tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLindsey's Job Ch. 04

Lindsey's Job Ch. 04


I was late getting to work. The whole kitchen was in full swing and the noise was deafening. Lindsey was waiting for me when I got to my office.

"What happened with you and Mary last night?" she demanded.

I took a sip of coffee and ground out my cigarette. "Stand up!" I commanded. "Turn around and kneel on that chair." Her face was furious. "Do it!" I repeated.

She got on the chair and hugged the back he ass sticking out. The sound of my hand smacking her ass was loud. Louder still was her cry. I smack harder alternating cheeks until she was whimpering.

"DON'T {smack} EVER {smack} QUESTION {smack} WHAT {smack} I {smack} DO {smack} AGAIN {smack}"

She was wailing now. I thought I may have overdone it until I pulled her to her feet. Her nipples where standing out hard in her shirt.

"On your knees, NOW" I told her. I pulled my cock out and crammed it into her mouth. It was still raw from fucking Mary all night but this was important. "Suck it. Suck it like the slut you want to be!"

My words hit home. She had me hard in seconds. I was pressing myself into her throat and she took it. It still wasn't even close to deep throat but it was all she could do.

"Up. Stand up and loose the shorts." They quickly disappeared. I bent her over my desk and crammed my cock into her pussy. There was no way I was going to cum. I pumped her hard and fast savoring the feeling of her hot crimson ass against my thighs. When her breathing became shirt and her pussy began to quiver I pulled out. She whimpered and turned her head.

"Fuck me. Fuck me I need it!" she begged. I thrust deeply into her and slid my hand down to finger her clit. Her hands smacked down on the desk and she ground back into me as she came. Once again her pussy flooded my pants. I was getting to love the smell of her.

I slowed the thrust down and pulled out of her. I packed myself back into my pants and sat behind my desk. She put herself back together and sat down gingerly.

"Was there something you wanted to know, Lindsey?" I asked her.

"Uh no. No. Just wanted to say Hi," she said quickly. I knew her ass was hurting.

"You get home OK last night?" I asked.

"The cabbie helped me get Chris inside. I left him on the couch and went to bed." I could see that she was dying to know what went on with Mary.

"We have a full day today so you better get started. The bar manager needs you today. He's in the restaurant." I told her.

She left without another word.

I sat back in my chair and lit a cigarette. Was I fucking nuts? Banging a married woman was bad enough. Fucking two women from the same family was insane.

I was 22 years old and I ran the Food and Beverage department of a very exclusive country club who also hosted a resort. None of my staff was aware of how young I really was. Good thing I looked older than I was and tried to act the part. Most chefs at that time were screamers. They were some of the worst pricks you'd ever meet and absolute ball busters to work for. My kitchen wasn't like that. We were a good group who worked well together. The atmosphere was sexually charged just like every other kitchen in the world. This is how you dealt with the stress which was enormous. Imagine have a minimum of three deadlines a day. How long would you survive?

I checked the schedule for the day. Busy but not too bad. I figured I could take a nap after noon service to be ready for a long night. I put on my apron and headed into the controlled pandemonium that is a working kitchen.

The next few days were a blur. The restaurant (we called it a Pub) was busier than normal. The catering was a steady parade of multiple course gourmandizing. Lindsey passed me in the halls with a pleading look but I simply couldn't get time alone with her. Finally on Friday in the late afternoon she found me in with one of my cooks working on the Pub nightly specials.

"Hey Lindsey," said the cook. His eyes check her out lingering on her face. You could tell he would have loved to feel her body.

"Hey Manny. Hi Chef. You got a minute"? she asked me.

"Sure. Are we done her Manny?" He nodded.

Lindsey walked with me towards my office. "Mary asked me to ask you to call her. She hadn't heard from you since the party."

"What do you think of all this Lindsey? Mary knows all about us. Did she mention anythign to you?"

"No. She just smiles when she sees me. When I saw her the night after the party she gave me a big hug and a kiss and said she felt wonderful. Did you have sex with her?"she asked.

"Honey, the two of you jerked me off under the table at a restaurant with your husband and her brother sitting across from us. I'm sure you can imagine what happened. But yes, we fucked." I told her.

"Were you nice to her? She's had a really bad time lately. Her husband died a couple of years ago and she was diagnosed with cancer right after that. She a great person. Were you good to her?" She asked me again.

I was touched. I thought Lindsey was going to raise a fuss over me fucking her sister in law. I saw now that there was real affection between them despite Chris.

"I was good to her. I thought you said she told you she felt great,"

"She did but you can never tell with Mary. Did you know she's older than you?" she asked.

"She told me."

"Did she ask about me?" Lindsey wanted to know.

Several of the wait staff walked by so she had to wait for her answer. I decided to wait until we got to my office where we could have some privacy.

"Mary asked me if I fucked you in the ass. I said yes." I told her after we sat down. Me behind my desk and her in the corner chair.

Lindsey blushed then giggled. "Well that makes sense now. She keeps patting my butt and asking me how I feel. I guess she thinks you always fuck my ass."

I smiled but didn't comment. "Can you hand me that clipboard please?" I asked her. I wanted her closer as I was thinking about how her nipples would feel in my mouth. Just as she was handing it to me the door flew open and there was my Sous Chef and the restaurant captain. A small and very black man from Trinidad who was the biggest gossip in the place.

"Chef we need you in the restaurant. There a customer raising hell," they both said nearly at once.

"Shit. OK guys. See you tomorrow Lindsey." I said leaving with them.

As we walked down the hall the Sous turns to the small black man and says, "You owe me $20."

"??" I asked.

