Linda Ch. 01


Linda - Ch 1 - Accepting Her Fate

It all started one evening after work when I stopped at the mall. As I approached my car in the parking lot, I watched another vehicle back right into mine. Needless to say I was a bit angry right then. As I got to the car, the door opened to the other vehicle and a very pretty young girl stepped out. She immediately looked at me saying, "Is this your car?" I shook my head.

"I'm so sorry." "Oh, I'm so sorry," she cried out. She was obviously quite upset.

The bumper on my car was pushed in and part of the rear panel. Somehow hers hardly had any damage that I could see, just a little dent on the bumper. "I guess we should get a police report," I commented back. "Oh please, do we have to." "Can't we work this out between us," she asked. There was a noticeable fear in her face. As I looked at her I realized how very beautiful she was. I figured her to be in her early twenties. Compared to myself being in my early fifties, she was just a young little thing.

She went on saying, "my husband's going kill me." We've only been married a couple months and I had an accident a few weeks ago too." He's already complaining that it's my fault our insurance is going up now." She was almost in tears as she told me her story.

"Please, I'll try to pay you without him knowing." She offered.

"I don't know about that," I replied. "There's probably over a thousand dollars of damage.

"Please, I can't tell him I had another accident." "I'll pay you."

"Listen I like to be a nice guy about this, but this is a allot of damage."

The tears began flowing harder. "Please!" "Please!" "Isn't there anything I can do?" "I'll do anything."

"Sweetheart, listen." I replied. "I know you're speaking out of desperation, but you should be careful saying things like you'll doing anything." "Do you know what immediately goes through my mind seeing a pretty young girl like you say that?"

She calmed down for the moment and was quiet. She began thinking about my comment back to her.

"Yes I know." "But I have no choice." I can't tell him about this." "I just can't."

"Okay honey." "Okay!" "Let me ask you this." "Do you work, do you have a job?"

"Yes I do," she answered. "My husband makes some pretty good money, although he does travel allot. She was trying to talk between all the sobbing. I worked before we got married and like what I do. He's away this week and coming home on the weekend.

I hesitated for a moment debating if I should really go through with what I was thinking.

"Well...okay then, here's what you do." "Give me your address and phone number and then go home." She gave me her driver license and I copied all the info. Her name was Linda.

"I want you at my apartment at 9pm tonight." "To cover payment of these damages, you'll spend time with me everynight till your husband gets home." "That's three days of doing what I tell you to do." "What do you think of that?"

Her face got all flushed and white. I knew she was shocked at what I suggesting. "And what will you want me to do?"

"I think you can figure that out." "A cute young thing like you, what do you think?" "We can still call for the police if you want?"

I knew this was almost blackmailing her. But I also knew she was quite desperate.

"No, no police, please." "Okay, I'll be there." She sounded a bit reluctant, but obviously didn't have much of a choice. She apparently was so desperate about her husband not finding out about the accident that she really was willing to do anything. "Are you sure you want to do this?" "I hope you have some idea what's going to happen tonight, don't you?" She looked up at me with her tearful eyes. "Yes..., yes I do." "I'm scared, but I have too."

I'm not quite sure why she was submitting herself to this. It seemed like she was afraid of her own husband and what he might do. Well in any case, I gave her directions to my place and off we went.

Later that evening at 9pm I was waiting for her. I heard a knock at the door. It was Linda. She walked in wearing a sexy, tight fitting sweater and pair of blue jeans. Her attire really showed off her figure.

It was at that point in time that I had a much closer look at her. Incredible! She was just incredibly gorgeous. She was maybe 5' 5" and no more than 115lbs. Her light brown hair was shoulder length and as I scanned down her body I was taking in the fact that my hands were going to be feeling those nice full breasts and that ass. My God, what an ass I thought, as I stared at her perfect rear end stuffed in those blue jeans.

We went into the living room where I sat down. Linda was standing there in the middle of the room waiting for the next step in her unfortunate turn of events for the day.

I didn't waist any time. Why prolong the agony for her. She knew what was going to happen. But I could see and sense the shock of reality setting in when I said, "okay Linda, take everything off." I could sense the blood drain from her face. Hearing my demand made her realize that what she agreed to do was really happening. She was going to strip in front of a complete stranger and have sex with him. She was dazed momentarily until I spoke again. "Take your clothes off." "I want to see your pretty naked body."

