tagIncest/TabooLil Jodie Ch. 02

Lil Jodie Ch. 02


Please do read chapter one before reading this one as it leads on from chapter one .

Santino and Mike released Jodie from her restraints and she dropped to the floor as the two men stood over her and finished cumming over her face, some landed in her blond hair.

"Don't tell anyone about anything, not even that loser Jake and we will pick you up after school every day to help you work off his debt." Mike said.

Jodie just nodded and smiled at them both, Jodie's body craved more cock and she was now willing to do anything for her new owners to get their cocks in her. They threw a summer dress at her and told her to get dressed and go home, as tomorrow they would start again.

"Yes Sirs," Jodie found her saying without realizing that she was. Jodie made her way home slowly because she did not want to lose much cum in her still wet cunt; it was sliding out down her legs. She noticed that was dried cum in her long blond hair. This too, reminded her of what had happened this night.

Jodie got home Dad was sitting in front the television, watching his sports as usual. "Your late home little lady you know your curfew is 10 pm on school nights." Her dad said to her without moving his head to see Jodie.

"I'm grabbing a shower then to bed Daddy is that OK." Jodie said. She looked like she had been a few rounds in a boxing ring. Her hair was all over the place and cum was drying in it, her dress wasn't hers as her clothes were torn to shreds the summer dress was to small for her, it didn't button up right, as you could see most of her young tits hanging free as her bra had been destroyed too. "That's OK dear I won't tell your mother when I see her, just remember your brothers are home so lock the bathroom door Jodie," her Dad said still struck watching the television.

Jodie had forgotten that her brothers were home and how they always seemed to barge into bathroom at the most worst times. Jodie climbed up stairs as her legs hurt as she stepped on every step, she entered the bathroom and total forgot to lock the door, undid the dress and stepped out of it and ran the water for a shower. She stood in front of the mirror and looked at her self, she saw a whore looking back at her this made her smile even more.

The marks were they had beaten her body were nice and red, she looked at her ass and rubbed it, it was sore and yet it made her start to get wet again between her legs.

The shower became hot quickly and Jodie stepped into it and started to wash her naked body. She never noticed her brother, Thomas in the doorway supporting a boner as he watched his young sister washing herself in the shower in a world of her own.

Thomas closed the bathroom door and locked it, still Jodie never saw him. He stripped off so he was naked just like his sis. He stepped into the shower and put his hands on her hips; Jodie stopped for only a second and then carried on. Tom moved his hands to feel her tits, Tom could not believe that his sister was allowing him to do this, and then he felt her cunt and slid a finger. Jodie just moaned.

Tom started to finger her cunt more quickly; all Jodie did was moan more. Then she turned around and gave Tom a full kiss on the lips and slid her tongue into his mouth, Tom's fingers work there magic in his sisters cunt, she opened her legs wider so he could get full access to her slutty cunt. Jodie put her hand on his massive boner and started to rub his cock.

Tom broke the kiss. "I know you want it in you, don't sis or you would how locked the bathroom door!" Tom said wickedly. Jodie just nodded her head and sank to her knees to give her own brother a blowjob and to show how talented she was giving them. The water in the shower was drowning out their moans as Jodie took all of Tom's length in her mouth right up to his hairy balls, Tom could feel her throat and couldn't believe that this was his little sister, it more like she was a great call girl.

Tom blew his cum in the back of his sisters throat, then Jodie opened her mouth just to show him his cum and started to shallow it all, Tom's cock was still hard because of his sister was now turning tricks just like a real whore. Jodie got back to her feet, put her fingers on her mound, and spread her cunt lips with two fingers, Tom needed no other invitation to fuck his sister, and he slid his cock in her and was surprised how tight she really was.

Tom thought as he fuck his sister like a whore, this is the best ever leave I have ever had. It wasn't long before Tom lost control and shot his cum deep into her cunt. Tom had never had sex like this before in his life. All the bitch's in the army were all career driven and were all-uptight, never willing to give up anything easily and not as submissive as his sister was. Tom wanted more of this little whore now, he put his finger deep inn her ass and Jodie just moaned like a bitch in heat.

"Wow sis, I have never had fucked a woman in the ass." Tom said as he pulled out his finger out of her back-side.

"Take it if you want it," Jodie said, but she couldn't believe what she was doing and who it was with, but her body craved it so she needed it. Tom slid his cock in her brown hole as the shower had got her wet, Tom with thrusting his cock so hard in his sister, her ass cheeks wobble as he slammed into her.

"Harder, harder you son of a bitch," Jodie cried out to her brother as he continued to treat his sister like the whore that he now knew she was. Jodie's orgasm hit and she put her hands out on to the walls of the shower to steady her self as she started to loose her footing. Tom carried on fucking her like a man possessed of a demon, he shoot his third load of cum into her now well used ass, as he withdraw his cock from her, he finally noticed the marks on her ass.

"Who did that to you Jodie," Tom asked as he withdrew hiscock like a loving brother, forgetting he had just fucked her like a whore. "Oh that's nothing to worry about Tom I like it when Jake spanks me hard." Jodie said covering up the fact was very proud of these marks and who had given them to her, her new owners who see hoped she see tomorrow again.

"OK but if you want me and Joe to kick the shit out of Jake you just say so and we will." Tom said hugging her close. "Tom I got to go to bed, got school in the morning and I am going to give Dad a goodnight kiss" Jodie said as she got out of the shower and dried her self down. Tom just stood in the shower and watched his sister towel dry herself in front of him, Tom got a fresh boner as he watched. Jodie dropped the towel on the floor and walked over to her bedroom naked, not caring who saw her.

