tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLinda's Story Ch. 03

Linda's Story Ch. 03


BB let me sleep for a few hours, or maybe I just plummeted into sleep out of pure exhaustion. When I woke up it was still dark and BB was sleeping quietly next to me. I was still tied, spread in a giant X across the bed, and he had curled up between my right arm and leg, his hand softly holding my breast.

I glanced up and saw that the curtains were still open and briefly wondered if anyone had seen me last night. Strangely, I didn't really care. BB had ruined me last night; I could only wonder what my husband was thinking. He'd heard me; I was sure, over the phone, screaming for BB to fuck me. He'd heard me call myself BB's whore and I was. I was a slut and a whore, and secretly the idea thrilled me. I'd had the greatest orgasm of my life, two or three, I wasn't sure, but they'd been fantastic and all at the hands of this man who seemed to know my secret desires.

I wanted to wake BB up and ask him to close the curtains, but I knew if I asked he wouldn't do it. Last night it had been late and I doubted if anyone had come by the window and looked in, but morning was fast approaching and soon people would be leaving their rooms. BB's room was near the stairwell; anyone passing by could glance in the window and see me tied to the bed. The thought both excited me and scared me.

My pussy was still sore form the beating I'd gotten last night and I still had all day with BB. All the way until midnight. I was afraid of what he'd come up with next. I must have squirmed on the bed because I heard BB stirring against me. He opened his eyes and grinned, "Good morning, slut."

"Good morning, Master," I replied.

He stretched and got out of bed and for the first time I had the chance to admire his body. He was a large man, 6'3" and maybe 190 lbs. Even in heals I wouldn't come up much past his chest. I felt my pussy clench.

He leaned over me, I thought it was to untie my hands, but he just placed his limp dick against my lips. "Suck it," he ordered. The day had begun. I opened my mouth, not eagerly, but then I had little choice and gently licked the underside of his cockhead. In a few moments it began to swell and I sucked it with more energy. Maybe, I thought, if I can get him off quickly he'll let me up before people start waking. I craned my neck forward and slurped it down, moving back and forwards trying to make him cum. I could feel his body tensing when he pulled back.

"That's enough for now," he said, "I just wanted to know if you were still playing the whore."

Then he reached over and untied my wrists. My arms ached from being tied all night, but I quickly sat up and untied my ankles. "May I go clean up, master?"

"You can go use the bathroom and comb your hair, but don't clean any of my cum off of your face or hair, and make sure you leave the signatures on your body. I want to see the evidence that you're a whore."

I went into the bathroom and freshened up. I was quite a sight, like I'd just been fucked. I started to brush my hair, but it was knotted up in places where his cum had dried, so I just brushed it enough that I didn't look disheveled. There was a little cum dried on the side of my face and a little more around my mouth, but most of it had splashed over my tits. Oh well, I thought, the day can't get much worse.

I left the bathroom and stepped back into the room. BB was busy watching the security tape from last night. A woman, who was obviously me, was busy bobbing her head up and down over the store clerk's lap. BB still hadn't closed the curtains.

"You know you really are a whore," he said looking up briefly. "Tell me the truth, you liked last night. You really enjoyed yourself."

After a moment of silence I looked over at him and said, "Yes. It had been exciting and thrilling." A blush spread across my face.

"You know you really have too much hair for a whore," he said finally, "go back into the bathroom and shave off your bush. I really think you should look the part."

"Yes, master." I turned and went back into the bathroom. I'd just gotten waxed the other day and thought the small triangle I had left looked sexy, but until midnight I had to do what he said or risk the $1000 and I wasn't about to go back to my hubby and tell him that we still owed the money. Not after everything I'd done.

I looked around the bathroom until I found BB's razor and some shaving cream. Just how am I going to explain this to hubby, I thought as I rubbed the cream in. The wax-bitch hadn't left much hair anyways, so it only took a few swipes with the razor until I was bare. I could hear BB in the next room watching the tape. Every once in a while he'd call something out to me like, 'God, you're such a whore.'

