tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLimousine: The Trip Down

Limousine: The Trip Down


"Where are we going?" Beth asked, as she looked in the mirror over her vanity and applied mascara to her left eye.

David looked at his wife's refection in the mirror and thought how unbelievably beautiful she is. "I thought we would have dinner at 103 West and then sample the night life at Opera."

"Sounds good," Beth replied. She was looking forward to spending a night out with her husband. When she finished applying her makeup, she stood before the mirror and looked at the hot little cocktail dress she had bought just for tonight. The neckline plunged dramatically, and the hem was a little higher than she usually wore, even in Atlanta. It was a lot higher than she would ever wear in Ellijay. As she appraised the fit of her dress, she thought how well it complemented her large breasts. It showed a generous amount of cleavage but provided good support. She approved.

"What do you think?" Beth smiled wickedly, as she held her hands high above her head and turned to face her husband.

"Hot, hot, hot! Cum'ere sexy!" David beamed an appreciative smile.

"Oh no, no, no," Beth laughed as she hurried from the bathroom. David quickly pursued her. He caught her in the bedroom.

"You can't escape me that easily!" David teased as he wrapped Beth in his arms and looked into her dark eyes. He had always loved his wife's eyes. They were the proverbial "deep pool" romance novelists consistently overuse. He kissed her lightly twice and thought how supple her lips felt.

As they drew back and looked at each other, the moment was interrupted by the doorbell. Almost in perfect unison, they said, "The driver."

Beth picked up her pocketbook and David checked his pockets for his wallet and money clip before they headed to the front door to greet the driver of the limousine that would take them to Atlanta and return them in the wee hours tomorrow morning. David opened the door. He noticed the driver was handsome, but considered his observation no longer than the time it took to make it. Beth took enough time to notice the driver was not only handsome, but a fit man in his mid–thirties. He had dark hair and eyes. Strong hands. As she walked with her husband down the front walk of their home to the waiting limousine, Beth allowed herself a brief but involved fantasy of a dalliance with him. David opened the rear door for his wife and followed her into the limousine while the driver closed the door behind them.

As the car drove down the long driveway, Beth and David surveyed the accommodations offered by the limousine. There were two seats facing each other. More like couches really. They were generously tufted in black leather. On the driver's side was a small bar stocked with premium liquors. David noticed the scotch, Chivis Regal; not his brand but good for a blended scotch. There was a DVD player. On the side pillar was a telephone for communicating with the driver. The privacy screen between the driver's and passenger compartments was raised. The driver had been told where they were going when the limousine was hired.

Beth and David settled into the forward–facing rear seat. Their conversation was animated. One listening to them would have thought they were teenagers on their first date. Beth leaned back against David's shoulder as the driver turned the long car right to travel south down APD Highway 515 toward the big city of Atlanta.

With Beth leaning on his left shoulder, David moved his hand up to the underside of her left breast. "I can see down your dress all the way to your belly button," he playfully quipped. He really couldn't. Beth was wearing a sexy, low cut bra to support her DD breasts. He was looking for a reaction.

"My belly button, huh? Do you like what you see?" Beth smiled as she raised her eyes to look back at her husband.

"Yeah, but I could see a lot more if you were to slip your straps down," David playfully suggested.

"If you can already see down to my belly button, why do you need to see more?" Beth teased as she raised her right arm and caressed her husband's neck at the base of his skull. David recognized the invitation. He kissed Beth's arm and then the side of her neck. He shifted on the car seat to bring his right arm around his wife's waist. David looked into Beth's eyes. She indeed was receptive to his advances. He kissed her on the lips. Small kisses at first, exploring each other's lips. Then occasionally, one or the other's tongue would penetrate the other's lips ever so slightly.

David shifted his attention to Beth's neck. As he trailed kisses from below her jaw line to her shoulder, David slipped the straps of her dress and bra from her left shoulder and exposed most of Beth's breast. Briefly he looked at his wife's breast exposed to the top of her areola before he kissed down her neck to the top of his wife's tit. He extended the trail of kisses down her breast as he cupped the portion of her tit remaining inside her dress and bra with his right hand and lifted it. Then David moved his hand up and inside Beth's bra. He kissed her nipple.