Slowly, Linda began unbuttoning her sweater slowly, one at a time each button going through the hole until it fell open. Then she pulled it delicately over her shoulders dropping it to the floor. She was so scared she was trembling. Her whole body was shaking. "Do you want to change your mind?" I had to give her one more opportunity to call this off. "No..." "I'll keep going." It was hard for her to get those words out. She continued with my request unsnapping her jeans and pushing them down to the floor. I was watching with my eyes glued to her body as she stepped out of them.

"My God, what legs!!" I thought to myself.

"Keep going."

I could see some tears flowing down her cheeks. I knew she was totally embarrassed stripping for me. She was recently married and apparently a good girl and a faithful wife. Stripping for strangers and acting like a slut was something totally out of character for her. But here she was, doing just that. Somehow she got herself into this and there was no turning back.

Linda unclipped her bra and held it in place. "Let it go," I ordered. After a sigh she moved her hands and it dropped. "Oh fuck!!!!, look at those tits and nipples." My mind was racing with thoughts of what to do with her. "Now the panties." I ordered again. A few seconds later she was naked standing there in the middle of the room.

I motioned for her to walk over to me. I began running my hands up her legs, then behind her to feel her ass. "You are so beautiful," I commented as I grabbed her breasts squeezing them and lightly pinching her nipples. My cock was growing in my pants.

I pushed her legs slightly apart and ran my fingers over her pussy. That made her whimper even louder. "I can't....I can't believe I'm doing this," she cried. I looked up at her and slowly inserted one finger into her cunt. "You do know I'm going fuck you, don't you?"

"Yes..." "Yes, I know." She timidly answered back.

"And you'll do whatever else I asked too?"

"Yes..." "I will." She answered with a sound in her voice knowing she had no choice.

I pulled my finger from her cunt and told her, "Kneel down." She listened and did exactly as I said. As she knelt in front me I grabbed her hand placing it between my legs so she could feel my hard cock through my trousers. Everything about her actions and mannerisms was that of an innocent young girl. Even the way she touched my cock was so soft and delicate. I began wondering how she was with her new husband. So I asked. "Do you suck her husband's cock." There was silence as she looked down between my legs. "You're kidding." "Have you ever had a cock in your mouth?" Daintily she shook her head no. "Well, if you never given a blowjob, then I'm sure you've never done a lot of things I have in mind for you tonight. "I'm sorry doll, but I can't stop now." "You're just so fuckin' pretty I have too." "Besides, you're paying me this way for the damage on my car." "Right?" Linda shook her yes.

I stood up, unbuckled my pants and pulled them and my underwear down. My hard cock was now right there in her face. I sat back down, spread my legs and began stroking my cock. "Okay Linda, it's all yours." "Suck me."

She let out a soft little whimper. "I can't believe I'm going to do this." I grabbed her head pulling her towards my cock. Linda grasped it in her hand and guided it to her lips. "That's it, sweetheart." "Now open your mouth." Her lips parted slowly sliding me inside.

"Oh, Linda.. that's it baby." "Suck my cock." She slowly slid her lips up and down my hard shaft. She was sucking her first cock. "Oh that's so good," I moaned out. "Use your tongue, lick it." And she did. Linda was blowing me and was pretty good at it too. "You're going to be a great little cocksucker honey." "Just keep doing that." She glanced up at me with her eyes. "I'm going to teach you how to be a great little slut for me." "When your husband gets home, his innocent little wife will be a dirty little whore.

After I said that I began wondering how she felt being referred to as a slut and a whore.

I pulled from her mouth and lifted my cock. "Now my balls, darling." "Lick them, suck them in your mouth."

I could see she wasn't too receptive to that idea. So I entwined my fingers in her hair and pulled her forward until her face was buried in my crotch. "C'mon doll, lick those balls." I began feeling the tip of her tongue on my nut sack, sort of testing this filthy thing I wanted her to do. "That's it, keep going." After a little coaxing she was licking pretty good. "Take 'em in your mouth." "Show me how you'll suck on your husband's balls when he gets home." Finally she opened up letting one slide into her mouth and then the other.

