tagLoving WivesLinda and the Dentist

Linda and the Dentist


My wife of twenty plus years had perfect teeth, but a sinus problem had caused her to consider a visit to a local dentist.

"He's really cagey," she laughed as we discussed how in the two visits she had made to his office, he had managed to grope her size 42DD tits both times without it being blatant acts that had some deniability in the event she had been offended.

For those readers who have read my other true stories about Linda, you will recall she had this enormous rack that, once touched and even slightly fondled, had her aroused almost instantly. This time had been no different in terms of what she was feeling when the young doctor's hands smoothed the paper bib covering her blouse the first time. He had watched her reactions carefully and had guessed (correctly) that she had no objection to his hands on her breasts, at least as long as there was a 'legitimate' reason for it. She hadn't mentioned it to me after the first visit, believing it was possible that she was wrong. But one thing made her think that it was possible he had ulterior motives. While most dentists used a tray to hold their instruments, after each was used during her first examination, each had been placed on the paper bib covering her blouse. Obviously this had caused his hands to 'wander' more than she had expected, but she also didn't mind because it made her pussy tingle.

She had decided to see if what she thought was a check of her reactions was correct and had agreed to his offer to clean her teeth on the next visit. She dressed for that one in a much less conservative way. One of her half cup bras and a thin nylon blouse had allowed her breasts to be more exposed than previously, especially if he would do anything that involved touching them. Linda's nipples swelled when her breasts were touched and she knew that even the slightest 'inappropriate' touch would have them peering over the edge of her bra cups and become visible to anyone close to her.

The appointment had been the last one of the day on the dentists schedule and, as she waited in the room set aside for that purpose, she saw the dentist's assistant leaving for the day, with a smile in her direction. Now she felt more confident than ever that he was definitely thinking about something other than her teeth.

"I'm sorry," he had told her as he ushered his last patient out the door and locked it behind him. "I didn't expect that to take as long as it did, and I have to let my assistant go home. She has a child who must be picked up before the child care center closes. You don't mind, do you? If you do, we can set it up for another day when the staff is available."

As he ushered her into the office, Linda had assured him that it would be fine to go ahead since she didn't expect it to take long, and she didn't want to have to make another trip. As he placed the bib around her neck, once again he had smoothed it down until it lay smoothly over her breasts. He adjusted the chair until she was almost supine and then began laying out his instruments one at a time. This time though she noticed that the tools were laid directly on the bib, without benefit of the tray at all.

The young dentist worked methodically down one side of her mouth, then stood to 'better reach the other side.' As he leaned over her, Linda didn't miss the fact that there was an enormous bulge at the thigh of his trousers which was pressed against her upper arm each time. She told me she could feel its heat and throbbing against her arm and was acutely aware of her own reaction to that sensation. She wondered if he could smell the misting of her panty gusset resulting from her arousal. She said she hadn't been sure until, just as he was finishing and irrigating her mouth, he had 'inadvertently' sprayed the bib with enough water to turn it hopelessly limp. With abject apologies, he had removed his instruments one by one from the bib, pressing it down against her blouse with each movement of his hands. She knew then that it had been more than an accident as she felt the wetness transferring to her thin nylon blouse. When he had removed it, as the last step, and still apologizing profusely, she was his eyes widen. The now very damp blouse had turned transparent, emphasizing her swollen nipples. Quickly the young doctor had turned around to get a paper napkin and began wiping the wetness away from the swell of her breasts which only accentuated the swelling. He was watching her very closely now and his hands were no longer moving except to gently squeeze her breasts.

She told me she had smiled at him and returned his favor by pressing her elbow against the now oversized bulge of his cock, while noticing that there was a spot of pre-cum that had soaked through at the end of that long, thick, male muscle. Dropping her arm over the arm of the chair, she showed her willingness by slowly edging her hand up the inside of his thigh. He had groaned with pleasure as he felt her hand close over his cock. As she gently rubbed up and down its length outside of his trousers, he had unbuttoned Linda's blouse and lifted both her breasts out of the cups that no longer could contain their swollen condition. He watched her reaction as his mouth closed over the nearest nipple and his hand gently squeezed the other.