She dressed in her blue PJs the top just covered her tits and showed off her flat belly and the bottoms were shorts they showed off her ass checks, refreshed from the shower and fuck she had, she went downstairs and found Dad making himself a coffee while the sports were breaking for the commercials and sponsors.

"Night Daddy," she said standing on her tip toes to kiss him on his check. Dad gave her a pat on her butt and noticed she was not wearing panties like she usual did to bed.

"Night Jodie and sleep well" her Dad said as she ran upstairs. The bathroom door opened as she passed by Tom notice she was dressed for bed, he hid his boner from view with a large bath towel, Jodie saw him, just smiled, and winked as she entered her room.

Tom knocked on her door as she was getting into bed. "I going to fuck you again later tonight Jodie, so be ready for me." Tom said as he stood in her room.

"I will be waiting for you, Sir." Jodie said without thinking it was her brother and not her owners but she still showed the respect. Tom wasn't sure but did she just call him 'sir' it made him think for a second but took no notice of it.

The hours pasted as Jodie waited in her bed for Tom to come and fuck her again, she needed to satisfy the fire in her cunt, so she started to finger fuck herself the more she did it more the sheets become wet and her finger just couldn't satisfy her she know she needed a cock in her again.

She heard her door knob turn, as it was pitch black she saw only a shadowy figure come in and sit next to her in bed. The figure bent down and gave her a kiss on the forehead, her mind was racing all she could think about was how to fill her cunt up with cock to put out that fire, the figure started to get up Jodie grab his arm and open her sheets, her PJ bottoms were down around her thighs. She put his hand on her cunt; just let him know she was ready again. This hand was bigger than her brother's and he had something metal on his fingers like a wedding ring.

Jodie realized who it was then, her father. Now he moved his hands over to her tits started to play with her nipples through her PJ top. Jodie started to moan, low at first then Dad put his hand over her mouth to muffle her moans. Dad moved his other hand to her legs and hitched them up and opens, took off Jodie's PJ bottoms and forced them into her mouth to gag her moans. Now with two hands free in total darkness he felt along her legs to find her cunt, his hands found it was already wet and waiting, he couldn't believe how his daughter had matured into a fine young woman.

"Young lady next time you dress like a slut I will treat you like one." Dad said as his hands felt her hairless cunt.

"Please Daddy, I am a Slut," Jodie said lying in bed.

"It's a good your mothers out at work tonight." Dad said.

"Fuck me like you do Mom, Dad." Jodie said begging him.

Dad had a raging hard on in his trousers, Jodie heard the sound of a zip unfasten, now dad was going to show his slut daughter why he was the head of this family. He put the make shift gag back in her mouth and moved between her legs, finding her cunt again he pressed the tip of his cock at his daughters wet mound and slid it in he could not get over how good her cunt was it was five times better than his wife's, he just pounded Jodie's cunt mercilessly. Jodie gripped the bed sheets as her father fucked her in the dark; his cock was really good as Jodie had been fucked a few times today. Dad came in her cunt and got up a left.

"Not a word to your mother, understand me!" Dad said leaving her room, he thought to himself nice cunt, but next I will have her ass'. Jodie finally fell asleep, woke up early and ran naked into the bathroom for a quickly shower before school started, breakfast passed with no comment of the nights actions, Jodie went back upstairs and packed her cheerleaders outfit as it was training at the end of the day.

The day went by with nothing happening beside Jodie's urge for cock in her became unbearable She went to the girls toilets and ran into a cubicle dropped from jeans and panties then started to finger her wet cunt. Her fingers just couldn't stop moving, it wasn't substitute for a cock but it had to do, because the end of the day just couldn't come soon enough. Her moans in the toilet had alerted some passing teachers, who believed she was in pain, she pulled up her panties and jeans and tried to convince them it wasn't her, and she was late for a class. The rest of the day, she was in total frustration as her cunt leaked causing her panties to become very damp, her body craved a cock to pound her into submission. She even thought about letting a nerd fuck her but just the thought grossed her out, she had standards but even she hadn't got that desperate yet.

The bell sounded for the end of the school day and she made her way to the gym, to change into her cheerleaders uniform, as she crossed the car park to the gym were practice was, Jodie heard her name being shouted from what looked like a red mini-van with blacked out windows. "Hey Jodie over here!" the voice said, it was the Santino, from yesterday.

"Hi I'm off to practice now!" Jodie shouted back at him.

"Yes I know, what's why I'm here!" he shouted back.

Jodie had a choice go with him and enjoy her new cravings or try to return to her normal life as just a cheerleader and a good girl. In seconds, Jodie turned towards him and started to walk over to him.

He was waiting by the red mini-van, the slid open and Jodie got in with even saying a word, then she undid her jeans, glided them down her legs to show her damp panties, and then started to remove them.

Santino took her panties out of her hand and held them at his nose, breathed deeply to take all of her lovely smell, then he turned the key to start the engine, now Jodie knew her life as a schoolgirl was over and her new life as a fuck toy was about to start "Get in to your cheerleaders outfit while I drive you." he said while he turned out of the school car park.

Jodie changed while he drove; she knew he was watching her but on some level she just didn't care any more. Jodie put her skirt on first and then removed her top and her bra, which she threw to him and dug out her top out of her bag. The mini-van pulled up to the same house that she had been to the day before, this time she walked up to the door as a willing slut, hoping to be used and abused like the whore she knew she was....

dragronSlayer once again thanks xxx

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