tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLinda's Surprise

Linda's Surprise

bythe mixer©

Linda ran from the kitchen as she heard the ping of another e-mail dropping in, would it be from her husband, Neil. It was her birthday today and she hadn't heard from him for 5 days as he was away, working on the North Sea rig, that his oil company had located him to, for 6 months.

Neil was 27 and worked as a researcher for a major oil company. He had been given the option of working in South America for 6 months or going to the North Sea. He choose the latter, at least he would be able to get home once a month.

Linda was devastated by the news but fully understood, that this is what Neil did, and got paid handsomely for doing.

They had not been apart for longer than a week, during their 6 year relationship, so for Linda this was going to be very hard to come to terms with.

Linda was just 16 when she meet Neil, her parents were horrified that she was going out with a 21 year old. Neil was just out of University and met her at finishing party. They discovered a lot about each other during the ensuing months and like any young couple experimented with sex, although Linda had told Neil at the very beginning she would wait until she was at least 18 before allowing him full access.

Linda's parents were not best pleased, but they did actually like Neil, so they allowed them to continue the relationship.

They finally commissioned the relationship properly in her parents bed 13 nights after her 18th birthday, and since that time their sex life had got better and better. They were always willing to experiment, but always stopped at anything such as group sex or swapping, Neil had always said that he could not stand the idea of another man fucking his wife although Linda had always wondered what it would be like with another man or men. Neil had always noticed how turned on she was by group sex blue films.

They shared everything and upon departure Neil had promised to call and mail her as much as he could, but of course he was sharing the resources with the other guys, so sometimes this could be more than a couple of days.

As she got to the computer she saw that the mail was from Neil, she decided to make a cup of coffee and sit down and read what he had to say.

The mail began with the usual references about the job, but then went into how much he was missing her and that he was looking forward to his first shore leave that was due in 10 days, so that they could celebrate her birthday properly. He asked her whether she had resorted to other means of satisfaction while he was away, and wanted her to mail him a picture of her dressed in his favourite underwear. She was mildly embarrassed about this suggestion, but then thought, why not at least it will give him something to look at when he spent those quite moments in the toilet addressing his frustration.

She went upstairs and undressed, she then tied up her hair, did her make up and then proceeded to put on the selected lingerie.

Neil had bought this for her while on holiday in Paris. It was in white and consisted of a Basque with suspenders and a really lacy thong, along with white lace top stockings and high heels Linda thought that she looked fantastic and of course Neil would too.

As she stood in front of the mirror admiring herself, her hand began to feel the lacework on her panties, it didn't take much for her to work her finger inside and after falling back onto the bed, she slowly massaged her clit. She had tried to refrain from doing this for the last few days as she wanted to be completely desperate for sex by the time Neil came home, but seeing and feeling this underwear, had sent her over the top. Within minutes she had bought herself off to a thundering orgasm and thought that this would be a good state in which to take the pictures for Neil.

She set up the camera, on the unit at the end of the bed and proceeded to use the self-timer. She took a dozen pictures, before she decided to go down stairs and see the results.

As she came downstairs, she thought that she heard a voice but put it down to something outside. She walked over to the computer and plugged in the Camera and stared to download the pictures.

As the pictures appeared she felt a familiar tingle, once again in her cunt but this time she resisted the urge to touch herself there.

Once all the pictures were on display she choose two to forward to Neil, she opened up a new mail attached them and began to write a response to it.

She spent a good 20 minutes typing the mail and was about to push send when she felt a strong hand grab her around the throat and violently pull her off the chair, the cloth that was placed on her mouth had a acrid smell, but this was the last she remembered.

When she came around she was kneeling on her bed with her hands tied behind her back. She tried to look behind her but received a slap to the side of her head, not hard but enough to make her topple over, it was only then she saw who was responsible for her predicament.

In the room stood two men, both black one very tall, and extremely well built the other shorter and very skinny, by the door stood another guy much shorter, very fat and of Hispanic origin.

