tagErotic HorrorLilith Shorts - The Red Witch Ch. 03

Lilith Shorts - The Red Witch Ch. 03


This story had some help from Rak-Sasha as this version if Baphomet is from her developing club series. Please check it out as there are more crossovers to come. Enjoy.


The emblem was drawn on the ground as the virgin woman was tied to stakes placed around the circle. She was naked and struggling with tears in her eyes as Nessira circled her speaking a strange language that the woman did not understand. She was scared for her life and began to scream as she saw the red-headed witch pull out a knife. Nessira was not listening to her beg for her life.

She leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss before she said: "We could have so much fun together, you are lovely but I need you for something far more important."

"Please, please let me go."

"Shhhh, this will be quick."

This virgin had a purpose and that is all as she jammed it into the woman's hand. Nessira felt the ground shake as the virgins blood hit the ground. The soil rumbles and begins to split, allowing flames to emerge from the growing cracks. A fiery portal opened up as she backed away watching an inhuman hand reach out and claw at the ground. A beastly form pulling itself up through the portal, eventually lifting it's horned head and letting out a brief roar. The unholy sound causing the birds to vacate from the trees nearby as the witch could only watch as this dark creature turn to look at her. With its goat-like face and glowing red eyes, she watched as it crawls up and out of the cavern of fire before standing before her. Standing on it's hooves and looking around to see the summoning circle on the ground, growling softly and changing her form to that of a woman with dark hair as she stared down at her.

"Ah, the Red Witch, daughter of Lilith herself, Nessira, I was wondering when we would meet."

"Oh God, what is that?" The virgin screamed as Baphomet turned and breathed in the woman's face knocking her unconscious before turning back towards Nessira.

"Baphomet, my lord," she said falling to her knee's. "I kneel before you as a servant, and ask your favor if you see it fit to grant me."

"Go on?"

"I have summoned you to ask, could you bring back my lover, I lost him, wrongfully, I will do whatever you ask of me."

"I see, the Red Witch has a broken heart, a pitty, I can just take that pain away for you if you wish."

"I just want him back, I am not myself without him."

"But you are so much more without him my dear, so much more indeed!" Baphomet said leaning down and caressing her face. Nessira could only turn slightly, feeling the creature's hand against her skin as it shifts to the clawed hand of the beast's true form before changing back. "I can give you the ability to be everything Lilith was and more."

"I would prefer we leave Lilith out if this transaction."

"Of course, I will tell you what I will do, I am going to give you what you want, and more!"

"How do you mean?"

Baphomet holds up her hand showing Nessira a little ball of blue light. "This is Sebastian's soul, I will send it out into the world, for you to find, a reincarnation as it were, it may take some time, but you are an immortal, what is time to someone like you and me?"

Nessira looked at the orb wanting to take it from her and run away but she knew who Baphomet was and what she was capable of. She summoned her and knew the consequences of trying to betray her so she stayed where she was.

"That's a good girl, I could sense the conflict in you, I think I am being more than fair here, I am bringing back your true love, does it really matter if it takes you time to find him again?"

"What do you want from me?"

"I want you to do what you intended to do from the start, take your revenge!"

"Really, is that all?"

"Yes but I want a body count that would rival that of Lilith herself. I want to see village after village, town after town fall at your feet, men dying in ecstasy, women being turned into beasts like you, a river of cum and blood in your wake!" Baphomet said as she put images in Nessira's head.

Nessira saw herself looking over a sea of bodies as she stood on a mountaintop feeling the power she had been given. She felt strong and proud of what she was and started to lose herself to the feeling of this dark power being offered to her.

"It feels good doesn't it?" Baphomet said breaking the vision as Nessira was back in the woods on the ground looking up at the Goddess before her.

"I want it, I want the power!"

"Of course you do, with this power you should be able to protect everyone you love, even Sebastian when you find him again."

"Yes, I want it, I accept your terms!"

"That's a good girl, now," she said as she blew on Sebastian's soul sending him off into the distance. "You have time, he has to find a newborn body and grow up into a good strong man, which gives you plenty of time to do your job before seeking him out."

"Yes, Master."

"Good, now," Baphomet said as she revealed a large throbbing erect cock sticking out from between her legs already dripping with precum as she got it close to Nessira's face. "I think you know what you need to do?'

Nessira looked at the monstrous erection inches from her face. A part of her felt sick doing this which seemed odd to her but she grabbed her shaft and began teasing it gently with her lips. She didn't just want to suck her off and be done with it, she wanted to show this God her talents and show her why she had the reputation that she did.

Baphomet smiled at the redhead playing with her cock. She allowed Nessira to do as she pleased with her knowing she would enjoy herself. She felt Nessira's lips wrap around her tip before deep throating her. Baphomet was surprised at how deep she was able to take her cock as she began sucking on it intensely, a low and wanton moan slips past the demon's lips while tilting her head back. Closing her eyes to savor the taste of Nessira's experienced tongue lashing at the head of her shaft, even reaching down to tangle her fingers in the Red Witch's crimson mane.

Nessira sprouted her wings and changed into her succubus form in order to truly pleasure her. She removed her lips from Baphomet's cock taking the tip and rubbing it against her nipple letting the precum drip down her chest. The feeling made Baphomet moan and even growl as the Red Witch had her way with her cock. The deep inhuman rumble within her attracting the attention of a nearby farmer who was wondering where his daughter had disappeared to.

Catching sight of a fire burning in the forest nearby had drawn him closer, a local farmer who had been searching for his daughter since she was taken was moving between the trees and seeing a sultry naked redhead and a beautiful woman with an impressive erection. His heart leaping into his throat, noticing another figure bound and helpless on the ground nearby. Recognizing his daughter before hearing the inhuman growl from this taller woman, looking around the tree to witness Nessira assuming her succubus form.