It was true, it was all true. I figured that hubby would have to deal with the phone call last night, after all it had been he who lost me in the poker game, but I wasn't so sure that he'd understand about the kid in the liquor store. I was getting excited again thinking about what I'd done. As I washed off the rest of the shaving cream, I brushed my clit accidentally and sent electric shivers through my body. How could I still be so horny?

I didn't think about what I did next. I just started playing with my clit. It felt so good. I kept rubbing my clit back and forth trying to cum before BB finished with the movie. I must have moaned or something, because suddenly the bathroom door crashed open.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, cunt?" He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me off the counter where I'd been sitting. "You filthy, stinking, good for nothing whore! I ought to send you right back to your precious husband and demand my thousand bucks!"

"No, please," I pleaded.

BB wasn't hearing any of it. He dragged me by my hair over to the table before the open window and bent me over. Then he began spanking me, hard on my ass. After about a dozen spanks my ass was red and smarting. I tried to look up at him, but he pushed my head back down. "Stay there, cunt," he snarled.

He stepped away for a moment and then came back with a long leather belt. "Please, no, master. I'm begging you."

"Shut up, cunt. This is what you get for disobeying me. You'll be lucky if I don't send you straight back to your lousy husband!" Crack! The belt came down across my ass like a brand of fire. I must have screamed and I was sobbing now, but still the belt came down, twenty or thirty times.

I never looked up through the window, but someone must have come by and seen what was happening. Suddenly there was a banging on the door. I heard the word, 'Hotel Security, Open up!' shouted through the door. BB spun me around and dropped the belt, "Shut up and do exactly like I tell you cunt or you go home now. Understand me?"

"Yes," I stuttered through the tears. BB told me to go over and sit on the bed and stop crying. I wiped the tears on my face and tried to sit down, but my ass hurt so much. I reached back quickly and felt hot welts all over my ass. I sat on the edge of the bed, but I squirmed. He didn't tell me to put on any clothes so I didn't. I was going to do exactly what he said.

BB walked over to the door calmly and dropped the belt. He opened the door and said, "What seems to be the problem, officer?" through the crack. I didn't hear what the officer said, but suddenly the door was pushed open and a portly man in a rumpled security uniform stepped through. "Someone called and said you were beating your wife in here. Is that true?"

"No sir, not really," BB replied. "The slut told me she was having an affair, she broke down and was crying. I was just punishing the cunt. You don't know how I felt; she was begging and crying, saying that she'd do anything to have me back. Ask her...it was consensual. I was just punishing her for what she'd done. She has to do anything I say from now on, that's the agreement, because she's a slut. Go on officer, ask her. She wanted me to." BB stepped aside so that the officer could see me clearly.

I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. There I was squirming on the edge of the bed, my ass on fire, completely naked. He stumbled over his words, his eyes locked on my tits and the bare patch between my legs. I looked up at him and nodded, "Yes sir. That's the truth. I was a slut and cheated on him. I told him to punish me any way he wanted. It's what I want...just to keep him. I'm so sorry."

The guard tore his eyes away from my body and looked over to BB. He licked his lips and said that although he understood, it was management's policy that we'd have to leave the hotel. BB nodded that he understood and said he was sorry for any commotion he'd caused. The guard put a commiserating hand on BB's arm and said in a low whisper, "I feel for you man, I'd beat the bitch too." Then as he was turning to leave, BB turned to me and said, "Ok, honey you heard the guard, blow him to show that you're sorry."

"What?" I stammered.

"What," said the guard, turning back with a grin on his face.

BB looked at the guard and smiled. "She's a slut after all and we caused a commotion, I think she should make up for it, don't you?"

"Well yeah, but mister she's your wife."

"She's a whore, aren't you slut? Tell the man you're a whore and you want to suck his cock."

I looked up at the guard my lips were trembling. I looked over to BB, willing him with my eyes to make him stop this. I didn't want to do this, but part of me did. I spread my legs so the guard could get a good look at my bald pussy. "Come on sugar," I said to the guard in my best come-on voice, "He's right. I am a whore. Look at me, look at all of me," I said leaning back and spreading my legs further. I'm a lying, cheating slut and I should pay for the disturbance I made. Come over here and let me suck on your cock. I know you want it."