The skinny black guy was the first to talk "well you white bitch, we know that your husbands away so we have plenty of time to get to know each other, over the next few days me and my friends are going to party with you, now you can do this the hard way or the easy way, but which ever way you choose you are going to get so much meat you will probably become a vegetarian after. I must say that your choice of underwear is great and we have had a good look through your drawers so we know what else you have to wear. We have also found your video camera, so expect to see yourself on the TV later. Right, all this talking has made me hard, so do you want to see what you are going to get"

All three guys started to strip off, Linda was horrified and was crying but this was not going to make any difference to these men.

The big black guy was the first to remove his pants and he was already semi erect, Linda looked at his organ and let out a gasp, Neil she thought was a normal sized man, but this guy was a good 2 inches bigger and not yet fully erect.

He made his way over to the bed and whispered in her ear "what's it going to be you whore, easy or hard"

Linda looked up at the man and pleaded

"Please don't hurt me I will do what you want, but just do it and leave" the man's response spread fear into her, "no way bitch, me and my buddies are going to enjoy having a live in slave for a few days, your going to cook for us, bath us, in fact do anything that we want you to do, so you can start by sucking this and relieving me of some spunk"

As he moved forward Linda tried in vain to pull away, but the other black guy grabbed her head and held it still as his friend aimed his erect and glistening cock at her face.

At first she tried to keep her mouth closed, but a swift slap from the guy holding her, helped her decide that it would be safer for her to do as they said, hopefully they would get spooked and leave after they had all had some fun with her.

She slowly opened her mouth and immediately felt the warm, smooth head of his cock touch her lips, she did resist a little but once he felt this, he just grabbed her head and rammed his manhood deep into her mouth. As he slowly face fucked her she felt another pair of hands begin to massage her petite breast and fingers exploring her cunt, she really didn't know how she felt, on one hand she obviously felt disgusted however, she was aware that her nipples were becoming erect and she felt that tingle coming from below.

"Hey guys her nips are real beauties, I'm gonna give these a real good sucking", as the guy moved his lips to her tits, she realised that the fat guy had succeeded in getting his fingers into her. At first she felt maybe two but gradually she felt pain as he tried to put 3 or 4 into her wet pussy.

By this time the first guy was pushing his black cock in and out at a furious pace and she knew that he must be on the verge of coming. Linda had always enjoyed sucking Neil's cock and had always swallowed his come, but she was not expecting what happened next. The guy suddenly let out a gasp, removed his cock from her mouth and proceeded to wank on her face, his semen went everywhere, when will this stop she thought, as globs of thick spunk hit her all over her face, in her eyes, nose and hair. As he finished coming he once again pushed his cock back into her mouth and told her to clean it up. She licked around his helmet and down the shaft, until he was satisfied that it was clean, he then got up and left the room. It was then she realised that the fat guy had cut her thong at the crotch and the other black guy had positioned himself with his cock just inches from her spunk covered face. She could not see properly as she still had semen in her eyes but she was horrified by what she could see, this guys cock had to be 10" with a cockhead like a tennis ball. She pulled back in absolute terror as he moved closer to gaining entry, but he was not to be denigned, he placed his hands gently on the sides of her face and whispered to her "I will do this very slowly and let you dictate the pace, but if you resist I will slap you again, do you hear what I am saying bitch" Linda nodded and moved forward, she had to stretch her mouth as wide as she could to get the end into it and no sooner was it in, she began to gag, he pulled it out, let her recover and started again, after doing this 3-4 times she was able to control her breathing and began the job of getting this guy to come.

While this was going on she had forgotten about the fat guy, but once she had gotten used to taking this huge cock, she realised that something had entered her. She didn't think that is was a cock and tried to look down to see what it was that was penetrating her vagina, but she was not able to see. Behind the guy fucking her mouth there was a mirror, so by pulling herself up a little she was able to view what was going on below.

