tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLindsey's Job Ch. 05

Lindsey's Job Ch. 05


I left for my room just after 8:00. Service was going well and they didn't need me there. Rounding the corner to the stairs near my room I see somebody sitting in the stairwell. I relaxed my muscle getting ready for what might be a threat.

"Hey handsome. You wanna get lucky?" Mary said.

I laughed hard. This was exactly what I needed. The tension went out of me as I took her hand and pulled her to her feet. Her wig was cut very short and styled like a man.

"I don't know how you got in here but you are a welcome site." I said kissing her.

"My brother is angry with you." she said.

"Yeah well I'm kinda pissed off at him too." I replied.

We climbed the stairs to my room. The air conditioning greeted us as a blessing from heaven.

"Pour me a single malt with a lot of ice. I need to take a shower. I stink." I said heading into the bathroom.

I showered with the curtain wide open. Mary came in to watch. She perched her ass on the vanity and crossed her arms under her rack. She sipped her drink then stirred it with a finger. "He's harmless, you know. Chris is an asshole and a blowhard but he's really harmless."

"Didn't look so harmless earlier. What the fuck was that all about?" I wondered if she knew.

"Those guys were his buddies from college. Those three just never grew up. The one who took a swing at you used to be the campus tough guy." she told me.

"College was a long time ago for them. You'd think they'd get beyond that kind of thing." I said soaping my cock and balls. Mary watched with interest. After rinsing them thoroughly I turned my back to her and began soaping and fingering my ass.

"They are. But when you add alcohol and then they feed off each other...." she replied.

"Yeah I guess so," I said now rinsing completely. I turned off the water and reached for a towel.

"Let me do that," Mary said kneeling down. She licked my balls lapping at them with her whole tongue. I stood there dripping and she started licking the water off of the rest of me. She turned me around and did the same across my back. As she neared my ass her strong hands bent me over the vanity. I felt her hands massaging my cheeks pulling them open. Her tongue flicked over my asshole and I groaned.

"I never liked doing that before. I don't know why I want to do that craziest things with you." she said then licked me from asshole to balls and back.

I relaxed my sphincter letting her tongue enter me. Mary got really into her efforts. She reached around stroking my cock and tried to shove her tongue into my asshole. It was still early and I let her lick to her hearts content.

She stood up and kissed me. "Your asshole is clean as a whistle now Sir!"

I laughed and took her to bed. I reached for her hair and she stopped me. "Take it off" I told her. "Really? Its not weird?" she asked.

"Its you, Honey. Now get out of those clothes. I'm in the mood to taste your pussy." I said pulling her down.

Soon we were wrapped in a 69 tasting, licking sucking. She worked my cock over expertly while fingering my ass. I had two fingers in her ass and two in her cunt. She was damn determined to make me cum first. I felt my ass tightening around her finger and knew I was going to shoot.

Then came a loud sharp knock at the door. I ignored it.

Mary pulled my cock out of her mouth. "Shouldn't you answer it?"

"Fuck em. They'll go away," I said. I was so close!

She sucked me deep into her throat. The knocking continued only louder. Mary pulled her mouth away just as I came. Hot jets of cum shot all over her face. I tried not to move and my knees kept her from getting away as jet after jet erupted to land on her face and head. I rolled off of her to see the lines of cum all over her face. She gave me the sluttiest grin you ever saw then began wiping her face with her fingers and licking them.

I quickly got to the door and saw through the peep hole that it was Lindsey. I opened the door, grabbed her by the arm and pulled her inside. Her eyes flew open seeing me naked with a hard on. She reached for it and said,"Hi! I'm glad you're ready for me!"

"Is that Lindsey?" Mary called from the bed.

I took her hand and led her into the room. Mary still had cum on one side of her face and was busy wiping. She had the sheet pulled up covering her giant tits. Lindsey looked at me wild eyed and turned away. I grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her mouth down to my crotch. I push my cock between her lips and snarled, "Suck the rest of the cum out. ALL OF IT."

Her face reddened in shame as she was forced to suck me in front of Mary. She squeezed my balls like I showed her and sucked hard getting the last bit of juice out. Mary leaned up on one elbow to watch. I arched my back feeding the last bit to Lindsey. I pulled my cock out of her mouth then wiped a drop of cum from Mary's face. The sheet slid down uncovering her rack. She made no move to cover herself. I licked my finger tasting my own cum.

"Now that we all have the same taste in our mouths what are you doing here?" I said to Lindsey. I walked around to the bar and poured a healthy slug of scotch into a glass and downed it.

Mary said to me," Have you been treating her like this all along? That is the sexiest thing I ever saw!" She sat up and the sheet fell to her lap. Her big tits heaved and jiggled as she sat up and put her feet to the floor. "Come and sit here Lindsey. Is my brother being mean to you?" she patted the spot next to her.

