Lily Grows Up


Lily sat on the chair, facing Daddy in his own chair as he stared at her sternly.

"Well, Lily?" he snapped. "Did you or did you not take my credit card out of my wallet?"

"No, Daddy" Lily insisted.

Daddy sighed. "You know I'll find out the truth eventually, and you'll be in much worse trouble then." Lily stared at the floor. She knew what Daddy meant by "trouble", and she knew he was right - he would find out the truth eventually. Better to admit the truth and take her punishment now, than to get a much worse punishment later. Her heart beating hard, she sighed and nodded.

"Yes, Daddy, I took your card," she admitted miserably. She didn't dare look at him as he sighed heavily.

"Over my knee, Lily," Daddy ordered. Lily hesitated.

"Daddy . . ."

"Now, Lily," Daddy said sharply.

"But Daddy, I'm 18 now. Shouldn't I not get spankings anymore?" Daddy studied Lily. She was 18 now, had been for about a month, and this was her first major infraction.

"Age has nothing to do with it, Lily" Daddy said firmly. "Girl or woman, you must know your place and accept discipline from a man - whether it's your daddy, or maybe someday, a boyfriend." Lily blushed. Daddy had never let her have a boyfriend, he kept her close to him all the time. She wondered sometimes what it would be like to have a boyfriend, but she never dared ask.

"You get a hand-spanking for taking my card." Lily nodded. She had expected that, but Daddy continued: "And then you get the belt for lying to me about it." Lily's heart dropped into her stomach as her eyes flew to Daddy's stern face. "Oh no, Daddy!" Lily protested in panic. "Please, Daddy, not the belt. I told you the truth!"

"Yes, but you lied first," said Daddy. "Now get over here and get in position."

"Oh, Daddy, noooooo, pleeeeease" Lily begged. She tried to throw her arms around him, but he grabbed her arms and held them back. "Daaaadddy," Lily whined.

"Stop whining. Get me my belt."

"But . . . you said I get a hand spanking," Lily pouted.

"You do, for taking the card. And then the belt for lying. And I want you to hold onto the belt while I'm spanking you with my hand, so you can be thinking about what's coming."

"Daddy," Lily tried one more time, but she knew by Daddy's face that she was only making her situation worse. Lily slowly and reluctantly kneeled in front of Daddy. Her hands trembling, she reached out to Daddy's waist and unbuckled his big, black belt. As she slowly pulled it from around his waist, watching it's thick length pass through the belt loops, all she could think about was the pain it would soon inflict on her vulnerable ass. But she noticed something else too - something hard and insistent between Daddy's legs. And the more she brushed against it, the harder it got. Embarassed and scared, she stood between Daddy's legs with the belt, trying not to think about what she had felt there.

"I'm sorry, Daddy," Lily whispered. Daddy was a little distracted by his hardening cock. Now that she was 18, it was hard not to notice the curve of her breasts, her soft body . . . he shook his head.

"Not yet, you're not," Daddy promised, grabbing her arm and plopping her over his lap. Now there was no escaping the spanking. She closed her hands around the leather belt, ready to cry before he even touched her.

He rested his hand on the her skirt, rubbing her ass through the thin material, and she squeezed her eyes tight as he lifted his hand, then brought it down hard on the seat of her skirt. Lily let out a small cry, but Daddy knew it wasn't hurting her. Not yet. He brought his hand down on her covered rear several more times, enough to get her thinking about what was coming. She knew any minute he would peel her skirt up and her panties down, and then the spanking would really begin. And then, right before he moved to lift her skirt, she remembered . . . there were no panties for Daddy to pull down! Desperately, she reached her hand back to hold her skirt down as Daddy began to lift it.

"No Daddy, please don't." Daddy didn't like that at all. He grabbed her errant arm and pinned it behind her back, delivering several hard, fast swats before reaching for her skirt again. Lily trembled as the material made its way up her thighs and over her buttocks, revealing her bare bottom to Daddy. She heard his angry intake of breath. "What is this?" Daddy demanded, dropping her skirt at her waist and grabbing her bare buttock, squeezing hard. "Ow, Daddy," Lily whimpered. "Ow?" Daddy said. "Where are your panties young lady?" Lily had no answer for him, just hung her head in shame. Daddy pulled her ass cheeks apart, squeezing each buttock as he exposed her asshole. He realized he wasn't just going to spank her anymore. He was going to introduce her to a whole new world of punishments, teach her what a woman's body was really for. He didn't care that she was his daughter.

"I don't think a spanking and a belting are quite going to do it this time," Daddy told her angrily.

