tagLoving WivesLinda's All-Over Tan (Conclusion)

Linda's All-Over Tan (Conclusion)

byquinn rogan©

We went upstairs and lay on the bed, while the evening sunlight streamed through the window. I slipped my hands up the back of Linda's tennis shirt, feeling for her bra-strap. She wasn't wearing one! She giggled.

"There didn't seem to be much point," she said. "I've been round at Jennifer's pool most of the afternoon."

"Were you – naked?" I whispered, thinking I was being cunning, feigning ignorance. Linda nodded, as my hands crept under the front of her shirt and jiggled her braless breasts.

"So was Jennifer," she said. "Don't you wish you could put your hands under her shirt, like this? Give her big tits a squeeze?"

"Yes," I breathed. "Did she get them squeezed at that dinner party?"

"No," said Linda. "Nobody tried to touch her – but I suppose Peter did, when they got home!"

Her hand crept down to my cock again, and she unzipped my trousers and slipped it inside.

"How do you know Peter doesn't watch you when you're sunbathing – up there?" I asked.

Linda went quiet, then said – "If it hadn't been for what Jennifer told me today, I'd have said - 'because she would make sure he couldn't' - , but now ..."

"Now?" I said. "Now – you're not so sure?"

"I think she'd try to make sure we only did it when he's not around, but I think, if he actually told her to fix it, she wouldn't be able to refuse him. You wouldn't believe how much she does what she's told!"

"So she could have done it already?"


"Fixed it for him to spy on you – when you were naked!"

Again, Linda went quiet. Then she took my cock out of my trousers and said, softly – "And how would you feel, if she had?"

I felt my cock jerk, despite my attempts to stop it. Linda felt it, too, and her fingers held it a little more tightly. Then I felt them move up and down the rigid shaft.

"He could, you know," she whispered. "All the first floor windows at the back of the house have a clear view of where we sit. Oh, Jennifer always says he's out, but he could be up there, looking down at us. I bet he's even got a pair of binoculars, so he could be seeing me as close as you are now – looking at my tits, or between my legs. He could be looking right up my cunt!"

I felt the pressure building up in me, and I grabbed her hand and pulled it off my prick. She laughed, softly.

"You were really turned on when I told you about the boys feeling my tits, before I met you, weren't you?" she asked. "And now," she pressed on, relentlessly, "you're thinking about Peter spying on me, while I'm lying beside his pool – naked!"

I tried to deny it. I had been trying to deny it to myself for weeks, but the thudding of my heart betrayed me. I shook my head, miserably.

"It excites me, you know," Linda said, gently, her hand creeping inside my shirt, "thinking that you're turned on by the thought of me – with someone else."

"I'm not!" I tried to protest.

"Your cock says different," she murmured. It had softened a little and she put her hand back on it, holding it lightly between her fingers. My perfidious cock stiffened again and Linda bent her head and kissed the end of it. She looked up into my face.

"Now you just lie there," she smiled "and think about Peter, standing at the bedroom window, with his binoculars pointing between my legs, and playing with his big hard cock while he stares at my open vagina."


From then on, bedtime became story time. Linda had been, by the standards of the day, a pretty sexually active teenager and, while a lot of her stories were just about guys who had had one-on-one feels of her tits in the cinema, or in the lane behind her house, others were more daring, occasionally involving hands going up her thighs, inside her panties, and stroking her moist young vagina.

I knew she wasn't a virgin when I met her, but I had never asked for details of who had been there before me, and she never went as far as describing being fucked. She didn't need to – once I could picture the scene as one of these boys managed to undo her bra and get his hands on her fresh young tits, it was only a matter of time before I shot my load inside her, or, less often, onto her body, with her strong little hand milking every last drop of cum out of me.

And, every so often, the story would be a little more sexy – like the time when she went out with an older guy in a foursome, which ended up with the four of them in one car. Linda was in the back seat with her bloke, with the other couple in the front. Linda had only met the other two that night – the two boys were mates – so, although this guy had had her bra off before, she stopped him, at first, when he tried to feel her tits. Then she saw that the other girl was getting hers felt, and relented.