Linda had always had sensitive breasts, and she loved having them sucked as a prelude to being fucked. Holding her paramours head tightly against her breast with one hand, she used the other to unzip the fly of his trousers and begin extricating what she found was a full eight inches of hard cock from within those trousers. Over the years, Linda had outgrown her moralistic concerns about sucking a cock. Faced with what she described as an 'enormous' one, she took the head in her mouth and heard the young man groan with pleasure. He obviously was appreciative of her efforts and she felt his hand sliding along her inner thigh beneath her skirt, push aside the gusset of her panties and then, the sensation of penetration as he pressed two fingers into her very wet pussy. With several inches of hard dick already in her mouth, she knew neither of them could last long and still she was surprised at how soon she felt the stirrings of her orgasm just as the first slightly salty jet of cum filled her mouth.

She admitted that she continued sucking that hard dick as his seed filled her mouth again and again, almost equaling the delightful sensations that overcame her as her orgasm peaked three times before she was able to regain her senses and release the now softened length of her lover from her mouth.

She told me that it had been an embarrassing quiet in that small room as both she and her lover tried to recover from an even that neither had really expected to go that far. He had begun to apologize for being 'so hasty' even as he fondled her breasts again, taking great delight in seeing how swollen her nipples were. She knew that if she lingered he would fuck her and the way she felt at that moment, she would love it

"We could make another appointment," he had suggested as she finally managed to button her blouse over still swollen breasts. She had only smiled, then told him that I had no objection to her bringing home friends who wanted to see her as long as I was included, even if only to watch. She said it was as though a bright light had filled his eyes as he absorbed what she was saying. Hurriedly he took out his appointment book and asked if she was available the next (Friday) night.

Which brings us to this point as we sit, waiting for Linda's 'date' to show up. She's dressed to kill, with a diaphanous negligee that hides nothing. Her breasts are held up for his admiration in one of her black half cup bras. Only a tiny pair of filmy panties covers her swollen pussy. She's ready to be fucked and looking forward to it, just as I am. Her usual thee inch high heels cover her thigh high hosiery clad feet. All in all, she looks like a very toothsome delight with perfectly coiffed hair and makeup that I know will be mussed shortly as her lover takes her in his arms and begins kissing and fondling her. I have to admit it was hard for me to keep my hands off her, but I knew that by waiting I would enjoy it even more as I watched her latest lover filling her cunt with his cum.

The doorbell interrupted my reveries. I went to the door and opened it to see a handsome young man in his late twenties standing there with a large bouquet of flowers in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other. He had a wide smile on his face which began to dwindle as he saw me instead of Linda. He introduced himself as James, looking for a reaction. When I smiled and asked him in, his delight was once again apparent.

One look at Linda who had stood from her seat on the couch and I was no longer a concern. I might as well have been a piece of furniture. He handed me his offerings, then took my wife in his arms. It was no different this time. I watched her mouth open under his prompting and saw them exchange a passionate, long, french kiss as his hands wandered over my wife's lush body. She led him over to one of the two couches that took up most of our living room, before letting him kiss her again. This time one hand went into the draped front of her negligee, cupping her breast, and pushing it out of the bra cup. His other arm went around her shoulders as he pulled her tightly to his chest. She can give her lovers the sensation of melting into them, and she did it with this poor lost soul now. Her hand fell into his lap then covered a rapidly growing bulge. From where I sat on the other couch, I could see it swelling immediately and even the little dot of pre-cum that stained his khaki trousers.

Had not she pushed him away, I think he would have fucked my wife right there on the couch in front of me. Not that it made any difference. Watching her get fucked and joining in when that hot pussy of hers is full of another man's cum is one of my real pleasures. But Linda likes her comfort so, pushing him back slightly, she stood up and took his hand, leading him down the hallway to our bedroom. I followed closely, although I'm sure neither of them even noticed. He wasted no time once he saw that king size bed, with the spread turned back, ready for their use. He was unbuttoning his shirt when she sat down on the side of the bed, facing him, her lovely full breast now free of the negligee. I wondered if he would take the time to suck it, but Linda had other ideas. She was unfastening his trousers and let them drop before he could get his shirt off. He managed to get his shoes off before Linda could pull his boxers down and free what looked like a very thick and quite lengthy cock. It sprang almost to the vertical once no longer hindered by his shorts.