She was shocked by what she saw, the Hispanic was pushing the end of a Galliano bottle, she kept on the dressing table for show, deep into her cunt. She guessed that he had gotten at least half of it in her and seemed to be determined to get more. The pain gradually became unbearable and she released the cock from her mouth and screamed, the black guy saw this as a good opportunity to be the first of the three to fucked her cunt properly and as the Hispanic guy had pathed the way with the bottle, he saw no reason as to why he could not get the entire length of his big cock into her already stretched cunt.

As he instructed the fat guy to change places, he pulled out the bottle. It was completely covered with Linda's juices and also sported several spots of blood. This however, didn't deter him and as he turned her onto her back he entered her in one swift movement and buried his cock to the hilt. Linda felt the full force as he impaled her and then felt his balls bang against her arse.

As he started to move in and out, she tried to block out the thought of this guy fucking her and replace him with Neil. This was hard to do as fucking with Neil had never felt like this, but she closed her eyes and began to imagine. The sensations sweeping through her body were incredible and very shortly she felt the first pangs of orgasm creeping up on her. She tried to subdue them and opened her eyes to lose the imagine of Neil, but as she did this she saw that the fat guy was wanking at the side of her head, and playing with her nipples again. He pulled her face in his direction and pushed his cock against her lips. The smell from his cock almost made her heave, but he pushed it hard at her mouth and as she opened it, he began to come. After several spurts he pulled out and wiped his cock in her hair. So two down, one to go she thought. By this time the guy that has been slowly fucking her had began to deliver his cock to her in a more hurried fashion, he asked her if she had ever felt a black dick before, and whether she liked it. She of course replied that she hadn't, but did not know how to respond to the second part.

"So you are not enjoying this, I think that it is about time I turned you over" he pulled out of her, rolled her onto her front, pulled her up onto her knees, straddled here back and drove his erection into her gaping cunt from behind. As he penetrated her he moved one hand to her tender breasts and the other began to rub her clit from the front. Doggy style had always been Neil's favourite position and it was generally Linda that rubbed herself while Neil fucked her, but this time she didn't have the chance to do it and within seconds of him touching her clit she began to come, she just could not stop herself. The guy fucking her felt her tremble beneath him, and began to rub her harder, increased his tempo and drove his long black cock deep into her wet pussy. At this point there was no way that she could hold back any longer and as he hammered his cock to the hilt for the last time and began to come, she too let out a scream of satisfaction as the black guy filled her cunt with his black seed. His and her juices mixed in a cocktail of passion as he continued to pump spurt after spurt into her captive cunt.

After laying together exhausted on the bed for a minute or two, he pulled out of her, As there juices flowed out of her and dropped onto the mattress and matted her pubic hair, he turned her over, sat her up and placed his lips on hers. She was too dazed to resist and kissed him back with the same enthusiasm, as she would have Neil. As there lips parted and there tongues entwined she heard the first black guys voice, and as she looked towards the door she saw him standing there with her digital camera and video. "I should think that your husband will enjoy seeing these pictures, he will probably wank himself silly once he sees these and as for the video, shall we all get cleaned up, get a beer and watch it"

The guys let Linda into the bathroom and told her to get undressed and have a shower, however all three of them stood around watching her as she undressed.

She tried to hide herself, but was told in no uncertain terms to take her hands away.

She ran the shower and got under it. She let the water run over her and wash away the evidence of what had happened to her in the last hour. As she washed her matted hair she felt a hand on her shoulder, the fat guy began to push her down onto her knees. At first she thought that he wanted her to suck him off, but as she moved her head forward a stream of piss ejected from his cock and started to splash over her body, she rolled back but really had no way or missing this warm stream of urine, as he finished the two black guys took his place but they turned the shower off and replaced the warm clean water with a continuous stream of orange. "Open your mouth bitch and drink some, its supposed to be very therapeutic, come on swallow some of our piss or we will beat you again" She opened her mouth slowly and allowed the piss to fill it and slowly started to swallow. At first the thought made her feel sick but slowly she got used to the warm liquid, closed her eyes and drank.

