Like Mother, Like Son


While Elke thought this over, Nico went up to his own room. He felt guilty as well and could slap himself for starting it all. But even through his shame he couldn't get the taste and musk of his mom out of his mind. With a shock he realised that he was hard again.

'Oh no, why? What is wrong with me? This is my mother for Christ sake!'

He couldn't help himself. He wanted her, now more then ever. But how? As he was trying to come up with a solution he heard his fathers car. He knew he had to get down to meet him but dreaded the moment he would see his mother.

Elke also heard the car arrive. She tried to shrug her thoughts out of her mind and face her husband. It was surprising to her how calm she acted around him and didn't think he suspected anything. But as Nico joined them she tensed and couldn't look straight at him.

Nico noticed that his mother was acting cool around him almost ignoring him. This got worse when they would be alone. He didn't want to think about how she would be tomorrow when they had to spend the hole day together. In the evening he sat behind the computer as usual. The only difference was that he only read incest stories. He had never done this before but after today events he just had to. He was surprised of how much there were and in a way glad to know that he wasn't the only one with these thoughts. When he was done reading he decided not to delete the history file. Nico knew that his father never used the computer and hoped that his mother would find out and read some herself. Maybe then there was a chance for something more to happen. He decided to go to a friends house the next day. Maybe his mother would get bored and surf the net for a while.

The next day Elke was glad to see her son leave. She didn't think she could be alone with her son all day without going crazy. But as Nico had hoped, she got bored. She couldn't do any work in the garden as it had started to rain. She went upstairs and started the PC. As she was playing some games on the net for a while her curiosity grew. She had noticed that Nico had stayed up quite a long time last night. She did her best to suppress the urge to find out what he had done. As soon as she opened the history file to go back to a site she had visited earlier she noticed the story site.

'Strange, he always tried to cover his tracks.'

She clicked on one of the sub-sites and couldn't believe her eyes. All the titles on the screen were about incest. Almost automatically she clicked on one of the mother/son stories and before she knew it started to read. As she finished the story she felt that her pussy was very wet and as she moved her hand between her legs she could feel that even her jeans was moist on the outside.

'No. no, no! Stop it!', she said out loud to herself. Quickly she turned the computer off and almost ran downstairs to take a cold shower. As soon as she felt the cold water over her body the burning in her got less and less. But her thoughts didn't so she quickly got dressed and went to see a girlfriend in the hope that that would distract her.

Over the next days she hardly spoke to her son and avoided him as often as possible. She didn't notice how much she hurt Nico with her attitude. Not only that. Also his need for her was growing stronger as ever. But it wasn't purely sexual. He discovered that he had fallen in love with her over the last weeks.

On one Friday the family had dinner when Elkes husband announced that he had to go on a business trip for two weeks and he had to leave the next day. This surprised Elke and Nico as he never before had to do that. He told them that if it went well he would get a big promotion. First Elke wanted to protest but as she heard about the promotion she knew that it was hopeless.

After they had brought him to the airport they were driving home in silence. Nico tried to start a conversation but his mom ignored him. When they arrived home and had settled in the garden he again tried to talk to her but she didn't even answered and walked inside. That did it. Something snapped inside his had as his anger grew. He ran after her, grabbed her arm and pulled her on the livingroom couch.

'What the fuck is the matter with you mom!?', he practically screamed at her. 'Why are you ignoring me?'

Elke was so surprised and shocked at her sons sudden anger she couldn't answer.

'Answer me, bitch!'

'I..I don't know!'

'Bull shit mom! Don't lie to me!'


Nico grabbed her hair and pulled her head close to him. He saw her fear in her eyes but he didn't care. He looked at her intensely and suddenly kissed her. Elkes eyes flew open and she tried to back away. But Nico held her hair in a firm grip and she couldn't move an inch. She felt how his tongue tried to invade her mouth and she kept it shut.

'A few days ago you wanted me to finger your cunt and now you won't even kiss me? You remind me of the whores that want sex but no kissing. If you want it like that, you can have it!'

As he held her down with one hand he opened his fly with the other and lowered his pants and boxershort. His half hard cock sprang free. Elke was very afraid but as she saw her sons cock her nipples got hard and her pussy moistened. Nico moved his knees to the sides of his moms body so his cock was only inches from her face.