When I thought she was doing a good job I let her go. But I immediately had my cock back in her mouth.

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down making her take more of me. My cock hit the back of her throat and she immediately tried pulling away. I held her tight to keep her mouth on me. "Keep sucking." "C'mon, we're just getting started tonight." "I'm going to break you in right. And right now!"

She continued working my cock through her lips until I stood up over her. "Tilt your head back." As she did I guided my hard shaft back through her lips. "Now don't fight me." "I'm going down your throat and then I'm going to cum in your mouth."

"Oh no, please!!! I can't do that." She cried out.

"Did I ask you what you wanted?" "You're going to deepthroat my cock and swallow my load." "Remember, you're paying me this way because you don't drive very well."

She tilted her head back, but I knew she was scared. She was in a hopeless situation. I pushed my cock through her lips. It hit the back of her mouth and I kept pushing, squeezing through the tight entrance to her throat. In one motion I made her take my whole cock until my balls were resting against her chin. "Oh fuck!!!, you nasty little cock whore." "You're so fuckin' tight." I could feel her gagging on me, or at least trying too with my cock impaled deep down her throat. I quickly worked it back and forth a few times literally face fucking her. It felt so good too. When I looked down seeing her face, mouth stuffed with cock, throat bulged out, and knowing this was her first time, I lost control. I was going to cum.

I pulled out. Linda gasped for a breath and choked. "Keep your mouth open or I'll shove it back down your throat." And I started cumming right then. "Oh you hot fuckin' whore, take my cum."

My cock throbbed in my hand spurting into her mouth and then again shooting a thick stream of sperm onto her tongue. I jerked it and shot twice more. Linda had a thick pool of cum in her mouth and some dripping off her lips and down her chin. I pushed my cock to her lips. "Swallow my load and clean me up good." The mascara on her eyes was beginning to run. She was even looking like a filthy little whore. She gulped taking my hot cum down her throat. Then sucked my cock licking it and tasting the drops of sperm that oozed from my drained shaft.

"Good girl." "Now see, that was your first step to being a good cumeating slut."

A few minutes later I let Linda put her bra and panties back on. "Are we done for tonight." She asked.

"Doll, we've just started." We'll take a little rest, but you're going to do a lot more than just suck cock." "You might as well understand that right now and accept the idea that you're going to be my slut, my whore, all week until hubby gets home." "Then I'll consider your debt paid in full." "Do you understand that?" "Or did you forget what you said?" "Remember what you said?" "Please, I'll doing anything." "Remember?"

"Yes I remember." "I'll do whatever ask." Some tears started flowing again. "Just tell me what to do." And in a half cry, "I'll do it."

A few minutes later she calmed down. "Look at me," she said with disgust for herself. "I am a slut." "I sucked your cock and ate your... cum." "I SWALLOWED YOUR CUM," she blurted out. "I haven't even done that for my husband." Again she whimpered. "What else are going to make me do?"

"Do you really want to know?" I answered.

"Yes I do." "At least maybe I can prepare myself mentally." I feel so dirty right now."

"Honey, I doubt you can prepare for what I want from you." If you think what you've done so far makes you a slut, then you have no idea what being a slut means."

Maybe we'll call it a night. I'll let you go home now. You can make up for what I wanted to do tomorrow. And if you're thinking you just won't come back, forget that idea. I can still call your husband when he gets back to tell him about the accident. I can also tell him you tried paying me for it, but a blowjob was best you could do. Wonder what he'll think of his pretty bride then.

Linda was cornered and she knew it. There really was no turning back now. "I'll be here." Then she got dressed and ready to leave.

"Here take this with you." I threw a six-inch long butt plug to her. "Do you know what that is." She just stared at it in her hand. "It's a butt plug." Tomorrow I want you wearing the shortest skirt you can find. I want to see a lot thigh. If you don't have one then buy one." Make sure you wear high heels too. And I want that plug stuffed in your asshole when you walk in."

She left to go home staring at it in her hand. And needless to say I had a hard getting to sleep that night. I was thinking about so many things I wanted to do with her.


Continued in "Linda - Ch 2 - Becoming A Whore"

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