Lilac's Sluts: Roxy Will Do It


I pulled my dick back, then slipped it straight ahead, between her thighs, my cockhead brushing through her pubic hair from beneath. "Stop me if you don't like it, baby," I hissed with conviction, "but I bet you like this." I moved my hand from her hip up her sides, under her armpit, reaching around to cup her ample breast. That tit was fucking soft and fat, it filled my hand as I groped it. My fingertips found my step-daughter's nipples extremely stiff and long.

"Mmm!" She started to wiggle her round, slightly-flabby butt in a circle, stroking the head of my erection with her pussylips between her meaty thighs. With a hand against the tiled wall to prop herself up, she moaned with anxious lust, gasping even, feeling my dick kiss her pussy. "Ohh, Rick -- you shouldn't!" She didn't say it like she meant it; I heard her gasp again, and her pussy was getting wet from more than just the shower's water. "This is sooooo bad!"

"Bad, huh?" I spun her around, so her back was to the water and now she was facing me, showing off those wet, dripping D-cup hooters with huge nipples and areolae, and her dark furry public hair was sopping wet from the shower. Sticking my cock in her direction, I giggled, "Well, you can leave if you want -- or, you can clean off my dick, it needs a shower too."

I had intended to mean, she could rub soap on it, but she took it to mean another thing. With a shrug and a half-grin, my slutty step-daughter purred, "If you want, Rick." Then, she dropped to her knees, and looking up at me with those big brown eyes, began sucking and licking my fat, throbbing cockhead. Oh yes, my step-daughter was giving me a blowjob in the shower. The water's temperature was a bit cool for my taste, but I ignored it, shoving my pelvis forward, letting her explore my seven inches of thick manhood with her pink tongue. The 23 year old dirty-blonde, her hair turned dark by the water, kept looking up at my face, hunger in her eyes, while she darted her tongue up and down my shaft and around my balls, then sucked my penis a few inches to her mouth and worked it over inside of there, making it wet and tight, lapping hard with her tongue.

"Shit, yeah, baby," I grunted to her, fucking her mouth, "you suck cock so good, don't you -- do you like my penis, big enough for ya?"

She nodded, gulping on my cockhead at the back of her mouth, then pulling off with a gasp. "Ya, I do," she said, nodding, "I love it, it's big -- I loved watching you fuck that woman with it, she came so hard on it."

Crystal had indeed orgasmed many times on my cock, in front of her husband and my step-daughter. "Mmm, you liked seeing that, huh -- you wished maybe you were cumming on me instead?"

My step-daughter giggled, then told me a secret, continuing to kiss and stroke my boner in the cold shower. "Oh yeah," she admitted with a bit of a blush, "I've thought about it, you're hot, you have a nice cock."

Suddenly, I didn't want just a blowjob. I had her stand up, while I shut off the cold water. Standing there in her tub, both of us dripping wet, our drenched skin pressed together and our eyes locked. It was instinctive, a moment later we were making out, kissing hard, while her hand was around my erection stroking me, and my hand was fondling her soft, fleshy asscheeks. She let me fuck her mouth with my tongue, driving tongue deep, sucking each other's lips too, moaning as we did.

I broke the kiss, smiling at her. "You're so sexy," I told her, "I know it's bad, but don't you think we should go into your bedroom and have sex now?"

The girl paused, knowing she was about to commit adultery with her own mother's husband of three years, but the lure of a hot fuck overrode whatever moral principles were holding her back. Flashing a toothy smile, she kissed my hairy chest, then bent down and licked her tongue over my erection's fat helmet, before answering. "Yeah," she muttered, "you can have sex with me."

After towel-drying quickly, we rushed to her bedroom, still moist from the shower -- her long hair completely drenched, in fact. Didn't matter, she could change the bedsheets. Roxy pulled me onto the bed, lying on her back, kissing me while she spread underneath me. That's the ultimate signal of a woman giving into sex with a man, right -- spreading herself, exposing her 23 year old vagina to my 40 year old erection. I pushed my cockhead to Roxy's cuntlips, and her hands gripped my muscular thighs, urgent pulling me towards her. She wanted it badly; she wasn't just "letting me" have sex with her, she was actively trying to get her step-dad to fuck her.