'Look at it mom! You want it, don't you? You want your sons hard cock! Tell me slut!'

' please stop it!'

'I told you, don't lie tome!'

He grabbed one of her nipples and pinched it hard.

'Aaahhh!', Elke cried out in pain. Nico saw tears forming in her eyes and stopped immediately. He took his now hard cock in his hand and slapped her face with it. Elke felt so degraded as he did this. She loved it but didn't want to admit it to her son.

'Suck it mom! Open your mouth and suck my cock!'

Elke shook her head no and pressed her lips tightly together. Nico pulled her hair hard and as soon as she wanted to cry out he shoved his prick into her mouth.

'Now suck me bitch and you better do it good!'

Elke felt her sons hot cock on her tongue and couldn't hold back anymore. The slut she once was came back to live. She sucked greedily on the purple had, tasting his precum. Her tongue swirled around the head and every now and then pushed into the pisshole. First Nico didn't even notice the change in his mothers behaviour and still was moving her head up and down on his cock. But son he realised that his mother was doing it out of her own will. He turned his upper body slightly and pulled her skirt up above her waste. He could see her white lace slip drenched with her juices. He couldn't suppress a smile.

'So she really does like this huh!'

As he ripped her slip off, his mother lead out a groan around his cock and spread her legs wide. Nico didn't waste any time and pushed three fingers up her hot channel. They slipped in easy. He felt how she shuddered beneath him and another moan escaped her mouth. He worked his fingers in and out furiously and rubbed her clit with his thump. As he felt her nearing orgasm he stopped and pulled his fingers back. Elke tried to follow them with her cunt but couldn't move beneath Nicos body. He also moved his prick out of her mouth and before he could say anything she begged.

'Please give it back! I want to suck you. I want to make you come! Ohh please push your fingers back inside me, use your hole fist if you want to, I don't care! Just let me come!!'

Startled for a second Nico didn't know what to say. Was this his mother? An evil grin covered his face.

'You want me to continue?'


'Will you do whatever I say?'

'Yes, yes!''

'Are you my slut from now on!'

'Oh yes!'

'Beg me!'

Without any hesitation she replied.

'Please let me be your slut! I do anything you want son! Just fuck your mother, PLEASE!'

Nico lay on his back on the floor and ordered his mother to suck him some more. She jumped up and dove down on his cock like it was the last one on earth. She lowered her head on it until her nose touched his balls. Nico never had anyone swallowing his cock down completely and almost came when he felt his cock entering her throat. Then she slowly moved back until only the head was in her mouth and sucked hard.

As Nico saw his mothers pussy only inches above him he pulled her down on his face and lapped up her juices. He couldn't believe how good she smelled and tasted and knew that he was hooked. He licked her swollen cuntlips up and down purposely missing her clit. As he shoved his tongue in her pussy as far as it would go his nose was buried between her asscheeks. Even her smell there turned him on. He moved his tongue down and licked her puckered hole. When it was wet with his salvia he pushed his tongue inside.

'Ohh yesss, lick my ass son. Push that tongue up your mothers ass!'

As she said this she stroked his cock fast and with the other hand massaged his balls. She licked along the shaft down to his ball. One by one she sucked his balls into her mouth switching every few seconds. Then Elke moved even further south with her tongue and started to clean his asshole. Then she too pushed her tongue inside.

Nico had dreamed of someone rimming his ass often but couldn't believe how good it felt. As soon as he felt her tongue entering him he couldn't hold back no more.

'Uuhh fuck mom, I'm going to come.'

Elke immediately moved back to his throbbing cock and sucked it inside her mouth again. One finger she pushed inside Nicos ass. That did it. Nico quickly moved back to his mothers pussy and sucked on her clit so he wouldn't scream as his orgasm hit him. He shot load after load into his mothers waiting mouth and she swallowed as much as she could. The feeling of her sons sperm flowing down her throat triggered her own orgasm and her pussy juices squirted all over her sons face.

'I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Oh yeah, lick my pussy son. Drink all off your mothers cum!'

Their orgasm shot through their bodies like lightning, striking again and again. When they finally subsided both went limp.

