Lil Jodie


Jodie was a bright young girl of 19 with her future out in front of her, with the choice of anything she wanted to do. Home life was good. Her mother and father supported her in everything she did, because she excelled in everything she did.

Jodie's boyfriend was Jake who was a little older than she was, he was the quarterback for the high school football team, and a major university had just offered him a scholarship.

Jake took Jodie out on the town to celebrate this. Jodie had been dating Jake since she joined the cheer leading squad, she was not the head cheerleader at school, but she pulled off a coup by stealing the quarterback, this made her lots of enemies in the cheer leading team.

"I will pick you up at 8:00 tonight Jodie out front your house OK?" Jake said,

Jodie almost jumped down his throat in her reply "Yes, I will be ready!" Jodie could not wait for tonight, but high school and then cheer leading practice and then a quick shower and out with Jake She was in a dreamy state all day through school and cheer leading practice and at one point, almost forgot to catch Sue Ann the head cheerleader from a dismount.

She ran home to find that her two brothers were home from the Army for a couple weeks leave, so had missed them so much. They had noticed how much Jodie had grown up since they left for the boot camp. she was just a weedy girl then, with no chest, now she was a stunning young woman with a great pair of tits and the cheerleader outfit was very tight on her so it showed of her curves and her legs.

Jodie slammed the door of the bathroom closed, ran the shower, stripped off out of her cheerleader outfit and her bra and panties got in the shower and rubbed her legs, because they were sore after practice. She started to masturbate while in the shower thinking of Jake's cock in her. She slipped one finger, then two and finally three fingers deep in her. Her other hand played with her clit as the water ran over her tits, her nipples hardened with the cold water. Bringing herself off in the shower while her brothers were downstairs fighting each other, Jodie finally finished in the shower stepped out and grabbed a towel, just then, her brother ran in and saw her naked.

"Get out you pig!" cried Jodie as she tried to wrap herself in the towel. Shocked at her brother's audacity.

Her brother instantly got hard, just from the glimpse of Jodie's naked body. Wow, she has grown into a fine looking young woman. He through as Jodie kicked him out of the bathroom.

Jodie went to her room and put on her best skirt and a low cut top, Jodie noticed she could see her bra through the thin material, but she didn't care because Jake liked to see her dressed a bit slutty to show her self off and this made Jodie feel good about herself to. Jake pulled up outside the house and hit his car horn.

"Beep beep!" The horn went Jodie left the house so fast that she never noticed her brothers talking about her. "Bye. I will be back later," Jodie, said rushing out of the house, she got in Jakes car and they drove to town.

"So what we doin tonight Jake," Jodie said hopefully.

"Well, I have got some bad news to tell you Jodie, baby. I owe some guys a lot of money." Jake said.

"So what that got to do with me?" Jodie asked, becoming alarmed

"They told me that if I let them fuck you that the debt would be paid in full." Jake said as he pulled up to a strange house.

"No fucking way, you bastard," Jodie spat at him truly frightened now.

Two really large men came out of the house and sauntered up to the car, Jake rolled down the window to talk to them.

"Hi guys, this is Jodie, she's my girlfriend," Jake said, hoping that they would not do it and he could pay them off another way, but the $2,000 was too large an amount for him to pay off in small sums.

"Nice looking little bitch you got here. I hope she's not a virgin, because we are going to fuck her until she begs us not to stop," the tall guy, Santino said.

Jodie was shaking with fear with what was going to happen to her, the image of her being fucked by other men turned her stomach and made her feel sick. She had somehow not yet even realized that her panties were wet.

Mike, the second guy opened the car door, grabbed her, and dragged her into the house by her arm, she thought about escape but she was doing this because of Jakes debts.

"Go home boy. Maybe we'll call you when we have finished with the cunt," Santino said.

Jake drove away, the only thing on his mind was Jodie's paying his gambling debts with her body so why was he so hard and horny about it.

"First things first, tonight you're going to be the entertainment and you will do everything your told to do or we will keep you locked up until you comply, understand me, you little bitch!". Mike said.

Jodie just nodded her head.

"Answer me! Don't just nod, bitch." Mike commanded her.

"Yes sir." Jodie said meekly.

Jodie stood in the room as they walked around her, they kept on roughly feeling her tits and ass as they passed around her, and she knew that she had just become their fuck toy. Then suddenly they jerked her skirt down to show her damp wet white panties, Jodie's pussy kept on getting wetter as they viewed her, she tried to deny any of this was a turn on, but they kept on rubbing her bald mound through her now sopping panties.

"Wow, this bitch loves it, see how wet she is getting and we haven't even got her panties off yet and she's practically begging for it. Now beg me to fuck you bitch!" Mike said

"Fuck you, you pig I don't want it at all, let me go!" Jodie said, as she got even more aroused.

"Take off that top so I can see your tits, they are amazing, I have see you in your cheer leading outfit and you look like a total slut in it." Santino said.