"Ow, Daddy, what are you going to do?" Lily asked in terror.

"That, little girl, you will have to wait and see. But I have a special punishment for little sluts who like to run around with no panties." Before Lily could protest, Daddy began spanking her bare ass. Hard and fast, he brought his hand down on each cheek in turn until she began to squirm on his lap. "Ow, ow, ow" she cried, but she knew this was nothing yet. He began to spank her across both cheeks at the same time, each stinging blow causing her to jump in his lap. "Ok, daddy, ok," she begged, but he wasn't even close to done. He roughly spread her ass cheeks, then began to spank the inside of her crack. It was humiliating and painful, and she began to kick her legs in protest.

The hand spanking seemed to go on forever, alternating between her ass cheeks and her crack, hard and relentless. When her ass started to numb from the pain, Daddy seemed to know it. He would pause, rub her cheeks, play with her ass crack, deliver a few sporadic, resounding spanks. Then he would resume the forceful, unending rain of blows. "Please, daddy, please" Lily was begging, holding onto daddy's legs, struggling to escape the blows. Her ass was really starting to feel the pain, but even this wasn't as bad as it could be. Finally, finally, daddy stopped. Lily hung over Daddy's lap, caressing his leg, wanting to reach back and rub her burning ass, but knowing Daddy wouldn't let her. Daddy rubbed her back, then her red and sore buttocks. Lily was used to Daddy's spankings, they were always hard and merciless, and always on her bare ass. But something felt different this time. Something about the way he was rubbing her bottom didn't feel right. She began to squirm uncomfortably, which earned her a few more hard spanks.

"Hold still," Daddy ordered. Now his voice sounded different, like he was having trouble breathing. He began to rub her ass again, moving his hand down her thighs, brushing against her very private place. Something was definitely wrong with the way Daddy was touching her.

"What are you doing, Daddy?" she protested. He didn't seem to hear her, but he moved his hand up to rest on her bottom again, much to Lily's relief.

"What did you buy with my card?" he asked her.

"It was something I really really needed, I promise, Daddy." Lily said.

"And what was it?" Daddy insisted.

"A bra," Lily admitted, slightly embarrassed.

"A bra? I didn't know you were old enough to wear a bra." Daddy hesitated, then made her sit up on his lap. She squirmed on her sore bottom. "Show it to Daddy."

"I can't show it to you, Daddy" Lily blushed. "I'm wearing it."

Daddy wasn't amused. "You say you bought a bra with my card, you need to show me the bra," Daddy spoke sharply. Lily hesitated, embarrassed at the thought of showing Daddy her bra, but hoping desperately he wouldn't use the belt on her if she proved how obedient she was. She reached up and slowly pulled down the top of her shirt, exposing the soft top of her breast and a hint of black bra.

"I can't see anything that way," Daddy said. "Show me the whole bra." Still wanting to prove her obedience, Lily paused only a moment before pulling the shirt over her head and giving Daddy a full view of her new bra. Daddy took his large hand and ran it over the smooth material of Lily's new bra, then traced the faint pattern on the cup with his finger, causing Lily to squirm in his lap. "Daddy . . . " she protested, the strange sensations scaring her. Daddy didn't stop, though. "Your breasts are bigger than I thought," he observed, running his hands over both bra cups now. "Do you stuff your bra?"

"Of course not, Daddy!" Lily was offended.

"Let's see." Daddy ran his hand along her cleavage, then slid it into her bra cup, cupping her breast gently, then feeling around thoroughly. Lily's nipples hardened under Daddy's touch, and she felt the tears well up in her eyes. Daddy then gave the same treatment to her other breast, examining it thoroughly with his hand. Then he caught her hardened nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it gently between them. "What's this?" Daddy asked. "Do you like it when Daddy touches your breasts?"

"No, Daddy," Lily said, the tears slipping out of her eyes.

"Then why is your nipple hard, sweetie?"

"I - I'm cold," Lily said.

"You don't feel cold," said Daddy before releasing her nipple and removing his hand from her bra. Lily sighed in relief, but only for a moment.

"Take it off," Daddy ordered.

"What?" Lily protested.

"You bought the bra with my money, that makes it my bra. So take it off and give it to Daddy."

"But, Daddy . . ."

"Now," Daddy snapped. Lily was humiliated at the thought of Daddy seeing her bare breasts, but at least he wasn't spanking her. She reached up behind her, unhooked her bra, and slipped it off her shoulders, then handed it to Daddy. Immediately, her nipples puckered even more. "I see you're still cold" Daddy observed, reaching his large warm hands to cup her breasts, massaging them gently. "Does that make them warmer?"