Impatiently, Beth put her left hand on David's chest and pushed. She turned to her right and firmly pushed David back into the center of the leather seat. Beth knelt in front of David and looked into his eyes as she slipped the right strap of her dress off her shoulder. Without breaking her gaze, she reached behind her back, unfastened her bra, and tossed it aside. The top of her dress hung from her waist giving David a full view of her naked bosom. Although he had seen his wife's tits countless times before, he always marveled at their beauty.

Beth reached forward and started unbuckling his belt. She unhooked his trousers and pulled his zipper down slowly, teasing David. She continued to look into his eyes. Beth licked her lips and diverted her eyes from David's face only long enough to locate the waistband of his pants. As she tugged his pants from the waist, David lifted his hips to help his wife remove his trousers. Beth tossed them onto the seat behind her.

Reaching down, Beth pulled David's underwear to the side and exposed his already hardened cock. She licked the thumb of her right hand and painted her saliva from the base of David's cock to the tip of its head. Then she grabbed his balls hard. David winced. Beth pulled David's underwear off. She used the back of the finger nail on her index finger to trace an imaginary line up her husband's sack to the shaft of his cock. His cock twitched involuntarily. Beth slapped it sharply. Again. Then again.

Beth bent over her husband and took his dick in her mouth, just its head at first. Then, cupping his balls, she plunged her mouth down over his shaft. David felt the wet warmth of Beth's mouth engulf his cock, just before a sharp pain told him she had squeezed his balls again.

"Ohhhhhhh," David could not stifle his reaction to the pain his wife inflicted on him on the heels of the pleasure her warm mouth provided. Beth started bobbing up and down on his cock. She lifted her mouth off David's dick and ran her mouth down the side of its shaft to his balls. She sucked one of them into her mouth. Again she swallowed his shaft. Beth swirled her tongue around the base of its head. The feeling was sublime. He could feel his cock grow harder in her mouth. He was nearing climax.

David wanted to slow things down. He held his wife's head to interrupt her blowjob, lifted her face to his, and kissed her deeply. David slipped off the seat and assisted his wife back onto it. He moved between her legs, which she spread willingly. David kissed her mouth again. Then he moved down her neck to her left nipple. He kissed around the outside of her tit and moved toward the large areole surrounding her nipple, which itself was as large as the end of his index finger. Reaching the nipple, he swirled his tongue around it before sucking it into his mouth.

David sat back on his knees and reached under the short skirt of Beth's dress to find the sides of her thong. Beth lifted her hips to help him remove her panties. David saw his prize, completely shaven. His wife has the prettiest pussy he has ever seen. Shifting forward on his knees, David bunched the material of his wife's dress around her waist. He parted her thighs with his hands. As he brought his mouth to Beth's pussy, he could see she was already very wet. David smiled inwardly. His wife's pussy often dripped during sex.

He buried his face in Beth's warm, inviting cunt. David started licking from the bottom around the left side of her pussy to her clit. When he reached it, he flattened his tongue and applied pressure to her clit. Beth grabbed the back of David's head and pulled him into her as she threw her head back and moaned.

"Oh god, honey! Lick my pussy!" Beth encouraged her husband. David continued to lick around his wife's hole, occasionally letting his tongue dart inside to savor the sweet juices flowing from her pussy. Licking his way up her cunt, David fastened his lips around her clit. Using both the flat and tip of his tongue, David deftly manipulated Beth's clit. His efforts began to have the desired effect on Beth.

"Oh yeah! Yes baby! Ohhhhhhhhh, yes, I want you to make me cuuuummmm." The fervor of Beth's moans escalated. "Make me cum, baby!"

David's tongue continued to rub Beth's clit in a circular motion, applying pressure from every direction. Beth felt an orgasm growing in her loins. She concentrated on the pleasure bestowed by her husband's tongue and then she felt it take her past the bursting point.