Mike walked around behind her, cut off her top off with a knife, then cut away her bra to show off her big tits, Jodie had 35D tits and she was very proud of them as hers were bigger than most girls of her age were. They started to maul her tits, this caused her to moan aloud

"Mmmmmmm". This took the guys by surprise how quickly and how much she seemed to like it.

"I have always wanted a blow job from a cheerleader and today your going to give it to me and you're going to take my cum down your throat." Mike said taking out his cock.

Jodie had never seen a cock so big in her life, let alone having to put that monster in her mouth. Santino kicked her legs from under her and she fell heavily to her knees, only to by pulled up by the hair and placed in front of Mike's cock and commanded to suck it.

"No biting or I will knock your teeth out, use your tongue, and make it good.," he said as he yanked Jodie's head about. Jodie opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to taste it, it tasted sweaty and dirty, but she edged herself nearer to taking that huge cock into her mouth.

Mike had become impatient with her hesitance so he forced his cock down Jodie's throat, he fucked her mouth with no care for Jodie at all. She choked and gagged, as his cock invaded her mouth, he could feel he had reached her throat and his balls were slapping against her chin.

She was choking, but her body started to betray her, beginning to enjoy the assault. She gagged as he shot his cum down her throat and she remembered he had said to swallow it. His cock may have tasted nasty but his cum was sweet to taste. After he released Jodie from his cock she fell to the floor choking and cum dripping from her mouth,

She had no time to rest as she felt her panties ripped from her, exposing her smooth mound.

Then fingers entered her cunt that hurt her badly, but Jodie started to moan again but this time her moans were from enjoyment.

"My god this bitch is in heat, I can't wait to fuck this cunt and to cum deep in her." Santino said as he finger fucked Jodie hard. Jodie was lost in lust was she swept away in her need to be ravaged and used. Yes, she was really learning to love this. Now she wanted this more and more.

"God damn it, fuck me, you pussies." Jodie screamed at them, as her body finally surrendered to this.

They picked her up and took her upstairs to dark room, Jodie no longer cared want happen to her as long as she got fucked and fucked hard. The men bound her hands together with a plastic cable tie and hooked it on a beam across the ceiling, she looked like a piece of meat hanging in a window, her figure was stunning as she hung there.

"Now bitch what do you want from us!" Santino said as he was rubbing his hard cock in his hand.

"Fuck me." Jodie said as she hung by her wrist as the plastic tie started to dig in.

"Sorry I didn't hear the kind of respect that we demand bitch." The other guy said.

"Fuck your worthless cheer leading whore Sir." Jodie said not realizing what was coming out of her mouth, her lust and need had taken full control by now. "First we are going to beat you bitch just because you are a worthless whore, who needs to be punished." Santino said as he went over to a table and picked up two paddles, then Santino handed the other paddle to Mike and they started to beat Jodie's ass and tits. The pain from each hit was becoming nearly unbearable. Jodie's tits become red and started to glow with heat as they hung from her. Jodie's ass become unbelievably sore as each hit landed, her cunt flooded, her juices running down both her legs. With each hit to her tits and ass. The pain became enjoyment too as she started to moan again as each man beat her senseless.

"Please Sirs, I have been a evil slut for a very long time. Sirs, I need to be punished more. I deserve it. Please Sirs."

"Can you believe this bitch? No matter what we do to her, she loves it," Mike said as he whacked her tits.

"I know. She must be really submissive then." Santino said as he smacked her ass. "You know that she is so wet between her legs here I bet you she could take you in one go." he said as he continued to hit her ass, he could see her juices running down her legs.

The tears in her eyes were tears of joy as well as pain. Her body enjoyed the pain and pleasure she was getting from these two men, who were still beating her.

The pain seemed to stop just as her orgasm hit her, She then felt a pair of hands on her now redden ass and second pair on her hips, she opened her eyes to see a big cock forced savagely into her cunt and seconds later another cock was thrust into her virgin ass. The pain and pleasure were driving her to heights of ecstasy she never knew existed. It was so intoxicating, it made her faint. Only to be woken up by a slap across the face by Mike who was now fucking her cunt roughly,

She loved the way they treated her as piece of fuck meat. She noticed blood running down her arms, this had come from her waists, the plastic cables tie had cut into her hands, but she was well beyond caring.

The assault on her body only continued as they both shot there hot cum in her body, they both swapped positions so they could both have fucked both of her holes. They both emptied there cocks in her once again, and then stepped back to admire there handiwork as she hung from the ceiling beam you could see cum dripping out of her now well used cunt and her arms covered in blood from her damaged wrists.

"Wow sweet meat, we have made up our minds your going to service Jakes gambling debts from now on, as long as he keeps losing we keep fucking you." Santino said. Jodie just looked at them both and smiled, knowing that Jake was the real loser here and she had hit the jackpot....


thank you very much Dragonslayer

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