The Sous laughed and said, "Pex here said you were in your office fucking Lindsey. We figured we'd bust in on you. Only you would have the chick with the best ass in the place in your office. Alone. AND YOU'RE DOING PAPERWORK!!!" he said disgusted at the idea.

"Not everyone thinks like you guys. He wait why does Pex owe you?" I asked.

Pex (whose real name was Pierre Xavier and got really pissed when you pronounce it wrong so he was dubbed Pex) said to me in his high queeny voice, "He told me you wouldn't be fucking her. I thought you would. But it didn't even smell like pussy in there." Pex was notoriously gay to the point I had to talk to him about not bothering the cooks.

I chuckled all the way to the restaurant. Then my heart was in my throat. The table who was making the fuss had Lindsey's husband sitting at it. He wasn't saying a word but the other two guys with him were raising hell. Thank God there was no other customers or members in the dining room.

"Gentlemen. Is there something I can do for you? Hello Chris." I said.

The two guys looked at me, then at Chris. He nodded and they bitched about everything from the service to the several courses they had. Apparently they'd been there since lunch and had consumed a huge amount of liquor along with a lot of food.

I called the restaurant manager over and had him listen as well. Then I excused us from the table.

"Chef these guys have been drinking since about 1:00. Nobody has called for the bill or anythign yet. Everything was fine until about 15 minutes ago. They started complaining to the waitress about the food. Then they got Pex and bitched about the service. Do you want to comp the bill?" he asked.

"No. I'll handle it. Not sure what's wrong but I met the big guy a few nights ago. I'll be back in a few minutes" I said and returned to the table.

I pulled out the other chair and sat down uninvited. "Gentlemen I want to make this right. Was there something wrong with your appetizers?" I systematically went through everything they had eaten. They just told me that "this didn't taste right" or it "wasn't what I asked for". Then I moved on to the drinks. I waited patiently until they were done writing down all their comments. Then I read it all back to them.

"Does that about sum it up?" I asked.

"Yeah that's exactly it."

"Your appetizers were that bad but you ate it without saying anything. Your entrees were overcooked or not what you ordered but you still never said anything. Your drinks were watered down but you didn't say anythign until a few minutes ago. By the way I was wondering how the wine was watered down as I see you had three bottles since 1:00. Weren't they opened at the table?"

This went on until the wait staff who could hear us started to laugh.

Chris realized what I was doing and said, "think you're pretty funny? How do you think you're boss the French guy would like it?"

"Didier? I don't know." I turned towards the bar and hollered to Pex, "Can you call Didier and ask him to come here? He should still be in the exec offices" Pex ran into the kitchen to make the call.

"We can wait for him or we can settle this up right now. You gentlemen aren't satisfied. OK I'd like to make this right. I'm not sure why you didn't mention anything earlier but, OK. Your meal is on me. I regret what happened and I hope that you'll give us another opportunity to do better."

"That's what I thought. Let's go." Chris said to his companions.

"Gentlemen can I call you a cab? You've had a few drinks and I wouldn't want to drink and drive, would you?" I asked.

"Nah. We're fine. We don't need any cabs."

"OK." I picked up the house phone at the bar and said loud enough for them to hear. "Is this the guard shack? Hey there's three guys leaving now who've had too much to drink. I offered them a cab and they refused. Get their license numbers and call the police. We wouldn't want them running over anyone going home."

"Hey you asshole! Hang up that phone!" yelled one of the men. He approached me angrily and threw a wild haymaker at my head. I easily avoided it as he staggered then caught himself. I looked over at Chris who just folded his arms and watched. The guy tried another punch which I stopped cold with my left hand then stepped towards him and slammed the bony part of my wrist into his crotch. I followed up with a light tap to his throat with the edge of the same hand. He dropped to the floor and vomited. I just straightened and looked back at Chris. The other guy looked like he wanted to join in but decided not to. Two security guards pulled up in a golf cart at the front door as Didier walked in through the kitchen.

The one security guard was an off duty police sergeant who surveyed the scene and asked what happened.

My eyes never left Chis' as I said, "One of our guests ate something that disagreed with him. He didn't make it to the bathroom in time." I said indicating the man on his knees retching.

Dave, the cop, looked at me not believing that story for a second. He looked at Didier who said nothing. Then he said, "Who is it that refused the cab?"

Chris spoke up, "That was us but we changed out mind. We were just settling the bill."

When it all finally ended I was exhausted. The adrenaline that surged during the fight left as quickly as it came. The guys went quietly out the door after paying the bill (but didn't leave a tip) getting into cabs.

Dave and Didier both knew something was up and I knew the story would get around. Pex, my Sous and several of the wait staff witnessed the altercation. Apparently from their angle they saw the guy throw punches but not what I did Just that I stepped away when he threw up. But Chris saw the whole thing. Weird though that his expression never changed through any of this. I wasn't sure what was going on but I was wondering now if he knew about me and his wife.

Didier said, "Walk with me," and went into the kitchen. We walked down the hall in silence. He continued on outside the building and stopped. "What happened here?"

I recounted everything that occurred at the table right up to when the guy took a swing at me. Didier just nodded his head. "You OK?" he asked. Then, "How many people saw this?" I told him.

He looked at me for a full minute not saying anything. I just stood looking back at him. I'm not uncomfortable in silence and do not feel the need to talk when such things happen.

"Do me a favor and write it all down. Then talk to Dave. Let him make a copies. You need to cover your ass in case anything comes of this. Is there anythign else you think I should know?" He meant exactly that: was there anything he needed to know. He didn't want to hear conjecture, rumors or anything personal.

"No," was all I said.

"OK." he said and walked off.

I went back to the main kitchen and helped them finish preparing for dinner service.

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