"Oh fuck, yes, yes, agh . . . agggghh . . . ahhh!" Beth exhaled in short bursts. Her cunt spasmed and flooded with cum. Her exclamations echoed through the passenger compartment. As her orgasm subsided, Beth's body relaxed only momentarily. She wanted more. She looked down at her husband still licking her cum from her pussy.

"Fuck me, David. Fuck my pussy good!" Beth ordered as she turned her hips and raised herself to kneel on the seat. She positioned her left knee on the seat and her right foot on the floor, David stationed himself behind her. Holding his dick in his right hand, he rubbed it up and down the opening to Beth's cunt, coating it with her juices. David slipped the head of his cock into his wife's pussy. Then grabbing her hips on either side he pulled back and slammed the full length of his cock into his wife's engorged cunt.

"Ugggggghhhhh!" Beth exhaled loudly. "That's it, baby! Fuck that pussy good! Fuck me hard! Tear my pussy up!" Beth wanted it hard.

David gladly obliged his wife's request and forcefully impaled her on his cock over and over. The cabin was filled with the sounds of his hips slapping against his wife's ass as well as their collective grunts, gasps and moans. David's rapid thrusts forced Beth's pendulous breasts to swing back and forth every time he withdrew his cock and slammed it back into her. Beth was being fucked rough. She liked being fucked rough.

Another orgasm was building in Beth. Her head was bowed as she looked between her arms at her breasts being thrown to and fro. Beth's thick black tresses fell over the sides of her face and moved in rhythm with the pounding she was receiving. The mixture of pain and pleasure she felt with every thrust thrilled her.

Beth raised her head, opened her eyes and looked to her left toward the front of the car speeding down the highway. The privacy screen was now down. Her eyes opened wide with alarm. Her eyes immediately met the driver's eyes in the rear–view mirror. He was watching her, . . . watching her get fucked. He was watching her breasts lunge forward and back each time her husband shoved his dick into her pussy. He was watching her drown herself in her approaching orgasm. Her initial shock ripened quickly into lewdness.

Beth continued to look at the driver's eyes in the mirror. She did not break her stare. She watched him watching her. Looking into his eyes, she felt the pounding of her husband's cock. His eyes betrayed his thoughts. He wanted her. He wanted to fuck her. He wanted to shove his cock roughly into her. He wanted to feel her cunt tightly grip his cock as he withdrew for the next thrust. He wanted to hold her hips and pull her into his cock. He wanted to feel his dick swell in her. He wanted to erupt and fill her with his seed as she climaxed. She felt the heft of her husband's cock as it swelled toward climax. She felt the force of her husband's cock. Her orgasm was building . . . building . . . and

"Ohhhhhhh, uugghhh! . . . Agh! . . . Agh! . . . Agh! . . . Agggghhhhhh!" Beth exhaled in the familiar short bursts that always punctuate her orgasms. Still she never lost her fixation on the driver's eyes. She knew he wanted to be the one who fucked her to orgasm. David heard his wife cumming.

"Oh god, Beth, I'm cumming too! Ahhhhhhhhh!" David erupted with his wife. Beth watched the driver's eyes as her husband filled her with his sperm. He wanted to flood her cunt with his seed. She could see it in his eyes . . . yes, it was in his eyes.

Spent, David withdrew his cock from his wife. He watched as a string of cum dripped from her cunt onto the seat. He sat down behind his wife in post–orgasmic bliss and felt the leather on his bare ass. He did not notice Beth looking toward the front of the car. But he did see the driver looking back at them just as the privacy screen rose the last few inches before it closed. David took another deep breath and smiled. Wonder how long he's been watching, David thought.

Forty–five minutes later, the door to the limousine opened at 103 West in Buckhead. The driver extended his hand to Beth. Beth looked up at the driver, smiled, and looked down demurely before she took his hand and stepped out of the car.

"Hope you have a good time in Atlanta, ma'am," the driver said to Beth and smiled.

Beth looked into the driver's eyes once more. She smiled and said, "The evening's already been interesting. Thank you. I guess we'll be seeing you on the way home."

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