After a couple of minutes Nicos mother turned to face him. Even though she had a satisfied grin on her face Nico couldn't help but feel guilty.

'I..I'm sorry mom.'

'Sshhhh, it's alright dear,'

'No, it's not. I practically raped you!'

'Yes and I'm glad you did. I loved every minute of it!'

'You mean it?', asked Nico in surprise.

'Yes I do. Besides if I hadn't acted like such a bitch lately you would never have done it. If anyone is to blame it's me. I'm sorry for my behaviour. Can you forgive me?'

'Of course mom. I love you too much to be angry at you.'

'That's sweet of you. I love you too son.'

Nico pulled his mother towards him and kissed her soft and passionate. This time his mother responded and they continued exploring each others mouths with their tongues until they had to breath again. Nico looked deep in her eyes.

'I really love you Elke!'

He hoped his mother would understand that he meant as woman and not only as mother. Her eyes opened wide and she felt butterflies in her stomach as the full meaning of that sentence hit her. Again Nico saw tears forming in her eyes and was afraid he had said something wrong.

'Ohh sorry mom, I didn't mean to hurt you.'

'You didn't honey! I'm happy, very happy! It was the most beautiful thing you ever said to me.'

'Well if you always react that way maybe I shouldn't say it no more!', he teased.

His mother chuckled at his remark but quickly looked at him serious.

'I love you in the same way sweetheart. But if you ever call me by my first name again I will still kill you. Besides I want to hear you call me mommy when we fuck. It's such a thrill!'

'So we will do it again?'

'Don't you remember our agreement?'

'Sure I do. But I didn't think it would still count.'

Again she looked him deep in his eyes and with a husky voice told him:

'Son, you can do whatever, whenever and wherever with me what you want. I'm your slut from now on.'

They sealed the deal with a kiss. Suddenly Nico grabbed her hair pulled her head back and demanded:

'Get those close off slut, NOW!'

Elke sprang to her feet and in no time stood naked in front of her son. Nico walked around her inspecting her body as if he was deciding if he would buy her. Elke felt as if she was a peace of meat on a slave market; her nipples grew erect. After checking every part of her body he stopped right in front of her. He lowered on hand to her pubic hair, grabbed a few in his fingers and pulled hard.


'Shut up bitch.'

He held his hand in front of her face and Elke could clearly see a few brown hairs between his fingers.

'What the hell is that?'

Elke didn't respond fast enough. Nico pinched one of her nipples hard. This time only a low grunt escaped her mouth.

'I asked you something! Answer me!'

'It's pubic hair.'

'Very good slut. Maybe you aren't as stupid as I thought! I hate pubic hair. Go shave now!'

As Elke walked away she felt her cunt juices dripping on her thigh. She loved how her son treated her. Within ten minutes her pussy was bald and she walked back into the livingroom where her son was waiting for her. He had undressed himself and she couldn't take her eyes off his body. Nico asked her to sit beside him. Before they continued their game he wanted to talk seriously to her.

'Mom, before we go on I think it's necessary to put down some rules.'

'Well tell me.'

'As you probably noticed I like to be dominant at times. But most of the time I just would like to make love to you. When I decide that you are my slut these are the rules. First I want your pussy shaved all the time. If I see a hair I will pull them out myself. Second as soon as you are my slut you undress immediately and stay that way until I say otherwise. Even when I tell you to get the mail you do it in the nude,ok?'

After a slight hesitation she nodded her head yes. She wasn't sure if she wanted the hole neighbourhood to see her that way. But her exhibitionistic side loved the idea so she went with it.

'Good. The last rule is that I do whatever I want. I might hurt you, humiliate you or whatever.'

'That's what I hoped you would do. Anything else?'

'Actually yes. I also would like to be submissive at times and then the rules will be turned around.'

'Hmmm I'm looking forward to that!'

'Ok, that's all. Any questions or wishes?'

'Yes, fuck this little slut, now!'

Nico slapped her breasts hard.

'What did you say?'

'I'm sorry. Please fuck me son, I beg you!'

Nico made her kneel on all fours and placed himself behind her. He stroked his purple cockhead along her wet slit to make it slippery. Then he positioned it in front of the entrance.

'What do you want mom?'