But, as soon as he had her tits out, her date grabbed her arms and invited his mate to have a look at them. The boy and the girl in front both turned and leaned over the back of their seat, and the girl told him to have a feel, if he wanted to. So he leaned over and squeezed Linda's tits, then the other two came into the back seat, as well, and both girls were stripped naked to the waist, and had their tits felt by each of the boys.

Linda said she was too shy, and frightened, to really protest and it was only because the other girl wouldn't let either of the boys get his hand up her skirt that Linda didn't have to contend with their hands trying to get into her knickers.

As she had guessed, though, her story really hit the button with me and, because it was a long time ago, she now remembered it as much more sexy than scary.

I also kept using my key to spy on the St Clairs' pool. Sometimes I called by when I knew Linda wouldn't be there, just on the off-chance. To be truthful, I was finding that spying on just Linda and Jennifer was becoming a bit routine. Twice, I was rewarded by seeing a third woman in their company – both members of the tennis club and, while neither of them was spectacular to look at, it was a real thrill to see them without their clothes, especially when I would see them some other time, with their husband, and children, and could visualise what they looked like, naked.

But, another time, I had a kind of a bad experience. When I arrived, there were two nude female figures swimming in the pool. I didn't recognise them, in the water, then they pulled themselves out. I focussed my glasses on the taller one. She was slim, with long dark hair clinging damply to her head. She had small firm breasts, with tiny pink nipples, a boyish kind of bottom and a fluffy brown pubic triangle. She was very attractive and my cock reacted predictably, hardening inside my trousers.

Then I realised who they were. They were Jennifer's daughters, Kate and Amy, and I knew, from the tennis club that Kate was still pretty young.

I snatched the glasses down. What was I turning into? It was one thing sneaking a look at naked mature women, but I had had the beginnings of a hard-on, watching a young girl! Even without the glasses, I could see them standing at the side of the pool, talking – and I was sorely tempted to have one more look at Kate's firm little breasts. In self-disgust, I crammed the glasses back in their case, and bolted back to the car.

Once I was safely home, I vowed never to go back. But, an hour later, I had amended that to promising myself to leave straight away if the two youngsters were there. And, later that night, I had practically forgotten the incident altogether.

We had been talking about Peter and Jennifer before we went to bed, and Linda said she had another story about them to tell me, but it would be better told 'later on'.

So I went to bed with a keen sense of anticipation, but, as usual, Linda demanded a lot of foreplay before she started talking. So my middle finger was stroking her clit as she started to talk, and her tale was punctuated with excited little gasps as I occasionally 'hit the spot'.

"It was after they had been in Singapore for almost a year," she started. "They were keen tennis players then, as well, and they were probably pretty good – they were both younger, then, and fitter. They played together in the mixed doubles at the club, and they won the championship. About a week later, Peter came home and said he had entered them in a 'special' competition. Jennifer didn't think much about it, until one of the other wives called her and giggled a lot when she talked about it."

"Jennifer asked her what the joke was, and this other woman eventually said that it was called the 'fast mixed doubles' because it was only the swingers who entered, usually. Jennifer asked why and the woman said that one of the rules was that, when a couple lost, the losing lady had to join both of the men in the shower afterwards!"

Her hand slipped down and cuddled my erection. My mouth drying, I eased my middle finger into the opening of her vagina, and found it soaking! I slipped it inside, and Linda moaned with pleasure, squeezing my penis in her excitement.

"Did they go on with it?" I asked, throatily, and she nodded. Taking a deep breath, she said, a bit shakily, "Jennifer tried to discuss it with Peter, but he just brushed her aside and, as usual, she just did what he said. The only good thing, from her point of view, was that they were far better players than any of the others, so she shouldn't have to – you know!"

I nodded. "Yeah – get into the shower and have her big tits soaped by two blokes at once!" I laughed, and Linda laughed, too.

"You should be so lucky!" she retorted. Then she added – "I've felt them – no, not like that! I've put her sun-tan oil on them for her?"

"What did they feel like?" I asked, my hands remembering.

"Oh, a bit soft, and floppy," Linda replied. "Not half as nice as mine!"

