Lily Grows Up


"Spank me with it," Lily replied fearfully. "And why am I going to spank you with my belt?" Daddy asked.

"Because I lied to Daddy."

"And girls who lie to their daddies deserve the belt, don't they?" Lily couldn't bring herself to say it, burying her face in daddy's bedspread. "Lily . . . " daddy warned.

"Yes, daddy, they deserve the belt," Lily mumbled. No sooner had she finished speaking when Daddy lifted the belt and brought it down with merciless force across her buttocks. "Ow!" Lily cried.

"Good," Daddy said. "That was just to get started. You get 15 with the belt. If you move or cover yourself, I start over."

"Daddy, nooo" Lily protested. "Not 15!!"

"Ok," said Daddy. "20 then."


"Lily, you keep arguing and I'll make it 25." Lily bit her lip and hung her head. She knew she wouldn't win.

"Count them," Daddy said, bringing the first blow down hard.

"One," Lily cried, resisting the urge to move away. "Ow! Two . . . Ow! Three . . . oh god, Four . . . No! Five . . . Owow! Six . . . Seven, please daddy . . . Eight, daddy stop . . . Nine, oh god, no more . . . Ten, please I can't take it . . . Eleven, daddy, please!!! . . . Twelve, I'm sorry daddy, stop!! . . . Thirteen, No more, please!! . . . Fourteen, daddy no!! . . . Fifteen, I'm sorry!!!" After fifteen, Daddy rested the belt on her throbbing buttocks, and Lily breathed deep in relief. "Daddy, I'm sorry, I'm done . . ."

"No, Lily, 5 more."

"Daddy, please, I can't!"

"You can and you will," Daddy warned. "Now, spread your cheeks." Lily groaned in fear.

"No, daddy, not that, please, please, please."

"Spread your cheeks, Lily, or I'll add five more."

With shaking hands, Lily reached both arms back to her sore, abused buttocks. Grabbing the flesh painfully, she spread her ass cheeks so that her crack and her butthole were completely exposed to Daddy's belt. He wasted no time bringing the belt down directly in her crack. "Oh god, Daddy!!" Lily cried, releasing her butt cheeks and covering her crack.

"Well now, that one doesn't count. Open up."

"Daddy, please," Lily sobbed, "I can't Daddy."

"You will take five in your butt crack without letting go," Daddy warned. "Now spread those cheeks or I'll make it ten."

Helpless, Lily gritted her teeth and spread her cheeks. Daddy didn't make her count this time, but brought his belt down hard on her crack, five times rapidly, no pausing. Lily was screaming by the time he was done. She buried her face in the bed and cried and cried while Daddy rubbed her back and her buttocks. When she had calmed down some, Daddy told her to roll over on her back again. Lily's stomach sank. Oh god, not again, she thought. "Now, Lily," Daddy demanded. Her stomach churning, Lily had no choice but to do what Daddy said. She laid on her back on the bed. Daddy straddled her body and sat down on her stomach, pinning her to the bed, her arms pinned beneath his legs. Before she could ask what he was doing, Daddy's hands had grabbed her breasts again. He squeezed and rubbed them, pinching the nipples, rolling them between his fingertips, licking them, sucking them. She tried to struggle, but she could hardly move at all under Daddy's body. Daddy spanked her breasts several times, reminding her that she was HIS little girl, and she had to let him do what he wanted to her body.

When he had satisfied his desire to play with her breasts, Daddy got off of her, and sat down on the bed next to her. He laid a strong arm across her belly, holding her down as he lifted her skirt again, exposing her pussy. "Now," Daddy said, "You were very disobedient earlier when Daddy wanted to taste your pussy. You didn't let him do it." He rubbed his hand between her legs.

"I don't like it when you touch me there," Lily cried.

"It doesn't matter," Daddy said. "Daddy wants to taste your pussy. You have to do what Daddy says."

With one swift movement, Daddy's face was between her legs, his rough hands holding her pussy lips wide as he began to lick and suck her pussy. Lily cried and screamed and tried to get away from Daddy's mouth, but he held her legs open and continued to assault her with his tongue. Daddy was enjoying tasting her pussy, but the longer he violated his baby girl's private parts, the less she seemed to struggle. After a while, he noticed she wasn't struggling at all, just crying and breathing heavy. He lifted his head and looked at his little girl. "I feel funny, Daddy" Lily admitted tearfully.

"Do you like Daddy eating your pussy?" Daddy asked.

"No. It makes me feel very bad things. Please, stop, Daddy!" Lily begged.

"I'm not going to stop, because I don't want to. But that funny feeling is very bad, it means you're cumming. Only little sluts cum when men taste their pussies. Is my little girl a slut?"

"No, Daddy, I promise!"

"I hope not, because I will punish you in a way you will really hate, if you cum while I'm playing with your pussy. Do you understand?"

"Yes, daddy".

"Good. Lay still and let Daddy do what he wants to you, and you make sure you be a very good girl for Daddy." With that, Daddy went back to enjoying the taste and feel of Lily's pussy in his mouth. Her struggles began again, as she fought to keep that funny feeling away. But it was no use. The more Daddy violated her with his tongue and his lips, the stronger that funny feeling got. Lily began to feel it taking over, and she began begging Daddy to stop his assault on her little clit. But he didn't listen, just licked and sucked harder, nipping at her sensitive clit with his teeth. The feelings won out, and Lily screamed as her first orgasm rocked through her body, shaking her to the core. Daddy continued to hold her down and enjoy her pussy as she slowly came down from her orgasm.

When he was finally done with her pussy, Daddy looked up at Lily with a very stern gaze. Lily knew she was in even more trouble now. Daddy sat down next to her on the bed and glared down at her. Without a word, he pulled her legs apart and brought his hand down hard on her pussy. Shocked, Lily cried out. "Bend your knees," Daddy ordered. Scared and still shaking from her unexpected orgasm, Lily mindlessly obeyed, only to regret it as Daddy began spanking her now open pussy in earnest. He spanked it hard, over and over again as she cried and begged him to stop, pleading for mercy and apologizing for being a bad, bad girl. Daddy just told her she deserved this, because his little girl was going to learn that her body was for men's pleasure, not for her own, and little girl's who enjoyed being touched in bad ways needed to have their pussies spanked.

When he was finally done punishing her pussy, Daddy stood over her and pulled his cock out. "Now, I'm going to show you how to use your pussy to make my cock happy," Daddy said. Lily screamed as Daddy moved his cock between her legs, and she realized he was going to put it inside her pussy. She struggled and screamed, but Daddy put his hand over her mouth and ruthlessly pushed his cock into her cunt. Her eyes widened with pain and fear as he stretched her pussy with his cock. He held her down and pumped in and out of her pussy with no regard for her fear and pain as he made her pussy his. As she struggled against him, he slapped her and told her to be quiet and let Daddy finish. Then he exploded inside her, and collapsed on top of his crying little girl with satisfaction.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/20/18

Rushed ending ?

I enjoyed this story a lot. Really had be going, although I feel Like the ending was kind of rushed. Would have loved to have been able to enjoy the final ‘lesson’ for longer than 6 sentences.

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by Anonymous10/10/17

Would give it ten stars

Much better lesson for a thief

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