'I want you to fuck me! Stick that hard dick of yours in my sopping cunt and be a real mother fucker!'

With that he pushed his cock in one stroke deep inside her. He felt her cuntwalls gripping his shaft. Her inside felt like hot wet silk.

'Uhhh yesss son. Thank you!'

'Ohh mom, your cunt is so hot and tight.'

That surprised him a little but who was he to complain? He started to fuck his mother with long hard thrusts. He rolled his hips so he would penetrate her in different angles to make sure he filled all of her cunt. He heard his mother groan with every stroke and her juices were flowing over his balls. When he looked down he could see her asshole begging for some attention. He scooped some of his mothers juices on hid thump and pushed it inside her hole.

'That's it son. Fuck my pussy and ass. I'm gonna cum soon!'

'Cum for me mom, cum on your sons cock.'

'Shhiiit here it goes!'

Elke felt the beginning of her orgasm in her toes, running through her body like an express-train. She screamed on the top of her lungs when her son pinched her clit and squeezed one of her breasts. Her orgasm only intensified with the pain and Nico had to hold her up otherwise she would collapse on the floor. Her pussy gripped his shaft, milking his sperm out of his balls. Nico couldn't take it anymore and shot deep in his mothers cunt. They fell forward onto the floor and stayed there panting.

As Nico got his strength back he pulled out of his mother. He turned her around and saw how their combined juices were running out of her. He couldn't resist and lapped them up tasting his own sperm and her juices. It tasted great. When he had licked her clean he pushed his mouth over the opening of her cunt and sucked.

'Ohh you slutty son of a bitch! You like it don't you? You're as bad as your mum!'

When he had sucked all off their juices from her cunt he crawled towards her mouth. He kissed her deeply sharing their sex-drink. Nico felt his cock harden again and slowly penetrated his mother. Now that animalistic need was gone they made slow passionate love. This went on for almost an hour as Nico already had come twice. Elke came several times until Nico finally shot another incestual load inside his mother. He took her in his arms and carried her towards the bedroom were they both fell into a satisfied sleep.

A couple of hours later Nico woke up hoping it wasn't all a dream. But as he felt his mothers naked body against him he smiled and knew it was reality. He thought about what they had done that afternoon and felt his cock stir. He stood up and went to his mothers side of the bed. With a hard slap on her ass he woke her up. Startled from the sudden pain she looked confused at her son. Then reality hit her and she sat on her knees in front of him.

'Clean my cock!', was all he said and immediately she sucked and licked until there were no more traces of their earlier lovemaking. He turned around and bend down slightly. His mother understood what he wanted and spread his cheeks. She licked his asshole, sometimes pushing her tongue inside until Nico stepped away.

'Go take a shower and meet me in the garden when you are done.'

She obeyed and wondered while she was showering what he would do to her this time. She felt like a cheap slut when she thought of all the possible things and felt her juices leaking again. She almost put on her robe when she remembered his demand of being naked. With anticipation in her body she walked quickly into the garden. There stood Nico also still in the nude. He motioned her over and kissed her as soon as she stood in front of him.

'Lets sun for a while.'

This disappointed her a little as she thought that they would continue their game but didn't say anything. As they lay side by side she kept wondering what was going to happen. This only added to her excitement and she had to fight the urge to touch herself. After half a hour Nico finally spoke to her.

'Go get the newspaper!'

She rose slowly from her chair. She had expected that he would demand this sooner or later but now that she had to she wished it was later. As she walked towards the garden door she figured out that if she would run towards the letter-box and back quickly, the chance of someone seeing her would be small. But as if Nico could read her mind she heard him say:

'Oh, I almost forgot. Take your time.'

She opened the door and walked towards the streets looking around all the time. Luckily none of the neighbours were in their front yards and no car was approaching. With a little more confidence that she could do this without being seen she arrived at the letter-box. Only then she realised she had forgotten the key to open it. In her anxiety she just hadn't thought about it. 'Shit, how could I be this stupid?' She turned around walking back to the garden cursing herself. In her anger she hadn't noticed the car approaching and had almost a heart attack when suddenly she heard cheering behind her. She didn't dare to look around and quickened her pace. As she entered the garden she saw the grin on her sons face. 'The bastard. He knew all along that I forgot the key.'

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