"Yeah," I agreed, raising my spare hand and giving one of them a squeeze. Then I had a thought.

"Did she … do it to you?"

"No," said Linda. "I always put my own oil on. She offered, but ... I didn't want her to."

"Pity," I said, then – "What happened, anyway – about the tennis tournament?"

"Well, they won their first match, easily. It was against an older couple, but Jennifer felt awful when the other woman went back into the ladies' dressing-room with her and put down her racket and picked up her towel and went next door into the mens'. She got showered and changed, then had to wait for Peter in the bar. He arrived about half an hour later, but he didn't say what had happened, and she didn't dare ask him. But he made love to her, as usual, that night, but she was wondering, all the time, whether he had been inside that woman, earlier on."

"But, the very next match they played, they lost! Jennifer said it was just one of those things. They didn't get off to a good start, which made Peter bad-tempered, which made Jennifer nervous, and that, along with her already being nervous about what would happen if they lost, really affected her game and, before she knew it, they were walking off the court."

"She said she was in a daze as she went into the dressing-room, but she just did what her last opponent had done. She put her racket down beside her clothes, picked up her washbag and towel, and went over to the mens' dressing-room. She was shaking as she went up the steps. When she reached the door, she didn't know if she should knock, but, after a second's hesitation, she did."

"Peter opened it and stood back to let her come in. He didn't say a word, and Jennifer knew he was still annoyed about losing the match. She walked in and Peter followed her. The other man, who Jennifer had met a few times, looked nervous, but, as far as Jennifer could see, not at all hesitant. Peter began to take off his tennis kit, and so did the other man. Jennifer took a big breath and started taking off her shoes and socks."

At this point, Linda, herself, took a deep breath, and I knew that, in her mind, she was feeling the scared excitement that Jennifer had no doubt felt as she began to strip off her clothes in front of two men.

"Then she looked up," Linda continued. "Both men were ahead of her. Their shirts were already off and they were both fiddling with their shorts. Jennifer turned her back and pulled her shirt over her head. Then she undid the button at the back of her skirt, and stepped out of it. When she turned round again, she was alone – they had both finished undressing and they were both in the shower. Jennifer nearly lost her nerve, but she knew she couldn't leave. She was too scared of what Peter might do."

"So she took off the rest of her clothes – glad, at least, that she didn't have to strip in front of the other man. Then she picked up her towel and held it against her and walked into the shower room. It was quite small, an open area with three or four hot showers one beside the other, and a cold one at the end. The men – Peter and the other one, who was called Neville, were in adjacent showers, soaping themselves. When she came in, Peter called out – 'Put your towel on the bench'. She was shaking so much, she was sure they would notice, but neither of them said anything. She turned away, to put her towel down, then realised she was exposing her naked bottom."

"She nearly started to cry then, and threw down the towel, thinking that, once she was under the shower, they wouldn't notice any tears. Then she automatically hurried over to share Peter's shower and nearly cried with relief when he put his arms round her. Then she felt his soapy hands on her breasts and felt him ease her round to face Neville, in the next shower."

"Peter put his hand under her arms to massage her breasts and Jennifer realised she couldn't cover herself – down below. Then he held out the soap to Neville and, as Neville stepped towards her, Jennifer felt Peter's erection pressing against her. She looked down at Neville and saw that his cock was standing up, as well, then Peter took his hands off her breasts and Neville began to soap them."

"Jennifer's mind was in a complete whirl – she just couldn't believe she was standing, naked, beside her husband, while another man's hands were slithering all over her bare breasts. Then she felt Peter take hold of her wrist and guide her hand to his cock. She closed her fingers round it. It was very hard. Then, her heart sank as Peter gripped her other wrist and pushed her hand towards Neville. She felt his erection brush against the back of her hand, and Peter snarled in her ear – 'Take hold of it.'"

I felt Linda's fingers close, convulsively, on my own erection, and knew, again, that she was re-living Jennifer's scary, but exciting, experience.

