evelyn's hand hard at work frigging herself as she draped herself over the sawhorse.

The pace quickened, and now instead of taking slow deep stokes into Evie, was now pounding hard, almost lifting her off her feet as he impaled her. He could tell Evelyn was about to cum, and when he heard her stifling her scream while her body shook, that was his cue.

"Aw!" Nate groaned as he came, sending volleys of his seed deep into her bowels, and it wasn't until Evie stopped shaking and his cock went limp did Nate pull his member out of her ravaged anus.

"Ooh!" Evelyn chirped as the fat head popped out of her, and then Evie straightened up, pulling her panties back in place and hooking up her bra again.

Nate helped her get everything back into place, and after she did her best to get her hair into some semblance of order, asked Nate how she looked.

"You look like somebody who just took a big black dick up her ass," Nate said, smiling at the woman whose flushed face was slowly going back to pale.

"And I loved it," Evelyn said, taking the shorter man's face in her hands, kissing Nate passionately and sucking on his lips and tongue.

Both of them crazy about ass, Nate thought as he bid goodnight to the wife of his employer, remembering that time in bed when she rimmed him, and although she said she was curious because Nate always did it to her and he seemed to like it, Nate could tell that her tongue was not unfamiliar with that area.

Nate watched Evie go back in the house, wondering if she would get laid again tonight in there, and as she went in the house Nate heard a sound over in the corner.

"Who's there?" Nate said, still naked as he walked over to the far side where some tools and an old door lay up against the wall, and when he peeked behind it he almost screamed in shock.

"What you doing back here?" Nate hissed as he pulled Evelyn's daughter out from hiding, her ankles knocking over stuff as she was brought out into the middle of the barn. "Better answer me little girl."

"Nothing," sniffed Becky, who only resembled her mouth facially, as her body was as skinny as her mother's was full.

"Don't give me that shit," Nate said as he let go of her arm, and only then did he remember that he was naked, because Becky was staring at his limp cock swaying between her legs. "And what you looking at?"

"Dunno," Becky said softly.

"Little girls shouldn't be snooping around minding adults business," Nate snapped, painfully aware that he was in deep shit right now.

"I ain't no little girl," Becky said. "I'm 18."

"Sure as hell don't look it," Nate said as he looked Evie's daughter up and down, not that he hadn't before.

Becky was about as tall as her mother but probably weighed little more than half as much. She had her mother's curly dark brown hair, but had a big nose and little of the earthy good looks of her Mom. Maybe she would grow into her beauty, Nate thought.

Sure wasn't like Mom below the neck, Nate mused, recalling having passed the underwear of the women of the house as they hung on the line. The cups of the bras dangling from the cord were amusing in comparison, and while the tag on Evie's harness was too worn to read, he knew who the padded bra with the 32A tag on it belonged to.

"So what you gonna do?" Nate said, breaking the awkward silence. "Go tell your Daddy what me and your Mama was doing?"

"No," Becky said. "Ain't telling him nothing."

"So what are you gonna do? Stare at my dick all night? Never seen one before?"

"Seen a couple. Told you I'm no kid," Becky said. "I got a boyfriend."

"How come you aren't staring at him then?"

"Had a fight," Becky said, grabbing her elbows with her hands as she felt Nate's eyes burning into her. "How come your thing is so big?"

"I don't know. What's the matter? Your boyfriend got a little one?"

"Kinda," Becky whispered, seeming to be hypnotized by the way Nate's cock was swaying like a metronome. "Yours is even bigger than my Daddy's is."

"How you know that? You spy on them too?" Nate asked in an angry tone, but his anger faded when Becky slowly shook her head no.

"Oh," Nate said. "Sorry."

"It's okay. Not your fault," Becky replied.

"I didn't mean to get mad at you," Nate said. "You just startled me. You been back here before watching us?"

"Couple times," Becky said.

"How come?"

"Bored. Better than watching Petticoat Junction," Becky said, and they both chuckled. "Besides, I feel all tingly inside watching you."

"That right?"

"Yes. Kinda wished that was me instead of Mom you was doing it with," Becky answered.

"Oh little girl..."

"I'm old enough," Becky said. "I've done it before. I'll keep my bra on if you want."


"Henry - he's is or was my boyfriend. He makes me keep my bra on because he says my boobies are too little to get him excited."

"Oh, well that's not nice for him to say," Nate said. "I'm sure they're just fine."

"Want to see them?" Becky asked and without waiting for an answer unbuttoned her checkered blouse, and after setting it aside started to reach back and unhook her bra.

"Don't laugh," Becky asked, and after Nate nodded she unhooked her bra, and Nate let out a faint whistle as the small globes were exposed.

"They aren't that small," Nate said as her looked at the apple sized breasts which had large aureoles and nipples for such modest sized tits.

"Littler than Sue Paige's - she's the girl Henry's with now," Becky said as she shyly cupped her hands over her buds. "Way smaller than Mom's."

"Heck, never seen any near as big as hers, but that don't make them better that yours," Nate said, and he smiled when he peeked over towards Becky's shoulder. "I bet you got something that your Mom has though. Bet you got a lot of hair between your legs."

"Huh - Uh - how did you know?" Becky asked, and when Nate pointed at the hair peeking out from under her arm Becky turned red.

"Don't be ashamed. I like my women furry," Nate explained. "Makes you look like Gina Lollobrigida. She's an Italian actress."

"Daddy - he don't let me - you know," Becky explained. "He lets me shave my legs now."

"Like I said, I like it," Nate said she pointed lower. "So you want to show me?"