Lindsey sat and buried her face in Mary's tits and burst into tears. You couldn't discern a thing she said between the sobs and being smothered in those wonderful breasts. Mary just patted her on the back and tried to look motherly.

When Lindsey finally calmed down she told us that her husband came home drunk and belligerent. He grabbed her arm and tried to hit her. She showed us the finger marks on her upper arm. He chased her out of the house screaming he was going to kick her ass.

"Has he hit you before?" Mary asked.

"In the stomach but usually in the thighs. It's easier to explain" came the reply.

"Call the police. Let's get pictures of her bruises." I said.

Mary patted Lindsey some more. Then sat back. She folded her arms making her tits look even bigger. "I guess you really aren't up to speed on us, are you? She said to me then looked at Lindsey who shook her head. "Chris may own the largest imported car dealership in the state. He has lots of friends in the police department." She went on to explain that her father made a ton of money in real estate. His family owned most of the land there and sold off parts and invested heavily. He died with more money than his grandchildren could spend in their lifetime. There was a trust fund and Mary controlled it.

"I never knew what my father saw in Chris' mother. She was a small minded mean woman. Chris is just like her: conceited, self centered and venal." She looked at me and continued." We all live on the same piece of property. I live in Dad's old house. Chris built at the far end about 100 yards away. We usually all take meals together. We share a lot of the same servants."

'Servants?' I thought. How rich were these people? Why the hell was I mixed up in all this anyway?

"Why is he so pissed off at me? I don't even know the guy," I asked them.

Lindsey looked at Mary. Mary sat back against the head board and ran her hand over Lindsey's shoulders.

"Lindsey here talked a lot about you when she started working her. Well not just you at first. She talked non stop about everyone she worked with. Then it seemed to focus more on you. Then when she changed jobs it was ALL about you, Then suddenly it stopped. I'm guessing about the same time you started fucking her?" she asked Lindsey. "I'm guessing Chris thought it was same old stuff until she stopped talking.Then he figured there might be something up. It wasn't until I saw her reaction when you showed up that night that I knew for sure. Maybe Chris suspects something." she concluded.

"Jesus what a fucking mess." I said. "Does he know you came here?"

"No. I was in the car before he even got out the door. No way he knows where I went." she said.

I walked over and sat on the bed. I turned to them both saying, "So what are we going to do, ladies?"

"Before or after we wear you out?" Mary said sweetly. She pulled me to her kissing me hard while grasping my cock in her hand. "Suck it Lindsey. I want to see you sucking his cock." she said her voice husky. She kissed me again then whispered, "Mind if I play along?" I just winked. Mary swung a leg over sitting on my face.

My cock grew rock hard in Lindsey's mouth while I attacked Mary's pussy and ass. I felt two tongues on my cock. Then one licking my balls as the other deep throated me. Soon there was a tongue licking my asshole and a mouth sucking me from head to root and back again.

Mary had Lindsey strip in front of us. Then had her sit on my cock. I could feel her womb against the head as she sank down completely on me. Mary continued wiggling on my face as Lindsey rode me. I thrust two fingers in each of Mary's holes and her thighs clamped down on my head as she came. I felt the flood of pussy juice around my balls and I knew Lindsey had cum too. She was so incredibly tight my cock was numb again. I wanted to pull out but Mary wouldn't let me up. She coaxed Lindsey to riding me hard and fast. The women were working me over and all I could do was lay there letting the one enjoy my cock while licking the other. Finally I pushed Mary off, set Lindsey on her back. Then hoisting her legs over her head sank down deep in her cunt. I pounded her pussy unmercifully. Mary started rubbing my balls and ass then leaned down to lick at them. As her tongue entered my asshole I could feel the cum starting to boil. I pulled out and sat down for a second to let the feeling pass.

Mary immediately jumped onto my lap nearly breaking my legs. My cock sand deep into her sopping wet pussy.

"Get down there and suck my balls, Lindsey." I commanded.

"Lick his asshole too, Baby. I want to feel him cum in me." Mary purred.

The effect was galvanizing. Lindsey bathed my balls with broad laps of her tongue. Mary put her arms around my neck using it as leverage as she bounced up and down on me. Her tits mashed against my chest and I felt two little fingers invade my asshole and I shouted out. Mary ground her pussy into me and grunted as she came. I was still rock hard and still partially numb. I pulled out of her pussy and moved off the bed. I needed a minute or two to let my dick rest. I needed to cum so bad but wouldn't if this kept up.

"On all fours!" I told them. "Both of you".