"She opened her fingers and closed them round his knob. It wasn't as big as Peter's, but it was the first time she had ever held another man's cock, and she was so choked, she could scarcely breathe. But then it got worse. Neville lowered the hand holding the soap to between Jennifer's legs and he began to soap her bush and run his finger along the lips of her vagina. Then he started using both hands, pushing them right under her so that he was soaping her bottom as well as her vagina, his fingers running right along between her legs, front and back. Then Peter grabbed her tits again and she could feel both men hard up against her, their hands all over her."

"She had let go of their cocks by then and she could feel them pressing against her. Then Peter got behind her and pushed her shoulders down. She knew what that meant – he wanted to have her from behind. She knew it was useless to refuse him, so she bent from the waist, keeping her legs open. When she did that, Neville took his hands away and, as Jennifer bent forward, she saw Neville grip his penis in her hand and she wondered if he would want her to put it in his mouth. She had never done that with Peter, but she knew that some people did it, and the idea revolted her – even with Peter, let alone this man."

"But, as she felt Peter's cock enter her from behind, Neville held the bar of soap out to her and she was so relieved not to have to take his cock into her mouth, she took hold of it and began lathering his penis, and his testicles, with both hands, masturbating his cock to try to make him ejaculate before Peter, in case he wanted to put it inside her, as well. Neville reached under her and felt her tits as she wanked him, and Peter was hardly really inside her when Neville exploded and cum started shooting out of the end of his cock. Jennifer held on to his cock until she felt it begin to soften, then she let it go."

"Neville staggered back to the next shower and began to wash himself again. When Peter saw he had finished, he pulled out of Jennifer, even though he was still hard, and said – 'Right, that's it – honour satisfied. I'll meet you in the bar in twenty minutes.' Jennifer pulled on her shirt and skirt and wrapped her hair in the towel and fled back to the ladies' changing-room. When she met Peter in the bar, the other couple had gone, and Peter didn't talk about what had happened – but, on the way home, he stopped the car, pulled Jennifer out, and took her into the trees, where he stripped her naked and fucked her, standing up against a tree!"

The last few words came out in a gabbled rush as Linda's voice rose with excitement. I couldn't believe I was hearing those words from her. It was unthinkable that Linda should express herself like that – " ... he stripped her naked and fucked her ... " She never used the f-word – she was really gone, I realised.

I grabbed my opportunity.

"You liked that bit when she had two dicks in her hands, didn't you?" I breathed into her ear, my finger stroking her slippery clitoris.

"Oh, yes," gasped Linda. "A big hard cock in each hand – and four hands all over me, squeezing my tits and fingering my cunt!"

"Who would you want the men to be?" I persisted.

"Oh, you," she stammered out between shaky breaths, "because you'd be so hard watching me holding the other man's cock while he felt my tits."

"And who would the other man be?" I probed.

"Oh, it would have to be Peter!" Her voice shook again, and rose, almost hysterically.

"Why Peter?"

"Because Jennifer says he has a huge cock and … and ... "

"And what?" I asked, although I half knew the answer.

"And … because he would just – take me. He'd walk over to me, his big cock sticking up in front of him, and he'd spread my legs and ... "

Linda's voice gave out and she shuddered wildly in the throes of a palpitating orgasm. It went on for ages, her hand clamped between her legs while I grasped her breasts, like a drowning man.

Strangely, I didn't come, myself. Watching Linda having the strongest orgasm I'd ever seen her have was very sexy, but I wasn't tempted to join her. I wanted her to go on talking once she had recovered, and maybe tell me something else which would get me going again.

But I was doomed to disappointment. When she finally shuddered to a halt, she curled up in a ball and was almost instantly asleep. Amazingly, I curled up, too, and, before I knew it, light was streaming through the window and the alarm clock was shrilling.


The next night, though, without any prompting from me, Linda started talking, again, about Peter and Jennifer and, although there weren't any more stories like the dinner party or the tennis match, she went on about various times Peter had shagged Jennifer in strange places, or strange times.

He would often make her go somewhere without panties on – like a formal dinner, or dance, so that he could lift her dress and give her a quick fuck during the evening. Sometimes he would take her outside wherever they were and just pull up her dress and give her against a wall, or a tree. More than once, he had pulled her into the Gents, in a posh hotel, and made her straddle his cock while he sat on the toilet seat, playing with her tits.

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