"Please Daddy, don't do that," she whispered tearfully. "I don't like it," she begged as the heat from Daddy's hands on her breasts flooded through her entire body.

"You don't like that?" Daddy asked. She shook her head. She felt so helpless and controlled as he continued to molest her breasts and nipples. "That's good," Daddy said. "Do you know what type of girl you would be if you liked this?" he prompted her. She nodded her head.

"Tell me," Daddy said as he continued to abuse her young, vulnerable breasts.

"A slut," Lily said softly. This was all getting to be too much for her. What Daddy was doing to her was really, really bad, she knew. She just didn't know how to make him stop. He was her daddy, she had to do whatever he said, didn't she?

"That's right," Daddy said. "A slut. I'm not raising a slut, do you understand me?" Lily nodded, unable to concentrate on anything but the horrible way Daddy's hands were making her feel. She tried to squirm away from his hands, but he spanked her breasts roughly. "Hold still," Daddy commanded her again. He pinched her nipples hard, and she cried out. This was worse than a spanking. How she wished Daddy would stop touching her and go back to spanking her!

"Daddy, please stop touching me like this," she begged again.

"You're my little girl," Daddy pointed out. "That means you belong to me - all of you belongs to me. I can touch you any way I want to."

"Daddy, I don't like it!"

"You're not supposed to like it. Daddy likes it, that's all that matters," he said right before he leaned down and closed his lips over her nipple. He held her tightly as she struggled against his wet, merciless tongue and his nipping teeth. Then he applied the same treatment to her other nipple as she cried and struggled. Finally, he released her tortured nipple. She sighed with relief, but not for long.

"What's the next part of your punishment, Lily?"

"No, Daddy," she moaned, gripping the menacing belt tightly in her hand.

"Lily . . . " Daddy warned. "What's next?"

"The belt, Daddy" Lily whispered.

"Stand up." Daddy said. Lily did as Daddy said, her legs trembling from the pain of the spanking she had just received, and fear of the belting that was coming, her stomach churning from the bad way her Daddy had been touching her. Her skirt slid down, covering her punished ass again. "Go fix the pillows, then lay on Daddy's bed" Daddy ordered. She wanted to beg, but she obeyed. She took the pillows from Daddy's bed and piled them in the center. Then she climbed onto the bed and positioned herself over the pillows. Daddy came up behind her and roughly pulled her skirt up again, making sure her red butt was fully exposed. She was still holding Daddy's belt tightly in her hands. "The belt, Lily" Daddy said, holding out his hand.

Daddy stood there, contemplating his red, sore little girl. He knew she needed the belt, and he wanted to give it to her, but there were some other things that maybe needed to be taken care of first.

"We'll put off the belt for now," Daddy said, and Lily sighed in relief, until Daddy reminded her she still hadn't been punished for not wearing panties. He told her to stand up, then to lay on her back on the bed. Then he sat down on the edge of the bed next to her and pulled her legs over his lap. Stroking her thighs, he moved his hand up under her skirt. "Only very, very bad girls don't wear panties under their skirts," Daddy told her.

"I know Daddy," Lily said, unsure what her punishment was going to be, but distracted by the feelings Daddy's hand was creating beneath her skirt.

"If a girl doesn't wear panties, that means she wants someone to look at her naughty parts," Daddy said. "But nobody should be looking at a girl's naughty parts except her daddy." Lily instinctively squeezed her thighs together as Daddy took the hem of her skirt and lifted it high above her waist. "Show daddy your pussy," he demanded.

"Daddy," Lily protested in embarrassment.

"Show daddy your pussy now, Lily." Covering her face in embarrassment, Lily reluctantly spread her legs wide, letting daddy inspect her private parts. "You have a pretty pussy, Lily," Daddy said, running his hand along her thighs and brushing across her pussy gently. Lily shuddered. Daddy ran his fingers through the little curls that surrounded her pussy, and Lily could hear Daddy breathing hard again, like he had been when she was over his lap and he was touching her body. Daddy continued to stare at her pussy, then he ran his finger up and down her slit.

"Daddy!" Lily sobbed in protest. Why was Daddy touching her private, naughty parts? The parts of her that Daddy always said were bad, and she shouldn't let anyone touch them?

As if he read her mind, Daddy asked her, "Do you ever let boys play with your boobies the way Daddy was earlier?"

"No, Daddy," Lily promised, her whole body shuddering as he continued to run his finger up and down her naught slit.