I turned them to face each other wit their asses out. Cum crazed and not caring I pushed the head of my throbbing cock into Lindsey's ass. It was long since slick with her pussy juice so I met some resistance but not much. The sound she made was animal like as I pumped her hard. The girls had their heads on each others shoulders as I enjoyed her hot tight back door. I pulled out after a minute then went round to Mary and shoved myself balls deep in one stroke. She howled at the rude intrusion and bucked back against me. I deep stroked hard and fast now just wanting to get off. I plunged in the the balls and all the way out seeing her asshole yawn open. I kept this up until Mary screamed," Enough! Stop! My asshole is on FIRE! Fuck Lindsey some more!"

I pulled Lindsey over and crammed my cock up her ass again. Mary came behind me caressing my balls. She slid a hang down under me and shoved two fingers in Lindsey's cunt. She whispered in my ear, "Cum in my little sister's ass."

I pinched Lindsey's long nipples hard and her tight asshole clamped down even harder. The fingers in her cunt massaged the length of my cock as I slammed her asshole. My thighs quivered. I panted like I ran a marathon. I pulled her hips back onto me planting deep and I came. I yelled out as the cum poured out into her grasping asshole. I pumped and shot and yelled for what seemed like 20 minutes. I collapsed on top of her my cock still planted deep inside of her.

Mary was running her hands over my back and ass. She gently stroked my balls as I slowly calmed down. She caressed Lindsey too who was whimpering under me. I sat up slowly pulling my cock from her ass. Mary pulled her cheeks apart and Lindsey's perfect pink asshole was wide open and red. You could see the cum I shot into her starting to well up as her asshole twitched. Mary buried her face in her sister in laws ass sucking my cum out of it. I was startled at the sudden move but was incredibly turned on. I didn't think Mary liked girls.

Lindsey 'oooh' and 'ahhhd' under Mary's tongue. After a minute Mary sat up and wiped her mouth, "Delicious. Don't want all that cum to go to waste."

I was speechless.

"Suck the rest of the cum out of his balls!" Mary commanded Lindsey. Lindsey sat up wincing then took a tentative lick at my semi-soft cock. "Like this," Mary said sucking me deep in her mouth then pushing it back to Lindsey.

Lindsey had half of my cock in her mouth as she squeezed the last bit of cum from my balls. I shuddered as my too sensitive cock was drained. Mary kissed me deeply sharing the taste of hot cum and ass.

"That was fucking incredible!" I said.

"I've never sucked cum from a woman before. I kind of liked it!" Mary said.

"I've never sucked a cock right out of my ass." Lindsey said in wonder. "It's really sore. You were pounding me hard," she said.

We all cuddled together on my bed stroking each other and kissing. Then we all headed to the shower to wash off the cum and pussy juice.

As we dried off I made drinks for the girls. "Lindsey go home. I'll be right behind you. Chris is probably passed out so he's not a problem. I think we need to let this man get some sleep. He's been working hard" Mary said smiling at her little joke.

We all dressed and kissed good bye. I walked them to their cars. As we approached Mary's Mercedes I felt a hot searing pain across my back. I spun around to see Chris standing there holding a tire iron. The ladies shrieked at him to stop.

"You're fucking my wife AND my sister!" Chris yelled at me.

I just watched him. He lifted the bar of metal for another shot at me. He swung it like a baseball at my head. Instead of jumping back like he expected I leaped forward until we here belly to belly. My arms went straight out like I was embracing him only my left arm went straight up then back down trapping the tire iron under it. I shoved my right elbow into his solar plexus as the fingers of my left hand jabbed sharply into his armpit. My right hand grabbed the back of his neck and I jabbed at his carotid artery with my thumb. Pivoting on my right foot I swept my left foot wide around back while pulling his head down. He fell to the ground the tire iron torn from his grasp. I flipped it around pointing it at his throat then dropped down on his side with my knees. The ladies were screaming the while.

Two figures came running from the guard house towards us. Thank God on of them was Dave the cop. I really wasn't sure what the hell I was going to do next. After the screaming stopped Dave was all business.

"Do you want to press charges?" he asked me.

I look at Chris. If I didn't press charges nothing would happen. If I pressed charges nothing would happen but at least there'd be a record. I looked at Mary who shook her head slightly.

"For this asshole? No. I don't need the headache. Besides, I think he's in for some serious shit when he gets home," I replied.

"What are you doing here, Lindsey?" Dave demanded. "And who let you in?"

Mary spoke up," I'm Lindsey's sister. I called her to pick me up because my car won't start. I'll have my mechanic out in the morning."

When they finally left Dave said to me," One of these days I'd really like to know what happened." I nodded. "Hey, man you really are bleeding. I'll have one of the guys take you to the clinic to get that looked at."

In all the excitement I didn't feel the trickle of blood down my back. Chris hadn't hit me full on but the gash he made with the tire iron took seven stitches to close. I got back to my room and fell into a big black sleep.

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