As I rammed my cock into her cunt, finding it extremely tight, I howled in delight. "Fuck, Roxy, this is better than swinging!" I then let out a moan, barely able to get an inch inside her vagina, her pussylips were closed so firmly around my thick penis. Ramming a few times, working against the pressure, the girl was gyrating her wide hips to get more and more of my meat into her. She slowly opened up, loosening while she became excessively wet, her cuntjuices coating my cock, balls and thighs while I began slipping more and more of my erection into her. Plunge after plunge, I was working into her -- three inches, four, four and a half, five inches. I still had a good couple inches to go, and with her squirming madly under my body, both of us grunting, we were working to get all of me inside her.

Watching her huge, creamy breasts bouncing on her chest, and her very pretty face contorted with the pleasured pain of being fucked by a big dick, I was incredibly aroused for her. The look in her eyes and the way she held her lips during sex even looked like her mom, which also turned me on -- I was cheating with my wife's daughter! How sexy was that!

"Baby," I told her, leaning over her and pounding my body hard against her pussy, pushing more of my dick into that girl's cunt, "you turn me on -- you're so fucking hot -- I should have tried to fuck you when I first met you."

"Yeah!" She was kissing the side of my neck, her hands on my brawny back, feeling my older body pounding dick into that wet, warm vagina. "I wish you had -- I love your cock!"

Thrusting against her swirling hips, all my muscles working hard, I was able to get all seven inches inside her body, my balls bouncing off her asscheeks. At the very end of her twat, almost with a wall pushing my cockhead, she felt me so deep in there and began having orgasms. Squealing loudly like I heard when Greg fucked her, Roxy was shrieking at the top of her lungs. "Ohhh fuck yessss! Ohhhh fuck! Owwww fuck ohhhh yessss!" Her hand was rubbing her clit hard, making her cum faster and more intensely while her step-daddy's penis was in the very back of her vagina. Feeling her cum so hard, soon I was having my first orgasm, squirting my seed inside her cunt.

After kissing and having me suck her huge tits -- wow, those big orbs are delicious to lick and suck -- I fucked her doggy-style, then put her on top of me to ride me. I could gaze at her big breasts, which she cupped and licked herself while her furry pussy rode up and down on my thick, seven-inch pole. I rubbed her clit as she rode atop me, bringing her to a couple more orgasms, and she screamed in delight while crushing herself down onto me, getting my penis all the way up into her twat again.

"Ohhh, Rick, ohhhh!" Her eyes fluttered, her hands fell off her breasts and flattened on my hairy chest, steadying herself as she had another cum. "Rick, ooooh, fuck yesssss!" I could see her lips tremble, her arms and hands even grew wobbly, from a body-crushing cum that shattered her. As she came out of it, she was laughing from how hard it was. "Rick, oh my gawwwd, baby!" (Suddenly, I was "baby.") "Uhhh, Rick -- ohhh shit, you fuck so good!"

I was going to say, that's why your mom married me, but I felt it was indelicate. So I said instead, "You're fucking awesome, too -- you're so hot -- we should fuck each other from now on, right?" It kind of blurted out of me, I wasn't really thinking she'd be a regular fuck-buddy. Maybe just from time to time.

The girl, in the midst of fucking me and having multiple cums, already had other intentions. Snickering, she ran her hand through my sweaty, hairy chest, feeling my fit upper body against her palm. "Mmm, yessss," she sneered at an idea, "you can be my secret boyfriend -- cheat on my mom -- come over and fuck me!" Then she cackled, "Can you come every day -- I want it from you all the time!"

With my penis a good six inches up her pussy, I wasn't going to argue. "Oh yeah," I lied, not sure I could sneak away daily. But I wanted to protest the gravy train I now had. "And -- we can still swing, right, and fuck other couples?"

She smiled at me, tossing her long, still-wet hair back, making sure her those huge, nude boobs were uncovered so my eyes could feast on then while she fucked me. "Definitely," she whispered, grinning down at me. "I know my hot boyfriend likes to fuck other girls -- just like I like lots of cocks!"

Holy shit, was she the perfect girlfriend or what?

As we made out, with my erection squirting a second load of semen into her pussy, I knew that Caroline Rae and I were going to have lots of fun together.

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