Becky nodded and undid her jeans, pulling the denim off her slender legs and then grabbing the top of her panties. Nate was already salivating when he saw the hairs peaking out the elastic sides, and when the cotton came down and exposed the wide triangle that looked even more dense that her mother's, his smile grew wider.

"Oh you're such a pretty thing, and that's no lie. See?"

Becky's eyes were already aware that Nate was pleased with what he was looking at, and as his cock began to point straight out she took a step towards him.

"Honey, maybe we should do this another time," Nate said. "I'm all funky and..."

"That's okay," Becky said. "Please?"

"You excited honey? You wet?" Nate asked, and when his hand went over and touched her bush he found it dripping.

"Wait," Nate said, aware of where his cock at been. "I don't want you to get pregnant and I don't have any protection."

Becky reached down into her back jeans pocket and pulled out a little foil square, and then Nate said, "Wait a second," before sneaking out the back of the barn with a bucket.

He came back in a minute with the bucket overflowing with water. Cold water, he was soon reminded, and after he set the bucket down and started splashing water under his arms and on his chest Becky came over.

"I can help," Becky said, and after dunking her hands in the water began scrubbing Nate's cock.

The cold water made Nate gasp, but soon the warmth of Becky's hands running up and down the length of his cock took the sting out of the cold.

"It's like an elephant's trunk," Becky giggled as she used both hands to clean and milk the dick, which began to come back to life.

"You sure you want this?" Nate said, reaching down between Becky's legs, and when he had to force one finger inside of her pussy, he knew that this was going to be a tight fit.

"Yes. Do you want me to suck on your dick like Mom did?" Becky asked.

"No - where's the rubber?" Nate asked, and after Becky unwrapped it he told her to put it on for him.

Becky's hands were shaking on she knelt down, struggling to get the sheath over the bulbous head of his manhood, but after it slid over the ridge Becky rolled it down.

It only reached halfway down the length of his cock, but that was enough. Becky started to get up and then let out an, "Oh no!"

"Got another one?" Nate asked as he saw the latex had ripped all the way down, and when Becky said no Nate asked Becky if she wanted to do it like he and Mom had.

"What do you mean?" Becky asked, and when Nate explained to her what it was that they had done Becky's eyes bugged out.

"I thought you were watching."

"Couldn't see that good. I thought you were - you know - from behind. How does it fit in that little hole?"

"Tight, but at least you wouldn't get pregnant," Nate said. "We can do this another..."

"NO!" Becky almost shouted. "I want to. What do I have to do?"

"Bend over the sawhorse, just like your Mama did," Nate said, and as he knelt behind Becky the difference was apparent.

Not only were Becky's buttocks small and firm, after Nate spread her cheeks apart he saw that Becky's bush grew right up from between her legs and filled her ass crack, and the aroma was even more pungent than her Mama ass had been, and to Nate it was a powerful aphrodisiac.

Becky yelped when she felt Nate's tongue burrowing through the hair in search of her anus, and after he found it and dipped his tongue in he had to tell Becky to be quiet.

"Oh - this feels weird. Good but weird. What's that?"

"My finger," Nate said, and as he squeezed his digit into the virginal canal he suddenly remembered that Becky's Mom had taken the lubricant.

"Can't do it - your Mom took the Vaseline," Nate said, and Becky said to try.

Nate tried, but he couldn't get hardly any of the tip in before Becky started to carry on.

"Another time honey," Nate said.

"No," Becky said as she grabbed Nate's hand and brought him over to the riding mower, hopping on the back and spreading her legs with a crazed look on her face. "Just don't shoot your jizz inside me."

It was awkward for Nate to work up close to Becky, who was clawing at his cock in an effort to pull him in, but after Nate rubbed the head of his uncut manhood up and down the dripping opening and eased a little in, it felt as tight as her ass had.

"OMIGOD IT HURTS!" Becky cried out as she looked down at the cock still outside of her pussy, and that was just about all of it, because Nate had only managed to head the head in. "It's too big!"

"It's okay little girl, just relax. Get used to it," Nate said, his hands going up to Becky's titties and playing with the plump nipples which had swollen even more, and when he slid his hands over and tickled Becky under the arms to get her to relax, he pushed a little more in as she giggled.

"That's it," Nate said as his fingers wiggled into the damp thickets. "You are a furry little thing. You even got more hair under your arms that she does. There you go. That better?"

"Is it all in?" Becky asked, and after she looked down and saw how little it took to make her feel like she was being split in two she asked, "How did you put that thing in Mommy's ass?"

"Just like this child - slow and steady," Nate said. "See? You're so wet too. You like my big black cock as much as your Mom does, don't you?"

"Don't come in me," Becky sobbed as she wrapped her arms around Nate's neck, and then he felt the girl's teeth sink into his collarbone as her already vice-like cunt tried to snap his cock in half.

"That's it honey. Cum for Nate," he hissed in her ear as he moved his cock in and out faster. "You cum good."

"Omigod - not again!" Becky was sobbing a minute later as another orgasm raced through her body.

"You're so tight," Nate sighed as Becky clung to his neck, her thighs shaking so hard the metal of the mower rattled. "Such a sweet tight pussy."

Nate had half of his cock working in and out of Becky, and her eyes were rolling back in her skull as he kept thrusting in and out of her still tight hairy pussy. They were both dripping wet, their skin shiny and slippery as they pawed at each other, and soon Becky was cumming again.

"No more - can't - please," Becky begged after she stopped convulsing, and Nate smiled as he looked at what a mess Ted Enos would see if he ever came into the barn right now and saw what his skinny little daughter looked like after only about 5 minutes of being fucked by his help.

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