The guard didn't take any more convincing. He walked up to the edge of the bed and I reached over and undid the zipper on his pants. BB softly closed the door. The guard's cock sprang to attention. I looked over at BB and he nodded.

Without any further hesitation I leaned forward and slipped the guard's hard cock into my mouth. As I bobbed my head up and down I reached up with my right hand and grasped the shaft, stroking it back and forth, jacking him off into my mouth. As I sucked, BB picked up his camera and moved around until he had a good angle. Then he took several pictures, making sure that my face and the guards could be clearly seen.

Soon the guard was moaning and rocking his hips back and forth in synch with the bobbing of my head. "When he's ready to cum, I want you to pull him out and let him cum all over your tits," BB said to me. I nodded, then deep-throated the guard and jerked violently on his shaft. He was ready. Suddenly his hips jerked forward, I pulled back letting his cock slide all the way out of my throat and pointed it at my tits. His cum splashed hot against my tits and I kept jerking until he was dry.

BB took another picture. Then he turned to the guard and handed him the pen. "Sign her," he said. "Every guy that fucks her has to sign her, so I can prove what a slut she is." The guard looked confused but took the pen and signed his name on my hip. "You suck a mean cock, mam," he said to me.


BB turned back to me, "I'm going to walk our friend out of here; I'll be back in a minute. Rub his cum into your tits while I'm gone." Then he turned and escorted the guard out into the hallway. They stood there speaking for a few minutes and then BB returned.

"You're lucky. He won't call the cops, but we still have to leave. Get dressed, I'm hungry."

It took about ten minutes to pack up all of BB's stuff, and then I turned to put on my clothes. I looked at them for a moment then turned back to BB. "You're kidding, right, master? I can't go outside in these clothes. In the daylight my blouse is nearly transparent and the skirt barely comes below my pussy. This is a small town, I'm bound to run into someone I know and I don't even have a bra or panties."

"You don't have a choice, cunt," BB snarled. "Because you were so stupid and couldn't keep your fingers to yourself we're out of a hotel. I might have kept you in here until midnight, might have just fucked you until I couldn't any longer, but you fucked up. We have to leave. Your choice, come with me or go home and come up with my money, but I won't ask you again. I'm getting tired of it. The deal was that you would do anything. If I ask you to walk out of here butt naked and suck every man you pass along the way, you will do it. Now are you coming?"

I really had no choice. I put on my clothes, thankful for them as skimpy as they were and followed BB out of the room and down to his car. "We can't check into a new hotel until 11am, it's around 8 now, so we've got a couple of hours to kill. Are you hungry?"

"Yes, master. I'm starved."

"Good, let's get something to eat."

We drove around for a bit, looking for a restaurant. Luckily BB chose a tourist trap, the type of place where the locals rarely go, right off the freeway. When I walked in it felt like everyone in the place turned to look at me. It felt like a thousand pairs of eyes were looking me over and deciding I was trash. The waitress smirked as she showed us to our table. Once the waitress had left with our order BB told me to unbutton my blouse two lower. I couldn't believe it, if it weren't bad enough that in sunlight you could see right through my blouse, if I unbuttoned it that far the girls would almost fall out. I did what I was told, of course. There was no use in resisting him.

His next order left me dumbfounded. "Give me the names and phone numbers of all the guys at the poker game last night."

"Why do you need them, master?"

"Cunt you listen to me and listen hard you are going to give me those phone numbers in the next ten seconds or you are going to hop up on this table and masturbate for everyone in the restaurant and you will keep masturbating until the cops come and take you to jail. You have 10...9...8..."

I quickly gave him their numbers. "Now while we're waiting for our food I want you to walk slowly down the aisle to the bathroom. You can use it if you need and walk slowly back. Make sure everyone gets a good look at you. On the way back I want you to stop and pretend to pick something off the floor. See that table of college kids; I want you to do it right over there in front of their table.

I was mortified, but again had no choice. I got up and slowly made my way towards the ladies room. While I was walking I could feel every eye in the place following me. Many of them were hungry looks, but quite a few were disgusted and if I dirtied the place just by my being there. No one was in the bathroom when I entered, so I took a few moments to look at myself.