The farmer whispers to himself "Th...The Red Witch of Raven Hill."

Baphomet was seeing first hand just how good Nessira was. She wondered how Sebastian was able to survive sex with her despite the spell she used to protect him. She knew ways to pleasure that would make a man's heart stop in his chest. Nessira took Baphomet's cock and laid it between her large breasts squeezing them together as she gently massages the beasts member. Every time it got close to her lips she would massage the tip with her long lanced tongue tasting the cum and feeling the dark energy flowing through her.

Smiling up at the beast, seeing the form she had taken begin to shift uncontrollably. At times revealing Baphomet's true form, seeing that goat-shaped face snarling back at her lustfully before a thick string of precum shoots up onto Nessira's horned head. Sensually rubbing her thick cock along the witch's lovely face, smearing that clear slimy fluid over her skin before Baphomet snarls lustfully.

"That is enough child," Baphomet said to Nessira as she stopped and looked up at her. "It is time." She said placing her finger under Nessira's chin and gently lifting her up before planting a kiss on her lips. The kiss quickly grows more passionate as the two almost begin biting at one another, inhuman growls escaping them as dark fur begins to grow out along Baphomet's spine. Nails thickening into claws while caressing Nessira's naked flesh, eventually pulling back from the kiss with a low growl.

Baphomet slid her hands down around Nessira's waist pulling her close as she pushed her back against a nearby tree. The bark digging into the witch's back, her tail growing out behind her and swaying seductively. leaning against the beautiful seductress on her now hooved feet while she lifts Nessira's leg, bringing her now beastly erection to tease the Red Witch. Baphomet's demonic muzzle breathing it's hot breath over Nessira's throat, even nipping at her neck with those sharp teeth. Arching her back and ramming her cock into the Red Witch and pulling an inhuman scream from the trembling succubus.

The sound making the farmer's heart skip, clinging fearfully to the tree as he dares to look around it once more to see the perverse demonic ritual as it continues before his eyes. He could see Nessira was shocked by both the pain and the pleasure she was feeling. She felt the Goddesses throbbing member begin to move inside her, pumping more of her slimy precum into the succubus and her giving her an amazing feeling. It was dark magic but she wanted it, feeling it's warmth and power flowing through her body. She wanted the power and she wanted Sebastian back, or at least she did at first.

The man watching them couldn't help his own arousal making itself evident, clinging to the tree and watching the two continue. Witnessing this beautiful succubus being fucked by a demonic beast while his own daughter lay helpless nearby, still he could feel his manhood becoming erect under his ragged clothes. His eyes wandering over to his daughter's naked body, feeling ashamed of what he through for an instant. The deep and ferocious roar of this ancient beast forcing him to actually cover his ears, falling down against the tree as Baphomet lets out an unearthly roar.

Digging her claws into Nessira's thighs, holding the writhing succubus tightly as she releases her seed. Her fanged maw bathed in drool as she arches her back, roaring out her pleasure and venting her scalding hot essence into The Red Witch. Being forced to accept the Goddess' seed, Nessira began to feel differently about certain things. Finding Sebastian suddenly didn't seem as important to her anymore. She had ideas of how to kill and manipulate people, spells she could cast turning them into mindless sex zombies or even worse. She wanted to corrupt and feed. She wanted to give Baphomet the body count she asked for, perhaps even to serve this ancient beast after her task was done.

"Oh yes, Oh Fuck!" Nessira called out as Baphomet finally started to spray her dark seed into Nessira giving her the power she asked for and filling her with dark desires at the same time.

The darkness of Baphomet's cum began to seep into Nessira's flesh and traveled through her body, warming her insides and corrupting her very soul. Intoxicated with this new strength and ferocity, she wanted it all and she wanted to do her bidding. So many men and woman out there and she wanted to have he way with them. Baphomet's roar softens to a low and satisfied growl, still rumbling within her chest before Nessira could feel the beast's cock slithering free of her cum-soaked slit.

Almost instantly, some of Baphomet's oily black seed began to seep out and trail down Nessira's inner thigh. She couldn't help but feel so full, so powerful, even as the goddess continued to rub her still erect shaft against the beautiful succubus. Watching Nessira's body shifting back to its human form as the two slid down to the ground next to the tree, the witch staring up into the eyes of Baphomet as the two kiss once more. Growling with surpressed lust, stroking her claws over Nessira's breasts as if preparing to fuck her once more. Instead allowing the woman to rest and let the darkness implanted within her take root, smiling back at her before reluctantly stepping back.

"You will do great things my child, great things indeed, Have fun!"


Hours later as the sun cane up Nessira awoke feeling the new power flowing through her. She glanced over at the virgin as she was almost free from her binds before Nessira jumped on her like an animal. The woman was scared to death as Nessira looked down at her licking her face.

"Now you and I can have some real fun." Nessira said as her tail slither between the woman's legs before wiggling inside her

The scream of his daughter awakens the farmer as he had fallen asleep next to the tree, to his shame he still felt a dampness in his pants from witnessing such an unholy union. Standing up to look around to see if that monster was still there and having its way with that beautiful red head, he felt helpless to see his own daughter being violated by The Red Witch in her demonic form.

"Stop this!" He yelled as Nessira turned to him with a wet smile on her face.

"Ah, the father, well you are too late." She said as he looked down to see his daughter staring back at him with two red glowing eyes and a sick smile in her face as she sat up. "Come, let us feast on this man before we head back to town."

"Oh God, Demon spawn, what have you done to my daughter?"

"I would be more worried about what we are going to do to you." Nessira said as the last thing he saw were both women leaping towards him with sharp claws drawn from their hands.

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