Linda smiled. It was exactly what she had expected, apparently. Leaning forward, she let the tip of her tongue wipe away the pre-cum which was already flowing from his cock. I heard his groan as he took her head in both hands and tried to press his length into her mouth. Linda wasn't having any of that now though. She had wanted him to fuck her ever since her last visit. Now, seeing what looked like what she had expected, she pulled back, dragging him down with her. Trapped as he was, half on and half off the bed, between my wife's thighs, he resumed his kissing and fondling of her breasts, pushing aside the negligee to get better access. Once that article of clothing was no longer an obstacle, his hand slid between her warm flesh and that tiny pair of black panties, pushing them down as his fingers slid into the cleavage of her pussy lips. "Wait, just a minute," I heard her say softly, pushing him away just far enough to allow her to swivel her body and align it to the length of the bed. She finished removing her panties, leaving her thigh high hosiery and high heels on. He took that little bit of time to rid himself of his clothing, leaving it on a pile on the carpeted floor of our bedroom. He knelt between her thighs and continued fondling and kissing her. Pushing away the unhooked ends of her front opening bra, his mouth closed over the previously unsucked nipple of her other breast as his hand closed tightly over his original target. Linda allowed him five minutes or so of pleasure that way before she slid down the length of his body until the top of her head was just at his chin. Then, reaching between them, she took her hard earned prize and placed it between cunt lips swollen from her own need. James groaned once more as he pressed the head of his cock between my wife's pussy lips, just past the tight muscle guarding her vagina - just short of heaven. It went in easily, a tribute to my wife's lust and his lubrication. Now it was Linda's turn to sigh with pleasure as I watched the first few inches sliding into her honey hole.

Linda has one of the hottest vaginas I've ever slid my cock into, and she has developed the muscles of that lovely organ so well that she can make me cum just by using them in a rippling effect as I work my way in and out of her. She doesn't hesitate to use these talents with any of her partners which is one of the reasons so many were still fucking her years later. It was not uncommon for her to have a half dozen lovers screwing her contemporaneously, and most of them knowing that the others were enjoying her too. Of course since we were swingers, this often meant I was having some delights of my own with their wife or significant other. So, it wasn't for lack of fucking that I let other men fuck my wife, and then did her myself. I found out very shortly after the first time I fucked my way through a load of hot cum that there's nothing that turns me on faster, more enthusiastically or that feels as good for the both of us. I also learned the pleasures of eating her pussy when she's been fucked whether by myself or other men. All of these things had come about as a result of our early experimentation and had been perfected as we practiced them with each other and our partners.

Linda's earlier aversion to sucking cock had been subverted by her first lover who insisted she do it until his load filled her belly. Now it was something she appeared to enjoy as she realized the control she had over her partners with this exercise in lust. It no longer mattered to her if her partner ate her pussy before or after she was fucked, especially if he was as skilled as I had become, or if it was one of the ladies who had enticed her into becoming the source of their hunger for orgasmic juices. In short, Linda had become the perfect sex partner and was as even more interested in new ones than I had ever been. I loved her more now than ever before - and I knew that would never change.

So, here we are, my wife's legs wrapped tightly around her lover's thighs, meeting his downward thrusts by driving her hips upward into his crotch, gasping with pleasure as she feels that hard shaft sliding along the length of her vagina, stroking her cervix with each thrust. James was being the gentleman, keeping the weight of his body off Linda by resting the most of his weight on his knees and elbows. Linda, on the other hand, was enjoying the heck out of his fucking her. Her head rolled from side to side as her high heels dug into the cheeks of his ass. "Lovely," she hissed as her hips thrust against his crotch, "all the way in," she begged. I had shed my clothes by this time and lay on the bed with them. "Fuck me, fuck me, it feels soooo good she was crooning as James withdrew almost completely out of her swollen cunt and then pressed his full length into her again and again.