Once the guys had finished, she thought that they would leave her in peace to clean up, but no such luck. The bigger of the two black guys started to get a hard on again, removed his shirt and got into the shower with her. He put his arms around her and began to kiss her passionately. At first she never responded but slowly she allowed herself to relax and enjoy his attentions.

She felt his hard cock rub her belly and his hands searching her body. She felt him open her cunt lips with his fingers, suck her hardened nipples and rub is other hand over her arse.

She began to moan into his neck as the pleasure of the warm water and his attentions began to overtake the fear. He slowly pushed two fingers into her wet cunt and at the same time he started to push his thumb into her anus, she pulled back a little "never had your arse fucked before, you little bitch. Well I think that we can remedy that and at that moment his thumb pushed all the way into her arsehole. She was now impaled on both his hands as he worked his fingers in and out of both her holes. Linda was totally gone, she was on the throes of orgasm, when he pulled his fingers out of both holes, spun her around and put his black manhood against the small virgin hole. She tried to pull away, she was in a complete panic and he could see this on her face. He grabbed her hair and pulled her to him, his cock head broke the seal of her puckered anus and as he pulled harder on her hair the deeper his penis penetrated. Linda felt enormous pain sweep through her body, she was almost at the point of collapse, but as he had is other hand across her stomach, she was not going anywhere.

At first his movements were slow and as he felt her body revive from the initial shock, he began the process of fucking her virgin arse properly.

His movements become faster as he slammed his hard cock into her, she wasn't sure what she was feeling now, but the pain had subsided and with his fingers rubbing her clit, she once again felt the tingle of coming again.

As she got to the climax she felt the black cock in her swell up and then she heard the familiar grown of a man in orgasm, she felt his black seed hit the inside walls of her anal passage and then she had the greatest orgasm that she had ever felt.

After, what seemed minutes both of them knelt on the shower floor, she turned her head to look at here assailant and opened her mouth so that he could kiss her fully. His penis fell from her arse and he stood up he said "come on baby clean my cock of my come and your shit, and clean it good" she placed her mouth over his helmet and tasted the mix. She sucked and licked his cock for sometime, until he was satisfied that it was clean. Linda started to get up when she heard the Hispanic guys voice. "Where do you think your going bitch, its our turn to have a piece of your arse know, get out the shower and get on your knees, I'm gonna enjoy poking your arse and then big Cecil is gonna try and get his whole cock up it, but while I shag your bum, you can suck his dick. Come on Cecil lets spit roast her"

Linda got down on all fours and awaited her fate. She felt the fat guys fingers entering her arse and cunt and then saw the huge cock of Cecil in front of her face. She shut her eyes and opened her mouth, his cock stretched it once again as the helmet passed her lips and hit the back of her throat, she once again gagged, but this time he didn't hold back, he grabbed her head and started pounding her mouth.

She felt the fingers leave her and they were replaced by the fat guys cock, first in her cunt and then in her arse, he used this method for several minutes. Just spearing one and then the other. Just as she was getting adjusted to their rhythm, Cecil pulled out his cock and told the fat guy it was time to swap.

She felt a searing pain as Cecil's huge cock entered her, slowly and surely he pushed this big cock all the way in and Linda was fully impaled on what felt to her like a broomstick.

The long cock that had stretched her mouth just seconds earlier was now buggering her with such ferocity that she never even realised that the fat guy had started to come on her face and wipe his cock across her cheeks and lips.

The fucking she was getting from Cecil was something that she just could never have imagined, why had she and Neil never done this, she started to push back on the black cock that was stabbing its way to a massive orgasm. Linda cried out for him to come on her face and not waste it in her arse, Cecil laughed "see guys we no longer have to force this bitch, she's ours now so lets enjoy, have you got the video running as I am gonna cover her face with my come". Cecil pulled his glistening cock out and stood in front of her. Linda looked up smiling as Cecil unloaded another load of spunk onto her waiting face and as she took the full force of his orgasm she looked at the camera and smiled, the three men laughed.

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