"What about touching your pussy the way Daddy is now?" he asked.

"No, Daddy," Lily said, trembling.

"What about this?" Daddy persisted, spreading her pussy lips wide and rubbing her little clit with his thumb.

"Daddy, stop!!" Lily cried, humiliated and ashamed and scared.

"Don't you like this, baby?" Daddy asked, rubbing a little harder.

"No, Daddy, please stop!" Lily begged.

"That's good," Daddy said. "Sometimes men like to play with girls naughty parts, but only very naughty girls enjoy it, do you understand?" Daddy lectured.

"Yes, Daddy" Lily said, hoping this would all end soon.

"And sometimes," Daddy said, bending his face in close to her hidden treasure, "men want to taste a girl's pussy."

With that, Daddy's tongue flicked out and licked up Lily's slit, swirling around her clit. This was more than Lily could bear. She jumped away from Daddy's mouth and tried to get away. But Daddy was too quick for her. He jumped after her, grabbing her by the hair and forcing her to her knees in front of him. He slapped her face, then reached down and slapped her breasts, pulling her hair tight in his hand.

"Ow, ow ow" Lily moaned and cried. When Daddy finally had her still and quiet, he released her hair.

"Don't get up," he ordered her. "Now you have to be punished for being a dirty little slut who doesn't wear panties. Then I will punish you with the belt for lying." Lily stayed on her knees, tears running down her cheeks. "Do you know why you have to be punished for not wearing panties?" Daddy asked. Lily shook her head. Daddy undid his pants and pulled his stiff, throbbing cock out, waving it's hard length in front of her face. "Because girls who don't wear panties make this happen to men. And this is uncomfortable, Daddy doesn't like walking around with a stiff dick. And since you made Daddy's dick do this, you have to fix it."

Lily looked up at Daddy, confused. "Open your mouth, Lily," Daddy ordered. Still confused, Lily did as Daddy said, opening her mouth tentatively. "Wider," Daddy insisted. She obeyed, then cried out in shock when Daddy stuffed his hard cock into her open mouth. She tried to pull away, but Daddy tightened his grip on her hair and held her on his cock. It was awful, but she couldn't get away. "Suck, Lily" Daddy demanded, but Lily didn't know what he meant. Impatient, Daddy began to force his dick in and out of her mouth, moving her head backward and forward, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her throat with every thrust. Tears streaming, Lily choked and struggled, gagging on Daddy's dick, slapping ineffectually at his legs and hands, trying to get him stop the assualt on her throat. But Daddy didn't stop, he just kept reminding her that this was her punishment for not wearing panties and making Daddy's dick hard. It seemed to go on forever, Daddy forcing her to fuck him with her mouth, Lily choking and gagging and crying as Daddy's dick punished her over and over again. Finally, Daddy pulled his cock out of her mouth. Sobbing with relief and trying to catch her breath, Lily heard a strange grunting noise from Daddy, and saw a long white stream of cum shoot out of Daddy's dick all over her breasts. Helplessly, she felt the warm stickiness slide down her breasts.

Daddy looked down at her with satisfaction. "How did that feel, Lily?" Daddy asked.

"Awful, Daddy" Lily sobbed.

"Good. Maybe next time you'll remember to wear panties. If not, then you'll have to take care of Daddy's dick again, understand?" Lily nodded her head. "Now, go clean yourself up, then come back and lay down on the bed for the rest of your punishment."

Lily had almost forgotten about the belt! Sobbing and humiliated, her throat sore and the taste of Daddy's cock still in her mouth, Lily quickly cleaned Daddy's spunk off of her body in the bathroom, unable to look at herself in the mirror, then went back out and laid obediently on the pillows. The belt lay near her hand, where she had left it what seemed like hours ago, when Daddy had decided to make her turn over so he could touch her pussy.

"Give me the belt, Lily" Daddy said, but Lily hesitated. She couldn't bring herself to hand it over to him, knowing what he was going to do with it. Daddy brought his hand down with a hard crack to her left butt cheek. "No, daddy" she begged, "I don't want the belt."

"It's not about what you want" Daddy said, spanking her right butt cheek hard, "it's about what you deserve."

"But Daddy . . . "

"Hand me the belt NOW, Lily" Daddy said, spanking her ass hard. Defeated, Lily reached a shaking hand back and held the belt out for daddy. She trembled when he took it from her. "That's better" he said, squeezing her sore butt cheeks, then rubbing his hand over them. He took the belt and rested it gently across her bottom, the contact causing her to jump with fear. "Now, Lily, what am I going to do with this belt?" he asked.

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