It was a sight I could never get enough of. Linda liked a long, slow fucking and James was giving her a classic one. I knew that she had already had her first orgasm, but one was never enough. This promised to be one of those times when Linda was going to be as greedy as her partners ever could be. Even as that thought crossed my mind, she used her leverage to roll James over on his back, then sat astride him without ever losing contact with the hardness filling her. His hands reached for her lovely tits, swaying in time with her gyrations just above his mouth. Pulling them down slightly, he inhaled one nipple while my wife continued her up and down movements on his rigid cock.

It was too much for me. Getting to my knees, I straddle James' legs and pressed my wife down on him as I pressed my own hard dick into the junction where the two of them met. I had done this before, and I knew how tight it made the connection - and how fast it would make her partner cum when he felt my load of hot juices filling her. Linda usually resisted, but she was too lost in her pleasure this time and didn't even grunt as my cock slid its full length into her hot, juicy pussy. True to form, within a few short minutes I was cumming and Linda was in the throes of another orgasm. I don't know how James managed to prevent blowing his wad into her cunt, but somehow he did, proving once again that he intended to fuck my wife all night. I rode her through a half dozen spasms of her vaginal muscles tightening around the two staffs filling her before she collapsed on James' chest. Unable to do more than thrust upward into her, James changed the position. I backed off the bed as he got behind my wife and lifted her lower body into a kneeling position. He slid into her soupy core once again, causing an overflow of cum to run down the inside of her thighs.

At first I could only slide partially beneath Linda's body, but as the intensity of their fucking continued and grew, Linda arched her back trying to get more of James' cock into her and allowing me to get where I wanted. With both my hands on my wife's breasts, I was now on my back, beneath her, looking up to the connection where James' cock was filling my wife's pussy. His efforts had forced enough cum from her that it was now running to her clit and that was where I wanted my tongue to be. I can't begin to describe the beauty of watching her bucking against that hard cock that filled her completely, or watching it move so slowly back, then ram forward until Linda could only grunt with the impact of it as his balls smacked against my forehead. I was in the perfect position to lap those warm streams of cum from her labia and her clit. It was ambrosia to me. My love for eating pussy had only grown ever since the first time that I had come home and found Linda on her back, freshly fucked by her black partner, legs spread, and that sweet hair pie decorated with clots of fresh cum and more still flowing from her overloaded cunt. After that time, she had never resisted my eccentricity and gave it to me freely, crouching over me with those lovely, swollen lips pressed tightly against my own while my hands wandered over her swollen breasts.

Now I was there again, and Linda made certain that each downward movement of her body caused her clit to be lapped by my stiff tongue. I saw her little belly go concave and redden as James tripped her orgasmic trigger once again and I was rewarded with a flow of sweet, tangy, slightly salty taste of cum with the texture of a lumpy, thin pudding. Her body was jerking as James held her hips and thrust into her harder and harder until I saw his balls tighten and knew he was about to shoot a load into my wife's cunt. I think I actually heard that first blast as it shot into her, triggering a continuation of her own. James pressed hard against her, insuring that every drop of his baby making sperm was in her cervix. Had we not taken precautions against pregnancy years before, I'm sure he would have impregnated her with his thriving youthful sperm.

James couldn't take anymore after the first few jets of semen dwindled to a slow flow of lubricating juices and he fell away from his position behind my wife who, knowing what I wanted, turned to face me and pressed that now completely filled treasure to my mouth. I felt him get off the bed as Linda fed me my reward. I hoped he wasn't planning on leaving; Linda needed more of his youthful exuberance and especially his hard dick. My hands squeezed those lovely, full tits as she rode me as hard as she had her current lover, but with much more satisfaction for me. I saw her belly redden once again and I knew that my tongue thrusting into her depths had set her on a journey to that land mere males could never hope to achieve. She pressed her pussy lips against my mouth while pulling my head tighter to her with both hands. I could feel her shuddering with her pleasure as her hips shuttled back and forth, grinding that delightful sex of hers against my mouth so hard it was bruising my lips. I didn't care. All I could think of at that moment was how much I wanted to fuck her while she was still full of James' seed. I knew from past experience that regardless of how much I had sucked from that luscious pussy, there was still plenty left deep inside it to coddle my cock.

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