What had happened to me? Just last night I was a happy wife, I flirted a little and I drank a bit too much upon occasion, but I was a regular respectable lady. A day later I was a stranger's whore, doing things that I'd never thought possible. I wanted to cry, but I knew that would only make the situation worse. Besides, as much as I was sickened by the things I had done, part of me was excited. Part of me wanted this to go on, wanted to see how far it would go.

I walked back, just as BB had ordered and stopped before the college kids table. When I bent down in front of them my skirt rode up and I knew that the entire table, if not that half of the restaurant could see my pink swollen pussy lips and the welts across my ass. I heard a few gasps and the guys started elbowing each other and saying, 'did you see that?" I turned back towards all of them and smiled before going back to my seat.

BB was getting off the phone. "Yeah, yeah, that will work great...thanks Frank."

"That was Frank?" I asked. "Mary-Beth's Frank? The one from the poker party?"

"Yes, I had to ask him a question. He told me about a place that's just perfect."

"What place, master?"

"You know for a small town, you have some dirty little secrets. You just forget about that call and eat your food. You'll need your strength." No matter how much I pestered him, he wouldn't tell me what it had been about. After a while he got annoyed and asked me if I wanted to masturbate. I ate my food.

We got back into BB's car and started driving. BB reached into the back and handed me the bottle of whiskey. "Drink."

"But it's not even nine in the morning, master."

He reached over and grabbed one of my tits and squeezed hard, "You have a real problem following instructions, cunt. I said drink and it'd better be a big one."

I did what he said, my tit still smarting. The whiskey went down like fire, but warmed my stomach. He had me take several more swigs from the bottle until he finally told me to stop. I'd probably had five or six shots worth in a little over ten minutes, I was already feeling a little drunk. Then BB took the bottle from my and pulled up my skirt. I thought he was going to stick it back in my pussy but instead he poured a little pool into the palm of his hand and then slapped my pussy with it. It burned and I yelped, but he kept rubbing it in. Then he dried his hand off on my blouse. Now I also smelled like a slut, I kept squirming on the seat, the whiskey burning my pussy and the welts on my ass where it had dripped down.

He handed the bottle back to me and ordered me to take another swallow. I nearly gagged, but I was able to keep it down. I started to put it back in the back seat, but he ordered me to shove the neck of the bottle up my pussy and to keep it there while we drove. "Gotta keep you warmed up," was all the answer he gave.

After another ten minutes or so BB took an exit that I was unfamiliar with. It led away from the freeway and across a number of empty fields. "Where are we, master?"

"Just a little outside of town, Frank told me about this place, said he and your husband used to go here on Friday nights when they were supposed to be bowling. He hadn't been here in a while, but he thought it would still be open."

Sure enough after another ten minutes a nondescript building appeared by the side of the road, a weathered sign proclaimed it the 'Pleasure Palace'. A couple of beat up cars and several Harleys were parked in the parking lot. It looked like a rough place and I could hardly imagine my husband ever coming here. BB pulled into the parking lot and then we got out of the car, me a little unsteadily.

We walked up to the seedy door, which was opened by a bouncer with tattoos crawling up and down his arms. He looked the two of us over and told BB that it would be $20 for him, but that I was free. There was also a two-drink minimum. BB said that it was fine, but asked to speak to the manager. He told me to stand outside the door and wait for him.

He was only gone a few minutes, but they were the longest minutes of my life. The bouncer openly leered at me, though he didn't say anything and I kept worrying that someone I knew, maybe even Frank might come by. Frank knew that I was with BB, he'd been there when the arrangement had been made. It would be just like him to come by to try and get another glimpse. Hopefully BB hadn't told him when we'd be here. It was early, who the fuck came to a strip club at 9:30 in the morning? And it had to be a strip club, what else would be called the Pleasure Palace?

I was sure that I knew what BB intended, why else had he gone to speak to the manager. He was going to make me dance in front of the people who were here. Another humiliation, I hoped that there was no one in there that I recognized. At least I was drunk, thank god for that. I scanned the parking lot again and was relieved that I didn't recognize any of the cars.

After a few more anxious minutes the bouncer stuck his head outside the door and called, "Come on slut, your boyfriend says he's ready for you."

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